Fabolous Hopes To Release "Loso's Way 2" This Summer

Fabolous hopes to put out his album this summer.

Fabolous has revealed that he hopes to release his new album Loso's Way 2 this summer.

While on the set of his video for "Got That Work," Loso spoke on wanting to get the project out to the public as soon as possible. He explained that he doesn't want to wait as long between albums anymore, and that he hopes to put out studio LPs every "year, year-and-a-half."

"Album coming soon, we’re putting it together now, trying to go in for the summer. I want to try to get albums back to the public as soon as a year, year-and-a-half. I don’t want to take that two-year, three-year time off. Even though it wasn’t time off, because I was still working and putting out mixtapes. Summer, Loso’s Way 2."

Watch the interview below.

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  • Anonymous

    @yaboiicd couldn't have said it any better fabolous is just so underrated that yall havent listened to Fab chronologically each album and mixtape has a class method and melody - he's more like biggie than jay if you ask me... With the potential to be better than both... He's proven a lot since real talk solidified him as Brooklyn's Prince ... Now KING - Loso's Way 2 .... Should just about crown him as the best everrrrrrr

  • Yaboiicd

    na fabolous is the best in every aspect, Albums/Solos/Mixtapes/Features. loso's way had a meaning even if u think the songs were ''unlistenable'' whatever the fuck that means, all his songs are crazy, Loso's way 2 will be the best album of 2012 hands down, one thing i do have to say is fabolous is never spot on with his release dates, hes been saying hes going to release it since 2010 back christmas time, but i guess all good things comes to those who wait, Street Fam

  • Kyle

    The problem with Fab, and I'm sure many agree, is that fab is more of a mixtape/guest verse/occasional solo song guy. He can't carry an album. Look at his last one, it had a few good songs, and the rest was kind of unlistenable. Also I kind of get sick of listening to him

  • Anonymous

    fab is a mixtape rapper, and freestyle rapper, not an album guy no substance, and cant really make album quality songs

    • sissykiss77

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  • NYC


  • Anonymous

    Ray J made this twitter gangster be known as "Lumpy Lose"!!! HAHAHA

  • Anonymous

    probably again an album with 4 dope songs and the rest garbage. Fab aint good enough to make a whole album full of dope tracks. All his albums are average and dude is now for 12 years in the game.

  • Alf Capone

    fab can rap but he never puts out any music i like if that makes sense. he has some bars but his songs for the most part suck

  • So Icy Boi!

    i think i may need to get me, Fab and chester french on a track! thats wussup!

  • So Icy Boi!

    Fab is Fro Sure down with the icy movement! pls believe Leggo boi!

  • DjAzmatic

    Fab sounds a lot like Big Sean when he rap on south beats. Thats why he should add more NY flavor so he can sound like Fab. South beats ain't the only way to get in the club. Fab letting my borough down.

  • BLACKPeopleSHOULDBePUTInConcentrationCamps

    "LEGOOOOOOO"- Every niggers favorite quote. Typically used when they're monkey asses are excited for a really crappy album.

    • Bom919

      Damn I feel you dude. You made a really good point here and alot of ppl wont understand the level, and message of your comment but I do. You tell it like it is man!

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