Bumpy Knuckles & DJ Premier "Kolexxxion" Tracklist, "Stoodiotyme EP" Released

UPDATE #2: A five-song EP releases two weeks prior to DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles "Kolexxxion."

Veteran Long Island, New York emcee/producer Bumpy Knuckles (a/k/a Freddie Foxxx) has announced a release date to his full collaborative work with Gang Starr's DJ Premier. Kolexxxion will release on March 27, 2012 with an EP of songs not on the full-length reportedly available sooner. This week the pair released the single, "B.A.P." to iTunes, complete with digital B-side, "OwNit."

The album will come care of Gracie Productions, which has previously released albums from Royce Da 5'9 and the upcoming Charli Baltimore project.

The two artists have collaborated together dating back to O.C.'s sophomore album, Jewelz. In the 15 years since, Bumpy appeared on Gang Starr's Moment of Truth and The Ownerz, while Premo produced on Industry Shakedown and Konexion.

In the last two years, Bumpy Knuckles has done full albums with Statik Selektah and "Step Into A World" emcee/producer Jesse West.

[December 14]

UPDATE: The tracklist and cover art have been revealed courtesy of DJ Wayne Ski's site, for Kolexxxion, due March 27th. Pre-order the album here.

1. My Thoughts
2. Shake The Room
3. B.A.P. (Bumpy And Premier)
4. eVrEEbOdEE
5. wEaRe aT WaR
6. P.A.I.N.E.
7. The Life
9. D’Lah
10. More Levels
11. GrEaTnEsS
12. EyEnEvErPuTmY4cUsAwAy
13. Turn Up The Mic (Feat. Nas) (DJ Premier Remix)
14. The Key
15. OwNiT
16. The Gang Starr Bus
17. Word Iz Bond

[January 11]

UPDATE: Today (March 6), DJ Premier and Bumpy Knuckles released the StOoDiOtYmE EP, a five-song digital Gracie Productions release. The EP is a promotional release before March 27th's Kolexxxion.


  • Michael

    The Banks are reporting Gang's, tracking their connections; at every level, all over the world. Especially the TD Bank, they're checking the serial numbers on all bills.


    niggaz got no repect for the architects of this rap shit. if the trash that's out today had come out 25 years ago hip hop would've been dead along time ago. AND THESE COMMENTS DISSIN! that's what happen when teenagers run off @ the mouth wit no knowledge. TEACH THE CHILDREN PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • BigL

    All you Premier haters, I have one question for you, where the f*** are your beats, and who the f*** you have rapping for you? I'm sure the answer is no where and no one. So please get out of here with the hate. Old Premo, new Premo, it doesn't matter, it's still raw Premo.

  • war22

    if all the tracks are like "We Are At War"...imma def cop that album

  • ilikevideo


  • Anonymous

    this is not bad i like the vibe this is a lot harder than anything i have heard in a long time.

  • Anonymous

    Not all the older catz should retire. Where's Double XX Posse? Ill Al Scratch?

  • Anonymous

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  • The Ghost BKS1

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  • Anonymous

    fuck yeh my boy nas got a feature im checkin for tht i know nas gona bring that heat as always!!

  • Edubb

    This shit is gonna go hard!! This type of collab is what hip-hop has been missin. Industry Shakedown is still one of my all time favorites. I wonder how many people remember the the lil comic book that came with the original copy. Also Bumpys verse on the Militia is a FUCKIN CLASSIC!!! Can't wait til this one drops!!!! PAY ATTENTION YOUNGINS AND YOU MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING!!!

  • cold 187

    The Real Hip Hop this, the Real hip Hop that..... just talkin REAL HIP HOP FACTS!

  • Anonymous

    the difference between legendary producers Dr.Dre and Premo..is Premo still comes out with sick beats.

  • Anonymous

    If grand puba came back he'd still would kill ymcmb and a lot of these young dudes. Nico if you got a problem with the old niggas still doing their thing. Then tell ya favorite young rappers to step their bars up.

    • turftalka

      Actually after hearing his most recent album, I wouldn't want to hear him return. Don't get me wrong, I love Brand Nubian's old shit. But, I don't want to hear any more music from him after Retroactive.

