Diggy Simmons Releases "Unexpected Arrival" Full Stream

UPDATE: Diggy Simmons preps his debut for a March 20th release. Jadakiss and Jeremih are featured.

Diggy Simmons has revealed the cover art for his upcoming debut Unexpected Arrival, releasing on March 20th via Atlantic Records.

On the cover, the young rapper opens a door to what appears to be a swarm of paparazzi and flashing camera lights. In anticipation of the project, Diggy has already released the singles "Copy, Paste" and "Do You Like It" featuring Jeremih.

Check the cover art below (via Rap-Up).


[February 9]

UPDATE: The tracklist has been revealed for Diggy Simmons' debut Unexpected Arrival, due March 20th (via Rap-Up).

1. “The Arrival (Intro)”
2. Hello World”
3. I Need to Know”
4. “88″ (feat. Jadakiss)
5. “Two Up”
6. “Unforgivable Blackness”
7. “Special Occasion” (feat. Tank)
8. “Glow in the Dark”
9. “4 Letter Word”
10. “Do It Like You” (feat. Jeremih)
11. “Tom Edison”
12. “The Reign”
13. “Knowing Me Knowing You” (Bonus)
14. “What’s Going On” (Bonus)
15. “MSG” (Bonus)

[March 1]

UPDATE #2: Diggy Simmons has released a full stream of his debut Unexpected Arrival ahead of its March 20th release. Stream the album in full below (via Rap-Up).

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  • ella borders

    hey diggy its me again me n my cuz on dah same thang and we both love tah sing n rap dats what we wanna be when grow up we practice every day and remeber practice makes perfact we love u!

  • ella borders

    me and my cuzin loves u so much and we always talk about you and we be yelling crying fa u cuz we love u and my name iz ella and my cuzin name iz abrieanna and we be talkin about u and my other cuzin be sayin can yall shut up we be lkie noo and she say yall get on my nervers we be like ohwell and she say girl boo and we be like mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm we still love u 143!

  • ella borders

    i love you diggy me n u gon get married n we gon have kidz together n we gon live in a big house n we gon cook food for dah kidz n take dem to scool n we gon go tah the mall n shop i will buy outfits fa dah kidz n jewelray we gon go tah your mamas house and vist i love u diggy143!

  • james

    Diggy is low key "Ill" in his own way,he just needs to find that one thing that will connect him to all of society without chaging himself and persona. he needs more songs like the one he made called "Shook Ones"

  • ronaldo

    I'm so sick of people who hate on Diggy. It's not his fault that his father is Run and that has nothing to do with him beating. I'm sure most of you posting negative comments are just jealous that you can not rap better than him. I'm not saying you have to like him but sheesh. And some people were saying that Jadakiss had the best verse? He was not talking about drugs? Apparently this is what you have to rap about in order to be a rapper right? Oh and you say you do not like Diggy but you had time to listen to your music anyway? Admirers confused. This is his first album, of course he will get better over the next year. Cut him some slack. Do not forget to buy UA 20/03/12 :)

  • thought dog

    Why does he rap like somebodys pushing him in the chest when hes spitting?

  • Anonymous

    Well with that being said, This is a must see, Copy the link http://youtu.be/OxVBn0zi6pw?hd=1

  • Kid Chyllen

    Ya'll are ALL haters. Stop putting so much thought into everything and just enjoy the music. Is that so hard to do ? -___- SMH. Good slbum btw. I thought Atlantic would fuck this one up , but it's pretty good.

  • anon

    Let's just face it. In hip hop people respect those who work their ass off and don't really have things handed to them. That's why people hate on Diggy. He's talking about his money and shit when everyone knows he was born rich and spoiled. He's talking about his 'struggle' to make it when everyone knows he has connections. He needs to be real, then he can get real respect. THE END.

    • anon

      So what do you think he's supposed to rap about then?

    • oh please

      you think that is struggling? gtfoh the only way he could come off real is to talk about some REAL topics. nobody's going to take him seriously talking about money and his 'struggles' trying to be famous when he's already been on a tv show, his family is rich as hell, and he has every connection you could imagine to make his career happen. yea, he's not terrible but anyone decent with his connections could have done the same, or better. people are going to keep judging him the more fake he comes off. thats just how it is. if he came out with some real shit like brendas got a baby shit or something else, maybe people would take him seriously as an artist. but what is he talking about? same old shit as everyone else. step your game up

    • anon

      But he is struggling to make it in a way because of people like you who think he has everything handed to him and you won't even give him a chance.

