T3 Issues Statement Clarifying HipHopDX's Slum Village Story

Exclusive: The veteran emcee and founding Slum Village member believes he was misrepresented in yesterday's exclusive story. He clears the air.

The following is a statement, unedited, by T3 of Slum Village. The piece is a reaction to yesterday's (February 8) exclusive interview with T3, Illa J and Young J, titled "Slum Village Announce Reunion And New LP, 'Fantastic Volume 3'."

"The article released via HipHopdx.com yesterday presented some misleading and incorrect information. I want to make sure that true and accurate facts are communicated about new music and plans for the Slum Village Family of artists.

The headline for the article should have been 'T3 talks new direction for Slum Village and new Music projects' the headline that was in the actual posted article “Slum Village Announces Reunion And New LP, "Fantastic Volume 3"...is incorrect I, nor any of the other artists during the interview said there was a “Reunion” of Slum Village. I am sensitive to the word reunion, just as I know many of the Slum Village fans would be as well.  How can there be a “Reunion” when two of the original members are deceased or without Elzhi? That’s an incorrect statement and I never said anything about a Slum Village Reunion. What is correct, is that the Slum Village Movement continues with a cast of artists who celebrate the Slum Village legacy and want to move forward creating the funky soulful hip-hop music that we’re known for.

The Dirty District Project is the first of the resurgence of Slum Village Music. This time we’re able to take the Dirty Slum project beyond Detroit and partner with Hip-Hop greats nationally. It’s an exciting and energetic time for music and the new project with Illa J, Young RJ, Big Pooh, Focus, Mick Boogie, and others is a crazy collaboration of soulful rappers, dj and other guest artists.

The other point that was offensive in the article was the line that read “Just in time for Dilla Day, T3, Young RJ and Illa J announce the return of the Villa and announce a third installment of their "Fantastic" series.”…Just In Time…Really? It sounded like the writers were accusing us of using Dilla Day in a bad way and that’s not right. If anything, this is a time to reflect and rejoice the legacy of my brethren that left this earth too early. But what I have come to realize is they left a strong heritage of music that I’m going to continue in their honor. I truly am only continuing to do music to honor them and uphold what they started…It’s their legacy that inspires me. 

And, the drama that continues to be reported between me and Elzhi is getting old. Elzhi is doing his thing as a solo artist and I wish him nothing but the best. The rest of the back and fourth reports are old and tend to be biased. When you have reported things from Elzhi’s perspective, never have I been included in the article or given a chance to provide a perspective. In journalism, the articles are supposed to be presented objectively and I feel that hasn’t been the case in many of the hiphopdx articles.  As far as what the future holds for Slum Village, who knows? We’re doing the Dirty Slums project now and looking at doing a Fantastic Volume 3, because the request is coming from the fans. And, as far as the next evolution beyond that, more is to come.  My hope is that I can uphold the legacy that me and my partners started. Let’s all support Dilla Day, Remember Baatin, and Celebrate Detroit Hip-Hop and contribution to music overall in a positive way.

Thank you for allowing me to voice my side.


T3, Slum Village"


  • c mon man

    Theses guys must be really broke. Dilla Day equals T3 pay day. so weak. Shouts to all the real Detroit Players.

  • Disgruntled

    Damn, Elzhi said this would happen in his interview with hiphopdx over a year ago. That RJ wanted Slum to be more of a group that has shifting members. Kinda weak if you ask me. SV will never be the same..

    • Mike

      Yeah he gave everyone a heads up "RJ Rice is the poison of the group" Now with all this shit going on everythings becoming clear as day. Elzhi obviously stepped out of his circle of control. Thats why alot people in the know are not supporting this new SV.

  • Che

    i wont support Slum Village until El comers back. It just doesnt feel right. Gotta have all the people who were close to Dilla or at least around him at the time when SV was really doin their thing.

