Diddy Speaks On The "Black Cloud" Over Bad Boy, Comparing Rick Ross To The Notorious B.I.G.

The entrepreneur clarifies statements that he made about Ricky Rozay.

Diddy recently spoke with RadioPlanet.tv’s DJ Whoo Kid, discussing how his label Bad Boy Records has drawn criticism over the past few years. During the interview, the entrepreneur said that there’s been a propaganda movement against Bad Boy over signing to the label and how it isn’t warranted.

“Over the last couple of years, there’s been a strong propaganda movement that’s been brewing in the negative sense against Bad Boy, against what it is to sign to the Bad Boy label, if it’s a detriment to your career,” he said. “Just hate. Just regular hate and also a lot of people not understanding how this industry works.”

Diddy explained that the Hip Hop community doesn’t understand the business of the music industry and how signing and dropping artists in a short span is a regular occurrence.

“This industry has a life expectancy of two years. It started a couple of years ago like, ‘What happened with this artist? Why isn’t this artist still on the label?’ So people started to try to give us a bad rap and spread that propaganda through the new generation. When honestly, nobody on Def Jam’s still on Def Jam. No one who was on Roc-A-Fella is still on Roc-A-Fella. There’s not even still a Roc-A-Fella. It was named something else. We the last people standing, we the last crew standing. And I’m not saying that with any disrespect towards anybody’s name who I just said. We not letting that propaganda ride.”

He also clarified his controversial comparison of Rick Ross to The Notorious B.I.G., explaining that to him, Ross’ influence on the South paralleled Biggie’s success in New York City, New York.

“I said on the ‘Angels’ verse, I think he channeled Biggie at night. A lot of emcees, they channel Biggie in some of their verses. You hear the influence. When you channel the influence, that doesn’t mean they’re comparing someone to them. I think I also said that he was the Biggie of the South, because I was there. I knew the effect that Biggie was having on New York and the world. I saw the effect that [Ross] was having on the South.”

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Nico 3

    There wouldn't be a black cloud over the label if Diddy would stop raping everybody's earnings. Biggie's long gone. Time to forget about those days and focus on the future. With Diddy's money and connections, he should have been able to find ten Biggies' by now. The times aren't changing, the mindset is. If all you care about is money, creatively, your label will suffer.

  • White mofo

    i just counted . def jam records 54 bad boy records only B.I.G. Records. Do i need to say more

  • White mofo

    Crazy!! this lame dumb discussion. Unbelievable.. Lyrically supposed to represent. B.I.G. was the best Rapper ever and 2 Pac as well much Love from Germany, Stings "Missing you" from Diddy sounds like a farce and suddenly not so true anymore does it?. Missing the money is one thing but missing a friend who saved his ass is a big difference but than you dont talk shit when someone moved on...

  • bigfoot89

    Diddy has no interest in hip hop culture by making that stupid comparison...

  • The Observer

    hahaha, its such an insult to even mention Biggie & Rick Ross in the same sentence...Rick Ross in nowhere close to Biggie lyrically, never have, still not, and never will Diddy, sit ur ho ass down...damn, Biggie must be turning in his grave :(

  • Pulsations

    Thank you for exalting "us" to knew heights. Despite the mis-steps, God bless.

  • michelle

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  • anon

    speaking of rick ross, remember when diddy kept talking about "managing" rick ross and nicki minaj? There's a reason they knew to stay away from that bad boy label and not sign up with him. that's why he decided to "manage" their careers cause they was wise to his game.

  • Tdubb

    diddy.. is Joke... He has meant nothing to Hip hop in almost 10 to 12 years... He sells Vodka and Clothes .. He should stick to what hes good at... And Now he tryna recreate badboy.. With (GET THIS SHIT) Cassie??? LMAOOOOO is she posed to be faith? hahaha Red Cafe? He a average New york rapper WHO IS CHECKIN FOR HIM?? french Montana ?!?!?! Give me a break Sean.... I might give you machine gun Kelly cuz of his lil Buzz but. Diddy is just done Being Relevant in urban Music period... and he Coons out for Ciroc and all his other shit.. He does not do anything Tastefully.. face always up in the Camera.. people are just tired of seeing his face , He needs to fade to Black when it comes to hip hop... Jodeci and Biggie aint walking threw that door to Save you puff...

