Mitt Romney's Camp Agrees To Stop Using K'Naan's "Wavin' Flag"

A spokesperson for Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney says K'Naan's "Waving Flag" will no longer be used.

Somali Canadian emcee/singer K'Naan released a statement today, revealing his disapproval of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's use of the song "Wavin' Flag" . Romney used the 2010 song after the Florida Republican Primary last night (January 31), as the candidate runs for Presidency in the United States.

In a statement, K'Naan said, "I have not been asked for permission by Mitt Romney's campaign for the use of my song. If I had been asked, I would certainly not have granted it. I would happily grant the [President Barack] Obama campaign use of my song without prejudice."

If elected as the candidate to the Republican party, Mitt Romney will run against Democrat Barack Obama in November.

"Wavin' Flag" appeared on Troubadour.

Earlier today, K'Naan's EP, More Beautiful Than Silence debuted on the Top 200 of the album sales charts. The A&M Records release features Nas and Nelly Furtado.

Update (2/3/12): According to the New York Times, Mitt Romney’s camp will no longer be playing K’Naan’s “Waving Flag” during any of the Republican Presidential Candidate’s future events. Romney’s camp played the song after a victory speech during the Florida Primary.

Likely unpleased by the conservative politician using his music, K’Naan reached out directly to Romney’s camp via Twitter and said he didn’t endorse the use of the song—and by extension, Romney’s platform. There was talk of possibly pursuing legal action, as songwriter Frankie Sullivan has sued former Speaker of the House (and Romney’s rival for the Republican nomination), Newt Gingrich. However it looks as if that won’t be necessary.

“The song was used through our regular blanket license, but we respect K’Naan’s statement and will not use his music again,” Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul told the Times.

Yo @mittromney I am K'naan Warsame and I do not endorse this message.
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  • ak

    hahaha if you think knaan is light skinned you obviously dont know what the fuck a light skinnded nigga looks like..oh and im somali and yes, we have people lighter than him

  • Anonymous

    K'Naan's so fuckin' wack. Phony righteous ass

  • Nah

    Fuck racism. Fuck you if you look down on any third world country. Hip hop is global and it's supposed to be the voice of all races. Much respect to K'Naan for representing Somalia. If you want to hear some Saigon Vietnam rap, check link below:

  • dentaldamboy

    This dude is way too light-skinned to be Somali! Have you guys ever seen Somalians on the news? They are all really really dark. I smell a rat.

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  • Lsn22s

    How did this turn into a racial thing? K'naan didn't even mention race...some of you guys are incredibly hateful. Who cares if this guy is an Obama supporter? Honestly, who cares?...For fucks sake he's a Somalian CANADIAN...dude can't even vote here. Everybody mad about ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    man i don't like romney one bit but fuck k`naan , just say i don't want romney to use it , not if obama would've asked , i would grant him the rights. fuck romney fuck k`naan , fuck obama , RON PAUL 2012



  • I WISH

    ALL of u on this site are racist fools everyone is defending their race and offending others. no one is fighting for unity

  • Tears

    I cry for my world with all the racism. Imagine what we could achieve if we all got pass this

