Rick Ross, Wale, Stalley & Meek Mill Talk Upcoming Projects

The Maybach Music Group team stopped by BET's "106 & Park" to discuss new projects.

Yesterday, the Maybach Music Group team stopped by BET's "106 & Park" to discuss their upcoming projects and debut the video for Wale's "Ambition."

During the appearance, Rick Ross spoke on what distinguishes his team from others, while Meek Mill promised that his debut album will arrive this year. Stalley touched on touring, while Wale noted the success of "Slight Work."

Watch the interview below.

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  • Young King

    Lmao. niggas are riding these dudes dicks like Shady ain't the most dominant crew (lyrically) with just slaughterhouse alone right now. for real I mean of course their new album ain't gon move millions of units cause it's mostly lil girls an young dudes/ skinny jean bitch clothes wearing new niggas buyin music now days.. but fuck it Slaughterhouse got album of the year weather you a fan or not only good dudes on mmg are wale an meek mill got a few joints. ain't really heard too much of stally but ya'll get my point. an i ain't even gon talk about ymcmb cause they in't a factor. only for young niggas and bitches period. "Welcome To: Our House" May 15th, 2012 get that. SHADY!

    • Ricky Rozay

      Nigga shut the fuck up. You talkin bout these other cats dickriding and in ur entire post you dickride the shady crew. Fe mines has gone pop, doin shit wit pink and Rihanna if you didn't have feminems dick in ur mouth you'd know that. Slaughter house is cool but feminem sucks now. So don't call other niggas dickriders when u dickride just as bad nigga. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    god damn i could pay off my student loans wit one of them chains them joints shinin like a muthafucka

  • Anonymous

    wasn't nipsey bout to join

    • Young King

      Nah. he got his own movement. he's making plenty money on his own. the only benefit of being on mmg would be him beng able to finally drop his debut. but he would lose a lot of respect for that move in the process.

  • beast

    why couldn't the bawse have a seizure, spending all that money on girly jewellery when you should get some liposuction

  • MMG

    Double M got G's out in California. you hear, california, we kill em.

  • Anonymous

    Police have established a method of evaluating the truthfulness of a person by watching the movements of their eyes We have all met people who were dishonest and avoided eye contact. Many people know that their eyes betray their lies. Some try to conceal the truth by wearing sunglasses of looking down at the ground

  • Anonymous


  • Naomi

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  • Chicago_Rilla

    STALLEY didn't have his name mentioned or his crew's name "Blue Collar Gang" mentioned not one time. He's the most talented outta everybody on the stage

    • Chicago Rilla

      I mean check their resumes, swag & talent are two different things "LINCOLN WAY NIGHTS " prolly crushing anyproject by anybody on that stage and I'm a fan of ross & wale. as far as swag goes everybody had on jewelry which stalley doesn't wear. Meek Mill looked tacky as usual (snake skin plain ass pirates letterman). And Meeks jewelry was hideous & ross simply just had on all black with lots of diamonds.

    • thafranchise

      I like Stalley but to say he has the most talent is not true at all. Also he has no swag!!I mean damn he need to get some fashion tips from the MMG team. Everybody be looking fresh except for him. I mean plain ass T-shirt with retro Jordans and that same dusty ass fitted cap. lol

  • Skeletor

    What other group is doing it bigger than MMG right now?! I ask you who??

  • Anonymous

    ross was a cop.....nuff said

    • Anonymous

      your just a kid on the computer, your not a real motherfukkin G so stop hating on a cop, you know you dont bust at em so shut up.

    • Chicago Rilla

      correctional officer in a county jail is not the same as a cop on the the street, you wouldn't last a week as a CO in florida, them haitians would eat you alive.

  • daviddanielz

    Honestly, who is worst for hiphop Rick Ross, Wayne, or Drake?

  • So Icy Boi!

    Rozay Iz Da Realest Nigga Alive. Every Kind Of People Listenin To Rozay & MMG.... Ma Black Friendz, Ma White Friendz..... All Real People Are Rozay Fanz. Swag

  • Anonymous

    god....this dude is corney!!just be yourself ross....it worked for kanye

  • Anonymous

    Wale is that dude!

  • Anonymous

    You LA niggaz need to get off that slave shit and represent the black race right because yall give black people a bad name...yall doing the devil work with all that gang banging.



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