Waka Flocka Flame Says That Wiz Khalifa Is All Hype

The Brick Squad rapper names Wiz as an artist who hyped his way to the top.

Waka Flocka Flame recently stopped by Shade 45 for an interview, discussing rappers that he considers to be all hype and no substance. During the chat, the Brick Squad leader named Wiz Khalifa as one of those rappers, stating that artists can ride the buzz wave to the top but that listeners respect the real.

“They ain’t got no swag. They hype their way to the top. I ain’t even gonna lie. I really been booed a lot. I feel like they don’t respect nothing like the real,” he said, adding, “Wiz, Wiz.”

Waka is currently working on his sophomore album Triple F Life: Friends, Fans & Family, releasing in the first quarter of 2012.

Watch the clip below.

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  • James

    Waka maybe right about Wiz Khalifa not having swag and being wack but Waka is not all of that. Juvenile is not wack.

  • Anonymous

    How YOU gon be a hypeman, and then diss someone else for being better than you?

  • GRKiller

    Flockaveli was a better album than Rolling Papers. Just sayin.

  • Brandon

    WHy are we listening to a Quitter anyway... He said hhes quitting rap anyway... He cant even say Whiz name loud like a man he whispered that shit. He may want to fight whiz but that will never happen Wocka will be black balled in the industry for saying that.. No one want to listen to his critiques this is the same dude that says he hate raps he needs a dictionary for... Ignorance from a fat ass!!! He probably wants to fuck Amber

  • Anonymous

    Waka flocka lame is the modern day juvenile. Both garbage !

  • Truth be told

    Wiz and Waka BOTH suck

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  • Anonymous

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS DUDE gonna talk about hyppeee all i gotta say is.... WAAKAA WAKKA WAKKAAA FLAME FLAME FLAME *shakes head side to side like epileptic

  • WallyWorld

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  • Anonymous

    dude got to where hes at riding guccis dick. least wiz can spit something. FLOCKA! BOW BOW BOW BOW BOW BOW!you fuckin suck. quit like u said u were gonna. bitch.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not a wiz fan at all but the last rapper on this earth who should talk about another rapper is Waka.

  • suge

    Look who's talkin, fucking jackass

  • Swamp Thang

    HOLD THE F*CK UP............how in the F*CK can Waka Flocka's garbage azz talk about ANYONE??!!! GTFOH!!!

  • brizzy

    Waka cant rap for shittt! thats why he gets booed!!

  • adam

    lol @ all the irony. also last i remeber waka was goin off on how fake rappers in the game are, causing him to "almost quit". theres videos of him & wiz smokin on the tour bus chillen and now hes talkin shit 'bout HIM.

  • Lady Gaga

    yo waka fuckin sucks, that guy is why America gets looked at as a bunch of fools.. fuck you waka, at least wiz is just trying to keep a positive attitude in this shithole, your wackass party anthems can suck a fat dick, id never party with you

  • bigfoot89

    They're both as wack as each other...

  • Anonymous

    haa haa waka is i bigg bigg shit come on flocka ur nothing man i hate ur music fake blood fake rapper .......WIZ IS A BOSS WHO MOVE WITH BOSSES

  • Anonymous

    both of em ar jokers

  • thug defender

    screw you wacka bullshit

  • MusicMan 11

    Hold the fuck up.. I don't give a damn if Wocka Flocka is real in the streets or not.. Whiz got better rhymes.. fuck that

  • King Rell

    Wiz and Waka both garbage

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Did this square ass nigga really jus call any body "all hype". Nigga the only reason you even got where u are is by hyping yo way there. You damn sure didnt get there on your lyrical abilty, whit, or style. Does this nigga honestly believe that he can actually rap. Smh. #garbage

  • Anonymous

    both are two of the most bullshit rappers to ever toch the mic...fuck waka wiz gucci..