  • Anonymous

    get the fuck outta here?!?! he had the best verse. the interviewer is a dick sucker

  • Anonymous

    as a rapper diddy sux

  • Anonymous

    Fuck hater, Diddy's a legend. Every label is dead and he is still rockin.

  • ziploc

    you ran that label with contracts based on those that record companies used in the 50's..pure enslavement..artists got wise after all the horror stories,that's why people didn't want to sign with Bad Boy..the artists that sign with you know got lawyers,movements of their own and you need them more than they need you..Mr Combs is trying to rewrite history...lest we forget that Biggie was damn near broke when he died..Mark Curry,Black Rob,Total,Faith Evans,Carl Thomas,LOX..the list goes on and on..

  • GBtha G

    Why tha fuck can't snitch diddy mention PAC???? Coz he paid to kill him. shit fuck dat punk he put Biggie in trouble.

  • mgruppe.com

    He cant complain too hard, because he stil markets other products with HIS name. People actually dont hate on the record label "Bad Boy" - people just fucking hate Sean Puff Daddy P Diddy Dirty Money Combs. And Rick Ross is just a reflection of time, where people want no truth - they want the feel of entertainment. His lyrics dont suck that bad on some proper beats, but Biggy was a Gangster like Eazy-E - you cant buy charisma, bitch.

    • Ricky Rozay

      Nigga shut the fuck up. I'm a huge fan of B.I.G and Biggie was never a gangsta. Biggie went to catholic school and dabbled wit drugs but that was about it. Know ur shit before you comment. BTW Rozay closest thing to B.I.G. RIP. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesus Christ

    I'm gonna burn ALL these fuckin' liars when they DIE!!! Quote me!

  • Jay Electronica

    Really PUFF... Then why didn't I sign with your crooked-ass, friend?!

  • war22

    someone pls shoot them starting with the Cop and ending with the Faggot

  • PapaBearATL

    All this whining coming from the dude that coined the phrase 'No Bitchassness'? How can the LOX not be successful? Gorilla Zoe had a monster following in the south, where is he? Going back, why didn't Craig Mack get a follow up album? Isn't this the guy that passed on 'Fiddy'? Wasn't Loon supposed to be the 'Next Biggie' I could see if a lot of untalented rappers perished but proven artist with a following and gold and platinum albums fade into black, who do you point the finger at?

    • NONO

      ooops...I just noticed you said Gorilla Zoe,LOL!!! and you are right. We supported the hell out of him. Diddy is out of his mind with this one.

    • NONO

      You are absolutely correct, except for the Gorilla Black following. In the south we knew he was a sound-alike and lacked talent, but I agree with you. P Diddy has to be the only CEO I know that drops artist that sell platinum and want to stay on the label. He is the only case I have seen of this in Hip Hop history. Even Cash Money tried to hold on to Juvenile and B.g. They left the label, they didn't get dropped. Diddy is crazy for acting like he is really surprised, or maybe just naive.

  • hellno

    i wonder what biggie would say if he heard diddy comparing him to a CO, who also happens to be terrible at rapping

  • MBTM

    Biggie is overrated, JOHN CENA is a better rapper and the king of hip hop, and A REAL GANGSTER and he proved it last night on raw when he saved zack ryder from getting pulled down by kane into hell from the hole in the ring !

  • kizman

    rick ross is the biggie of our time

  • Anonymous

    Nothing personal against anyone but if you listen to Rick Ross you have a horrible taste in music and you and him are a disgrace to what Rap and Hip-Hip are supposed to represent this man was a correctional officer THAT'S A LOT WORSE THEN BEING A PIG.If this guy was in the 90's he would have been pissing his pants. He's a fake who copied the real freeway Ricky Ross including his look and his entire life plus this guys a cop. Pathetic that rap has come to this I hate Lil Wayne, Gucci, Waka all these new gay artists like the next guy but any of those guys are even better then Ross and that shows how sad it is that hip-hop has ended up in this state. Comparing him to Biggie is disgrace to his legacy and all true rap/hip-hop fans

  • azrob

    Its sad how low this guy goes to save face. No humility. No honor. What a shame.