  • Nubian African God

    @ WHITE POWER, the white man is a genetic mistake created by evil black men that want to disrespect THE MOST HIGH. White people have no purpose in existance, except to consume and destroy, as they show in their beast animal nature that has no ability to show the emotion called love. You caucasians creatures are sick, ugly, gross, die in the sun and have no ability to know divine righteousness, so in your worthless quest to rob and steal everything made by other races, white people, kill anything they touch and that is why white men are the most hated individuals in human history. The white man has caused more death, destruction, pain, war, disease, crime, confusion, chaos, disorder, disrespect, foolishness, uneducational ignorance and genocidal discriminational prejudiced bias racism has been the only way of life for the greedy, evil caucasian man in existance. The universe will be a better place, once the white devils are all dead and us divine black people can regain our place in the Heavenly cosmos without caananite touch or sight. You caucasian creatures are destined for extinction with all the negative actions you all do on earth. I hope you think there is no karma, and you can do unlimited crimes against innocent people forever. The amount of punishment you receive will be equal to your crimes, with all pain included, so some of you white faggot freaks are going to be uncreated in hell so long, they will just destroy your soul forever as the final end to the eternal punishment of ending your caananite curse in divine existance. Black men ARE apes (natural animals that are stronger than you goats-) and we are half cross bred with the BLACK GODS called "THE ANNUNAQUI". You wouldn't know about that, you uneducated redneck clanmember. But, yo, the truth is you white ghosts can go regress back to your caves in europe where the dead genetic DNA seed of the caananite coons mistakenly ended up residing. Go paint some pictures of child-like primitiveness on the walls and drag your women by their hair while fucking dogs, you sick beastial germ factory. Then, what you can do is pay back the whole entire continent of Africa, because of the amount of diamonds and gold and natural resources you evil europeans stole from us over the last 5000 years, has been the ONLY reason you white violentists have had even ONE cent in corporate money business. Let's just put it this way, the white man owes the black man so much money, that you caucasian caananite casualties of war will actually end up OWING the black race more money than you all will ever make in the history of Lucifer's money! So once you find the guts to pay back the strong slaves and their families for the amount of work they did for you dumb weaklings, you will lose every cent, dollar and note of credit, because you have this thing called REPARATIONS, and you all live on borrowed money and stolen land, so your legacy of destruction is doomed to end due to holy scripture. Remember, the Head Nigga In Charge is a black man, and you cannot ever change that. YOU MUST WORSHIP BLACK PEOPLE AS YOUR GODS, BECAUSE WITHOUT US, YOU WOULD ALL BE DEAD, BLANK AND EXTINCT. fuck white people and kill them in the revolution if they try to touch or know anything about us. The war will end with nubian niggaz ruling the universal galaxies as righteous respectable royal rulers of life. And actually everything i said is brutal truth without any lies in it. Do the knowledge. Black people unite as 1. Keep it hip hop (and reggae and R&B)

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  • ja

    Republicans are the dumbest people on earth and they once again failed here. Not a big fan of Knaan but he did good here.

  • Anonymous

    pussy. i would play that song out if i were romney, as a big fuck you to k'naan

  • Anonymous

    It's not Obama's fault. Blame crack.

  • abdi salad

    How do you guys know knaan likes Obama? He told mit to stop using his song cuz he doesn't agree with his msg.... And to be honest I got a big dick ladies hmu

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is our only hope

  • Anonymous

    bad move knann. your shit jjust FLOPPED and u could use the promotion. you think mitt romney gives a fuck about your wack ass song? im sure mitt got a chuckle out of it. some starving black kid doesnt like him using his song. mitt will probably go country western next time out. knaawn LOST

  • Ouas

    I like k'naan, but seeing a older white guy rocking someone like him, I wouldn't mind it. That's just more publicity, bad move on K'naan's part.

  • Anonymous

    What a tool. Obama would gladly grant permission to kill Somalians all day you fag. Ron Paul 2012

    • thefourth

      @ 357: you are so outrageous, telling other people to "get knowledge" and judging who is informed and who is not and then saying "Ron Paul for freedom!!!! END THE FED"-- what a fucking joke. how about YOU "get knowledge" you simple minded fool.

    • stopeducatingyourselfongoogle

      @ 357: So outrageous; someone who tells other people to "get knowledge" and judges who is informed and who is not and then says "Ron Paul for freedom!!!! END THE FED"-- what a fucking joke. how about YOU "get knowledge" you simple minded fool.

    • stop educating yourself on google

      So outrageous; someone who tells other people to "get knowledge" and judges who is informed and who is not and then says "Ron Paul for freedom!!!! END THE FED"-- what a fucking joke. how about YOU "get knowledge" you simple minded fool.