  • Hoodgrown

    Dudes are crazy. This is a slick album for an introduction. Here's a sixteen year old kid, the album is slickly produced, and he has his own little swag, the album contains no curses, topics vary... it's something my daughters could rock too. There's a couple of songs on here that I would listen to because the overall sound is hot. This is his first album.. he's still developing.. he has his own lane.... Do you Diggy... let these other dudes hate from the sidelines...

  • Jayla

    I am so sick of people hating on Diggy. It's not his fault that Run is his dad and that has nothing to do with him rapping. I'm pretty sure most of you posting the negative comments are just jealous that you can't rap better than him. Not saying you have to like him but sheesh. And some people were saying that Jadakiss had the best verse? Wasn't he talking about drugs? Apparently that's what you have to rap about in order to be a good rapper? Oh. And you say you don't like Diggy but you took time to listen to his album anyway? Confused admirers. This is his first album, of course he's gonna get better during the next few years. Cut him some slack. Don't forget to buy UA 3.20.12 :)

  • MarkOne

    sounds aight. his "past presents future" mixtape was straight ill compared to this.

  • anon

    I mean, you already have your dad who basically opened all the doors for you. Nobody seriously thinks Diggy made these connections on his own because all he has to say is "I'm diggy" and he automatically will get at least a listening session. He's already got a foot in the door. So, why come out and talk about shit like how rich you are and what you're spending money on, how you're trying to make it, and all that bullshit. Nobody really believes you had to struggle to make it, so why even include the 'making it' theme in your lyrics? Talk about some other shit. Social issues, family, whatever. Then you grew up rich on a TV show most of the USA has seen and you want to talk about your money and shit. :T So unoriginal

  • anon

    This is not terrible, but it doesn't stand out either. I would give it a 6 out of 10. Beats: 8/10 He obviously got some good production, a few misses here and a few gems. Lyrics: 5/10 Not terrible but an incredible amount of cliches. I feel like I've heard all his lines before. The problem with this album is there's only a few tracks I would consider listening to again, but it's ruined because of his voice. I really feel like diggy doesn't really mix well with the beats he chose. He can't help his voice, but he should have come out with a more original style instead of trying to do whatever everyone else is doing. That's his main problem, and why people keep hating on him. His image is too 'do what everyone else is doing'. If he came off as more real, saying something original, with original lyrics and not using cliches in every rap, people would take him more seriously. One person here said it well, he's just a better version of Lil Bow Wow trying to be like a Kanye. If I were his manager, I wouldn't let him put out anything that isn't incredibly original. He's going to spend his entire career shaking off this stigma about his credibility, not because of his dad, but because he is just not that original of an artist.

  • Anonymous

    It's not even the connections that bother me about this kid, he's just an incredibly derivative rapper. He's doing nothing I can't hear done better on a lot of dudes albums, and there's no heart to any of it. It's just a soulless listen. Jadakiss proves what a real rapper could do, and its truly the only good moment of the album.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why he didn't feature Jo Jo or Rev Run?

  • Real Talk

    Kinda boring to be honest. He is too mono-tone. But he is young so he will get better. The album flows pretty good. Some of the beats could be better.

  • SBoogie

    Not for me. I'm not hating but his album is for his album's audience, if you're over 23, you're probably not going to like this.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or is this really good? O_O wtf

  • Anonymous

    Just let me put this out there for everyone that's hating and claiming he got everything from his dad. That's not the case what so ever. Diggy had connections with out the help of his dad. He did everything on his on. Don't believe me? Watch the interviews. He can't help that his dad is who his dad is but he didn't abuse it either like JoJo did. So listen to the album or don't listen to it. But don't bash him.He's come really far with out the help of his dad. I'm proud of him

  • AimNfir3

    All The Fly Ladies And The Real Niggas Follow @AimNfir3!!! #FlYBoYStatuS

  • So Icy Boi!

    I hate East Coast hip hop & RUN-DMC but I like Diggy... I like his voice. hez so talented.... da beatz are wack tho. he shud sign to YMCMB. he can be a rapstar wit better beatz by Boi-1da, T-Minus & Noah 40. swag

    • -

      this guy just posts this shit to piss people off. nobody can actually this much of a lame ass.. or he's like 13


      You sound crazy if not for the east coast and Run-D.M.C ...Your clown ass would not be so icy...CORNBALL ASS NI***

  • Infadizle

    I see a lot of negative comments below. Truth is album is amongst the dopest you've heard in a while. Run's son or not

  • Anonymous

    Jadakiss has the best verse in the album.

  • Anonymous

    wow it does seem like lil daniel "diggy" stole the concept from that artist named Rockz and his song 88 is actually better then diggy's no hating just stating facts. According to youtube this kid had the song 88 since January and the hook sounds almost identical just faster on digs version.