    • cmonson

      u do have all who was close 2 Dilla around..T3/Illa J his brotha and Young RJ who Dilla mentored in doin beats..Dilla didnt fuck with Elzhi!!...thats why Dilla wasnt on the self-titled album cuz Elzhi used his beats without his permission on his 1st mixtape in other words he stole em on the strength of that Dilla didnt fuck with them..get ya info right homie!!..i just left Dilla Day in Detroit@The Fillmore where Slum Village just RAISED IT UP!!!...and aint a damn person ask about Elzhi..let El do El and let Slum do Slum!!!

  • Motown Brown

    Although I lost interest in SV after The Whole T3-elzhi drama, even after hearing BOTH of them wish each other success, and being that T3 is a FOUNDING member of slum Village, I have to respect T3's main idea inn his letter: GETTING AT HIPHOPDX FOR ALWAYS INSTIGATING BS DRAMA. I'ma check for that SV Fantastic Vol. 3, and it's great that SV got some play on this wack ass website (in between the corny hip-hop music and what color drake's nails gonna be on twitter), but honestly, DX NEEDS TO STEP THEY GAME UP! I know real niggas hip to the industry politics see that these cats (especially Steven J Horovitz) LOVE the DRAMA. Controversy sells, and suckas are the only ones who buy into it, so wouldn't that make Dx's audience a bunch of suckas?? Real always recognize real, and DX is full of sucka ass coward wanna be journalist, it ain't hard to tell. Keep pushing the waka flocka, and rick ross (fake nigga shit that white kids from the suburbs and corny wannabe hoodrich niggas just love)and show respect, when respect is due! T3 is not Dilla or Elzhi or baatin, but he's carrying the torch! Detroit got some of the realest niggas in the game, they really go hard, show some respect sissies (hiphopdx) PEACE

  • Ben

    this is sad. I loved SV.... but it needs to rest in power now.

  • Jay-z

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  • m

    J dilla left slum....Battin is a dead crackhead... Wrap up Slum Village....One member is not slum anymore. T3 should just put a solo record out instead of trying to dickride his old bandmates dead corpses. Go for it and do a project with illa j just don't call it Slum. Carry on legacy? put a collection of Battin solo matterial out in his memory.

    • X-Clan

      @Vice: T3 added El? Wasnt It Dilla himself? Of course fans had every right to be angry, Elzhi completely flipped the direction of the group forcing those lazy ass guys to be more lyrical. Slum was never a lyrical group, so alot of people couldn't get with that which is fair, but It would have been worse without him.Their anger was justified in the same way our anger is now justified for the mega dumbing down and milking of the legacy. Illa J though!Nah son they can do without him. Im sure Dilla wouldnt have wanted him in SV either. People just dont want to hear another album. Rotating members?! What kind of shit is that! No one had to rotate members in the first instance if It weren't for beef, so stop making excuses. The members aren't rotated for fun! or is T3 going to get into some beef with Illa J next and RJ Rice makes you member of the group? T3 just needs to release a solo album, this isnt Jay Z, you dont announce your retirement and then come back to say everythings ok on some bullshit.

    • bob

      it just seems like it would be silly for Paul McCartney to put out a new beatles record today..... so why is T3 still going under slum? solo or new group name.

    • Vice

      i hear u dude,but how is it ok 4 T3 2 add Elzhi but its not ok 4 him 2 put Dilla's brother in the group..ive been a Slum fan since 1999,if i can recall correctly the fans of Slum wasnt 2 happy 2 see Elzhi on stage rappin Dilla's parts in 2002,atleast some peeps in Chicago wasnt..what baatin was or wasnt has nuthin 2 with this article...and if u know so much about Slum Vill's internal affairs u would know why Baatin wasnt in Vancouver homie..it seems smart 2 me that T3 would hold on 2 somethin that HE co-founded fam...i dont know why its so much negativity over petty bullshit..this is a article about the future of Slum Village,wasnt anything in this article negative about anyone..Illa J is like my lil brother,so i have a lil overstanding of what Dilla felt about people when he passed,if he was soo upset with T3 why is his lil brotha in the group and madukes shows T3 nuthin but love....cmon fam...

