Rick Ross Updates On Maybach Music Group, Pill, Def Jam & More

Rick Ross discusses his past relationship with Pill and clears up rumors about problems with Def Jam.

Rick Ross recently touched down in New York to speak on many of the topics surrounding his MMG brand. The Miami emcee spoke on former MMG affiliate Pill, his own relationship with Def Jam and more. 

When asked to clear up information about Pill, Ross explained that he was only obligated to work with Pill for a year.

"When I did my label deal over at Warner, Meek Mill and Wale was who I was bringing to the table," he explained to Funk Flex during his interview. "When I sat down to do my deal, they had Pill as an artist already there. They just thought he may have needed a little work or whatever and we could've got that in with the team. So, we worked out a one year situation."

He also added that he's unsure as to what Pill's future holds but maintains that his time working with Pill has ended. 

"I'm not even sure if it's still going to come out through Warner," he said of Pill's album. "I'm not really sure what final decision they made with him but the year ran its course with MMG." 

Ross also cleared up rumors about any problems between him and Def Jam. He noted that there was an issue over a contract renegotiation but that "it's all love."

"Me and Def Jam [are] one hundred...Over the last year, I quadrupled my net worth," he shared, before adding that he thought they needed to take another look at his deal. Apparently, it all worked out in the end.

"It's all love," he added. "We made history together but at the same time, respect the momentum. Respect what we're doing and we're going to keep getting this paper." 

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  • jr88

    ross did a show over here in los angeles and on power 106 i heard a commercial saying "buy one get one free"...lol....ross needs features....and there is no buzz for this album thats why def jam wont release him....lol...after you hear him rap about blunts and cars where else is there to go musically?...he aint real so he cant connect to the average person...dude is just a guy talking with empty words

  • Anonymous

    Money is all you Ross stans have to talk about when defending him. The nigga can't rap period. You niggas is just blind.

    • Anonymous

      EXCUSE ME...YOU brought up his past...WE ARE talking about the FANS...LIKE YOU...talking about his MONEY...that isn't YOURS...thank you oh so very much for PROVING US RIGHT...

    • Anonymous

      but all you idiots ever bring up is the job this nigga had when he was 19. he's 34 now... i mean jesus christ. do you really think you deserve a dignidied debate this niggas has made respected music as well as millions in the last 2 years while youve been coming here everyday talking about some played out co shit. like what have you done with the last 2 years of your life? u niggas are so stubborn you think bringing this up under every rick ross story is really changing something. get off your ass nigga

    • Anonymous

      they did the SAME THING when GZA did "Paper Planes"...and Jadakiss & Styles P did "Shots Fired"...going at 50 CENT..."they hating because 50 got money"..."these old rappers are jealous because 50's hot and they ain't"...loL...same talk...new rapper...

  • JC


    • Robbie

      I genuinely think he's good at rapping after initially being garbage. He's evolved into being a great lyricist, I feel people that hate on his music probably have never properly sat down and listened to his music. I was once the same.

  • Bo

    The nigga can rap that's it stop pullin his dick lames and jezzy killing him that's why his shit pushed clowns what happened to the album it supposed to be out dec13

  • Bo

    What you cats talkin bout radio play Ross will never catch 50 in $$$ or record sales lames Ross a fraud c.o. The nigga got a few gold albums let's talk facts clowns jezzy got three platinum albums and bout to get another plaque you niggas like fairy tales about the street cause y'all ain't lived this street shit

  • awes@hotmail.com

    50 may have won that Battle but.................... Rick Ross WON THE WAR. Are there any 50 songs on radio now? If so, count how many songs 50 has on the radio and Rozay has on the radio. Even in New York, 50 gettin slaughtered in spins. Yall haters trippin! LOL

    • Ebrahim

      lol bra you from durban?you a wack ass motherF**cK*r fot thinkin ross dont hit up these streets boy im in dbn and 50 is forgotten in my streets wer u from homeboy?probly phoenix or sumthing #mmg for life im in town you can holla at me 031 bitch

    • Shady

      ^^^ Im from Durban in South Africa and Ross is not that famous, the only reason people here play Rick Ross is cos they dont know his past plus they dont even understand real hip hop, not to say I do but I can see when an artist is manufactured by the industry. So STFU and stop sayin AFRICA bumps Rick Ross, say u bump Rick Ross cos jus yesterday I was in a taxi and it was playin disco inferno

    • dredge

      Rozay is international..down in africa we on that MMG situation..50 is dead down here. we all about Rozay..screemin YELLA DIAMONDS!!!! FITTY IS WHAT? GET ON MMG..forget dat gorrila unit shit..