  • Anonymous

    You sound like the core demographic of Diggy's. Young. Unemployed. Living at home. Do your thing bro.

    • rick

      so is he supposed to move to the ghetto and start there? why should he apologize for his parents working hard being successful and opening doors for him like they're supposed to? are you one of those poor niggas who resent rich people simply because they're rich? even if they're good people? bitter ass nigga. cant stand you bitter ass niggas with a self righteous complex.

    • Anonymous

      And when you point out the jealousy, the insults ensue.

  • Anonymous

    It is his fault because just like the older brother, Diggy is using his father's connections to fund his project. Without that advantage, he'd be at home playing PS3.

    • Anonymous

      so is he supposed to move to the ghetto and start there? why should he apologize for his parents working hard being successful and opening doors for him like they're supposed to? are you one of those poor niggas who resent rich people simply because they're rich? even if they're good people? bitter ass nigga.

    • yoooo

      no kidding, ps3 has some good shit on it. 360's pretty good also.

    • Anonymous

      Your jealousy is blatant, you mad at Willow Smith too?

  • Anonymous

    Diggy Simmons "Unexpected Arrival" Tracklist read more domain.com

  • Anonymous

    Nice cover for Run's son. Do your thing, young man.

  • Anonymous

    Ayo Rev Run musta given Jadakiss a FAT check for doing this.

  • Anonymous

    Diggy is aight kids. I mean, I'm not trying to compare to his legendary dad but if Diggy wants to make it big, he has to sound big. Lyrically, he is decent but he is more of a teen rapper, like the better version of Lil Bow Wow. Honestly, I find nothing really interesting about him other than the fact he can freestyle pretty well. That's the problem with rappers these days. They all sound the same. They lack character. I know Diggy is still young and has to really develop but I don't think he is serious. He sounds more like a talented kid having fun rather than a serious emcee. There is too much of that teenage pop star thing in him, which is probably one of his biggest potential selling points. I'm not hating on the kid but I doubt the album will be that good.

    • R.Pgh

      Not sure how old you are or what your profession is, but most of us have matured intellectually since we were 15 years old. He's a kid. His life experiences as a teenager aren't going to, nor should they, resonate with an adult.

    • Anonymous

      He IS a teenager. If you're looking for him to please a grown crowd (don't know how old you are) then you're looking at the wrong rapper. Let him grab the 9-16 year old crowd and take them away from the Rosses' & Odd Futures of the rap game. If you didn't notice, there's no parental advisory sticker on the cover. I will be buying this for my nephew, he's 11. And you were kind of hating.

  • Anonymous

    This is the type of cover Chris Brown would have for his album.

  • be0

    Diggy has some decent bars. Imma give his albulm a listen for sure

  • da1

    It's nice to see he doesn't have alot of guest features like most rappers. It's cool to see he's trying to hold an album on his own. He is pretty lyrical for his age. You know I might cop this shit, just to support a nigga trying to make it big.

  • Alf Capone

    wow! this is gone be a clasic piece of shit. nothin against da lil nigga. i guess im just jealous da nigga got every opportunity. even if da nigga album bricks he can just say fuck it and call mtv and do a reality tv show or some shit

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, the BET set probably loves this. The problem I have is anyone who watched Run's House knew all his kids were given everything. The older bro would beg his Dad to make a call and get a big name producer to come to the house. Tell me that didn't happen with Diggy.

    • R.Pgh

      It's not Diggy's fault his father was successful. If your dad Run, you'd probably take advantage of the situation that was given to you too. The kid has some decent lyrics. I won't anoint him the next Nas or anything, but for a teenager to spit some positive lyrics is some pretty real shit. I'm not going to blame him for his parents success. I don't know if this album will sell because most kids aren't into music with a message. He's likely too mature for his age demographic, but too young to reach hip hop fans who are into conscious lyrics. Not going to lie and say I'll cop it, but I wish the young dude luck.

    • Anonymous

      I detect jealousy in this comment. LMFAO are Berry Gordy's (Motown founder) son and grandson, you mad at them too?

  • thought dog

    Who builds doors with no handles or knobs?

    • Anonymous

      lol Yes there are. There are things called touch latches, recessed knife handles that are placed on the side of the door and basically hidden, ball bearing and roller catches that are placed on the upper and lower part of the door, and magnetic latches, only the magnet that it comes with can open that door. On doors. Around the world. You never seen a door with latches on the inside and a plate that says PUSH on the outside?


      so you're saying, in the world...there are doors...with no handles? what..IS GOING ON HERE?!?!