    • 357 nyc

      Glad to see hip hop heads informed. Get off the bandwagon and get knowledge. The devil comes in all colors. Fuck O'Sama..Ron Paul for freedom!! END THE FED

  • alli

    Brilliant move by K'Naan. Shows he is just as politically ignorant as 98% of people in the hip-hop community. Heres a little newsflash about Mr. Obama & his overwhelming love for minorities: BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT under Obama is at 16%, the HIGHEST its been since 1984. Thats depression level. The median net worth for black households when Obama took office was $13,450, by 2009 it had DROPPED by 83% to $2,170. 42% of the people who need food-stamps to SURVIVE are black Americans, and black teenage unemployment is at DISGRACEFUL 42%. By the way, according to Obama the recession ended in 2009, yet black unemployment has RISEN since then.



    • John Knox

      And it's all Obamas fault. Right.

    • Anonymous

      If you think that is something you should look at what unemployment was at for black people when Regan was in office...dumb ass

    • AP

      I usually dont speak politics but you are saying Obama is the reason why blacks are struggling??

  • Stone

    always had some respect for K'Naan but that statement is wack

  • don don


  • Em

    When Tom Petty told Michele Bachmann to stop using 'American Girl' at campaign events, no one gave him shit. Why should this be any different? K'naan is fully able to tell someone (especially someone as influential as Romney) to not use his music, especially if he doesn't agree with the way they are using it. I don't think K'naan meant this as "Obama is black, so therefore he's the better candidate." Ever listened to K'naan's music before (besides Wavin' Flag)? I think you'll find that if you do, you would see that he probably tends to side more with Obama's policies. I'm sure there are plenty of other uplifting songs that other artists will let Romney use. K'naan didn't want him to use his. That doesn't make him a bad person, and that certainly doesn't make him racist. It makes him an artist who knows what he wants his music to stand for.

    • Anonymous

      What is K'Naan anti-Somalian pirate now?? So he is anti-Somalian struggle? What does Obama think of Somalians? He will kill them all w/out a trial.

  • aDU


    • hustle

      thank you sir i dont know what race these ignorant people are...but ANY website you go to that showcases blacks has cowards hiding behind a screen typing negative shit. they weak as FUCK

    • Anonymous

      WTF does emimnen being white mean. He didnt create hip hop. If it wasnt for black people support and helping him out in the earlier years he would be shit. Eminmen Hip hop is black culture we dont care what color you are because if you respect the culture thats all that counts...get off that racist shit.

    • sdfs

      I'm not white but that was some pretty racist shit right there. CountryDX huh? Ray Charles is rollinf in his grave.

    • Rick

      Forgot eminem was white now. proves how retarded black people are just like our president

  • thought dog

    He won't let Romney use it but is all for Obama using it? He must have no clue about the stuff our troops are doing in Africa at the moment to pave the way for oil companies to move in.

  • CrackersRus

    You crackers on here trip me out. White people(the majority anyways) always want to conquer shit, save shit, and make others conform to their ways instead of just allowing something to just be. Its in their blood. We can look at various points in history to prove my point but I'm not even going to go that far. We can just look at American history. White people fucked over the indians by taking their land, raping their women, fake befriending them and then killing them and having the audacity to call it thanksgiving, coming over with their nasty ass bringing disease to the Indians and killing them as a result, and trying to Americanize them...not that's just the Indians. Moving on to Black Americans and we here a similar story. They enslaved them, broke their families apart, changed their names, raped their women, created bigorty amongst the racist along with self hate,tried to justify slavery by using choice scriptures from the bible and a whole list of other shit that I"m not going to type because it makes me angry that this crackers even thought to do this shit. And yes other races where enslaved and crap but the WAY in which Black Americans were enslaved and the conditions of their slavery was unheard not we move on to the Chinese were they had those poor fellas working the railroads and discrimnating against their ass. You have the Mexicans who are dispise almost as much as the blacks. So come on you dirty ass crackers how you going to defend that? You talk about Black people or people of darker complexion but secretly ya'll dirty asses what to be us. You try to adopt then conquer our music(look at Rock&Roll,Blues), you get in these stupid tanning machines to darker your skin like, yep you guessed it...BLACK PEOPLE, you wear our style, adopt our language then act as though its the most dispicable thing. Boy I tell you. You crackers are the most hypocritical, little dick having mutha fuckas on the planet. Thank GOD I'm black.

