Apollo Brown & O.C. Move "Trophies" Album To May 1 Release

UPDATE: D.I.T.C. meets The Left's album is now coming in less than a month after a push-back.

Michigan producer Apollo Brown and veteran Diggin' In The Crates crew emcee O.C. announced to HipHopDX this afternoon that they are collaborative releasing a March 27th album. Titled Trophies, the work will be O.C.'s first album since 2009's Oasis with band-mate A.G. Brown has worked on a number of projects recently, including his instrumental release, Clouds, Daily Bread with Hasan Mackey and Gas Mask by his band, The Left.

The project, which will release on Mello Music Group, was reportedly developed in New York but fully-recorded in Apollo's studio in Detroit, Michigan. The release features 16 songs that reportedly all carry strong concepts.

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[January 5]

UPDATE: O.C. confirmed with HipHopDX that Trophies will release May 1.



  • hookhousebeatz

    jewels was that shit....had peeped out the apollo brown clouds joint too...was fire too...should b a nice combo

  • Anonymous

    It's listed on Amazon for nearly twenty bucks. For an indie album? No thanks.

  • SniperGuy

    This album is gonna be dope. Mello music are releasing that good hip hop shit. Mind you, a dope, real hip hop album like this will probably go unnoticed by a lot of you dx users because it seems like all you can do is hate or praise wack rappers. First album I'm really looking forward to this year, along with the new Reks & killer mike albums.

  • Anonymous

    it's been may 1st for ages...

    • Anonymous

      exactly... I don't know what these HHDX niggas is smoking on the release dates page it's been may 1st. now it's fucking 4/20 and these niggas telling me that the album DIDN'T come out in march... yeah i think we realized that...

  • Anonymous

    we can go on 4eva dont matta me none....momo

  • Anonymous

    Considering you didn't bother posting a name I'll laugh that off. Cash may not equal a man's worth, but as an artist, it helps define your worth to the industry. Since Jay is probably the exception more than the rule, let me go back to Fat Joe. Here was a guy who easily could have ended up like Omar. Here was a guy with some rhymes who was stuck playing second fiddle to other artists in D.I.T.C. Instead of languishing in underground obscurity, he went on to achieve mainstream success. If that's not the goal, WTF is? On second thought. Don't answer that. Time's Up (no pun intended).

    • Anonymous

      lol ur life suks thts much huh to try an tear down someone's else's achievements ..will u eva make a difference on this planet whether it b in front of one or One million ppl..difference between (u an him or her if ur a she or a shem) is whether his time's up or it ain't u be buried an dwindle into obscurity OMAR on the othahand contributed an made a mark on this planet hate or love, mention ur name ur known to maybe ur blok fam or friends ..him on the otha hand ppl kno WORLDWIDE who he iz .......... :) touche

  • Anonymous

    lol thts funny... actually i du kno of the O.g through a mutual friend and dude ain't hurtin.. he's a neighbor of dame dash an im cool with dame oldest son so money wise he's not Jigga (thx for usin him as an xample ) thts wht wrong wit u dummy's cash dont equal a man's worth or betta yet man so ur analogy wuz stupid come betta than tht wht r u 12? u one a those weed smokn , x box playn young dudes huh ? i kno mommie smoked crack whn u wuz in her belly thts y ur comments read the way they du..lololololololol how the hell u gon determine someone's worth cause u not feelin 'em lololololol ur a fukn fool i see why ur hidin behind anoymous dog ...thts coward talk ...

  • Anonymous

    I hurt your feelings? lol Someone can listen to one's music (it's called the internet bro... maybe you've heard of it), or even in the 90's when they'd show his videos from Word Life on BET. I never said he didn't have skill, but people on here acting like he's Jay Z when fact is he never blew up. He's still making collabo albums that old catz like yourself get excited over probably because his limited blueprint for success matches your's precisely. It's fine you're small time, but for goodness sake's man, at least support a rapper whose richer than you.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not buying his albums. How then am I keeping him relevant?

    • Anonymous

      y R u still respondin we all get it (THE HUNDRED THOUSAND Oc fans ) minus a dude whose u not feelin him u don't like him cool but others du ur not relavent to him winnin or losin fine dude, Othas du though so u dont matta one way or anotha ur best off not acknowledgin ur own hate by ur comments if ur not buyin his records then ur stealin the music online one way or anotha how du you kno he's droppin duds by not listenin? ??this is my last response tu u go ride who"s eva dick ur ridin an Don't acknowledge OC People love this dude it was funny in the beginnin but ur a strait hater of urself music an life period men dont talk about men like tht ur either young,a wanna be rapper or jus miserable bout ur own circumstances. OC fffffffffffforeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr UR LOYAL FAN

  • Anonymous

    Oh.. An u sound stupid wit the fatjoe comment .. i Figured out the type of kat u r just by ur words u would say sumthin like odd future is incredible,,,, this is Hiphopdx not allhiphop.com beat it holmes

  • Anonymous

    OC should have just gone the route of Fat Joe, who despite catching alot of flack, has had a pretty impressive solo career. OC is known for 1 song, "Time's Up". That's it. Since then, he's dropped one clunker after another. Where's the realness in that?