    • Anonymous

      SmH...radio spins...loL...Ross won the ATTENTION of YOU fickle fans who were paying him NO MIND before that...50 won the BATTLE, he actually made DISS SONGS..."Tia Told Me" got RADIO SPINS (see how those "spins" can work AGAINST you?)..."Officer Down" was a iTunes HIT..."Deeper Than Rap" STILL isn't RIAA certified...AND that's the album he PROMOTED with the BEEF... "Rick Ross claimed that if "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" by '50 Cent sold 10 million copies, then my next record ('Deeper than Rap') will sell 12 million, however this did not materialize." ^ loL salute that man, he absorbed a lot of slander...The Albert Anastasia EP...with "BMF"...gave him new life...because the TRIPLE C'S ALBUM FLOPPED...be CLEAR...

    • Hip Hop Fan

      I think 50 does shows worldwide at stadiums and big venues, places that Ross hasn't even visited yet. I am sure that 50 is an international star and Ross is just national, so I think 50 won the so called war.

  • Rex

    How in the hell can anybody say Ross won that Battle? I'll give it to him, he fought like hell to save his career. Jumped on everybodys' songs he could jump on, made friends w/ everybody he could. But 50 was just playin w/ dude, havin fun w/ him, like a cat does w/ a mouse. He exposed dude as a fuckin C.O. AND turned out his baby's mama. He took it BEYOND the raps! Even Game said 50 killed ross. And we all know how much Game hates 50.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Ross was supposed to work with the Alchemist? WTF happened with that?!


    THE SAME REPETITIVE, HYPNOTIC STATEMENTS. "Ross hottest nigga in the game." (THANKS MTV) "he know how to pick beats" "50 irrelevant" FCUKIN' MENTAL SLAVES

  • dRob

    The only artist worth a shit on MMG gone.

  • Anonymous

    He'd rather have Meek Millz then Pill. Look Meek was cool for them freestyle battles he had. Other then thatdudes a fuckin' bama. He's been rappin' with some exposure for 6+ years, and he just now got some kind of shine. Dudes a bama.

  • Nico 3

    Where's the album then Rozay? Labels don't usually sit on a sure thing. They must know something you aren't telling people.

    • duh


    • realhiphop

      there's no energy behind his album they wanna spark it w/ beef(50 cent or jeezy) same thing w/ fif they wanna spark his album with beef. and for all the 50 cent haters.... everything that rick ross does all trace back to 50 cent formats... album like mixtapes,using the internet as a marketing tool,using the "scheming" theme etc.. ross looks up to fif.. everyone knows fif is official.. and fif set the bars for niggas to catch w/ bisd evryone sez that album its a flop?no one other hiphop heavyweight couldnt have went gold in a situation like his (during a recession and pirarcy) but rick ross did the same #'s(a lil less) all of sudden its different...nowadays its about radio plays records label exec only push artists that could brainwash the mass

  • Anonymous

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  • The B

    Meek Mills ain't all that fuckin nice to be honest with you. Every fuckin song and flow sounds the same, but I guess that's what's in right now. SMFH I miss the 90s!!!!!

  • c4 triple plat

    when is his album dropping? im gonna need it before december 21 so i can ride off into the rapture like a BAWSE!