  • Anonymous

    If Officer Ricky is having anything other than a negative effect on the South then i feel sorry for everyone south of NYC. Everyone do the right thing and stop listening to this overweight, lying bitch of a corectional officer. Everyone knows rappers are economical with the truth, but this surely has to cross the line. MIDDLE FINGER FO' THE POLICE!!!

  • Fank White

    You say channel but its diffrent when you try to make That no talent fuck sound like B.I.G. on Montana's shot caller remix and other songs!!! Then when it come to signing to Bad Boy you fucked your self!!! You dont put out records!!! You have them sit on the shelf & then there fucked when they wanna leave cuz you fucked them in there contracts! They gotta keep paying you!! Look at the saga continues album how many of those artist who were "signed" but never made an album! Why is that??? I have & still am a Bad Boy fan But I just see throught The Bull Shit!!! I am Bigger fan of B.I.G. So show the man who put you on the map the respect he deserves!!!!!!!!!! Fuck Officer Ross!!!!

    • thought dog

      ^ Forgot about Boyz n da Hood. Makes it even more funny that Diddy brought up Def Jam when theyve done nothing but support the people on their label for the most part.

    • Anonymous

      Co-fucking sign. Bad Boy is a graveyard where (for various reasons) no one ever reaches their potential. examples - Ma$e, Shyne, 8ball & MJG, Black Rob, the LOX. But the best example is Jeezy - the only original member of Boyz N Da Hood to sign a solo deal with another label AND the only one of the group who has truly made it. Sign for Bad Boy at your peril...

  • dentaldamboy

    Diddy needs to learn a thing or two from Birdman. Birdman makes money like a real dude. He supports his artists. Diddy make his money walking around drinking Vodka. What a fucking fag. If Birdman catch Diddy in the club, shit gonna go down for sure. Birdman is never afraid of defending what's his.

    • Hishy Rozay

      Wheres Currency???? Give it another year. . Young Money will fall . ..its the nature of the business no one can stay on top. . P DIDY is a scum bag thats rips all his artists . .so he can dance in another clip !

    • dentaldamboy

      I love birdman so much, he just slapped me in the face after i sucked his dick and made me empty out my wallet and bank account. I'm a soft bitch, so i love that shit.

    • Anonymous

      another hilarious post from dental fag boy. Im pretty sure that birdman has met diddy and hasnt attacked him for not releasing his artists albums u fucktard.

    • this dude

      Are you serious? Where's Mannie Fresh? Where's anybody that used to be in Cash Money back in the days, who doesn't kiss Baby in the mouth?


    NOTORIOUS BIG LIVE IN CONCERT (NEVER EVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AA3urGpqs60&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

  • The B

    Dre. and Timbaland doesnt have as many #1 hits as Diddy? Don't know just asking

  • Mr. Laid Back N Cool

    Diddy sux....and ROss is no where near as skilled as the Great Nototorious B.I.G. I think Bad Boy Records is cursed...the question is why

    • Anonymous

      biggie was good, he never said anything great tho. Rick ross talks about the same stuff BIG did, they are both great.

  • IDK

    Hey Diddy, do you remember the time when you lied in front of Craig Mack (and Fab 5 and the audience of Yo MTV Raps) about his 2nd album coming out?? Well, it's on YouTube, and here's the link in case you forget ;) /watch?v=ZH7iA5HDWdM&list=FLoWn5Z99fEiRaOLS3qOZeug&index=4&feature=plpp_video

  • Anonymous

    Diddy is a whore The LOX are stuck in contract obligations and now they have 2 release their new album under bad boy.

  • HRH

    I can't wait till somebody murders this motherfucker. It will be the satisfying feeling to know that this guy is dead

  • Anonymous

    diddy is the Berry Gordy of our generation

  • Fon z

    there is no comparison... Biggie would murk Officer Ricky with one line. Ross is garbage, dont settle for less...

  • shady83

    he never even mentioned Em or shady records!

    • asdf

      most of the people that were on shady records when he started are not on there anymore... so i don't know what your point is.

  • anon

    if you wanna have somebody who acts mad shady about contracts, who tries to make himself the star of all the shit he gets on, who puts a fucking reality show ahead of his own god damn artists, who trashed the memory of his artists, (RIP BIGGIE), and who's basically an effeminate bitch, hit up diddy and get your ass signed, cause lord knows you're gonna get taken advantage of by somebody. Remember he was saying that shit about "managing" rick ross and nick minaj? why do you think they never signed to bad boy? it's cause it's cool to get hyped up by dude, but signing with somebody so fucking shady is too much.

