Too Short Responds To "Advice" Video Backlash, Tells CNN's Nancy Grace To "Shut Up"

Exclusive: Shorty the Pimp explains how he came to be advising teen boys how to pleasure teen girls and breaks down the meaning behind his "Shut Up Nancy" song inspired by Nancy Grace.

It was a rough Valentine’s Day this year for Hip Hop’s perennial player, Too Short

The veteran game spitter wasn’t frustrated by a lack of companionship for the day dedicated to romance (“I’m about to go find me some love and take her on a dinner date,” he playfully noted to HipHopDX a few hours before his Valentine’s evening activities), but rather a lack of understanding from an onslaught of bloggers, tweeters, and even some self-proclaimed Too Short fans who took time out of their Valentine’s Day to voice their outrage over a recent video message Short filmed for (which has since been removed from the site).

In the clip – part of a “Fatherly Advice From Too Short” series filmed for the online extension of XXL magazine – the man who 25 years ago on his first major-label album, Born to Mack, warned “Little Girls” about the dangers of growing up too fast was seen and heard sharing some of his wisdom for their male counterparts: “When you get to late middle school, early high school and you start feeling a certain way about the girls … I'm gonna tell you a couple tricks. This is what you do, man. A lot of the boys are going to be running around trying to get kisses from the girls. We're going way past that. I'm taking you to the hole. There’s a general area down there, a little spot that girls have that feels really good to them. Don’t kiss them down there yet, that’s later in life. But this is what you do. You push her up against the wall or pull her up against you while you lean on the wall and you take your finger and put a little spit on it and you stick your finger in her underwear and you rub it on there and watch what happens. It’s like magic. You gotta find her spot, they all have a different one, but it’s somewhere in there. Just go for it. When you feel like it becomes a little more moist that’s when you know you’re doing it right."

During the midst of the media firestorm he now finds himself engulfed in due to the above statements, Short Dog spoke to DX to help clear the air about just what his real intentions were with his videotaped advice for teen boys. The 45-year-old additionally addressed his now three-decade long battle with media who still can’t seem to separate Todd Shaw from Too Short. The author of some of the most memorable “Freaky Tales” in Hip Hop history closed out his conversation by speaking about his upcoming 19th studio effort, No Trespassing (due February 28th), and the album’s ear-catching diss track aimed, not at recent on wax adversary, and fellow Oakland rapper, Messy Marv, but at CNN’s controversial crime reporter Nancy Grace.

Too Short Reacts To Fatherly Advice Video For XXL

HipHopDX: I was just looking at your series of tweets [@TooShort].   

Too Short: Yeah, it’s … interesting.

DX: I love the “I think we should ban all negative comedians, books, movies & songs. Let’s get that 1945-1965 American swag back.” [Laughs]

Too Short: It would be a good thing. It’d take us back in a lot of other ways, but it’d be a good thing … morally, that is.

DX: I know you don’t really wanna discuss it too much, but can you just speak on this whole confusion there seems to be with folks not understanding that Too Short is a made-up character. You woulda thought after 30 years they woulda figured that out.

Too Short: Yeah. Well, man, over the years I really, really, really tried to – whenever I would do an interview or I’m on the radio or just in general conversation when somebody’s trying to lure me into [that persona like], “Be Too Short” or “Talk the Too Short stuff,” I would always tell them that when I’m making music I’m in this character and it’s [just] for the music. I would never do my interviews and be like, “Yeah, I’m a pimp!” I would never get all like ignorant in an interview, and I pretty much drew the line and kept it that way for years and years.

