Jay-Z Debunks Rumors Of No Longer Saying "Bitch," Reopens 40/40 Club

Hov deads recent rumors about his vocabulary, and gets the 40/40 Club rolling once again.

As far as rumors go, a recent one about Jay-Z was both benign and bizarre.

According to recent rumblings, Jay penned a poem for his newborn daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, promising to no longer use the word "bitch."

"That poem and story are fake," said the Brooklyn emcee, according to nydailynews.com.

When he's not debunking rumors, Hov has been busy with the grand reopening of his 40/40 Club, which took place on Wednesday (January 18).

The Manhattan club's $10 million renovation includes four 165-inch video screens, among other amenities.

"I wanted to retain the feel of a clubhouse, a relaxed place to interact with friends," said Jay.

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