  • Jesus

    i hate Ross. Hes a fake ass gangsta. I am I shoot hoes everynight... Well my sister does so I'm a gangsta too. And if Rick Ross was here id tell him to his face . Also he's a former cop. And i hate cops they make me pull over when Im driving my big wheel under the influence bumping stupid shit like "dont pull me over I'm high"

  • Ricky Rozay

    Rozay is the closest we got to Biggie now. 3 classics, hard catchy beats and hot songs. Though Ross ain't as lyrical as Biggie his music just as good. Niggas can't deny Ross put in the work in the studio. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Flamboyant

    (cueing up the infamous Suge Knight speech at The Source Awards which ethered Puffy) Yeah, man. Suge stated it best. Doo Doo Diddy always wanted to be the main star on his own label. Artists suffered dearly cause of this egregious conflict of interest. On top of that, dude just dick rode and chased every thing and wasn't provocative in creating shit anymore. Really he never did create shit. LOL! So that's why dude never had a bit of success...on top of the fact that he treated his people like shit and flaked on them at every possible turn (see Shyne Po for example.... Nas: I don't like the way P Diddy did shine with different lawyers) Simply put, Puff... eat a dick. You have no one to blame but your wack ass self. Spend your money, promote yourself, and leave everyone the f alone. Running up on niggas with your weak nigga theories is disgusting. Bitch ass nigga.

    • IDK

      Co-sign. Suge Knight is a punk-ass bitch, and we all hate the guy, but that statement he made in the 1995 Source Awards was pure fact.

    • EEZY

      Any of you artists out there want to be an artist and want to stay a star, and don't want to have to worry about the executive producer being all in the video....all on the records....dancing....Come to Death Row!!! One of those rare moments you can actually admire Suge Knight. I wonder where Diddy would be if 2Pac hadn't declared war on the entire east coast when coming out of jail. By just acknowledging Bad Boy, 2Pac made them relevant because of how popular he was at the time. Diddy only became relevant because he was the last man standing. He's released one good album his whole career, and the majority of the material on it came from people on his label.

    • bklysnfynest2000

      you took the words right out my mouth....diddy is a clown. always was and always has been. any bad propaganda about badboy is deserved...they treated their artists like crap and thats why all the cats who started there are all gone. hell even def jam still got Red, Meth, Slick Rick even.....Bad boy is a joke and so is Diddy.

    • anon


  • Essex

    No Diddy. You ain't getting away with that! Diddy has raped the game more than any other hip hop entinty, label, or company. This dude not only got dudes held up in they contracts, he got dudes starving and stealing and fighting just to eat. It's not hate. He really makes his own artists pay to have him in songs and shit.

  • Anonymous

    wow just wow never compare biggie to rick ross biggest sin in history

  • Anonymous

    Think DX forgot to name the number 1 hated on the site. I think that will be Diddy, then wacka floka and the of course rick ross. But if you think about it again, 50 would almost tie with Diddy. Jay gets a little hate but he got way to much support ob here to say he is hated more than Diddy It's a waste of time talking about these wack rappers who tend to do nothing but commercialize on the dumb masses

  • hellrazor

    i meant to say "since biggie passed". my bad.

  • hellrazor

    if you gonna compare rick ross to biggie, KILL YOURSELF. biggie is a legend. diddy's got his head up his ass and hasnt been acquaintted with real hip-hop when biggie passed (real MCs didnt stand a chance in bad boy since then, look at black rob). in fact, this nigga must be glad biggie's dead. look at everything diddy's been doin since then. think about it.

    • hellrazor

      officer ricky's a talent lacking cunt (just like the majority of commercial rappers who kiss ass to stay relevant and cast aside artistic growth). jealousy? you sound like a fuckin lil wayne fan, diddy capitalized off biggie's death. the dude is practically a walking advertisement. to him, it's a business and nothing more, the artists on his label dont mean shit to him if they unwilling to let him pull their strings. fuck rick ross.