    • Sean O'Loughlin

      @CrackersRus Ayo, all jokes aside, bruh, you deserve a damn Pulitzer Prize for that, bruh. Lmfao. For real.

    • tha truth

      @CrackersRus I would do anything I could to right the wrongs. that is my sentiment and I exercise my tolerance, respect, generosity, love and kindness, to each individual i encounter. This is not, nor will it be ever enough. That is why I can't keep typing without getting to a sentence I can't end... trust me discussing this topic with you, one that you understand the entire scope of, one which you are very knowledgeable about and take quite personally, makes me feel useless and hopeless, which leads me to think even more how i can feel through your anger... it isn't hate, it is frustration with human kind, in which i am as frustrated as you are with the exact same things you speak of.

    • tha truth

      @GoReadABook well said. you remind me of me.

    • CrackersRus

      Must the future pay for the past...yes as it would aid the wrong that was done. In what scenario do you know that someone was done an injustice and payemnt wasn't received to right that wrong. I mean we were it was written by Abraham Lincoln that Blacks would have 40 acres and a mull(it was reverse by Andrew Johnson when he got assasinated). But good, geninue social relations would go a long way. I really bare no hate towards any person of any color...BUT when a person, particularly a white person, due to the history between our races says something ill towards black society as a whole it strikes a certain cord. This is natural. Any situation where a person who was once a slave is now free and able to live and work side by side their former owner would have some sort of resentment. But when you compound the degree of hatred that was exacted upon blacks while enslaved and then the totally disrepect received when freed...this makes it all the more harder. @GoReadABook yes I used the word cracker...and no you CAN'T use nigg*r and think its cool. That word has such a powerful meaning that many have lost their lifes over it. Lynching, raping, death, and a whole bunch of thoughts come with that word. Now when a black person uses teh word cracker...they're(normally) only talking about an ignorant ass white person who is racist and hates white people. That's a BIG difference. The N word was born from hate and is associated with the hate of the black individual. The C word is not born of hate. It is merely a DEFENSIVE against ignorant white people who hate blacks. I wouldn't call you the C word nor any white man that didnt' go out their way to express their desire to kill me or rape my women. Those ladies and gentlemen or crackers.

    • GoReadABook

      @Tha Truth I'm not jumping at him. I agree with everything he said. Historically speaking white people have shit on other races horribly, committed the worst evils. But I also don't think that it's right for him to judge me based on the sins of my great great great great grandfather. Address every new acquaintance as a human. As Martin Luther King Jr said, judge someone not based off the color of their skin, but on the content of their character. Cracker is a hateful term. I cannot support hate in any way. To me anger is a foolish trait. That being said however I agree with everything you said, except that I got it twisted. I understand why he feels that way, I even condone that bitterness to a certain extent, I just disagree with the generalizations

    • Tha Truth

      @CrackersRus its about responsibility. im willin to take mine, and so are a lot of other people. everything you said is tha truth, thats why i like it. but there is a lot of stuff in there missing as well, please keep in mind. BUT, I can feel the emotion when i read it, thats why i dont get it twisted like GoReadABook... i understand, but in that vein, as GoReadABook suggests, understanding is not enough. to be truthful, nothing will ever be enough, but must the future pay for the past? @GoReadABook don't jump at a man for being resentful to history, a lot of stuff been fucked up way back when. the thing is we as a people need to recognize these things in the present, to create a better civilization through real teamwork, as all man is equal in needs. that means patience, understanding, and forgiveness from ALL sides, to build a foundation of trust and friendship for all to enjoy.