Just on this last run out to New York doing some media – We had actually done the whole XXL visit, the interview was done and I didn’t exactly know what it was for but it was just asked like … It all stemmed from something about 2 Chainz has a song on I think, a Rick Ross mixtape and – I don’t know if I’m saying this right because I haven’t really heard the song myself, I just keep hearing about it, but the song I think it’s called “Fuck ‘Em,” and in the song 2 Chainz has a line, he says his dad wasn’t around, his father figure was Too Short. So people started tweeting that to me, and I guess it had been on Twitter a lot and one of the guys in the interview, they’re like, “Man, can we get you on camera [saying] what would Too Short’s advice be to the [kids]?” Like, if I had a son or something, what would Too Short [say to him], some like bad advice. … So it was supposed to be a joke. It was supposed to be in that nature, but I’m assuming that – I never even really saw what all they put out, like what exactly was the footage that pissed everybody off. ‘Cause I just keep reading the one quote about Too Short wants to molest little girls or some shit. But, I guess it woulda been better if they woulda set it up right. I didn’t know what it was for; I figured it was in that context of comedy, but it seems like it went out as a matter-of-fact statement.

I don’t know what had happened, but the shit gets out of control and I’m like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa.” And I talked to some very responsible females, some very important females, and they’re like, “We know you, we love you, we know the deal, but these are very negative words, it’s just very damaging, it does not look good, it’s not cool, period.” I agree, totally. When I look at it and I read it I’m like, “Damn, this is really not cool.” So, I’m trying to keep it on the up-and-up. It ain’t about some politician stepping up to the podium with some political apology, it’s just like, Damn, it’s a fuckin’ bad joke gone terrible.

And all I can do is say the truth, [which] is like, whoa, I’m about to really check myself dealing with the media and dealing with statements I’m releasing now. ‘Cause its like, 20 years ago we wouldn’t have had a social media frenzy over any little statement of the day from entertainers. Where right now that’s what it is, that’s what it’s gonna be. And it’s a new level of responsibility that needs to be taken by people like me and people in my position: that you can’t really just blurt out things without thinking about the context it may be taken in. This has happened a few times [and] I feel like this is going to continue to happen from now on. This is what it is now: if you make a statement that has a potential way to be twisted or – just like the politicians when they run the smear campaigns. It’s the same thing.

DX: There’s a petition going around now to have XXL’s Editor-in-Chief [Vanessa Satten] fired for letting that video be posted. And whether it was right or wrong to do that, grown folks are in denial if they think young teens aren’t doing that. I mean, even if you were being serious, that stuff was going down in my middle school back in the day, so I know its still gotta be going on now.

Too Short: Yeah man, but I don’t even wanna get in defense of the whole thing. I’ve been to graduations with my girlfriend’s little sister – sixth, seventh, eighth grade – and it’s like several students with babies. And I’m like, “How the hell is this happening?” But, you know, I’m not going to get into the whole part of how much of that is going on. When did we all lose our virginities? What were you doing in high school? So, yeah, I’m not getting into all that.

[Going back to the tweet] where I was being funny about the American 1945 swag. Once upon a time we weren’t any sexually different, our sexuality wasn’t different, it was just kind of not out in the open. All of the same stuff was going on. I read books, and it’s no doubt about it, we had teenage pregnancies in the 1940’s, 1950’s. And I mean, c’mon now, we know all kind of stories. I know stories about little girls who had babies and the mother pretends that she had the baby so the little girl can go on and live her life without being scandalized. And I just feel like now, we went through civil rights, we went through the ‘70s, we empowered sex and drugs, we got through the ‘80s decadence, and now we’re here and it’s open-minded, everything’s out front in the open and we still judging each other.

It’s like the gay marriage thing. I feel like you can talk religion all you want about gay marriage, but at the same time most of the gay people that are going to get married, they want them benefits of the marriage: the financial benefits, the tax benefits. I figure that’s why a lot of gay people want that. Like, “I’m gonna be with this partner forever, can I get a tax break?” But at the same time, there’s a bunch of married people – man and wife – who ain’t honoring the union. They’re not even living up to it. They’re getting divorced after two years, five years, and they’re cheating on each other and all this stuff.

You can look at all this stuff, and I just feel like if we’re gonna air it out, air it all the way out. ‘Cause the only reason why I addressed this whole thing is [because] I woke up and was reading like, “Fuck you Too Short. You fucking rapist.” I’m like, “What the hell?” … It’s like a wake-up call for me, man. Whoever set it off, I’d really like to thank that person ‘cause I got a lot of interviews to do coming up and I really don’t wanna be like telling stupid jokes … like some pimp joke or some sex joke.   