    • Dude

      It seems disrespectful of t3 to hang on to slum when he started putting Out dilla on slum records after he died.....if dilla was alive I'm sure he prob wouldn't have been on these tracks.....Baatin was a drug addict.... T3 and management would take advantage of him and pay him peanuts for verses...Also no less then 12 hours of Baatin passing slum plays live in Vancouver.....that's messed up...seems like they must have been on the outs with him. It's cold calling him a crackhead....but the truth hurts sometimes.

    • Vice

      respect baatin bro...that was a bogus ass comment..dont be mad cuz the train is runnin and still makin great music and money..how can he dickride a group he helped form..that was disrepectful 2 baatins family and fans bro...how u gon say put out a solo album 4 his memory when u just disrespected it!

    • Tyson

      What happened to respect and positivity? Lets' try to uplift others out here, the World is in decay, the least we can do is stick together. Peace.

  • Liner

    t3 is a fat ass cry baby bitch no one cares about. you're a wack rapper with a huge ego, the only reason anyone knows who u are is cuz of dilla, fat boy. crying to dx about an article they didn't need to post, grow a set baby. t3 is a nobody loser, keep pissing on your good fortunes tubby.

    • Anonymous

      yoyo = t3 t3 has 0 fans if hes eating and doesnt need slum village, drop a t3 solo album, since slum village isnt reuniting and all delusional has been that never was

    • yoyo

      well with him bein fat means he aint missin meals...u sound like a hater..gettin personal becuz he eatin and gettin money!!

  • X-Clan

    "looking at doing a Fantastic Volume 3, because the request is coming from the fans". What a delusional man T3 is! I dont know whats worse, him or dickriding fans like yoyo. Its over, no one wants to hear new Slum V unless were talking unreleased material from at least a decade back. Lets hear some T3 or T3 X Illa J!

  • gerard

    T3 is no-talent-ass clown. Why a whiny bitch. If Slum Village is making music after you did that "it's over" hissy fit, how is not a reunion? Get a clue.

  • bredsndwch

    *thing. forgive the typo

  • bredsndwch

    You two are trippin'. It's all about maintaining the integrity of the brand that is SV. T3 is well within his right to do so. The anonymous individual (for a lack of better words) is a fool. Hang it up? They have been doing their think regardless of change within the group. They still pack out shows, that tells you something right there...some of you fanboys really don't understand the business that is music.

  • nope

    Get out the hook and get this guy off the stage. "Had a spark when ya started but now ya just garbage"

  • hiphophead

    damn when did rappers become so sensitive?

  • Anonymous

    shut it t3, you're a loser. the only way he can generate any interest is using key words, SLUM VILLAGE, J DILLA. nobody cares or wants to hear your future projects. no clarification is needed. just be happy dx reported some t3 news at all, you're not big time bro. never were. in fact, you're a delusional has been that never was. nobody copped slum village shit to hear t3. when dilla left, the only thing working in your favor was elzhi. you had a falling out with him. this guy is a real piece of work. request coming from the fans? really? i'd bet a poll would show fans of slum village would prefer y'all hang it up and quit trying to reclaim past glory with forced reunion/lineup changes. real tacky shit, dx, you shoulda told this bozo to get lost and cut him off completely.

    • get it right

      How can u even think just becuz Elzhi left that Slum is over?...that makes no sense!!!...1st off elzhi couldnt compare with Dilla or Baatin lyrically..was the group over when Dilla left?..No..was the group over when Baatin left..no..so why is it suppose 2 stop becuz Elzhi left...Slum is still sellin out shows!!...i got T3's latest mixtape,him and Elzhi came with it..on both of their respectable projects..so the dude is not a has been...thats like sayin Elzhi is nuthin without Slum..thats a non truth dude..and only a queer starts a sentence off with Shut It T3,Jae Barber!!

    • Anonymous

      mann what about baatin You ain't fing with slum village unless you fing with baatin it's not all about el . El is dope but elzhi would'nt be here without slum v... detroit n*ggas crazy

    • yoyo

      you sound like elzhi's manager . The fact is Slum Village was the shit before elzhi yall haters should do your homework

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