  • Anonymous

    primo is lazy as fuck these are all old beats niggas already heard dude is slacking on his macking big time in the 2 grand. bumpy knux deserved all NEW UNHEARD primo beats but that would require primo actually putting in some work in the 2000's. this man lives off his past big time drops like 3 beats a year and none of them hit like early preem he got fat and happy and its sad to see. the man is a living legend but his output has been very disappointing of late. and he been fronting with the NYG'z album for years now, fuck is it at? its been done for years getting mixed for years put it out already damn

    • Real

      Your opinion, means nothing. Fakeass fan..

    • royce

      only south dumb niggas would say Premo's beats aren't fire...cmon son dont u get tired of hearing that terorist bastard Dj Khaled with his wack fruity loops beats all over the media

    • Ama Hussla

      @ anonymous: you have absolutely no clue what you're talkin about.. read my previous comment in case you didn't, and if you did, you're just stupid bumpy only got one track from the "beats that collected dust" series (that is "gang starr bus"). that's a fact, stop arguing..

    • Anonymous

      primo is giving foxx throwaways from the beats that collected dust series, stop it. niggas dickride preem way too hard in 2012, duke is lazy, with one foot in and one foot out. how dumb u primo riders gonna feel when u realize u heard all these beats? i know primos catalog, i love preem, but i have higher expectations of him than u do.

    • Mashpotatoking

      @ Ama Hussla You said everything I came here to say. This album is my most anticipated for the year

    • Ama Hussla

      you're ignorant.. bumpy got LITERALLY 1 beat on there that has been already released, which is "gang starr bus", that beat was on "beats that collected dust 2".. the rest (except for the already released tracks "lah", "PAINE", "my thoughts" & "the life") is all new & UNHEARD, he got tracks that have been submitted for jay-z ("B.A.P."), kanye, fat joe ("evereebodee"), etc.. btw premo IS the goat. period

    • Anonymous

      you fucking right. but everybody is saying premo this premo that. premo is done and his beats suck nowdays. it aint 1994 anymore

  • Tycoon

    This is going on my must haves list.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    WTF is this the comedy central?? A Rozay coppycat LOL... Bumpy whas collecting unpayed bills at YMCMB when Rozay whas checking out inmates. Yeah you can look that shit up online BITCHMADE PUNK!!!

  • Nico 3

    Who's next? Grand Puba? These old timers need to retire to Florida already.

  • d.broncos

    Oh yea kill ya self for that Rick Ross comment.

  • d.broncos

    Can't wait till this drop. Anonymous Wtf u mean primo need to get a hot rapper, bumpy on fire. Soicyboi stop trolling. Lex luger, bo-1 rida and the rest of them niggas suck. This real hip hop here nigga. Not shit for kids and feminine muthafuckas.

  • So Icy Boi!

    lmao dis nigga looks like a RICK ROSS copycat. I bet Rozay wud kill him on da mic. #MMG #REALHIPHOP swag Permier is da worst produca off all time. his beats are boring. swag Lex Luger > DJ Premier Noah "40" > DJ Premier Boi-1da > DJ Premier T-Minus > DJ Premier Bangladesh > DJ Premier Willy WiLL > DJ Premier

  • So Icy Boi!

    whooooooooooooo????????????????????????????? swag

  • Anonymous

    Supposed to be a perfect album, I hope they kill it, and not slow it down on us!

  • Anonymous

    Premo needs to do an album with a hot rapper

  • Anonymous

    man if primo did all the best this should have something on it.

  • rick

    Rhyming is a part of my life, ima die with rhyming kids and a rhyming wife......... M.U.G. & Win the G are my favorite Foxxx joints... Dude with O.C and Preme have nice chemistry together.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Bump/Statik joint came out some time last fall I believe. It was pretty thoro. Man this LP is gonna be quite nice. A very hip hop ass album with rugged rhyme, dope beats, and a Nasir feature. Thank you, fellas. Thank you. Yes.

  • Anonymous

    Saweeet!!! Younger hip hop heads take note on great production and lyricism...

  • Bowski

    SAY WORD!! there's an actual Bumpy & Statik album out there that I missed??? I'm slipping

  • Anonymous

    Shame how few people are talking bout this, smh, looking forward to it tho

  • Preet

    Enuff respect brovaz.... i wish ur album was available in india.. and i cant afford that shipping shit... but whateva man, keepin it real from the day ONE! much love enuff respect....

    • Anonymous

      find a free download link man, i know its ''piracy'' but you just make a promise to show it to like 10 friends and they you have done more in advertising for these brilliant artists than the cost of a simple cd,its not like your able to buy it anyway. :)

  • Anonymous

    I fucks with bumpy!!! Industry shakedown is still one of my fav albums!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to dis

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