Brown Bag AllStars' Koncept To Release "Awaken," Featuring Royce Da 5'9

The BBAS member goes to retail on a Soulspazm release featuring Marco Polo and Audible Doctor on the boards.

Queens, New York emcee and Brown Bag AllStars member Koncept will release his solo studio debut, Awaken on January 17, 2012. A follow-up to Kon's 2010 free EP, Playing Life, this Soulspazm Records project features Royce Da 5'9, along with frequent collaborators Sene and Soul Khan.

In addition to Audible Doctor, the 11-track album features production from Duck Down Music's Marco Polo. The DXnext alum is a former employee of New York City's Fat Beats Records, along with his BBAS band-mates.

Previously, Soulspazm has released projects from Torae, Dice Raw, Malcolm & Martin and others.


  • dentaldaboy

    Just kidding! I'm going to tune in to SIRIUS tonight AND Hot97 to hear BBAS, since Peter Rosenberg, DJ Premier and DJ Eclipse always play their stuff every week :)

  • Anonymous

    Koncept is dope! That video with the old guy is too fresh.

  • FaktsUno

    Bought it on iTunes already. Definitely need that hard copy. Instant classic.

  • dentaldaboy

    I wonder why the radio always forgets to play these dudes. I wonder why soundscan never puts these dudes on it's weekly top 200 list or its daily double list. I wonder why these guys have no buzz. Oh that's's cause they fucking suck. They definitely don't deserve an article on HHDX.

    • Anonymous

      what do you listen to Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne or some shit? if your still listening to the radio you most certainly shouldn't be on HHDX, maybe the radio disney website is more suitable for you

    • Anonymous

      no u dickrider. if u go 2 australia the radiohosts think YMCMB is pop. They even called How to Love a new song from the pop artist lil wayne.

  • junMaf*ckn

    Kon's a Str8 Spitter. His Name Fits Him Well. And U Know The Beats Gon Be Fire wit J57 and Audible Doctor. Do ya Numbers Geez...

  • Belowthehvns

    This albums crack! Marco Polo, J57 and AUdible Doctor laced this album with banging beats. Concepts rhymes are I'll!

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