Too Short Considers Leaving Rap With A Positive Album In Future

DX: I think I can give you some insight into why this happened. I think the reason that people have this perception is because you stopped making songs like “I Want To Be Free.” ‘Cause now you have a whole generation of folks in Hip Hop who are too young to remember your more balanced content and think you’re just a dirty old man.

Too Short: Yeah, this is true. A lot of positive feedback came from people who really do know. But, it still kind of concerns me that all of these years, the people that didn’t know, they never really got it. I’ve read so many things about myself, about the explicit lyrics and whatever. … The lyrics [were interpreted as] misogynistic or degrading to women, but if you listen, if you was there, it was all funny, man. It was entertainment. You would listen to a Too Short song and parts of the song would make you laugh out loud the first time you heard it. And that was the intention of it. It was not intended to ever be like, “Hey guys, I want a million people to listen to me and let’s fucking just shit on the females.” It was never about that.  

There’s this one song on this new album, [No Trespassing], it’s called “Trying To Come Up,” and it came out of me, the Too Short you talking about came out of me. You can go back and you can find some statements I was making in the press three, four years ago [where] I was saying I really don’t wanna put out this negative, dirty music, I’ma try to like clean it up. And, attempts at doing that have not worked yet. … It’s just a thought, but I’m thinking album number 20, I might just walk away from this thing and leave it on a positive note and just say, “You deal with it. You fucking tell me what the fuck Too Short is.”

DX: Well, I mean, personally I’m really diggin’ the “Hey” joint – it’s your best single since “Blow The Whistle” – so … this would be bad timing if you walk away now. [Laughs]

Too Short: On this album I had an option to make music that was geared for the under 25 crowd, but I don’t think I did that. In my mind, I was being very conscious of the Too Short fan, not the “Blow The Whistle” fan. … The subjects are not just “bitch, I’m a pimp,” or “shake your ass,” I really tried to stay away from that. I tried to talk about different grown-up relationship situations without being too raunchy. And I don’t know if you heard it, but when you do hear it you’ll see what I’m saying.

And then … so far I’ve shot 12 videos. One of those was shot by Ben Griffin, who does a lot of E-40’s videos. He did “Money On The Floor.” It was kind of like a misogynistic song, so I kind of wanted a guy to shoot the video. It was the [buzz] single that comes out before the album, and I wanted to reel you in a little bit with the asses wiggling [so you’d] be like, “Oh, this that old-ass Short … So fucking typical.” And then, I shot 10 of the 12 videos with a lady named Joslyn Lyons. I met her and she showed me some Talib Kweli videos and some stuff she had did, and I just liked the texture of what she had done. And I said, “If I shoot videos with you these are my rules right here: I don’t care what the song is saying, I don’t wanna see any cars in the video, I don’t wanna stand by a car, I don’t wanna be in the car driving, I don’t wanna pose in a car, I don’t wanna be in the backyard by a pool with my jeans and t-shirt on and girls in bikinis jumping in and out the water and I’m pretending like this big house with the pool is mine, I don’t wanna pull up in the driveway and open the mansion doors and walk around the mansion that we just rented for the day, I don’t wanna go to a club and we at the club at the bar at the table with the bottles setup and the chicks sitting around and everybody’s hugging everybody.” I said, “None of this shit can be in the video, and no violence.” So, we sat there and we talking, and basically I just told her everything that Hip Hop videos are don’t do the shit.

Too Short Explains Making Song Dissing CNN's Nancy Grace

DX: So, what did you guys do visually for the Nancy Grace diss song on No Trespassing? [Laughs]

Too Short: Well, that was a preview [clip for “Shut Up Nancy” that someone posted online]. Somebody did me the favor of trying to portray what I was talking about, but they kind of missed the point. The song is not about Nancy Grace. I watch CNN, and just like everybody else knows what Nancy Grace does. And I just feel like, when did CNN stop being the global news [source] and go to just showing kidnapped little kids and violence against Caucasian women? You turn on CNN Headline News, there ain’t no news. It’s just, “Who are we looking for right now?” So and so’s wanted and so and so’s up for trial. It turned into fuckin’ Entertainment Weekly or some shit.

