Big Sean Talks J Dilla's Influence On Detroit Music

Big Sean talks about J Dilla's influence on his career and Detroit's music scene.

This Friday February 10, a host of Hip Hop's finest emcees will convene at The Filmore venue in Detroit for this year's "Dilla Day Detroit." Now, one of the D's youngest rising stars Big Sean speaks on the influence that the late Slum Village alum had on his music.

In a recent interview with MysteryChannelUK, the G.O.O.D. Music emcee talked about Dilla's influence on Hip Hop and music in general, saying that he's by far one of the greatest beatsmiths to ever live. Sean also added that Dilla's music holds a personal significance for him, as he grew up idolizing the producer and his Slum Village partners Baatin and T3.

"We're celebrating the life of J Dilla, the legendary and one and only," he said. "[He's] arguably one of the greatest producers - if not the greatest - of all time. You want to talk about somebody who's influenced [music with] such a sound being carried over into too many genres, not just Hip Hop. He was definitely a musician. He brought his artistry to everything, just the way he would sample stuff and flip it. If you ask Kanye [West], you ask Pharrell, you ask any producer you think is the greatest, they'll definitely pay their respects to J Dilla."

He added, "It's an honor for me to represent my city 'cus I came up [listening] to J Dilla, I came up to Slum Village, I came up to those guys. Those guys were my heroes, so to be a part of the new generation [and] to be kicking it here with Ma Dukes [Maureen Yancey] and for her to be introducing Dilla to a generation who may have not heard it like me…I think that's super fresh, introducing him to this new generation and just carrying his legacy on."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Creeper Slim

    Sean a weak ass nigga.Believe me,aint no real cats in the D playin his teeny bopper bullshit that on the radio.Who is he to speak on Dilla? That weak ass nigga gets as much respect in Detroit as Danny Brown do!! Real hood niggas be bumpin Malik,Dice, So-low..

  • Anonymous

    Dilla ain't know this dude.


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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    sean got balls even havin dilla's name in his mouth... big sean is a disgrace to the detroit hip hop scene

  • stop

    sean got balls even havin dilla's name in his mouth... dude is a disgrace to the detroit hip hop scene

  • yoyo

    J Dilla and medium sean should NOT be in the same sentence

    • CapsWarrior

      Why is this comment section filled with a bunch queers and queens, smfh, LOL @ you niggas talkin about Big Sean/Detroit/JDilla and how Sean shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as him. Sean seems like he has nothing but love for his city and I'm sure his city loves him back. Saying J.Dilla wouldn't fuck with Sean if he was still alive is like saying Pac or Big wouldn't fuck with Lil Wayne if they were still alive cause we know they would. Don't talk about what a deceased artist would or would not do like you know what's up, fuck outta here man. Someone down there really wants Kanye/Sean to be gay cause he just throws their sexuality around as if he wants to get buttfucked by both Big Sean and Kanye LOL

    • Anonymous

      Sorry that aint pointless bashin u dunno shit bout dilla if u think it is. Dilla was almost to damn real. When he got nominated for awards he wouldnt even show up sorry he wouldnt be down with big sean at alll.

    • Anonymous

      You're obviously not from Detriot.. fucking pointless bashing

  • Anonymous

    j dilla has no influence on big seans music. big sean is a gay rapper, literally, a gay man rapping. big sean makes homo jams for homos. dilla made soul music and strip club funk for heterosexuals. how is this fag still around? kanye is a queer.

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