    • ^

      Lol I wish i was one of Diddys intern, im just an average broke mothafucka like u, but its crazy how everyone hates on him for no real reason other than their jealous of his success, look at all the people who went Platinum under Bad Boy record label, do u really think Diddy would compare Rick Ross and Biggie Lyrical, u just hate because the article had Rick Ross's name in it just like everyone else on the website, the second Ross gets mention here come the lil trolls out the woodwork, look how much heat he got for saying Ross has a "BIGGIE INFLUENCE IN THE SOUTH" all of a sudden its OMG Diddy said Ross is on the same level as Biggie just stop with the bullshit post about "if you gonna compare rick ross to biggie, KILL YOURSELF" cuz obviously u never met Biggie so who are u to act like you were right beside him if anyone has a right to compare sum one to Biggie it has to be Diddy so STFU

    • Anonymous

      I feel what you both are saying. IMO, Bad Boy didn't lose when Biggie died, cuz honestly, he's still had dope talent that could've kept him relevant. Bad Boy lost the more Diddy wanted to be the star of his label & stopped promoting his artists. Black Rob, G-Dep, etc. The talent was there. Rob's 2nd album wasn't bad, but what promotion did it get? none. And it got worst as soon as Diddy started doing those "Making The Band" reality shows, b/c everybody else got ignored... although they were still putting out music (Faith, Carl Thomas, 112, etc.) just so he could support those acts that were mostly selling becuz of their popularity on their show & not their music.

    • ^

      Thats because it was easy as fuck to go platinum back then. You gotta be Diddy himself or one of his interns trying to combat the negative "propaganda".

    • ^

      Im just saying not to many Rappers can say they went Platinum, and to tell u the truth who knows if Black Rob cud have did those numbers with sum one else and not to mention The LOx went Platinum to with MONEY POWER AND RESPECT

    • hellrazor

      one platinum album. life story came out at a time when bad boy was in turmoil. mase was gone, 112 and total got signed to other labels, LOX signed to ruff ryders and so on. bad boy nearly gave up on rob and the LP went platinum cuz hip-hop still had standards back then. too bad rob could follow up that success, the rest is history.

    • ^

      Black Rob went Platinum since Biggies Death, so what are u trying to state?

  • Anonymous

    I hate that he compares Ross to Biggie i hate it with a passion. I hate that he believe that bad boy record label don't be robbing niggas. This nigga has had every rapper he made successful talk shit about how he does biz. Only him an Baby from Cash money get talked about this bad whe i comes to ripping they artist off. CHECK OUT THE MUSIC http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success

  • Anonymous

    He would make more sense here if he didn't charge his artists for his guest spots when he appears on their albums.

    • The B

      "YOU'RE" not YOUR ok. All of you are some illiterate muthafukaz!

    • Anonymous

      Are you allergic to periods and the proper use of punctuation?

    • ^

      nigga i said "your here typing like all of us" u illiterate mouth fucka

    • Anonymous

      I just checked and yup...youre here typing on hiphopdx just like me. Please remove Diddys cock from your mouth now.

    • ^

      And Thats why your here typing like all of us and not living it big Like Diddy, he's a fucking Business man that shit is Cut Throat fuck about your feelings, if the song becomes a number one hit, That means Royalties it only makes sense to charge for your guest spot,

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, several artists have talked about how Diddy subtracted money from their contracts for "video appearances, guest verses" on their albums that he released. On one hand you can't blame Diddy for taking advantage of somebody that doesn't read the fine print of their contract....and on the other it's kinda shady for somebody to knowingly take advantage of a person that doesn't know any better.

    • Streets

      Does he really?

  • Da Fox'z Don

    Diddy is all BS now!! watever happened to Total, Mase, 112, Faith Evans and them? If the label still had artists like them then they would still be coming strong!! And please don't ever compare Ross to BIG, coz Ross is just a FAKE ASS POLICE OFFICER!!

    • Anonymous

      shady: what happened to stat quo,cashis,obie trice roc: what happened to bleek,beans,young chris death row: what happened cash money: what happened to juvenille,bg want more?