    • GoReadABook

      @CrackersRus you were on the right track until you started with the racial epithets. Yes, the white man has always shitted on other races, most likely out of fear of the unknown, but not all white people are like that. If you can say cracker and justify it by stating afterwards that you aren't referring to all white people, can I then openly use the N word as long as I add a disclaimer at the end of each sentence? You condemn us for our historical hate, then say hateful things. Blacks, whites, latinos, and asians alike all contributed to the world we live in today, we all shaped it, all allowed it to become what is has. So, when you find yourself angry at the way the world is, angry at your circumstances and the injustice all around you; when you are full to the brim with malcontent and prepared to pay the guilty back in full, promptly look in a mirror, because you bear as much blame as every other human being that walks this earth disatisfied, that lives their lives unhappily. 'To confront a person with his own shadow is to show him his own light'

    • CrackersRus

      @tha truth, Its good to hear when a white person or really any person can see the stupidity in man(of any race). And for the record, when I say "cracker" I'm not referring to the white man as a whole because truthfully speaking, if all white people were evil then we would still be subject to slavery and there would be much blood shed between the races(Cause I will be damned if I'm a slave lol). Just wanted to say that.

    • tha truth

      u pretty much said it... im white, but not american.. sometimes im ashamed to be white. thats the thing tho, everybody different and its wrong to generalize by saying white this, black that, mexican this, china that. so yes often i am ashamed to be white, but only because i have the ability to sympathize, or empathize with real people no matter what they race be. its just some people ruin it for others, and thats tha truth.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is the one that should be able to use the song and win the fuckin election!! RON PAUL 2012!

  • Anonymous

    Would love to see the responses if it was white dude who wouldn't allow Obama to use a song for his campaign.

  • Anonymous

    What a fucking idiot. So you think Obama is better based on his skin tone? God damn, I hope you never pretend to have knowledge in your lyrics again.

    • Getit

      Black people in general have a long tradition of supporting a party that does shit all for us just because of the long tradition. Wake up. Dems are in charge of all the communities in America where blacks struggle the most.

    • Anonymous

      abraham lincoln was a republican.

    • Anonymous

      I never voted for Obama for his skin-tone. Black people in general have a history of supporting the Democratic party. It is not about race.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is confused. there is no difference between obama and romney. i am dissapointed k naan, i thought you had knowledge. guess you don't. black people need to get off this obama bandwagon. all of you are looking foolish.

  • Anonymous

    man fuck this dude , romney and obama both suck , if obama wasn't black , k`naan wouldn't say shit . RON PAUL 2012

  • Byaah

    Im not a fan of this dude but that song 'waving flag' they're talking about was huge, it was the official song for the 2010 FIFA world cup (most watched event in sports) and coca-cola used it in a world cup ad campaign aswell so im pretty sure dude is still eating off his song. But saying that dudes a racist.. thats just retarded. He has the legal right to say who can and cant use his song so if he's a supporter of obama then of course he wouldnt want romney to use his song. Bottom line is you americans are all originally immigrants from somewhere else yet you still discriminate against each other over ethnicity

  • dun

    Does anyone find it funny how upset white folks get over so called racism nowadays? I mean, you call this guy a racist, and then in the same breath say deport him back to Africa to be with his people? Then we get the whole 'reverse racism' oxymoron in itself. White folks crying racism is a joke. How exactly does racism even affect a white person in any real way? Your demographic isn't underpaid, targeted by law enforcement, and underemployed. Your demographic does not get shafted with crap interest rates on mortgages, general loans, and insurance rates. That's how racism, bigotry, and discrimination affect black folks. The worst you white kids have to deal with is being called a name or feeling intimidated or scared with a black person or group of us don't want to f--k with you. If that's all we had to worry about due to our skin color, there wouldn't be a race problem. Go head, K'naan. The whole game of politics is a game and it's all bs. But, when you look at the game for what it is, then go with who represents you the most, which for many of us, is the President. Are any of you offended white kids crying foul over the GOP candidates using coded language to appeal white racists/bigots? Do any of you realize that every time they speak about "founding principles/founding fathers" and the Constitution, they are sending messages? The founding fathers of this country would have had all of us black folks in chains. The Constitution was not written to include us...there is no such thing as reverse racism...white folks created this racial divide in America. Get mad at your ancestors before you start getting mad at us for keeping you at a distance.