I would watch this stuff, particularly with like Casey Anthony, and you’d hear the different sides of what the case was, and we all know the outcome of the case now: that the defense actually won. And I was just looking at the anger in Nancy Grace’s face and how she would be yelling at the screen. So, I’d be hangin’ with my chicks and if they ever got too loud or we got an argument coming on or just talking shit, I would be like, “Shut up Nancy.” They’d be like, “Who the fuck is Nancy?” I was like, “Any female yelling at me and yelling out some crazy opinions, your name is Nancy.” They’re all Nancy. I got a homegirl named Nancy and I was like, “When you hear the song ‘Nancy,’ it ain’t about you.” [Laughs] I just feel like that’s every irritating, loud-mouthed girlfriend that’s just - you trying to watch the game and she’s just like, “They oughta put Casey Anthony in the gas chamber.” And I’m like, “I’m watching the playoffs, Nancy, shut up.”  

DX: Now after I print this, you already got your apology letter for Nancy Grace ready, right? [Laughs]

Too Short: I definitely don’t wanna be in a fight with Nancy Grace. She look like she might can throw them thangs. [Laughs]

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  • readthesenikes

    A number of comments come off as very narrow-minded and naive - lacking insight. Even if the statement was not taken out of context or hadn't been a joke - so what! Get real we live in world where people cheer when a man is murdered on the news (Qaddafi)- regardless if you did not like the man - that behavior is uncivilized. Soldiers rape and murder daily in the wars that some of you undoubtedly co-signed back when you were waiving the flag in 2001. Not something that can be misconstrued with rape but actual rape and murder. You don't object to the fact that the fashion industry is run by men who like other men and promote an image of women that is unnatural and objectifies them - then you wonder about teen pregnancy. Instant social unravel right before our eyes. Now it's cool to be gay - little boys acting like girls - old ass men all too willing to violate them. Little girls acting like harlots - just like their mothers and you want to be outraged over something that did not happen. Y o u A r e L o s t!

  • really?

    ..yeah that had to b the worst comment from any1, let alone a 45 yr old hasbeen...i cant belive the editior of this site let that last sentence get in there he said "She look like she might can throw them thangs." fuckin iggnornant illiterate fucks

  • Great white

    Coming for a rapper his age, the nigga dagg near 80 years old and still saying stupid things like that, it show you that most black men dont get it, that why all the pretty sexy sister are coming over here where the white men is at, because the dont want to have four and five baby for niggaz who dont take care of them.

  • everybody should jus shut the fuck up...

    who really gives a damn what too short says...... if you care you a sensitive bitch!!! plus.. motafuckas should me worrying about the poverty in u.s and the economy being shit. and should be worying about the u.s trying to invade every goddam country for their benefit... everyone who is out raged should eat a dick and find something important to criticize .. not this bull shit...........

  • Loch121

    I think Short is telling the truth.Sometimes a joke can go terribly wrong.i don't think he meant do that w/out consent.Then the other thing is he's Too Short.I was a joke in bad taste.This probably will help him move some albums

  • Anonymous

    Typical Internet bullshit, take summin totally out of context and run with it Deep Down tho you know $hort is enjoying this just a lil, he hasnt had this kind of Press since "Cant Stay Away" dropped in 98, lol

  • triPAUD

    listen to what he's saying. he speaks truth. I didn't see the video, but that quote is pretty bad. at least he acknowledged that he made a mistake.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, you mean Too $hort said some that women find offensive??? Whats tomorrows headline gonna be, you gonna shock the world by exposing Willie Nelson & Snoop Dogg as Potheads??? I got an exclusive, just between me & You.........I heard Mel Gibson isnt to fond of the jews!!!! SMH If anything Too $hort says about sex surprises you in 2012, KILL YOURSELF!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you should check out the source material (or the transcripts of the source material since the video got pulled). Those are direct quotes in context. He wouldn't be giving this interview if he hadn't framed it in such a rapey way.