    Man y'all all talking sideways, Diddy is a fucking Businessman which explains why he's on the Forbes top list every year end, he knows what artist will sell and who would not, face it the Lox in todays era would not push 100k because the youth are not interested in that era of hip hop(Im not saying that they aren't lyrical or not good just that the kids who buy cds are not gonna spend their allowance on them) Same with Black Rob and all the other previous Rappers on that label, It may sound like a bitch move to go with whats hot but ay, I wouldn't be sitting here typing if I had Diddy money, People talking about Jay Elec where is he now? just cuz he's with the Roc don't mean that was a better decision, When Jay Z still putting albums out that mean he don't care about u look what happened to J Cole, he lost all his Buzzed when tha album kept getting pushed back, Last Jay Elec song I heard was MW3, other than that he's been out the limelight, and last but not least I swear when ever these artist names are mentioned in any article the most hate comes, The artist Im talking about are "Kanye, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Drake, and Rick Ross" and its clear that these are the top selling rappers of todays era which I guess makes sense that all u haters like to keep they name in your mouth, Diddy said didn't say yo Rick Ross is on the same level as BIGGIE all he said was that Ross had a biggie influence in the SOuth, FUck what anyone wants to say about Rick Ross or Robert williams if u want to be technical but he makes good music, I sweAR just cuz that whole C/O thing y'all switched sides, C/O does not mean your a cop u watch prisoners u don't arrest them, and just because he used the Real Rick Ross's name don't mean shit, what about "Freeway, 50 Cent, Nas Escobar, Cassisdy," etc these are names of real Gangsters but no one giving them shit about it, Like I said when some one is hot thats when the most Hate comes in

    • Anonymous

      the real ricky ross aint trippin on philadephiafreeway

    • ^

      Okay so what about Freeway? and still why the fuck would u not call out Nas or 50 Cent for using those names, simply because y'all hopped on the band wagon of the lets hate rick ross

    • ^

      Dawg J.Cole went against Blink 182 when his album dropped, he barely hit Gold, if he dropped when Drake Dropped it be a different story, and I like J Cole Im just saying he could have done big numbers then 200k first week sales cuz I know for a fact J Cole gets respected more than Drake does

    • Anonymous

      The decease gangstas cant respond 2 the use of their name like Rick Ross did,,,and the rapper RickRoss still havent looked out

    • Dumb People checker

      J.Cole had the #1 album in the country when he dropped.U wrote that long ass comment and lost all credit when u asked what happend to J.Cole,lmao!Nice try tho.

  • nahhh

    Nahh he's full of it.. I know people that had all kind of clauses in their contracts he gets paid and has to appear on their albums.. It's in their contracts.. Everything he does is to promote himself.. Which is cool but don't make it look like you aren't selfish when you really are

  • suge knight

    this nigga hasn't returned my calls yet. This nigga probably changed his number or something. fucking pussy



  • EEZY541

    Roc-a-Fella is dead??? No one from Roc-a-Fella is still on the label?? Kanye West still releases his albums through the Roc-a-Fella/Def Jam label. Watch The Throne even recognized Roc-a-Fella as one of the labels behind the album, along with Def Jam & Roc Nation. If Roc-a-Fella is dead what is Bad Boy?!?!? My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was one of the best albums in the entire genre and Watch The Throne was one of the most anticipated in the past 5-8 years. What exactly has Bad Boy done recently? Oh yeah, Last Train to Paris............ I'm guessing Kanye uses the Roc-a-Fella name on his albums due to loyalty. But at least they have one of the biggest music artists loyal to the label. Diddy needs to look in the mirror. Where is Suge Knight when you need him?!?

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross is the new Biggie!

  • Anonymous

    Puffy did Easy Mo Bee grizzy. Claiming production credits for the work he didn't do.

  • Anonymous

    you noticed how he put ross in a box he said down south big was international and thats the truth.