    • jedi420

      You're a fool man, it's obvious you're either a teenager or you've never left the block. Poverty doesn't discriminate against race, all the things you rant about happen to people who are in certain economic situations, white, brown, yellow or black. Try visiting some third world countries and you'd realize American ghettos are like Disneyland compared to how many people of all races have to live on this planet. Open your mind.

    • Observer

      Dun thats got to be the most insightful thing here.

    • GoReadABook

      @dun Really? Seriously? You think that there isn't a white person who has had a shittier life than a black kid? Get the fuck outta here. What about Matthew Shepard, the white kid who was coerced into driving home from a bar with two kids when they drove him out into the country, robbed, beat and tortured him, then tied him to a fence post in a coma to die, all because he was gay. Life fucking sucks. Period. You would all blame it on being black and act like you can't get ahead in life, in an attempt to justify your own complacency, the exact same way that EVERY unhappy human does. Nobody, blacks whites latinos and asians, understands that this has nothing to do with race. Racism would die if you would let it. Talking about it isn't fighting it, its promulgating the continuance of a situation. If a black man is beaten by white cops, thats when you speak up, not when you are of the paranoid opinion that GOP candidates use coded language to appeal to white supremacists. That shit is insane. The world sucks because we stood by and slowly let the people with power of all races gain more power through injust acts. Thats the truth. Humans are wretched things, our capacity for hate is seemingly only matched by our capacity to take things for granted. That quality is not race specific. If we all want change, why hasn't it come yet? We are the majority. We have the power. What would the multi-billionaires do if trash men went on strike? What about oil workers? Restaraunt employees? The reason the world is still as it is IS racism. They have successfully divided us, and divided we blame eachother, while they continue to drive the earth into a shit-hole for their personal profit unnoticed. Obama is just as bad as every other politician. He promised me change that I have yet to see. No politician will ever represent any of us. Black people support Obama because he, as you said, represents you the most, but thats still settling for less than you deserve. The political system is corrupt. We need to bring the whole fuckin plague down on their heads. Until then we remain disatisfied. Shit is not about race.

    • Anonymous

      the president is BLACK! whats your excuse dun n anon? if anything Obama fucked upped your excuses and crying foul.a BLACK person holds the highest ranking position in America so why cant you get your shit together?

    • Chuck D

      @White Power - the racist faggot on a HIP HOP site!!! hahahaha you stupid fuck thanks for making your people look retarded

    • White Power

      Shut the fuck up, you fucking slave. You think blacks would act in another way if they were superior? White supremacy will always exist and rightfully so. You fucking apes would still be in a jungle without us. Slavery = best thing that ever happened to black folks.

    • Anonymous

      I couldnt have said it better....its crazy how some white people think they got it hard lol. I mean black we get it from every angle. White people, some asians, and latinos hate our guts. white people can never understand ever because if they did they wouldn't say the n-word but I digress. My question is this if George Bush was black and did all of those things like starting fake wars and all the other ruthless stuff he did in his tenure. I guarantee he would not have seen a second term so just stop it with the B.S.

    • Charles Moore

      Your ignorant thinking is ridiculous man. Obama isn't looking out for anyone but himself like all the other politicians. Fucking ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    Didnt Nas put this kid on the map like a month ago?.....

  • MacRob

    This dude is a racist.....deport his ass from canada already so he can be with his people.....

    • Anonymous

      ^ Do you know anything about Goldman Sachs and other banking firms that supported the Obama campaign? Check out the profits Goldman Sachs has made while all other banks have struggled even with bailouts. Bush was a puppet for the oil industry and Obama is a puppet for the banking industry.