    • Anonymous

      lol mind manipulation, what world are you living in. Its outta context, maybe you shoulda read the interview.

    • Anonymous

      If you think telling kids they should shove girls up against the wall (implying non-consent) and finger them in order to manipulate them into sex ("mind get whatever you want") isn't the thought process of a rapist and normalizes sexual violence, you're the one with the problem.

    • MM

      Anonymous you must be dumb as fuck. He tells kids how to finger girls, not rape them, there is a difference. But you rather be outraged right? Fuck the facts

    • Anonymous

      Just because it isn't surprising, it doesn't make it not offensive that he's advocating for rape and not absurd that HHDX is going to bat for him.

  • Nico 3

    Make me sword swallower.

  • Anonymous

    disgusting piece of journalism here

  • Anonymous

    is hiphopdx serious?

  • Anonymous

    Tell me this: do you think people be getting so pissed over this if it were a female who talking some shit about young men? Think about that for a second.

    • Anonymous

      lol bet you didn't think.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. If a women was telling young men how to rape young girls, I'd be just as pissed. People get just as outraged (if not more) at Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin as they do at Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, you dumb fuck.

  • What

    You know what it niggaz like too short saying stupid stuff like this but forget to tell the youngster having sex and cant afford the baby cloth,food and shoe, to think with the big head instead of the little head, and we wounder why, they are so much single black young women.

  • The Average HHDX Commenter

    I cosign Too Short's statement because I think manipulating women to have sex with you is an important lesson to teach young black men

  • Omega

    this is a nigga that been talking about pimping for ever so why is it such a suprise when he say some shit about females? he putting young niggas on to game thats what the og's teach us fuck yall bloggers im sick of yall niggas

    • severely_disappointed

      @JOE6PACKNCGBOR336, I need you to think before you hit "Post Reply". Am I really going to help fatten the pockets of someone I find revolting? "Go buy his albums?" Why don't you go buy some reasoning skills tutorial sessions that will help make you sound like you successfully passed first grade? Just a thought...

    • David Duke

      I've called black people Niggers before so it's ok if I call black people Niggers now. You can't be outraged because I've done it before...


      man too short be talking bout pimpin yall seen one set up video go buy his albums you dumb fucks

    • anon1

      i definitely co-sign this post.

    • Anonymous

      He's teaching kids how to rape. Just because it isn't surprising doesn't mean we shouldn't be outraged.

  • Anonymous

    This is the dude that got busted for bringing underage girls backstage. His relevance is embarrassing for any culture that he can claim to be a part of.

    • anon1

      too short is a rap legend pioneer, we all know what type of music hes been known to make, hes never insisted on taking sex from a woman or having sex with a minor, its okay for men in the bedroom or mentally to fantasize, but he can't even speak without deealing with people like your bs.

    • Anonymous

      The girls were over 18 but under 21 dont make it seem worse than what it was. He did not have the WOMEN backstage they were trying to get into a bar. Get your facts straight before you start making comments with no info about the topic. BIIIIITCH!!!!

  • Nico 3

    The last thing the world needs is another pregnant teen. Too Short is being Too Short, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a responsibility to check himself. Saying dumb shit on record is one thing, but when you film a video that can be seen by millions of kids, it's poor taste, and should come under fire.

  • anon1

    lol every man has lived through lifes stages. even if he was dead serious, he would have been speaking from his first hand encountered experience in the days of his youth, which he is entitled and in the right to share as he so wishes. not every aspect of life is ear friendly to the judgemental. the dude isn't talking about his pursuits of underage minors, hes talking about his experiences as an under age minor himself, its reflection of his past youth memories, until a person dies, every memory stays with them that the brain can hang on to, before its lost with time. it sure don't make him a pedophile it makes him a realist and realness always makes the masses uproar, if you have a problem with what hes saying, then maybe you need to check yourself, because its probable you just don't like to hear reality with your own ears, sex is a major thing within the teen years and has been for decades. its when curiosity peaks in the development of a child transitioning into adult hood. whats too short suppose to suggest to teenagers be conservative never show any signs of pursuit towards a potential mate so humanity can dwindle into extinction. sex between teens takes place, his message might not have been the proper pitch you want delivered but all the same pitches are made by people that teenage boys look up to, maybe their role models aren't your suitable selection but who are you to have the right to tell anybody who their role models should be.