  • blah

    I guess Diddy has some credibility becuz he was one of the closest (if not the closest) friend to Biggie but there's really not much there..Biggie started the whole "Boss persona" that Jay and Ross imitated and to no surprise, it works and sells. Ross just flaunts it more in his music/videos but other than that, these 2 shouldnt be in the same conversation. I nvr really listened to Ross (and still kinda dnt) b4 he got his fame but now all he raps about is his $. There's not much there, he's not bragging about his MC skills or anything else but how much cars and $ he has..not really a true MC



  • Anonymous

    This nigga Diddy has gone delusional son. How could you ever compare B.I.G. to Rick Ross? Ross is doing pretty well but he is no B.I.G. And as if you don't know the struggles your artists go through? You keep them like slaves. There is always SOME contractual information that restricts the artist from going freely. Why do you think Jay Electronica signed with the Roc and not with you? Because obviously, you are quite a shady businessman.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck he talking about? Like he's special,"no one understands how the industry is run..." blah blah blah nigga, you know you grimy, stop tryna justify your selfish actions brah, i know you feeling the consequences of your actions right now, karma is a bitch, bad boy is wack,(besides BIG, black rob, the lox, craig mack, and g dep) he managed to fucked them over, including killing your best friend or being involved. Your time is done puff, give it up and humble yourself!! Faggot ass punk.

    • ^^^^

      Nigga eat your cereal before u have a heart Attack LOL, u talking about his involvement in Biggies death when in all actuality it was the Nation Of Islam look it up, and when he said the no one understands the industry u , he is clearly talking to you, in order to promote an artist u have to pay money, so u have to pay radio stations to play their music, u have to MTV BET to give them interviews, u have to pay for commercials to promote the album, PLUS u have to pay all the producers who worked on the album, studio time , music engineers, all the songwriters"even Jayz and the biggest names have song writters including Kanye and Eminem check the back of any of their albums) so why invest all that money if the Artist wont sell because now not only are u in debt but so is that Artist and good luck trying to get money from a broke Artist in the first place. What u thought Diddy cud just put a stamp on a artist and poof they come out wit a CD LOL nigga u must be simple minded


    Blah blah, i spit garbage that not even Biggie would give a shit about.

  • Junya

    If an artist has a life expectancy of 2 years then why is Diddy still here?

  • Anonymous

    I dont wanna here BIGGIE and Rick Ross in the same sentence... these dudes dont even compare... DIDDY had Big Killed so he wouldnt have to pay him!

    • ^

      Is it really, is that Y, now I can sleep at night cuz this guy just solved the mystery as to why Biggi was killed, all becuz Diddy didn't want to pay him Rightttttttttttttttt, Nigga u got all your commenting rights taken away from u this year okay, for now on u cannot comment on this site or any other site

  • Anonymous

    Diddy cheated all his artist out of money. Diddy didnt give his artists freedom in making the albums they want to do. Diddy didnt release a proper album after biggie's death to please the biggie fans. Only some fakesongs with hotboyz, game, clipse etc. Where are the unreleased biggie songs you faggot? Diddy shitted on Shyne and Black Rob when they both went to jail. No contact, no love nothing! Signing with bad boy means you are getting dropped.

    • ^

      "Diddy cheated all his artist out of money" This what u said, all Im saying is u talking about he cheated them out of money, he's the boss their the employees, u don't make the same amount of money as the Boss, any Broke artist will go on about how they were cheated out of money, and besides u act like Diddy is the only owner of Bad Boys Record, he's not the only nigga getting paid off the artist. "Diddy didnt give his artists freedom in making the albums they want to do." The ones that I listed all went Platinum so what u talking about they didn't have the "freedom" on their albums nigga they went PLATINUM which means money for both the artist and record label and obviously from the record sales u don't see the artist complaining about "oh man Puff Daddy didn't let me do my thang thats why my cd sold over a million copies lol" they should be thankful for any influence he had on the album Do u like that song "Big Poppa" cuz that was Diddys Idea not Biggies and Im not saying that Diddy wrote the lyrics Im just saying Diddy Pushed him to try and hit that style and it worked "Where are the unreleased biggie songs you faggot?" Nigga Biggie was no Tupac, he didn't record aggressively like Pac did so who knows how many or if any unreleased Biggie Tracks exist and who owns them, for all u know Ms. Wallace owns the rights to her own sons unreleased tracks, just like Tupacs Mom. "Diddy didnt release a proper album after biggie's death to please the biggie fans. Only some fakesongs with hotboyz, game, clipse etc." Who are you to say that he didn't please the fans just because u were not pleased trust I read your comment and thats y I posted what I posted like I said take the tampon out yo pussy and stop hating for no reason

    • Anonymous

      @HAHAHAHa: wtf you talking. i aint talking about gold or platinum. read what i have written dumbass