  • mike miller

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  • Jose

    Niggas shut the fuck up saying Ross is the hottest in the game right now, he ain't. J. Cole, Kendrick, Game, Kanye, are just a few of those hotter than Ross. If rappers like Eminem, Nas, Dre, Jay-Z drop solo albums this year (which they most likely will), they would knock Ross the fuck off the chart. Now, this nigga "quadrupled" his net worth, what was your net worth before that? 5 dollars? Ross is a hypocrite, a liar, and he's fake. I'll give him this, dude got mad flow, he knows how to flow. But when people know that you lie, that you're self centered, and that you're a hypocrite, then that just takes away from your name. If this nigga is on Detox then I ain't even gonna check it out. With the way that Dre is swinging, he might as well get Gucci Mane, Gudda Gudda and Kreyshawn on Detox as well.

    • Ricky Rozay

      @Jose You a stupid ass nigga. LMAO J Cole, Game and Nas hotter than Rozay, WTF you smokin nigga. Im big fan of Kendrick but aint no niggas outside of heads and the west know who he is. You ask anybody from NY, the south, the west, the suburbs they all know who Rick ross is. Dont hate niggas cuz Rozay shit on 5.0 and ended his career. Ross hottest nigga in the game. Only one that can match right now is Wayne & Jay. Fuck outta here. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      anonymous is contradicting himself. Ross is "hot" right now. so is Jay & Kanye, but you downplayed that. so is J Cole but you downplayed that. so is Eminem but you downplayed that. I can even bring up Wayne & Drake being on people's songs and radio, but I know you will downplay that. then when dude brings up ross' "lies" you say no one cares then you go and bring up personal stuff about Nas (you left out the collabo last year to throw shade) Game Dr Dre JCole 50Cent Lloyd Banks Tony Yayo it's easy to see you're wrapped up in the hype youngblood. besides BMF or even Tupac Back, none of the super selected hot beat street anthems are record breaking chart toppers from the "hot" rapper. dude is making some cool music, but you trying to rewrite history youngun, calm down.

    • The B

      Hot means you're the trending topic, the most talked about, the most played, the most anticipated etc. Hot doesn't mean you're the best. Rick Ross is the hottest right now. Shit it ain't fuckn J Cole. LMFAO!!

    • Anonymous

      @Jose wtf are you talking about people dont care if he lied look at the radio play, his shows are sold out. He is guess appearing on everybody song. He sign Wale and Meek Mills. Kendrick hasnt made any dough. I gurantee more people no rick ross than Kendrick Lamar and please dont mention The Game what did the red album do. Yea the ex stripper with the butterfly tat..lol. Dr Dre the same guy thats pushed Detox back for 10 years and also bought Rick Ross a watch...lol. Nas really the same guy thats getting his bank account raped by Kelis. Hell did his last solo album do anything. Em been wack for the last 5 years his albums are garbage. Kanye and Jay z do they rappers or pop stars. J cole is ok but he is boring....at the end of the day Ross gets the best beats and vibe for an album. He also makes good choices on who he signs. 50 cent has who Lloyd flop Banks and Tony Im looking for dick Yayo.

    • Jose

      Lol you mad cuz I spoke the truth bro? Ahahah get Rick Ross' dick out of your ass.

    • Anonymous

      Go suck a dick and shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    With That Being Said, This Is A Must See http://youtu.be/OxVBn0zi6pw?hd=1

  • Ricky Rozay

    Look at these dumb ass niggas on here tlakin like they actually know the figures. Ross is the hottest rapper in the game atm. Niggas act like they runnin WB and see the numbers. If Ross was losin them moneys those old ass cuthroat niggas at the label would have cut him long ago. But they havent, cuz Rozay gets his shit played. Look at 50, no longer relevant thats why the label dont back his ass. All you niggas that hate on Ross are the same niggas sit on yo comuters in yo moms basement bumping niggas that no longer relevant (50 & Jeezy). And go to any Ross show, shit is packed full of niggas, only you internet fags wit yo lame jokes hate on Ross. The nigga get nuttin but love in MIA and my hometown ATL. Foh. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ross is getting that big bread. I mean the money off of touring and guest appearances alone is making him big doe. Not to mention a succesful album by Wale and we know Meek Mills is going to sell. I dont really know anybody that doesnt like Meek Mills. not to mention gold plagues. He is a business man for sure. I wish people get off this C.O. stuff. I mean I know police officers, C.O. and guards at prisons that are gang affilated. Most people in the hood dont have a problem with the only thing is he lied about it. I know guys that have college degrees that come back to the hood and throw up gang signs. I think a lot of people not from the hood so they dont understand how stuff go. We dont know if he sold dope or not. We all know the government that suppose to be these intellegent and smart people have sold dope and guns just as the real rick ross. I look at it like this for Rick Ross to be fake I have yet to see anybody even attempt to touch him. Even dudes in Cali fuck with him and thats the turf of the real Rick Ross. You talking shit about Ross is not going to stop him from getting his...thats just fact. Oh yea eat dick if you dont like this comment.

