Blu Releases Full Album Stream Of "no york e mo work (rmx z 1.3)"

Blu unleashes a remix version of his album "no york."

Last night, Blu took to his Bandcamp page to release a full remix version of his album No York.

The nine-track offering includes remixes from Hezekiah and Thavius Beck, Von Pea, A Good God, Waajeed and more. The remix album can be purchased for $9 on his Bandcamp page.

The original version of the album was intended to be released on Sire/Warner Brothers Records in summer 2011, but a delay kept the album from stores. After tossing out free copies of the LP at Rock the Bells, he made the LP available for purchase in online stores in December 2011.

Listen to the full album below.

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  • def

    lol theres a difference between lofi and shitty quality. learn the difference dumb fucks! 36 chambers. LOFI. no york. SHITTY QUALITY.

  • MasterSensei

    you guys have no appreciation for anything. theres more below the heavens fans than blu fans. stop living in the past.

  • Y!KES

    u guys clearly sound like your devoted blu fans, what kills me is how you been checkin for him this whole time and you still dont get his shtick! lol I just got up on dude and he is OK at best lyrically...beat wise is what drew me...any nigga fuckin with Madlib Im fuckin with him so I kinda knew what sound hes going for...I ENJOY RAW HIPHOP...always guys are spoiled, you dont know what to do with yourself! ok he gives bad performances Ive been told, thats neither hear nor there...hes a basement MC with basement quality beats and u either appreciate it or u dont get it...and its clear most of u dont get it! typical internet generation mentality! yall get everything for free u dont have to earn nothing and your ALWAYS complaining, I mean ALWAYS rain or shine u guys are on your soapbox bitching...I come from the TDK tape days, lo fi analog hiss and all so I get it...yall are a bunch of mp3 babys with a hurt ass lol...when yall gonna shut the fuck up step back and let an artist be an artist? you want top quality music for free...DAILY! and if u dont get your way u get all emo on niggas...i see what it is lol...

  • dazeone

    This is bad ...bout to stop checking for him

  • Anonymous

    With that being said, This a must see, Copy the links

  • Anonymous

    homie blu must have ran out of drugs so he threw together some rough songs from his computer and slapped a 10 price on it once again and it sounds like complete shit as expected

  • jheli

    lol...yall dont get it...the bad quality is the style (lo-fi) of the fucking song...its like texture...get up already...close minded ignnat' rick ross stans stay complaining...

    • Anonymous

      and lo-fi is gay as fuck sometimes. especially when you got mad hype like blu and you always dick aroun don what you do.

  • EduB

    Not only does he put out crappy sounding albums; his live shows are are the same. Blu's a joke...was about to catch a beatdown out in OC for his lousy performance.

  • Anonymous

    Blu is selling the fans music without proper consent, hence the terrible quality.

  • hoe

    went from top ten to not mention at all.

  • DoneGotIt

    .....if you guys are hating on this, clearly it cause you really don't know Blu past Below the's not even his remixes. Let go of your own dicks

  • juju

    COME ON NOW cracked my top 10 and now you releasing all this garbo quality music it's killing me..i really had higher hopes for you

  • c4 triple plat

    why is this wack ass nigga exploiting the horror of 911 for his wack album that will top off at 99 listens? gtfo with this bull shit.

  • skip vax

    blu is wack !!!!!!!!!!

  • SpecialK

    tired of these moron "fans" who think artists somehow owe them a constant feed of releases. let artists exercise their creativity, whether it's wack or not, and stop being so damn entitled.

    • Anonymous

      I'd be a lot happier if Blu DIDN'T have a constant stream of releases and instead took some time to mix and master stuff before he put it out there. He doesn't owe me anything but I sure don't owe him anything either.

  • djflkajsdlkfas

    omg not again just stop you fuckin crackhead. release a real album already

  • Again&Again

    Another ablum from Blu with a shitty sound quality... This guy is killing himself with these releases. C'mon son!

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