Mystikal Says Cash Money Deal Was In The Works For A While

During his interview with Vibe Magazine Mystikal touched on signing to Cash Money and surrounding himself with people he trusts.

Quite a number of people were taken aback this week when it was announced that former No Limit rapper Mystikal had signed a deal with Cash Money Records. But according to Mystikal his deal with Cash Money had been in the works for quite some time even well before his release from prison.

“It was actually materializing for a while now,” Mystikal revealed to Vibe Magazine. “The conversation started when I was going through my incarceration. And those conversations continued once I came home. The right things happened and the right kind of deal was made. What I got from Wayne was don’t be to astounded by what you are seeing because this is nothing. Let’s go make history. That’s a young dude telling me that. Coming from him and given the big things he’s doing right now, that was right on for me.”

During his interview Mystikal seemed pretty confident with his potential for success now that he’s signed to Cash Money.

“Even Ray Charles could see what was happening over at Cash Money. The minute I went over there and stepped my foot in the studio I knew it was real. I never thought I would go from No Limit to Cash Money. It was like God was leading me. Imagine what I can do over here,” said Mystikal.

The rapper also spoke on lessons learned while in prison and revealed that he plans on keeping close watch when it comes to the people surrounding him.

“The number one thing that I learned is you have to watch your friends,” Mystikal explained. “Watch your surroundings and watch the people that you cry out to for help. Because by the time they come your situation will become far worse. I have to be really careful who I have around me.”

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  • Rudy R.O.C.K.

    I ROcks w/ Mystikal all day all night despite who he signed to or what he's done in the past... He and Busta are definitely upgrades to an mediocre roster... Can't for the album!!!




    them dudes good where they at waiting on the new album

  • Anonymous

    sex offenders putting out albums now. its ashame he did that cause the game really needs somebody to drop a classic. aint nobody capable of doing it but hand a full of artists and he might be one of them. but no matter how good his record is i wouldnt bump it cause he is a sex offender.

    • Viewtiful Jaybo

      #salute Rudy R.O.C.K.

    • Rudy R.O.C.K.

      U sound stupid as hell with that sh!T NIGGA U DON'T KNOW THE STORY... I'm close to dude and my boy basically to an "L" 4 those other two losers and was put on front street because of who he is- thats why he says he has to watch out who he decides to have around him... Mystikal's interaction with the woman was totally consentual, it was those other 2 clowns who did her dirty but Mystikal is the one with the dough and she thought that he was gonna break her off some dough whichhe didn't thinking that he would beat it in court unfortunately the system don't do nothing but fu(k over a black man... So Kill it with that sex offender sh!t... at least he aint fu(king with no lil' kids or boys... All these muhphu(kas being exposed for molesting kids... in schools... universities... even worst Church's... and ya'll give my ngga a time because he's a rapper... but you'll send you'll send ur kid to the very school and church where the real predators are at... U Dumb FU(K...FU(K U Mr. or Mrs. Perfect... U don't have to buy the album... the real fans and TRU niggaz gon' support my nigga... Save ur money... U gon' need it 4 ur kids therapy sessions after they take it up they azz from their teacher or pastor being that u trust them more than a dude who's a rapper...

    • DL Dub

      Tells me you dont know shit about the case, cuz he's not even a sex offender...

    • thought dog

      If you wanna be like that then you shouldnt listen to yourself cause masturbation is a sin according to the bible and that would make you a sex offender as well.

    • Anonymous

      But you'll probably bump things like Rick Ross who was a Corrections Officer who lied and took the identity of an infamous drug lord, then sold the image of a cocaine kingpin back to us. Dive into any Artits background and you may find out some foul shit.

    • Anonymous

      Mystikal is not gonna put out a classic album. Where have you been? His music is too one sided to be considered classic material. Not gonna happen

  • Anon

    I'm not surprise. The label is just buying artists like it ain't ish. Sad to see the they are artist who came out before Wayne ends up with him on the label.

  • Money First

    Super-talented dude and i definitely look forward to hearing this dude kill the game again!!! Now go ahead Cash Money and give Mannie Fresh the rest of his dough!

    • Viewtiful Jaybo

      Mannie did beats for cash money up until like 05. but i agree, he should be a made man, they spending mannie money on cars. birdman just bought a new car two weeks ago. that bugatti was bought from mannie money too. birdman just one nigga they never should have given money to. he def not in the 99% lol

    • Broward County

      Seeing as how Mannie almost never used samples, he is entitled to 50% writers credit for his original compositions, which make up Cash Money's entire catalog from 1995-2002. Tha would entitle him to 25% of everything the label made off album sales, and video. Mannie Fresh has already acknowledged that the Williams Brothers could never afford to pay him what they actually owe him. All he wanted from them was an apology for fucking him over so royally, which they never gave. If they paid Mannie Fresh the industry standard writer's agreement, they would owe him something like a quarter of a billion dollars. Apparently, he wrote, composed, and arranged the label's entire catalog as "works for hire". Meaning Baby and Slim would pay him like $20,000 a track, and he just rolled with that. Damn shame.

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