    • Anonymous

      What Im saying is nobody physically touch him who cares about his baby momma that was a wack as move. If you ask a real nigga because yea she was desperate for money and fame so was that hard to get her to fuck with you. Im not saying he is on that status but if you turn on the radio who do you hear. Right now he gets more radio play than Nas and 50 cent so who really is winning. Even Wale album did good. What about 50 cent artist or lets not mention Nas because he hasnt passed the torch or helped anybody get on. At the end of the day nobody is stopping him from getting money not even 50.

    • Jose

      50 sure as hell touched Ross, he's the one who exposed his ass and took his kids and baby momma shopping. How would you feel if your worst enemy did that with your fam? 50 exposed the hell out of Ross. Ross tried going at Eminem and Eminem didn't even bother wasting his time with Ross, now Em, that's someone who doesn't get touched. Even though he's been quiet for a bit, I haven't seen anyone fuck with him for a while, ask Game, he said that you just don't fuck with Em. Kanye said that Em was the best, Jay did too, all these rappers praising Em. Or look at Nas for example, who tries and fucks with Nas? Jay did, but Jay got ass raped. Common? Ain't no one fucking with Common, Common took shots at Drake and Drake went and hid behind a rock. Sure, they cleared it up, but it still made Drake look bad. Now don't get it twisted, I'm not fanboy of none of these cats, they all make good music, but my favorite rapper is Jay-Z. But when Ross hits Eminem status, Nas status, Jay-Z status, or Common status, then we will talk.

    • Anonymous

      ALF Capone I hope you Italian because a lot of Italians especially the mob guys dont like the brothers if you know what I mean. You a poser you not real.

    • Anonymous

      ALF eat a dick at the end of the day the boy Rozay getting paid. Turn on your radio right now you will hear not but Ross You internet thugs are a joke. Now go back to sucking dick like we know you do. In the words Ricky Rozay Bawse!!!

    • Alf Capone

      *SMACK* Shut up nigga! *cue laugh track*

  • DaStudioKing

    In music industry economics Rick Ross spends more than his music brings in. He's a big spender and basically churns label cash quarter to quarter. He'd have to 'quadruple' his sales to be in the black sort of speak. Now, touring is a different scenario and I imagine he's doing ok in that arena. But he's done four gold records in a role spending heavily to do so. Btw, you don't make money off of twitter followers.

    • BK finest

      And you actually do make money off twitter followers. when rick ross sits in a bussiness meeting and say i got 3milli in followers thats a factual stat that a bussiness or corporation cant dispute. you think HP computers cares about "who's Hot" hell naw, they wanna see some factual stats like twitter followers. So twitter followers is a direct relection of how much influence you have and rawse got a bawse amount of influence.

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up you internet A&R. cant stand you fake as know it all always trying to act like youre kicking knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    Over the last year, I quadrupled my net worth," he shared Typical response from a fraud it's what he always says

    • @thefranchise

      My nigga Franchise, you don't make money off Twitter followers. I could have 5 billion followers and it won't make a difference or "quadruple" my net worth. Ross has good numbers, but he sure as hell ain't the hottest in the game.

    • Anonymous

      how? who is buying his music? he is a gold artsist

    • thafranchise

      So you don't think he did?I mean he's the hottest artist in the game. He's touring more than he did before, more guest features,his brand is bigger than before(meek mill,wale),more twitter followers,etc.

  • Anonymous


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