J. Cole Earns Platinum Certification For "Work Out"

The Roc Nation rapper scores a platinum plaque for his "Cole World" single.

J. Cole has earned platinum certification for his single "Work Out," included on his gold-certified album Cole World: The Sideline Story.

The Roc Nation rapper took to his Twitter account to break the news, posting the certification for his single crossing the million sales threshold. The track, initially released on June 27, 2011, peaked at No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

"Work Out is Platinum. Always follow your heart. Much Love," he wrote.

Work Out is Platinum. Always follow your heart. Much Love http://t.co/CnNj7QuR
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  • Clap for him

    This record was NECESSARY for Cole to make. Clap for him. He now has his foot in the door. Everyone will be looking out for his next single now...which is probably going to be a huge smash....Cheer Up...rumor has it Cee Lo is on the hook. Cole is doing big things.

  • colefan

    Cole really doin it naw and it's only the start..btw I h8 dat song and thought it shudn't been his first single but I guess RocNation knows what they're doin



    • Paytime

      Look TEXAS J.cole fans aren't touchy they just don't understand why u hatin on him i'm a J.cole fan i don't care if u think he's wack or sucks he doesn't at all to me but that's u man not everybody likes the same artist but u should at least give him some credit for earnin a platinum plaque for his single, gold plaque for his album, and scoring a grammy nomation cause at first many didn't believe he would even see these kind of achievements he just debuted few months back now look at him he's pretty much provin the credits wrong lot of folks said he wouldn't sell no more than 95,000 copies of his album some far less than that but he has ended up sellin 508,000 copies to date and sold a million off he's hit single that's big money right there why hate on him for being successful wouldn't u want to sell that many hit records, make real money, tour the world go place u have never been, shoot i would love to have that career job it totally beats flippin burgers all day hands down on that or being behind a desk, to sum it all up for u TEXAS j.cole is just like drake, nicki, lil wayne, big sean, wiz khalifa, chris brown, b.o.b, mac miller etc. they are all young artists some barely over 23 and their music they put out is appealing to this young generation we live in today they are going to buy the hell out of these albums and singles, and u better believe the songs that become hits are going to be the ones that u think are wack and boring it's just the way it is in this day and age TEXAS when it comes to music this generation feeds off the corny r&b, hip hop, and pop type shit that u don't like so why hate on artist

    • TEXAS


    • Anonymous

      Well Well Well if it isn't the TEXAS j.cole hater postin igorant ass comments again lol j.cole is boring ha your a dumb ass u should realize by now boring doesn't get u gold and platinum plaques hung up on the wall in the music hall of fame, dude your not hurting anyones feelings listern to yourself u are the one who is boring j.cole over there gettin rich living out the dream while u up here hating commentin shit, broke as fuck living a mediocre life do us all a favor and WORK OUT A WAY TO SHOUT THE FUCK UP, AND JUST KILL YOURSELF cause like it or not, hate it or love it, it's a cole gold platinum world mother fucker and u aint gotta be down wit it u can just close your ears, curl up into alittle ball and eat shit haters never ever win word is bond just remember that shit, lol yea that's right i said it

    • TEXAS


    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^fuck you bitch nigga

  • HipHopObama

    This record can go a gazillion times platinum, it doesnt matter because Harry Fox still hates Hip Hop.. and people like jcole, who claim to be "real hip hop heads" are doing nothing about it... heres the proof http://bit.ly/wl4L1g

  • J.T.

    I like cant get enough more but work out had a lot of radio time. Im sure thats why it went platinum. And I agree with one comment that said 1 million times $1.29 = a lot of money. Congrats Cole

  • Anonymous

    wow actually shocked...thought it wasnt selling guess i was wrong..and who woulda thought this would do better than 'cant get enough'..congrats to cole

  • Dreadknoxx

    1 million purchases at $1.29 itunes ,. thats alotta chedda

  • Dreadknoxx

    hahah and peeps hated on dude for this track,..it is what it is a fun single with a catchy hook. love it

  • John-Boy

    Congrats to my boy J.Cole. Sign of the times that he got a platinum plaque for one his worse songs ever.

  • Mandy Sandy

    nice job, j cole. da song'z a banger and da cole world album iz awesome. one of da best of 2011. RN/GM BITCH! COLE WORLD! oh and here come a huge flock of haterz in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....


    "you gotta play the game to change the game" - COLE COLE WORLD!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Drake has about 8 of those things, so playing catch up. Most of his fans are people who hate Drake. It's crazy how an artist's fanbase doesn't love him, they just would rather not support Drake lol.

    • Anonymous 1001

      i'm a drake fan and still support j.cole cause i'm a fan of him to u can't have one without the other they both have great chemistry when they collabrate on a song in the morning is a perfect example they need to do more songs like this in the future and dude u sound so fuckin stupid to say j.cole's fanbase don't love him if they didn't love and support him his album wouldn't have gone gold and sold 508,000 copies, work out would not have gone platinum and had this much radio play it has been receiving if u were smart u would realize drake is way more well known so he would have a much bigger fanbase supportin him than j.cole would j.cole is not nearly that popular yet but that will most likely change if it hasn't been already to sum it up for your slow ass people buy what they like and support what they like that's why j.cole has been so successful thus far dumb ass check the facts next time before u comment about shit dude

    • Mandy Sandy

      hater, just give j cole propz and move on. or don't come here at all.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    even tho the track can't be considered His best material/style, he did a good job wit it!!! good game!!

  • Essex

    Good Work. I know he faked the game out with that 1. He's working the system!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats J. Clone. From ya boy, Canibus

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