    • severely_disappointed

      That was poetically written; however, it is one thing to reflect on personal memories and quite another to encourage poor decision-making among youth who get enough mixed messages from society already. Everybody is NOT "doing it" at that age. Let kids be kids, and if you do choose to address the sex topic, do it responsibly. Don't tell some little boy how to find the hole and not inform him on how to wrap it up when he does. Too $hort is too old to not take responsibility for the things he says, whether he is in character or not. He's simply encouraging statistics of fatherless babies and disease in his response to "What would Too $hort say to the kids?" Really? As if we don't have enough of a fight against teen pregnancy? He might as well hand out karma sutra pamphlets at Toys R' Us...

    • Anonymous

      I know when I think about consensual sex, I always frame it as "mind manipulation"!

    • anon1

      thats you taking it out of context, he meant in a mutual consensual passionate manner, he didn't mean to promote rapist tendency and you know it.

    • Anonymous

      There's a difference between sex and rape. Teens can (and should) have sex that doesn't involve throwing girls that don't want it up against the wall. Maybe it's because I'm not a fucking rapist, but I was able to demonstrate interest just fine without tossing women around like some rag fuckdoll.

  • The Future

    Real talk: I think since over the decades, we are now aware of our sins, and we acknowledge that they are sins lol. We try to preach to others how bad it is. Like when your parents tell you don't have sex. You will responded you and dad were all over the dang east-coast screwing back in the 70s. I'm seeing now that its turned into judgement instead of wise advice. People are flawed and hey its exceptable, but since we judge in society it is not. Too short makes fun of that in a way how we glorify silly things. A good metaphor for hip hop would be a Mirror. Sometimes when I know I've done something terrible I can't look at myself. I find it intriguing that we glorify jewelry and makeup other things that we wear/put on to express how we WANT to feel. Thats how America is if our country was any genre it would be Hip hop. We try to hide from the truth and whoever shows it we attack it. Kind of like a dog, (common sense- Animals don't know what they look like LOL)

  • Colione

    Now ya'll can see. I'm tru hip hop. Look at my j.u.s.t.i.c.e. league tatoo's. Look at my j.u.s.t.i.c.e. league chain. Look at my corn rows. Look how I roc Air force one's. Look how I alway's wear a hat and leave the stickers on. I'm a producer!!!! I'm the best producer in the game!!! I'M COLIONE FROM THE J.U.S.T.I.C.E. LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!

  • The Future

    Real talk: In my 2 decades on this planet I have learned exactly what Short is talking about. We sit here and act all glorious, spewing sanctimonious platitudes like we never made mistakes. The thing is we live in the same twisted world now that our parents lived in 20 years ago. The only thing that has ever truly changed is the technology. Think about it, ask your dad about prohibition, the out-lawing of alcohol. Now its Marijuana oh look thats slowly becoming legal *shrug* lol.

  • The Future

    Real talk: Too short you're terrible at telling jokes. If 20 plus years has past and no one gets your biggest/longest/ probably in your opinion greatest joke then you suck at joke telling


    i peep this on twitter last night man then people got too short fuck up i been of fan of short since i was 7 or 8 fuck CNN with they missing white women reporting ass

  • Anonymous

    I though Short Dawg retired. He's retiring again? So if a yougin takes his advice and pushes a girl up against a wall without her permission, then what? Too Short is a has been. You're 45 years old and this is the advice you're giving our young black males? What a discrace to hip hop. Retire you washed up piece of trash!

  • word

    I ride with Too Short. Not feelin' the new shit I heard lately like the oldies, but I think XXL played you, dunny.

  • Anonymous

    That sounds like some creepy pedophile rapist shit coming from a 45 year old. We need to make sure he never goes near a school any time soon. Fuck Nancy Grace though.

  • BC

    Damn! I wish Too Short had this film when I was younger!

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