N.O.R.E. & Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg Squash Beef

N.O.R.E. explains why he had a problem with Peter Rosenberg.

N.O.R.E. stopped by “The Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg Show” on Hot 97 to settle his differences with Rosenberg.

Noreaga originally said he had a problem with Rosenberg because he failed to respond to a text about him being on the morning show in a timely manner. N.O.R.E.’s scathing message in response warned Rosenberg to get security to protect his safety.

“I also apologize for it, but it’s 50 percent apology because I really do mean this. I don’t know if I can name names so I won’t,” he said. “But every morning show in the past, I have been a part of the morning show. I am a charismatic character. I know how to put me in the right position, I know how to handle myself, I’m not going to curse, I’m not going to do dumb things. I always want to be a part of it. This is where I built my career.

“At the end of the day, I’m not asking for spins,” he continued. “I’m asking to be a part of what’s going on, to be part of what y’all been a part of.”

He said that when he offers his services and someone else comes to the station in his place, he isn’t pleased about it. He notes that it happened recently with David Banner, and that it occurred with Mobb Deep last year.

“This is not the first time I tried to be a part of this. I hit him last year around the same time and wanted to come up, I wanted to do it. You had Mobb Deep up here,” he said. “I’m a human being at the end of the day. When I ask for something and you put somebody in my place, whether you’re looking at it like that or not, at the end of the day, I’m a man. This dude don’t got respect for me.”




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  • me

    "Noreaga originally said he had a problem with Rosenberg because he failed to respond to a text about him being on the morning show in a timely manner." LMFAO!! he got that mad over a txt....fucking washed up garbage ass rapper.

  • Anonymous

    Alot of hate being spewed againsn't Nore. Did he refuse to take a picture with you, or spit in your mom's face? Dude's trying to make money like the rest of you. Nothing wrong with that.

  • #FuckNore

    I was goin to talk shit about this nigga, but he so wack he ain't even worth dissing...

  • N.O.R.E. ain't in jail

    I thought this nigga caught 25 to life for murder.

  • Kevn

    N.O.R.E. U lame washed up nigga. There's a reason why Rosenberg didn't want you on the show. You had a couple hits and that's it. Quit crying.

  • lex no

    i like nores music from 1997 till now hes still active.i think its same person posting over over probley mad he fucked your girl or something lol

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I could almost respect Rosenberg for being less of a douche than he used to be but make no mistake dude lives on WHITE PRIVILEGE... Like I said, he's grown some but that he should pay ANY respect to a worthless sack of shit like Noreaga is absurd. Noreaga is a horrible rapper, a horrible 'reggaeton' clown and an all-around musical dipshit who's ONLY talent was following Tragedy Khadafi's tutoring back in the day. The sooner Noreaga disappears the sooner hip-hop culture has even a semblance of credibility.

  • hgzz

    i dont kno seems him and peter was friends they been to each others house ect. seems more like friends fighting.nore isent the best rapper but he brings a oringal style and energy to the tabel. he never said he ws a battle rapper i injoy hearing him talk tho like nobody really sounds or acts like him lol thats jus me.he needs his own xm show, or mtv show i think theirs more too rapping about him.

  • DeBarge

    Can't even picture one N.O.R.E. article without people hating on it. Grow the fuck up, niggas. No matter how much you wanna bring this brother down, he won't be touched by you.

    • Troll Face

      I hate you motherfuckers

    • Mr Flamboyant

      DeBarge? Yeah... you don't seem like a queer cause you named yourself after some soft ass r and b niggas who got beat up on their porch when they were growing up... (that's sarcasm, you bitch ass nigga) And Alf Capone said it perfectly...how is it "hating" if it's calling it what it is. The nigga just basically stating he's aggie cause a nigga didn't want him to be on his show. Type of stupidity is that?

    • Alf Capone

      i dont think its hating. nore just comes off as an annoying stupid mother fucker. its not hating if ur honest. its calling it like it is

  • Fuck CNN (Capone N Noreaga) For Those That Don't Know

    Typical rapper that fell out of favor and is now dissing niggas in order to get back to the mainstream. Poor little N.O.R.E....

  • Carl

    I can't even remember ONE N.O.R.E. song

  • smh

    This is some petty shit....NORE, YOU'RE NOT RELEVANT ANYMORE. Someone needs to just tell him that to his face...You can't call the shots when you're not selling any records...It's not even like he was a big artist in the past...He just had a hit or two.




      Ummmmmmm Why Would Want To Join YMCMB? They All Butt Bandits smh.. I Bet Their Whole Roster Either Sucked Or Fucked Baby At Least Once LoL

  • Anonymous

    nore is such a washed up bum. little gossip hoe, nigga needs to take it to the nail shop. war report 2 was trash. cnn is dead. last nore mixtape was ASS. now nore just wants to call into radio shows and start shit, like a loser. nore always been tryin to get in good with the media, shit is weak. nore the kiss ass bum. nore a 2 face, ask trag. nore had some joints but it's over, quit tryin so hard.

  • N.O.R.E. Cries

    Stop whining boy!

  • Jazz

    Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity AKA The Black Boule!!!!!

  • Enlightened

    I like Nore. He is that nigga. But this is funny as hell I said I wanted to be on the show, you didn't hit me back, look out for your safety LOL Come on Nore, you can't do it like that man

  • P

    I think NORE was out of line for calling and vouching that it was havocs voice on the recording. I also think NORE is also the "close source to mobb deep says they will never make another album" He clearly doesnt have any respect for P and Hav

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but you can't just force someone to put you on their radio show. When NORE didn't hear back he then threatens him?! That's some dumb stuff. Probably explains why NORE went on that other radio show to talk about Havoc and Prodigy even though he didn't know anything. Sounds desperate.

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