Pill Talks Project With Big Boi & Killer Mike

Pill looks ahead past MMG drama to discuss his project with Mike Bigga and Sir Lucious Left Foot.

Despite his recent label grievances, Pill is looking ahead to future projects - among them a release with Big Boi and Killer Mike.

"I just got off text message with Big. We working, we thinking about dropping a tape, man, honestly ’cause me and Big and all us we done did records already," revealed Pill in an interview with MTV's Rapfix Live. "We thinking about dropping a tape and then dropping an album."

"Them two are rap greats and for them two to actually want to do a project with me, it’s unbelievable," he said of Big Boi and Killer Mike. "For other people to try to think that I’m not lyrical enough or I’m not as good a rapper — you got guys that everybody looks up to as rappers doing a project with me."

Watch the interview below:

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  • Anonymous

    So because he's on tour he's suddenly a star? How many shows is he selling out? How many collabos has he been on lately? You're entitled to your opinions Corky. Just sprinkle an occasional post with some fact.

  • Anonymous

    Last time I checked Killer Mike had no buzz, and Big Boi is coming off disappointing sales of his last album. Pill needs to focus on himself, not these collabo albums that just get lost in the fray anyway. MMG may not be the best fit, but if he spent more time in the studio with "Ross", as opposed to doing interviews saying how bad he has it, maybe he'd be enjoying success instead of wishing for it.

    • Anonymous

      No buzz??Killer Mike has been on tour all year...YOU'RE STUPID and even your friends don't respect, you wannabe.

  • honest truth

    he sound better with real emcees like that anyways

  • Anonymous

    Pill news flash....That Big Boi and Killer Mike thing aint never gonna happen. Your ass. Your gonna do a callbo mixtape with Gudda Gudda.

  • Dumb It Down

    It ain't rocket science, like he said. The "machine" can make hot garbage go platinum or somebody saying their abc's. The industry is wreck and we still riding in the hoopty.

  • Special Ed

    Rossmay just block that move...This young dude gotta relax, humble himself and make moves in silence... Only talk when the projects actually get off the ground... sometimes i wonder how much reading these little dudes do... Learn from other's misktakes, talk to Buck and Beans, they'll tell you... All that blah blah will only land you in hot water...

  • dentaldamboy

    this guy wouldn't even be the water boy on YMCMB...and he's practically the boss at MMG.

  • real

    His raps are basic, thats why Ross wasn't feeling him, he has no buzz his last mixtape was stale

  • Cudder

    well, you gotta give it up to Pill for tryin to go somewhere, despite him getting the short end of the stick and Big Boi is fucking dope. really dug his last album

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