The-Dream Reveals He Made $15 Million For Writing Rihanna's "Umbrella"

The-Dream talks about what he received for some of the biggest hits he's penned.

Though singer-songwriter The-Dream has had a successful solo career, perhaps his most well-known achievements are the hits he's penned for others.

In an interview with Tim Westwood, The-Dream discussed what he pocketed for one of the biggest his he ever wrote: Rihanna's "Umbrella."

"Around, like...fifteen [million]," he explained. "I was just trying to pay the bills."

The-Dream also spoke about Justin Bieber's smash hit "Baby," which he also wrote. "I said [to the Def Jam A&R], 'Okay. You pay for my hotel room - I was in New York and I stay at the Plaza - and I'll write you a record.' And he said, 'No, we're not going to pay for you hotel room,' and I said, 'Okay, well I'm not gonna write you a record.' So, I guess everybody thought about it, and was like, 'Let's pay for it.'"

Watch the interview below:

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  • X Mizzy

    im a big fan of dream, but he sounds like a teenage boy when he talks lol


    I have made a spelling error, I meant to say "he said the song has generation 15 million....." carry on my good folk.


    As my commenter name states, if you listen carefully while cleaning your ears you'll see he has that song generated 15 million (REVENUE) not actual profit. There was no point in that interview where the words came out that he made 15 million dollars off Umbrella It was the Westwood dudes reaction and play/twist on words that gave this video and this article the title is has today. Now, watch it again, and to SLAVA KUPERSTEIN I'm so disappointed, but these type of stories get you the front page on HHDX, so I understand. Peace & Love into 2012.

    • Anonymous

      I've made a spelling error, I meant to say "he said the song has generation 15 million....." carry on my good folk.


    Writers typically get a 10% royalty off of every dollar the song generates. For Dream to have earned $15mm from Umbrella, the song has to have generated $150mm globally. No single makes that much money, even from digital sales, radio play, video play and CD allocation combined. Megahits usually make around $50mm, which would yield $5mm to the writer. Still that's a ton of money and dream is very talented. But I'm afraid he's probably exaggerating a little bit here.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this doesn't make sense, rihanna couldn't use her own brain to make up one of the dumbest shittiest thoughtless provoking hooks in history?

  • jhp15

    Understand, this nigga gets paid everytime they spin that song on the radio, think about how many radio stations there are in the world, and how many times one of them played that song. Think of how much a movie, commercial, or tv show put up when that song was played, in addition to the single sales, and his cut from the album for being involved as well. In addition to what he was paid, just for writing the song in the first place, that actually is very possible. You can hate on Dream all you want, but he making money. And he wifed up and smashed Christina Milian, whose prolly badder than any chick you will ever be inovled with. Plus the dude's actually talented, just listen to the "1977" album, especially the title track, if you don't believe me

  • Anonymous

    Liar! How can u make 15m just for writing a single song!

    • Max

      It's called publishing. Pick up a copy of Donald Passman's All You Need To Know About The Music Industry. Publishing money >>>>> any other money made in the industry

  • Anonymous

    lmao@ wearing one glove. settle MJ

  • wtf

    am i too hi or does he have 4 fingers in each hand in that photo?

  • cheeno

    and he still a goofy gobble neck having soft wet bitch i hope a hungry village swallows this troll whole on his next exotic vacation.

  • deadboy90

    Damn, I gotta start writing shitty pop songs

  • thought dog

    He's got a weird shaped head and has a womanly voice.

  • And then what

    So what? Who cares? And? Are we suppose to kiss your ass now? Fat lame.

  • ItsReal

    I;ve seen the Dream in action and its true, dude really is caked up like that but he's extremely humble and down to earth. He's a great producer and songwriter, and the way he stacks his vocals are damn near unmatched to anyone else in the game right now. He knows his voice and he knows how to write a pop hit. Y'all can hate all you want, but in reality The Dream is a lot more gangsta than your favorite rapper. trust me

  • Anonymous

    look at me. I'm rich and youre not.

  • Anonymous

    Thats alot of snack packs for this lil fat slug

  • LIar Liar

    So he wrote Umbrella for 15 mill and Baby for a hotel stay...Sound like hes broke to me..?

  • Anonymous

    Some will hate and say hes lying. Personally i wouldnt put my business out like that. But when you think about it, it isnt that unbelievable. The single sold like crazy world wide, i think 4 or 5xs plat. Boom thats money Companies started using it in their commercials. Boom thats money. Movies started using it in their previews as background music from the time it came out till like last year i remember seeing a movie preview with that song in the background. Boom more money Big Events started playing the song. They used it on WWE once, and a few other major events as well. Boom more money. The actual money he made from when the album sold. more money And radio spins. Video Plays, Some stores like the one i worked at a few years ago had it on as their background music. Money Money Money. Add that all in and i can believe 15mill. Now is he one of the best singers? not by a long shot. But hey he made the song so oh well.

  • michelle

    Nobody believes but my neighbor's step-aunt makes $87 an hour on the computer. She has been fired for 9 months but last month her check was USD8525 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read more on this site...

  • Jaymalls

    You gotta think about the residuals from that shit over the years... I know single, itself, is 5+ times platinum worldwide... But that doesn't count the spins, music video view/ ad money, or licensing over the years in movies/commercials/soundtracks/etc. 15 million is not that far fetched . Me personally, I wouldn't be putting my shit out there like that. Uncle Sam and his 2 baby mothers are gonna b coming for that ass in the coming months!!!

  • jg

    hes not a superstar in his own right but this nigga is talented as hell when it comes to writing hits

    • sharksbreath

      If he's the best then it just shows how bad R N B fell off. He's a hack. I would take an Anthony Hamilton over this dude. Who can actually sing. I would put dream in with the trey songs dudes. Dream found his one niche and kind of writes the same song over and over again. I've never heard a dream song and thought Stevie Wonder or Marvin Gaye level. He's not even R Kelly when it comes to writing. I have said that about some Neyo Songs. He's way better and you can hear the influence from the 70's in his music. The lyrics to Dreams songs really don't matter. You don't really remember them. It's his hooks you know. Your going to get the chorus repeating one word three times. Justin Bieber. A hack. Baby baby baby. Rhiana. Another hack. Umbrella umbrella umbrella. I guess you would have to really be into the process of making music to look behind what hooks you to a song. Repeating the same word three times is what most rap songs are doing now also for the hook. All at the same tempo over the same two step beat. I keep wondering how many times can people listen to the same drum beat over and over. That's all it takes for it to remain in your head. Simple human beings.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely not the best 'singer', but he has the overall package. 15 mill though, god damn!

    • Anonymous

      IMO he is probably the best RnB singer in the game right now, but most of these RnB fans are young and shit so they prefer Chris Brown, and Trey Songz over him. Neyo > The Dream >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CB AND Songs

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