Earl Sweatshirt Performs For First Time With Odd Future In New York City

Earl Sweatshirt joined his Odd Future crew during a show at Hammerstein Ballroom.

Last night, Odd Future reunited with Earl Sweatshirt during their performance at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, New York.

With Syd The Kid on the turntables, the crew performed "Orange Juice," which features raps over the beat from Gucci Mane's "Lemonade," while Earl took on solo duties to run through his track "Kill."

Watch some footage of those performances below (via Mikey Fresh).

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  • Anonymous

    OH Miss INFO, you are lame for this.....

  • Anonymous

    stupid bullshit, this is why NYC sucks

  • Anonymous

    Odd future is very entertaining im a fan! But no doubt..... FV > OF

  • yocuz

    earl is crazy good. Ill support most of them. Ill be buying there albums as long as they keep making sick/funny music

  • Realmusic

    I can't believe people actually pay to see these clowns perform.... They're straight garbage... None of them have any talent at all....

  • Anonymous

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  • So Icy Boi!

    Tyler, the Creator = Method Man Left Brain = RZA Erl Sweatshirt = GZA Hodgy Beats = Ol Dirty Bastard Domo Genesis = Raekwon Mike G = Ghostface Killah Odd Future iz tha new WU-TANG CLAN. swag

    • what?

      childish gambino is NOT an indie rapper fool he is on fuckin tv u think that jus cuz he aint on the major radio he indie? the kid has been on late night shows has his own standup show is on tv i guarantee you his indie IS your major... people r retarded

    • GoReadABook

      SoIcyBoi! I missed you on the weekly sales article, where Tyga did the same numbers as Childish Gambino!! HAHA! YMCMB FLOP!!!!!! Little Wiz wannabe couldn't even outsell an independent part time rapper hahaha even with a Young Money budget! Go wipe the swag off your mouth and cry with your hero you little bitch haha

    • Miles

      I'm a huge Odd Future fan, but they are nothing like Wu-Tang. Stop comparing them

    • Anonymous

      lol wtf that's a terrible comparison. have you ever even listened to wu-tang or OF. I just mean in who you've with who, Meth=Tyler?? Tyler's straight edge. Hodgy is nothing like ODB. you're a fucking moron for trying to make these connections anyway. agree with the dude above me, they're different groups with very different styles.

    • Anonymous

      Method Man said it himself, people just like to compare groups to different groups. Odd Future is NOTHING like Wu Tang, and visa-versa. I like them both and Method likes OFWGKTA, or at least Tyler. Wu Tang Forever, but don't compare Hodgy Beats to ODB just so your little comparisons have a match...


    Odd Future in in the last year has written the early pages of what could be an unlikely hip-hop success story- New York Times Whether or not you're an Odd Future fan, there's no doubt that the videos captured a monumental moment. EAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

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