Jay-Z & Beyonce Release Statement Regarding Birth Of Blue Ivy Carter

Hov and Bey thank fans for their support during the birth of their first child.

Following the birth of their daughter Blue Ivy Carter this past Saturday, Jay-Z and Beyonce have released a statement thanking fans for their support.

In the letter, the power couple describes the birth as "emotional and extremely peaceful" and state that "we are in heaven." The seven-pound baby girl was welcomed into the world on Saturday evening.

Earlier today, Hov released a new song titled "Glory" that features a sample of Blue Ivy's cries.

Read the message below (via RR).

Hello Hello Baby Blue!

We are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, born on Saturday, January 7, 2012.

Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful, we are in heaven. She was delivered naturally at a healthy 7 lbs and it was the best experience of both of our lives.   

We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support.

Beyoncé & JAY Z

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  • Anonymous

    I am amazed that people actually believe Beyonce was pregnant in the first place lol. Nothing but lost sheep.

    • Com

      I bet you believe Elvis is still alive and Tupac never died. How the fuck are you going to make a claim like that? I guess you've got the adoption papers in your hand or some shit.

    • Anonymous

      we are sheep because a woman looks pregnant, says she pregnant, and walks around with a pregnant belly..yet you conspiricsts, make up unproven speculations about surrogate mothers, and about her not being pregant, nothing tangible and confirmed, and therefore we have no reason to believe you, and you call US the sheep? If you went to court with the "evidence" you have the judge would laugh at you. That's not being a sheep that's called being THOROUGH... the SHEEP are you nonconformist anti-pop culture losers who will go against anything popular just out of spite... regardless of how little evidence or proof you have. THAT'S being a sheep... a contrarian loser who tries so hard to be different that he just ends up being up being the same as everybody else. You conspiricist have no real cause other than to be different... and that makes you all sheep.

    • guide us oh pastor

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  • Africano

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  • GBtha G

    I love n' respect Jigga man. dat NIGGA neva rushed into marriage like a broke ass muthafucka would but took his time, made dat dough and after establishing himself got rewarded with the most beautiful woman in the whole fuckin world.....And a new born daughter! Big congrats, keep it Gangsta yo!

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      Wait hold on, Doesn't Wayne have kids? Hhhmm I don't remember every news publication annoucing his kids birth??? I guess he isnt that important. ;) Also lets get this straight... Jay's resume is way better then your pop act wayne. Jay has done everything Wayne has done but you cant say the same thing about Wayne. Face it buddy, Wayne is not on the same level.

    • Anonymous

      and at least wayne actually has real biological kids and doesn't have to fake a pregnacy to hide an adoption.

    • So Icy Boi!

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  • dentaldamboy

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    • daviddanielz

      Wow dentaldamboy, you sound like a rapper that hates that Jay is in a better place in life. Dont worry, work on yourself and maybe you will one day do something with your life.



    • dentaldamboy

      @HistoryLesson Biggie and Pac were indeed tight at one point but some real shit went down between them. We won't ever know if Biggie set Pac up at Quad Studios but Pac had every right to suspect big. So that beef was totally legit. How about the beef that Jay had with Cam, with Dame, with Beanie Sigel, with Nas, with Jaz-O. All of these beefs are fucking retarted and Jay entered into them cause of his big ego. When Jay was president of Def Jam, he fucked over so many guys on the roster just to give himself more promotion. Make no mistake about it, there is no loyalty with Jay. He only looks out for himself. He's not a real dude, just a little fucking diva bitch. Think about how some other rappers interact with fans. Remember last year when it snowed 50 cent went around the block shoveling driveways for fun. Think Jay Z would ever interact with real folks? Hell no! He thinks he's god and that he's better than everyone. And if you are a jay z fan, you worship him like he is a god. Guess that's what he gets for worshipping lucifer. Guys like Hilter and Stalin worshipped the devil too. Jay Z is in a good company huh?

    • HistoryLesson

      Biggie and tupac was loyal friends at one point they beefed got each other killed. If u don't like Jay-Z u don't like him but u don't know shit about what he been through so who are u to judge. I just don't understand why ppl follow things they hate. Does it make u feel better?

    • Mandy Sandy

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  • killz

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  • clo

    Blue Ivy, thats not one of Gods names, what does it mean. Sounds like a pop star.

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    • Stats

      Q. - What is a bigger waste of time? Spewing hate on DX or giving congrats to Jay Z? A. - Trick question...ITS A TIE!!!

  • wowzers

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    too bad they took over the whole floor of the hospital and their bodyguards wouldnt let a new father in to see his newborn twins

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  • Anonymous

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  • Paco

    What about the people who couldnt see there newborns cause of these idiots no statement on that.

  • illness

    congrats to the new parents for real. i got 2 little girls and a boy on the way and know just how they feel. word hov and B enjoy this to the fullest.

  • TruffTella

    Bet you it aint his kid...... JAY-Z on MAURY!!

    • Mandy Sandy

      wait til jay! runz a paternity test. it will shut u haterz up!

    • TruffTella

      For real. Why havent they shown the pics yet lol..... Like they really care about the papparazi, kid probally looks like lil wayne n shit... hahahha or t.i. i seen the way she eyeballed him in the soldier video....

    • HAA!


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