  • Anonymous

    is he serious he cant even rap ohw did he get on wiz wud murder waka on wax in a battle hell anywhere waka is str8 garbage rap

  • caliboy510

    damn its a shame how muhfuckas agreein wit waka wen he da main nigga dat hyped his way 2 where he at now just listen 2 tha nigga music he aint rappin he talkin yellin so u can bouce 2 his bullshit nd all them hits he had on tha charts them was kebo gotti lyrics real shit

  • IAmControverse

    THIS from the guy with the worst verse on "No Hands". "All hype, no substance". W.O.W. That's like Gucci Mane criticizing a prison inmate for overdoing it on the tattoos.

  • Michael

    LOOOOL wiz made it, no easy route. listen to his old shit. people think wiz has been out since like 2010 but in reality he's been on hi grind since like 06

  • Anonymous

    Wiz is straight garbage on the mic too. You know what it is....................

  • Anonymous

    what a dipshit....this guy is a poser...

  • Anonymous

    Waka talking about someone else having all hype & no substance? I'm confused ...

  • Anonymous

    Wiz Khalifa he can rap, make his own music and sells. Waka cant rap and depends on a wack Gucci Mane and a guy who wants to be put on the map again.

    • Anonymous

      And wat are u 2 on about he only has one song No Hands do ur reasearch and his album hasnt even sold 300k so u 2 cant talk.

    • Anonymous

      No guys person is right Albums Rolling Papers US Gold Singles On my level US Gold No Sleep US Platinum Roll Up US Platinum Black and Yellow 3x Platinum

    • Anonymous

      wiz can sell? this aint dude first cd and only black and yellow made a dent into the billboards. he is ok subpar but waka is being real its hype

    • Anonymous

      How do you figure that? Waka had at least 3 top 10 singles last year by himself. He even had a dude impersonating Obama remake one of his tracks.

  • Anonymous

    Waka said wiz don't have swag. Well waka don't have any rappin skills

    • Anonymous

      ok so have wiz say it cause no one cares about what u say. its not like u have a cd or a story on the internet.... lame

  • Rappin Man

    ill murder both of these niggas call my dawgs up have them pull the trigga i neva figured that my figgas would be big as jiggas it is what it is most niggas get pissed talk shit try an diss they just mad cause they girl just sipped my piss while im watchin a gangsta flick gettin blitzed hydro and hash if you can match me on a blunt my nigga i will pass feelin like a principle because i done passed the class in my league most niggas dont last cause the game game to slow they need hgh like paquaio im done talkin bout my lifestyle my nigga now i can take a bow

  • Anonymous

    Waka Flocka is the worst rapper of all time, I dont like Wiz either but fuck at least he does more then stand around and scream all the time

  • BossStatusGS

    Salute, FLocka, you just gained my ultimate Respect!! Most of this nigga Wiz's songs are hot garbage!! Bow Bow Bow Bow

  • Yada Yada Yada

    This is like Kat Stacks calling Supahead a ho.

    • Yada Yada Yada

      I'm saying it's one wack rapper calling another wack rapper wack...not hard to understand. At least not to most.

    • Anonymous

      and ur point is? do u agree with wiz being garbage or do u think only good rappers can call garbage ones garbage?

  • dj nemesis

    wiz may talk about the same thing over and over,but dont ever call dude wack...he has more flows then anybody out and he can throw a show like a legend...his show was better then mos def,talib kweli,the roots,and tribe called quest...wakas show at the club i worked at was dead,wiz performed the same week an it was LIVE!....wakas garbage,wiz is str8

    • Anonymous

      wiz attracks more. waka fans that i know are some real ass niggas who like to shot first and ask questions last. just being honest. hype will sell shows. i mean people follow wiz cause he smokes all day in a bus on video and shit. come one get a life let them both make money and continue to be garbage

    • dj nemesis

      wiz just ripped the song wit ke$sha,andre 3000,lil wayne,an t.i....RIPPED it in a way waka wish he could

  • thought dog

    If you dont like Waka Flocka chances are you listen to more alternative rock than hip hop. Waka Flocka has never claimed to be smart/lyrical or anything else. He makes music to get wild to.

    • GetYourIQupNIGGA

      If you don't like Wacka chances are you listen to REAL hip-hop and lyrics and none of those clown ass niggas like yourself and wacka. Your a fucking idiot and thanks for sharing your stupidity with the world. Have a nice day now nigga...

