2 Chainz Discusses Kanye West, G.O.O.D. Music Signing Rumors

2 Chainz clarifies whether he's found a home on Kanye West's label.

After Kanye West appeared with 2 Chainz on BET's 106 & Park and 2 Chainz appeared on the "G.O.O.D. Fridays" track "Mercy," fans naturally began to wonder whether 2 Chainz followed Q-Tip to Kanye's "G.O.O.D. Music" label.

In an interview with Angie Martinez on Hot 97, the rapper discussed the rumors.

"What happened was, I had 106 & Park this week to bring up my video, 'Riot,'" explained the artist formerly known as Tity Boi.

"I've been communicating with 'Ye for a year now as far as building a relationship, and he came up to BET, and, you know...the guys from BET started coming back there. It soon became all about him," he added.

Martinez asked 2 Chainz directly whether he was signed to G.O.O.D. Music. "I just thing it's some things we workin' out," he replied coyly.

2 Chainz is currently prepping the release of his debut album Based on a T.R.U. Story, due August 14th.

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  • Mvlik

    I hate how these self proclaimed fans of "real hip hop" swear that if you don't rap like Mos Def or Nas or Pac or Rakim, then you can't be considered "real hip hop". I used to be just like yall. And now, Im so glad that I've diversified my music taste. Why can't people just stop hating on this man and let him make his music his way? Its soooooo funny, because you guys really think that your taste in music is better because you hate 2 chainz. Bottom line, all you guys are doing is hating. There's clearly a reason why kanye messes with 2 chainz. Just let that man (kanye) be the creative mastermind that he is.

  • Anonymous

    It's hard to listen to Rakim when he doesn't release albums.

  • Brandadaornada

    All you Hip Hop snob ass dude's kill me, always critiquing rappers...like all you mothafuckas listen to is Rakim, Kool G Rap, Talib Kweli, Nas and other conscious shit...that is a side of Hip Hop but no all there is. Quit tryina knock 2 Chainz or other artists...some of us like to balance serious rap with some fun stuff, how depressing would the game be with only conscious rappers?!? thank God for this guy

  • Anonymous

    Nelly was mediocre but that dont mean he wasnt dope and didnt have buzz. He had a run and wasnt a lyricist. Yall sound like haters.

  • Iamtitybwoi

    2Chainz fo hard the cheaper version of wayne (that time wayne was on everybodys track) Note the word cheaper so not as good NICKI NICKI NICKI PUT IT IN YOUR KIDNEY!

  • RMAC


  • Anonymous

    you all admit that this guy sucks and all you can say is he works hard and he represents hard work bitch please, pouring concrete is hard work, being a doctor is hard work, rapping about clothes, drugs and money is probably the easiest thing a nigga can do

    • anon1

      Lol @ internet threats

    • oiii

      3000. Dre is on his rap shit as youve heard from his features. Crying about crossover, Dre's one of the few who can successfully pull it off. TLB had speakerboxx for those that wanted the rap... Well be on the lookout for his release later in the year. And as for being a gangster or whatever that shit dont suit you. And it dont matter what colour you are, you still corny as fuck...

    • Anonymous

      I was correct when I said andre 300...he not 3000 anymore. Unitl I hear him do a rap album instead of this r&b blues shit he trying to do. You another dick sucka thats a coward nuts pumped up on the internet in these streets you run the other way when I come thru...smh. Hip hop got some of yall think yall harder than what you are. I not a white boy and diff not some corny black guy like Tyler the Creator. You better think about w.c. or Sean Price. I knock fools out and yea Im from the hood and for the record hood niggaz use the internet damn wtf. People talking about gangstas and hood niggaz dont get on the internet we like youtube and worldstar...lol.