    • HAHAHAHa

      Dawg u serious Diddy is the head of a Label a "Boss" if u want to call him that, your employees don't make the same amount as the Boss, thats for one, number 2 how do u actually know what the fuck Diddy did or didn't allow for his artist to do on their albums, So your saying that Biggie went Platinum because those are Diddys Tracks that he wanted on the album???? Mase went 4xPlat with Harlem World, FAITH EVANS PLATINUM, Craig Mack Gold, 112 2xPlatinum,The Lox-Money Power and Respect=Platinum, Black Rob=Platinum, Shyne=Platinum, Dream=Platinum, Young Joc Platinum, Cassie Platinum, damn nigga u get the picture Diddy makes hits, and if u don't believe look all this shit up and number of these artist went Platinum with more than just one album under the Bad Boys Umbrella u just forgot to drink your Haterade this morning, so go change your tampon then think about before u type sum bull shit comment like that again

  • Anonymous

    This industry has a life expectancy of two years. It started a couple of years ago like, What happened with this artist? Why isnt this artist still on the label? So people started to try to give us a bad rap and spread that propaganda through the new generation. When honestly, nobody on Def Jams still on Def Jam. No one who was on Roc-A-Fella is still on Roc-A-Fella. Theres not even still a Roc-A-Fella. It was named something else. We the last people standing, we the last crew standing. And Im not saying that with any disrespect towards anybodys name who I just said. We not letting that propaganda ride. LOL@ Diddy haters. I know this inconvient truth pissed you off. LOL

  • bballslim42

    Big demanded attention as soon as you heard his voice on a track. Officer Ricky demands nothing but extra pork chops at the buffet line.

  • Tony

    Take that... (Diddy voice)

  • thought dog

    Diddy seems pretty delusional.

  • goonies

    Diddy it isnt hate its actual facts you lock people into deals and you wont release so that they can move on independently look at all the bs you put mase through to sign with 50 and to this day he isnt released and not able to move on same thing for the lox. look at the band Eness couldnt even release his mixtape with 9th wonder Yeh people get dropped and are able to move on independently but you sir a career ender.

    • ^^^

      @ all u niggas, U don't know how much money they have invested in these artist and they cant push units, so why release them from your contract if they have not paid u back,the labels pay for the studio times for their artist to record the transportation all of it so fuck that i keep them under me to until summone can buy out the contract, and the buck situation man that nigga made 10Mill, let me say it again 10MILLION, and now he's broke thats that niggas fault not 50 Cent,

    • Anonymous

      the buck shit is different, 50 made him rich, he talked shit and now he is facing the consequences, you cant tell your boss to fuck off and expect to keep your dayjob

    • room2roam

      diddy isnt the only one pulling those types of moves. 50 doin the same thing o buck and ppl supporting it. at first it was understandable but at this point its just a bad look for 50 imo. now it's on some real female, emotional, grudge-bearing shyt.. buck has a fam and kids, settle the shyt and let the dude move on.

  • Anonymous

    nigga ross and biggie should not be mentioned in the same sentence so disrespectful

  • y777

    fuck that money sucking vampire ..http://www.vladtv.com/video/79829/new-brain-chip-is-coming-soon/

  • koth561

    I bet Biggie would have collaborated with Rozay if he were still alive. They do have similar styles.

    • @Room to Roam

      Finally some one admits it, the fans are the fucking idiots, they forget that these rappers are regular people and that the rapping is their job, u think Kobe gonna go around dissing Lebron James and Kevin Durant, man these rappers are trying to make a living, and to that fool that said about the cops I pray to God that sum one in your family gets murdered one day and u need a cop to find the person who did it, I hope the Cop says naw fuck u niggas, just cuz sum cops are corrupted don't make them all corrupted, thats like saying all Black people are Ghetto just because some are actually ghetto, u simple minded ignorant nigga

    • room2roam

      u agree. big and pac would be ridin with the new school. its no different than nowadays. y'all hate to see X onstage with wayne or hate to see an artist u respect give props to an artist u hate yet it happens all the time. for the most part the artists arent stuck on stupid the fans are

    • Anonymous

      @anon fuck yeah

    • Anonymous

      naw biggie and pac would be like fuck the police and fuck the c.o.'s!!!! ross wouldnt have a career if they were still alive

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