Yowie And Funk Volume To Host Virtual Music Conference With Hopsin, HipHopDX

Yowie and Funk Volume enlist producer the likes of Hopsin, Teddy Roxpin and HipHopDX for their first Internet Hip Hop conference.

Funk Volume is one of Hip Hop's fastest growing Hip Hop labels, and now, after their recent success with Hopsin, the imprint is looking to give up-and-coming acts a leg up on the industry. The label has teamed up with Yowie to host its first-ever Virtual Hip Hop Conference.

On January 21, Yowie and Funk Volume will host its day-long Virtual Hip Hop Conference, giving budding artists the opportunity to network with numerous music industry heavyweights. The conference is broken up into five separate panels covering different aspects of the Hip Hop industry, featuring such guest panelists as Hopsin, Teddy Roxpin, !llmind, J-Hatch and HipHopDX.

A complete run-down of the five day conference can be found below, including panel times and subjects. More information about the conference can be found over at Yowie, as well as the conference's Facebook page

11 AM PST: Introduction and Conversation With HipHopDX: Taking Hip Hop’s Pulse

Panelist: Jake Paine, HipHopDX

12 PM PST: Producer Panel: What To Do With Your Beats

Panelist:Teddy Roxpin, Producer

1 PM PST: Mixing and Mastering Your Music 

Panelist:Max Unruh

2 PM PST: I Don’t Have Studio To Record, What Do I Do

Panelist:Hopsin, Funk Volume

3 PM PST: 10 Mistakes Artists Make Marketing Their Music

Panelist:Bob Baker, Music Marketing Expert

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