Riff Raff Says He Inspired James Franco's Character In "Spring Breakers" Film

"From G's to Gents" rapper Riff Raff says he was approached to be in the movie, but couldn't fit it into his schedule.

Earlier this week, pictures of actor James Franco in cornrow braids appeared on the Internet, providing a sneak peek of his character in the upcoming film Spring Breakers. According to Fuse, From G’s to Gents rapper Riff Raff, who confirmed that he was asked to be in the Harmony Korine movie but couldn’t fit it into his schedule, inspired the look. Franco took on the character, which Riff Raff supports.

“Harmony Korine called my phone to be in this new movie Spring Breakers. I was out of the country," said Riff Raff. "The role I would have played would be like a drug dealer, or the friend of a drug dealer, Gucci Mane, James Franco was in the movie, but I was supposed to be in there also. Now James Franco is playing me."

Riff Raff sent over some wardrobe options to Franco. Though he isn’t pleased that he’s not in the movie, he’s content knowing that Franco picked up the part.

“I'm still glad that James Franco could play the role of me. That's like if Denzel Washington was playing the role of O.J. Simpson. Even though it's not O.J. Simpson, O.J. Simpson still gotta be like, 'Denzel Washington is playing me.'"

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  • Anonymous

    Man, that OJ Simpson comment was probably the worst dumbest comparison ever.

  • Anonymous

    Another L for the white rapper

  • mad man

    dame hewitt....... walter payton?!?!?!?! hahaha. respect dirt nasty.

  • Alf Capone

    what a clown. i wonder if this guy knows people view him as pure comedy. if i saw him walkin down the street id slap the shit out him

  • Anonymous

    Who doesn't realize riff raff is a pure ripoff of DSR big tuck, tum tum, fat bastard... about as much as KRIT ripped Pimp C's sound

    • Anonymous

      ok...and big tuck, tum tum, and fat batard are rip offs of a plethora of Houston artists...Wtf is your point? lol ..Riff Raff is from Houston btw

  • Kareem


  • LLs

    yea dude is fucking waste. but saying that, i do like that one he did with Action Bronson but that was more about the Harry Fraud beat for me. Larry Bird ain't too bad either but outside of those two songs, everything this guy does is garbage

  • Really?

    This is all lies. Nobody wants Riff Raff around AT ALL, let alone in a movie. They just called to get some ideas for how to act and dress because nobody knows anyone nearly as white-trash as that ugly muh fucka

  • Anonymous

    Harmony Korine?new movie?Gucci mane in it?wtf?riff raff asked to be in it?wtf? im interested now


    We was mad at Vanilla Ice back in the 90s yo. This muthafucka is like the T-1000 version of Vanilla Ice my nigga. Newwww.....Improoooooved Vanilla Ice. I quit. I never thought I was gon see a white boy coon this fuckin hard EVER son. This muthafucka musta been injected wit the blood of Soulja Boy in his sleep yo. Son look like he a failed experiment that was designed by the government to spy on niggas in Magnolia Projects n shit....in 1998. The level of wackness this muthafucka capable of could probably make Fubu visors rain from the sky b. This muthafucka could probably cross his arms n blink n have you wearin a G-Unit sweatsuit without you knowin it son. Look at this cracker son...

  • Anonymous

    this dude is the real wackest rapper alive this guy makes lil b sound like nas

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