Alley Boy Says He Didn't Diss T.I. & Young Jeezy On "I Want In"

Atlanta's Alley Boy says he's not dissing Tip or Jeezy, adding that he's "exercising the sport" and expressing how he feels.

Although Alley Boy recently made comments about T.I. and Young Jeezy on a mixtape track, the ATL rapper says he wasn't dissing them. The track in question is "I Want In" off of Alley's latest mixtape, Nigganati. The song features lyrics like, "Niggas claim they're fuckin' the city up, bitch, you a liar," a line many viewed as a shot at T.I.'s mixtape title, Fuck Da City Up. He also has lines that similarly allude to Jeezy. Still, Alley Boy has announced that he was just "exercising the sport" in a recent interview with Fader.  

"I’m not dissing them," he explained. "I’m a street motherfucker. But we’re all rappers at the end of the day, so I’m just exercising the sport. It’s just me, freedom of speech. There’s a lot of fake shit going on in Atlanta. People put up a persona. For example, Jeezy says he’s the realest nigga in it. That slaps a lot of niggas in the face who feel like they real. Or T.I. being like, I’m the King of the South. Look at all the forefathers we had before him, like Scarface, 8Ball & MJG. That’s like a slap in their face, too. I’m just expressing how I feel and separating myself from everything else in Atlanta."

He then explained that he wasn't dissing T.I. or Jeezy musically. He also added that he might lose fans, but that he's willing to risk that. 

"'I Want In' isn’t about hating on the music," he noted. "This is on some street shit. I’m not talking about the industry, I’m not talking about music. I don’t give a fuck. I might lose the support of people who don’t know me—they’ve got millions of fans. But I’m in a position where I don’t got shit to lose." 

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  • Anonymous

    they got a song together the real is back song called 4

  • MLK

    ure dissing Tip and jeezy u a faggot, thats the reason u still suck

  • PapaBearATL

    If this dude is so 'street' so 'real' so 'raw' then he should stand by his words. don't switch it up in an interview? He can post videos of himself slapping another lame rapper, the dude with the duck on his face, but backslide on an obvious diss. Say yes, I believe Jeezy ain't the reallest and TIP ain't fucking up shit... If not shut up, ain't nobody lettin' you in. And y'all niggas is real funny, you can't be successful and street? As long as you broke, then you hood? Damn, y'all got some self hate issues to work out.

    • Sco*

      Real talk playboy...personally, I don't think them Duct Tape niggas are getting any pussy...too busy rappin for and about niggas....good luck with that fam...... Bullet points for Duct Tape Ent. *niggas don't really buy records. *niggas are not going to your show if there are no woman present. Period.

  • YNOT

    Just tell WHY everything that drops out of DuctTape is on some hating stuff? Those dudes can not get on off of talent so they try to diss nigs to get in the game. I don't think fam is wack but I do think dude is a HATER. Grown men that hate is LAME where i'm from.

  • gsonii

    If u can't get on the list of hottest records with diss by it. Give it up and go do the gangsta stuff for real.

  • ETK

    this sucker oughta learn his lesson. for the record Tip ain't slapping nobody in the face cause he gave eternal respect to Scarface/Outkast. And 8Ball & MJG fuckin ride with the nigga. King of the South is just a moniker.. but either way, he's the one who's been poppin' the most in ATL for the past several years now. who are the niggas over there talkin about. it ain't Scarface. cause Scarface is chillin on the DL. and it sure ain't this little adidas-blue lined sumbitch

  • Feazy-G

    this nigga scared cuz he realized that Yeezy and T.I. will humilliate his ass, so betta shut the fuck up and stay it like that pussy ass mothafucka nigga bitch



  • since85

    But doesn't he have a song with Jeezy on Jeezy's Real Is Back Mixtape called "Four"? Rappers need to just make HOT RECORDS and shut the fuck up!

  • who da fuck cares about a really cool fucking name,its a waste of time to come up with all that fancy shit that no one ever gives a shit about yo.

    DX users never take the time to come up with cool names they just press the keyboard without looking.

  • big

    T,I said he the king and none of them real niggaz he listed said anything about it so T.I the king and jeezy said he the realest nigga in it and no one said shit so jeezy the realest nigga in it.. Even dudes who dont like jeezy music no he real and i did not like jeezy but this new album is crazy especial songs like "never be the same" ,This ones for you " and leave you alone will push that album to massive sales. I project double platinum or 2.5 million

  • Jeezy

    This nigga is like im not dissing jeezy but he ain't real.. I am not dissing T.I but T.I is fake what kinda retarded shit is that

  • Anonymous

    Niggas is getting sooooo desperate these days. The rap game is a complete circus now...

  • So Icy Boi!

    yeah. dis shit is real! Biggie & Pac beef wuz fake..... Nas & Gayz beef wuz fake too. but dis beef is real. real motherfuckin beef. #THUGLIFE swag

  • rose bowl gold

    im from atl, never heard of this guy

  • Sco*

    This dude is sooo fucking lame....he is clearly dissing T.I. with references to his Fuck the City mixtape, and he is either referencing Jeezy or T.I. with his quips concerning Motivation.....Way to backtrack Alley.....If you said it, stand behind it.....Niggas are throwing rocks and then hiding their hands.... four thumbs all the way down....


    thats not a diss he just tellling them he want in mixtape fire just like DOFS

  • Edubb

    First off i dont know why people jump the gun anyway cause he never named names. Also even if he is calling out jeezy and t.i. they suppose to be so good that this dude is not a threat to them. People need to get off this dudes back because he is a talent all he is trying to do is make a name for himself. At least in this interview he clarified his song and gave props to some southern o.g.'s. Let the kids do his thing because last time I checked southern rtap music does not start or stop with jeezy and t.i..

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who says ti or jeezy harder than this is kidding themselves, this is raw uncut str8 out the streets, beats are bumpin Jeezy and ti not in the streets no more, stop kiddin yourselves. I like jeezys new album though for sure but if you want that real street music alley boys the one. niggas on here mad suspect acting like bitches

  • Anonymous

    Loose Fans..? hw=ow can you loosse something you aint never had..? neggro plz

  • rick james

    homie was drunk wen he made this song and wen keep got back right was like damn i just went in on both of them niggas im scared now and had to come up wit this lil ass excuse but ti and jeezy still go go at him and fuck him up

  • dentaldamboy

    Notice how this guy is afraid to go after YMCMB. YMCMB is running the rap game and running the streets.

  • Anonymous

    dude is bipolar like game

  • dommer

    Fuck him. What an idiot.

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