Tyga Explains "Careless World: Rise Of The Last King" Recall

Tyga explains how he first heard about the recall of his YMCMB debut through Twitter.

Two days ago, YMCMB fans received a shock when news broke that Tyga's long awaited studio debut Careless World: Rise of the Last King had been suddenly recalled over an uncleared sample of Martin Luther King, Jr. Now, the Compton rapper talks about first hearing of the threat of a last minute delay of his LP.

In a recent interview with V-103's Greg Street, Tyga explained that it was actually his fans who first informed him of the possible snage in Careless World's release. He said that he received a number of TwitPics of fans receiving the recall notice and even holding the LP already on store shelves with a notice attached saying the album could not be sold. Despite this final hour scare, Tyga said that his label was able to iron any issues out with Dr. King's estate and that the album's release went according to schedule.

"Basically, [the stores and label] recalled them," he explained. "I'm looking on my Twitter and fans are hitting me up all day like, posting pictures of [the album] and they have some in stores, but then they have a piece of paper next to them saying 'Recalled - can't sell.' I'm like, 'Yo, this is crazy.' My fans are going crazy, like, 'I have it in my hand, I'm thinking about just stealing it, but I wanna buy it though,' and I'm like, 'Nah, just go back tomorrow,' so they're going to get a lot shipped today [Monday February 20], and it'll be in stores tomorrow."

Careless World dropped earlier today on YMCMB/Universal Republic. The full interview can be seen below.

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  • NO Name

    Good luck finding it in Michigan to..

  • m

    Im pissed off the damn cd is still not being sold in stores in houston fuck that

  • me

    last I checked, Tyga was from Gardena .. Where is this "Compton Rapper" coming from ???

  • Anonymous

    Imagine being arrested for trying to steal a Tyga CD lol Aim a little higher with your criminal aspirations people.

  • music1loveca

    went to the store today, and the dam album still aint for sale.......you need to pay off the beats ymcmb and stop buying cars lol

  • Ok

    Now let me explain the real reason, YMCM doesn't pay for shit and they finally got screwed. They sit there and steal beats by not paying for them and now their stealing shit from MLK. So now they got caught, and they got fucked, and actually have to pay up for once. Please keep the bad news coming from this shitty camp.

    • EEZY541

      CM/YM and their fans wonder why Jay-Z can take shots at them....It's reasons like this!! Or how about when Rebirth got shipped out by Amazon 2 months before the "real release date". It seems this type of shit happens to them a lot more than most other labels.

    • Well

      I just can't stand them. It's pretty simple, and compared to 98% of HHDX's community, my blood has very little hate in it...the only hate I have is for Wayne, and most of YMCM.

    • Lol

      why are you so upset with them ? Too much hate in your blood

  • Michelle StarCam


  • Michelle StarCam

    We love Tyga! We talked with him at Drake's Grammy After Party! He gave us his thoughts on Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, and his new album. Watch our Tyga interview here! Thanks!

  • Tyga

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  • unknown

    see this is why society is fucked up. no support or respect fo anybody or what they tryin 2 do no matter what it is.

  • Anonymous

    New beats up @ www.AricTheThrowed.com

  • Future is the best rapper alive

    This isnt his first YMCMB album release. His first album sold 18 copies

  • Anonymous

    18 comments when he gets his busines straight. 200 comments when he forgets to clear a sample. the hate for young money is unreal. i guess thats why they go platinum in a week

  • Dammit!!!

    WACK CD,BITCH,WACK,WACK,CD,BITCH........ Refund....I.wasted my money.

  • Anonymous

    Wack Shitty bitch wack shitty.........Wackkkkkkk wackkkkkkkkkkkkkk wackkkkkkkkkkkkkk album, rather listen Waka and Soulja Boy

  • Tyga random

    Does anybody REALLY know this guy was signed to DecayDance before Cash Money? (DecayDance) is PETE WENTZ' (Fall Out Boy) label. He is also the cousin of Travie (Gym Class Heroes)

  • lovely

    this guy is wack. anyone who goes out to buy his album is wack

  • Anonymous

    the reality is he's 23 and he'll probably accomplish more than anyone who ever visits this page to claim he sucks. you should ask yourselves what have yall done with your lives thats so special.

    • Anonymous

      y'all YMCMB stans are fuckin sad, kinda like how niggas dick rode ja rule till they got they homo cards pulled by 50, smfh at lame ass niggas

    • Nigel r

      @ustupid how is he dickriding? do you even know what dickrding is? how do you even know he's even a fan. what he said was just a factual statement. he must have really hit home. under achieving niggas trying to tell a young nigga doing what he loves he aint shit while he gets support from his peers and collabs with your favorite rappers. ur favorite rappers. u dont have to like his music theres millions of artists out there/ but you niggas are beyond opinion and taste and clearly crossed into the realm of anger and resentment judging by how you talk about a nigga you dont even know. mad that other people like a niggas music that you dont like as if it affects what you like. thats a bitch trait. its hard to take your life or opinion seriously. show us some sort of talent or achievement of ur own. truth is you really aint being shit.

    • Anonymous

      How you know they're a Young Money fan? Your feelings all hurt and whatnot, calling everyone all sorts of names and wishing failure. Why you so mad? Go knit a blanket and relax.

    • UStupid

      What exactly has he accomplished? Selling whack music that is all about stupid shit lames like you dream about, but will never accomplish yourself? Ask yourself, what has being a dick rider done for you that is so special? YMCMB is overrated and already hit it's peak and is on it's way down...they won't ever be remembered as legends. They grown ass men and one fake dumb bitch selling records to teenagers. Those use to be call pop artists or pedophiles...lol

  • Anonymous

    wack city bitch wack wack city bitch

  • 187JoshM187

    It just sucks that he was working on this album for like 2 years after getting it pushed back so many times, and now that he finally released it, they recall it in stores. This is unfortunately gonna fuck up his first week sales. :\

  • Jake

    My fans are going crazy, like, 'I have it in my hand, I'm thinking about just stealing it, but I wanna buy it though,' and I'm like, 'Nah, just go back tomorrow,' head ass

  • Anonymous

    I thought he finally realized that He was a wack rapper and didnt want to subject the world to listen to his wack album....Then he still released the album anyway. He has no heart, How couldhe pollute the air waves with this garbage album...Have he no shame. I blame Young Money.

  • Burmy

    And this is why y'all FOOLS if you wanna cop that BS. Juvenile "Mardi Gras" mixtape online NOW...trust me, it's MUCH better music.

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