    • oiiii

      Fuck you say about 3000? Make sense you scabby bitch

    • Anonymous

      Who gives a fuck about what you talking about in the music industry his work ethic is something serious unlike Mobb Deep Jay electronica Andre 300 and numerous other rappers that you have your mouth on their dick. If it was that easy to do wigga then why dont you do it then and get you some money instead of your messly 300 dollars a week you make and you probably dont even make that probably stay with your mammy..shut your ass up...you sound bitter because a brother getting paid. Instead of hating why dont you get you some money and I mean some real money. Find your own lane shit...you a cock sucka and I wish I was face to face with you because I would smack you in your dick suckas. You probably 165 soaking wet..I would beat you to the floor pussy.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is talking about he is mediocre at best that might be true but thats not what the buzz is about. He works hard and he is very entertaining and thats the thing that gets me about some emeces they like a personality on the mic. Em found a way to do it but now he lost it. Hip Hop is not all about lyricism sometimes its about entertainment ODB, Pac, Dru down, Snoop, Digital Underground, E-40. They all were entertaining rappers may not have been the greates mc's but they was dope in their own way. I cant think of one rapper that sounds like two chainz and thats creative and unique even if its not that poetic. I rather have something different than something rehashed.

  • flymayne214

    Niggas is some haters. Yeah, he isnt the most lyrical nigga in the game and everyone knows this dude isnt the next eminem. The fact is this dude represents hard work, dedication and not letting people like u fuckin haters, stop him from reaching his goals. And the entire industry respects that about him, and that's why the industry has gotten behind this dude. Respect to Tity Boi.

  • james sixpac and tupac

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  • TIB

    This is kinda like Stalley signing with MMG in the way that its an artist in a seeming different lane than the group adding diversity.


    man stfu nobody calling 2chain the next nas or jay homie been out here grinding doing what he do fuck yo boring ass real hip hop

  • oldschool4life

    the fact that this moron along with rick ross are considered great rappers and are so popular makes me believe in the illuminati because if society actually loves this music we live in a fucked up world

    • Anonymous

      You're ignoring the business aspect, where you have an artist that has been consistent in his music (you don't have to like it), building strong networks and has a core, loyal fan base. Nobody has considered him to be a great rapper, those are your words.

  • Anonymous

    2 years from now people are going to be embarrassed to admit they listened to this guy back in 2012

    • Fish

      10 years, 0 albums so stfu Tity Boi, u suck major amounts of cock. Get off the mic bitch!

    • kingneek

      Dumb guy this dude been a major label artist (DTP/Def Jam) for 10 years. He been tearing mixtapes up since 08 go to datpiff, bout 8 officials. Oh and you new nigg@z refer to him as 2Chainz, look up Titi Boy young dummy



  • random

    I swear hip hip every year gets more random when guys like this all of a sudden get a lot of attention. And like people have been saying, hes an incredibly mediocre rapper and it's not like he can sing or does R&B , idk why everyone and there mother wants this guy on there songs

  • gok

    Funny how this dude did nothing in Playa Circlez. Now suddenly he's poppin. Much better rappers Kanye could be co-signing; hell Big KRIT could do with the promotion.

    • Fish

      anonymous, u are a dumb fuck he meant Kanye shud sign KRIT, not KRIT signin Tity Boi. Fuckin retard.

    • Anonymous

      big k.r.i.t. co-sign or a kanye west co-sign, thats a tough one k.r.i.t. makes better tunes but kanye can do more for him

  • bad move

    i really dont see why this guy is getting all this attention like dude below said mediocre at best am i missing something. Reminds me of when gucci mane had that big buzz about him i knew he was shit then and now everyone knows it now

  • nixnox

    I don't get the hype behind this cat at all, he is mediocre at best.

    • Anonymous

      Most successful people are average people who don't know when to stop. You can't just judge on talent alone anymore, this isn't the 90's. the music BUSINESS is concerned with things like buzz, fan base, who's hot etc. 2 Chainz decided to go solo and focused himself to reach the position he's in. I would say his real skill is in his networking and consistency. A lot of really talented rappers are too lazy because they rely only on talent and expect everything to fall in their laps.

  • Anonymous

    `first kanye wanted french monatana and know this n*gga dus this nigga really know what Good music is?

  • Anonymous

    Kanye needs to focus on Mos Def and QTip, and drop everyone else. lol

  • Anonymous

    i hope not. Shouldn't have to skip verses if i'm listening to GOOD Music

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