    • Chuck D

      He's a racist because Mitt Romney is a venture capitalist fuck? Do you know anything about Bain Capital? How they scrap companies, cash out, and let them fall into bankruptcy, but walk away with hundreds of millions? No? Then shut the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    It's not that he didn't like Romney using or doesn't support his campaign. It's the way he said it. "I wouldn't let Romney have but if Obama waned it then I would let him have it without prejudice" that just makes him look prejudice and like an complete ass. He didn't say I don't support Romney so he shouldn't use my song. Makes him seem like he is just another rapper that doesnt know shit about politics n supports Obama cause he's cool.he just worded it wrong.

  • Deadboy90

    Man who gives a shit? Black, white, asian, Hispanic, politicians are all the same. All they care about is being elected and reelected and fuck everybody else. I seem to recall a certain Boondocks episode from before Obama was elected...

  • Anonymous

    Pat get off this hip hop website white bitch

  • gsonii

    Romney licked my asshole


    I find it hypocritical that K'naan is condemning Romney while saying he would give it to Obama when the song in question is about unity. Reverse racism is part of the racism problem so he should try to be more open-minded.

    • The Truth

      Its not racist because he does not want someone he does not support using his song to promote ideas that differ from his. If you cant understand that than your elavator is stuck on the 1st floor!

    • Anonymous

      He's not denying Romney because he's white you dumb fuck; unity doesn't mean you have to support a politician that doesn't have your best interest at heart


      Shut the fuck up retard. Just because he doesn't like Romney means hes racist? you are a bitch and don't know shit about hip hop

  • thatniggaray

    stupid black nigger, the song is about unity but he wont let a white bastard use the fucking song what a dumb mufucka.. if he talked like that in harlem i would kill him and hang his carcas off my building nigga

    • Anonymous

      So blacks didn't trade blacks back then? Educate yourself, you fool. GTFOH with that ''white people are the only bad ones''-shit.

    • Anonymous

      Shut your white ass up because most black people dont use the word nigger to describe someone of darkskin. I hate posers!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I'm sure Mitt "dogwhistle" Romney has a ton of supporters in Harlem, white person pretending to be black...

  • hypestyle

    K'Naan needs to do some songs with Public Enemy, KRS-One, Wyclef Jean..

  • braff

    Must have been a slow news day...

  • Anonymous

    knann stay in africa u faggot. nice song buddy im sure mitts shaking in his boots. obama doesnt give a fuck all the same. who listens to this tribal homo? get lost

  • ThatsRacist

    i guarantee Obama doesn't even know who K'Naan is let alone the song. as much as i like K'Naan as well as many other artist as artist they are completely fuckin idiots when it comes to politics. just because Obama is the same skin color it don't mean shit. every president is and will be the same person with a different face. if Obama did anything it was make Americans look even more racist, white people DID NOT vote for him cause he was black and black people DID vote for him just cause he was black especially rappers. when will everyone just realize we are all fucked?

  • Anonymous

    MAN this nobody sure is talking alot for not having dropped anything

    • Pat

      Mitt is a business man which is what are countries need. He knows how to create jobs unlike the jig in office. Plus i am from Massachusetts so i know all about governor romneys policies. Plus Romney can provide a birth certificate unlike obama

    • Hex

      i don't give a shit about obama, never said a single word about him. all i said was romney's an assclown. hey pat, get familiar with romney's policies before you start making all these lofty claims about him being able to "run our country." cretin.

    • DojoRap

      Pat: Please elaborate as to how Romney will be able to "run our country". Mitt's past includes positive endeavors such as that of Bain Capital, a private equity firm that drove small companies into the ground and profited off bankruptcy claims. I am no blind Obama follower, but stick with the devil you know. I agree that most people are disappointed by the President's ambivalence and lack of results as of late. But I will take a history of inaction over a history of shameless corporate f*ckery anyday.

    • nuc

      pat eat a dick..u dont know shit about mitts policies n record so stfu because if you did u would know he's an assclown

    • Pat

      how is he an ass clown? because he is not black? He will at least be able to run our country unlike a certain president in office

    • Hex

      actually, he did release an album in 2009 that received a handsome amount of acclaim. and the song that is the subject of this article was pretty popular for some time. i never liked his music anyway but my amount of respect for this guy just went through the roof. mitt romney is an assclown.

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