    • Anonymous

      SMH. You need to get out more and see the world.

    • Clark

      ^hahaha thats a good observation

  • khalib

    All I can think is when I use to watch Run's House and he was the middle lil' brother...and he was spoooiiillleedddd rotten! And the big brother was the rapper...then all of a sudden it's this dude? I respect Run...and everything he did for hip-hop...but I'll be god damned if his son isn't only on because of his name...

    • R.Pgh

      that doesn't really make sense because JoJo is Runs kid as well, and he's had next to no success. Diggy might have been given a rise to fame much easier, but the name only doesn't mean that much. He has some decent lyrics for a teenager. You can't blame him for using his upbringing as an advantage. You would do the same thing. It's obvious he has some sort of talent or his light would have burnt out already like JoJo's did.

  • Anonymous

    Where are the producer credits? That's all I'm interested in...

  • Anonymous

    That cover looks like an r&b singer cover.

  • Anonymous

    3 features only ? he got a 1 star head start for me

  • Anonymous

    hope he gets lupe and pharrell on a track again

  • RealHipHop

    Diggy would not be anywhere without his daddy, man I cant believe this is what hiphop is now. Equal oppurtunity is unreal

    • R.Pgh

      and Snoop or Eminem wouldn't have got to where they are at without Dre. Michael Jackson wouldn't have been as big without the help of Berry Gordie & Quincy Jones. Most people got to where they are because of who they know. Not just in hip hop but in life. Don't blame him for taking advantage of his upbringing. It comes off as jealousy. JoJo is/was a rapper too, but he didn't get hardly any shine. They have the same dad, so why not? Maybe Diggy actually has some talent....

  • Kilo

    i like diggy songs but he does look kinda gay when you see him rap in his video's

    • Ray J


  • Anonymous

    Go lil man do ya thing brother.you could be doing worse things but your making something out of your life and that's a beautiful thing.you gonna have Haters but its all good.I like seeing a young black man doing his thing instead of being in a cell or a casket .god bless ya lil homie

    • Anonymous

      Doesn't seem like he's blowing that opportunity to me. He's actually making money off of this shit, unlike jojo. He fucking blew it. Someone body should have told him that he was garbage jump jump street, and his pops should have told his ass to go to college.

    • RichBX

      normally I would agree however, black or white, if your life included living in a mansion and being dropped off at school in a Bentley you've had every opportunity in the world to make something of yourself and if you've decided to blow it...oh well, next...

  • Anonymous

    lmao when I saw unexpected arrival I thought the lil nigga knocked a bitch up.

  • Taeman

    i beat you he sell 20k the first week

  • Money First

    I think Diggy has a strong career in the works but this picture is not a good look for his image! Fire whoever thought that was a good representation for a debut album ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ray J


  • Jay-z

    I hope he will be big!! p.s. I have more than 18,500 Japanese-followers. If you need my promotions, check this out. http://bit.ly/zXEFnw

  • Anonymous

    why yall hating on diggy for? ...he decent..

  • Anonymous

    diggy simmons is a faggot. what a shame, rich gay boy using his daddys pull for shine. what happened to rap? this cover looks liek some gay r and b shit, matter fact, this cover is sweet for r and b standards. get ready for more elctronic trance sissy boy rap people.

  • real nigga

    Dis look like a subliminal illuminati cover its like he lookin bck leavin da world behind and goin 2 the da other side hence the light or he bein illuminated

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is a disgrace to his father....straight up, feel bad for Run

  • Anonymous

    He will experience the shortest career in rap history next to his older brother that is. Team Blackout really lived up to its name.

  • Anonymous

    If this aint the most Homo cover i have seen wtf is going on here really my dude really.. CHECK OUT THE MUSIC http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success/

  • thought dog

    Shit all copies to Africa if you solve the water problems there. This shit is about to be real watered down.

  • king kong

    wanna c wat dis kid got..Da joint w/Jeremih is decent. Diggy may be one of da best "kid prodigys" to ever do it, if he can show some lyricism on his albulm.

  • Alf Capone

    and the skinny jeans rap phenomenon continues. gotta wonder if this nigga would have a deal and all that if it wasnt for his pops. its not like the nigga had to work and strive to get discovered just walk into his uncles office and say gimme a connect

    • Anonymous

      so what if he didnt work or strive to get a deal the label still had an interest in him FOH with ur hating ass self

    • Smh

      The oldest brother been tryna blow up since like 2008 and still aint release no radio hits. It's a shame when your LITTLE brother gets famous before you did.

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