    • Skylar

      ...nothing much real about getting the fame you missed out on, off the back of a superior rapper (Pun) and then getting with Storch & Co. and dropping wack song after wack song. Crackhouse and the Just Blaze joint are the only modern Fat Joe bangers. Plus dude left Pun's widow in the lurch. She had to pawn his chain and shit. Fat Joe talks about Loyalty does an abhorrent job of actually living it. "Of course we gotta pay rent, so money connects, but uhh / I'd rather be broke and have a whole lot of respect / It's the principal of it" - O.C. Time's Up He laid it right out for dude, decades ago. He never wanted to go Joe's route. Why ever try to compare them?

    • Anonymous

      This Dude On here is An official OC HATER U fell right into the trap keep spewin the hate ur keepin him revelant lolololol!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Ras

    OC is that dude, I look forward to this!

  • ViNCE

    FUUUUUCK YEEAAHHHHH!!! this is a fucking dream come true for me!!! i discovered OC about 2 years ago cuz i was too young to appreciate him in the mid 90's. and Apollo Browns my favorite producer right now.. ima buy 2 copies just to support this shit. real hip hop won't survive if we don't support it

  • Anonymous

    Bon Appetit was weak.

    • Anonymous

      oh!!!! an Bon Appetit iz crazy sucka!!!! lolololol ya'll stick wit tht bullshit these false prophets preaching an rapp'n these dude r average compared ta OC ..

    • Anonymous

      And...im lookn fo this oc record tu b crazii so he can shut this hatin azz clowns up!!!!

  • Anonymous

    music critics??? u serious ????Katz iz confused, ..........ya'll keep listening to tht disposable shyt the tru heads gon stick to tht raw shyt dude neva made nuthin weak ya'll hav short attention spans ,sounds like someone whose a rick ross co-signee of lies n bullshyt only to say ( he got caught in lies but his music is bangin! lolol IM OC NO MATTA WHT !!! THIS DUDE'S DA TRUTH!! FUK A MUSIC CRITIC

  • Anonymous

    Music critics have even said OC's production tends to lag. Oasis was a good example. Aside from 1 song (can't remember the title) the rest put me to sleep, but if anyone wants to sit here and pretend the car windows will be rattling, be my guest.

  • cinavenom

    I am glad that there is an actual title and release date and this is not one of those projects that never materializes. Can't wait for this, O.C. is one of the illest of all time on the mic and Apollo is one of the only new dudes who can hold his own with the legends. Love Apollo on the boards.

  • The MG

    O.C., one of the most underrated emcees ever.

  • Anonymous

    Nico 3 ur buggin...neva had the proper beats? U cant b serious butlso goes the ole' sayin opinions r like assholes everybody's got one .. everybody's a producer/rapper or think they can du wht kats like oc does u either love m or hate m there's no in betweens thts y the game's in the present state its in now.

  • junMaf*ckn

    Thats a GREAT Look for Mello Music Group.

  • Nico 3

    OC is an interesting rapper. He rarely does the conventional thing, yet it's 2012 and he's still making music. The only criticism is he never has the proper beats to back him up.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Is ALL I can say...Im lookin fwd to this record this kat to me has always been in the class of the nas's ,hov's an whoeva's considered a an artiists/emcee..period

  • labels

    haven't heard from OC in a while!

  • Anonymous

    this album will be a gem guaranteed! O.C is a beast when it comes to lyrical skills. Apollo Browns a beast when it comes to making the beats!

  • Anonymous


  • Machiventa

    Best news I've heard so far in 2012!!!!

  • Don Doggy

    yo! This is monster! Apollo Brown & OC?!!! Mello Music on it non-stop!

  • Anonymous

    If they both bring the heat, this could be the best collab of 2012.

  • cardan

    definatly support O.C. on anything he touches

  • cardan

    O.C. is easily in my top 5 probably my fav emcee alive, along with scarface, black thought, ghostface ..... consistency is a mark of genius

  • Anonymous

    o.c. now >>> ANY rapper to emerge the past decade rap sucks now o.c. still got it though

  • R2die

    Never listened to O.C before but im definitely buying anything that Apollo Brown has a hand in

    • IDK

      Damn, you haven't heard any of O.C.'s music before?? Listen to his first two albums. Some of the best hip hop music I've ever heard. I'll guarantee you that you'll love one of those two albums. ;)

    • Machiventa

      You've never heard Fudge Pudge by Organized Konfusion before? Or O.C.'s debut Word.. Life? Or even MC Search's Back To The Grill Remix? Damn homie learn go your history!

    • Anonymous

      Go listain to times up now!!!

  • 718rob

    Outstanding news. I will buy at least one copy.

  • Edubb

    Cant wait should be a solid album!! O.C. always brings it!!!

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