  • Chicago King Status

    To Be Honest Waka Should Never Mention Another Rappers Name Cuz He Ain't Shit But Hype His Self Most Of Music Sound The Same This Nigga Wack!!!

  • Anonymous

    Most of the real MCs dont even get the air play or media attention. The media likes to pump garbage in your heads....dumb it down! Thats whats really up!!

  • Anonymous

    All yall fools were bumpin black & yellow and you know it!!!

  • anom


  • Joey Ogoley

    I know this guy litteral said that he things rap music shouldn't be lyrical. Waka is fucking garbage, how is he real? fuck this ugly monkey

  • Meela Dymme

    "thats my dog, that's my dog" dam atlease someone came out and DIRECTLY said this. i mean Jay throws those subliminal diss, wayne,t.i.,ricky ross....so big ups to just coming out and even naming the guy that sucks....yeah Wacka even clowned himself a lil but his latest single "round of applause" I give him a 4 out of 5 as a artist

  • realtalk

    who the fuck is waka flacka

  • mr. tibbs

    Perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black or better put the really bad mc calling the other bad mc worst. Waka has alot of nerve this guy blows chunks. Wiz does too but damn dude your shit especially blows.

  • Anonymous

    waka shouted out wiz on ferrari boyz lol


    This is probably the realest thing this dude has said. I gotta agree with him on that shit. Wiz makes more money selling Wiz Branded Bongs and rolling paper at spenders than he does from music anyway. i hope waka dont come back and make a lame-ass apology video like that bum Canibus did.

  • Cant believe i agree with this clown

    I actually agree with this bafoon, Wiz Khalifa is incredibly lame and an over douche bag. I can't stand the guy and i honestly feel he has not staying power and before we know it he will be a has been

  • BigMikeB

    I Neva comment, but have to say that is some real talk. I respect all rappers hustle, but as far as being talented in the rap/hiphop and music industry some of these hustlers need to check themselves!!

  • Anonymous

    The diffrence bettween him and wiz is that wacka already knows hes wack he always say he cant rap if you were popular and making money would you stop ? no! so yall cant come at wacka for that

  • Negro

    Wiz is wack but so are you homes...

  • Anonymous


  • Robert ProfessorNumark Watts

    Where in the fuck does this screamin', non-English comprehendin', overrated waste of time and space get off callin' someone else ALL HYPE??? This nigga was supposed to retire, rite? He still puttin shyt out that nobody's gonna even download and bootleg, much less buy. C'MON SON!! (in my Ed Lover voice)

  • Sam Ritz

    some use their stupidity and pure lack of talent to rise to the top, embarresing hip hop (Waka, Lil B, Kreayshawn....) SMH

    • Anonymous

      Lil b yes but waka came out with some real shit and i know alot of people who like him that will never feel wiz music but vice versa in many cases. I do know waks weak lyrically but his songs make up by being ill with some nice ass beats. Kreay is ok just because of gucci gucci everything else blows but hey thats hip hop.... Wiz black and yellow single sold more then all 4 of his cds put together

  • ya boy g money

    Talk about the kettle calling the pot nigger


    both these niggas is hyped up trash.

  • Anonymous

    I would rather to Waka Flocka over Wiz Khagina any motherfucking day. It's trash rap but it is better than hearing a softie trying to act hard. That being said, Waka said the truth. Yeah I said it. Get at me motherfuckers.

  • David Poochie Roberts

    This how bitches stay involved in HIP HOP who cares how anyone make it to the top unless you a bitch or have bitch emotions. To many men care about how HARD or SOFT another DUDE is. Blacks crab in a barrel mentality. Focus on Education. Get your dumb ass out the hood. Its many rappers I dont care about, I just dont talk about them period.

  • Right

    That nigga Waka is right... That Nigga Wiz is TRASH! Period

  • Anonymous

    Waka sayin wiz is hyped up? Waka doesn't do shit but scream shit on his tracks and you can't even comprehend it half the time. i'm not a fan of wiz but god damn wakka needs to sit the fuck down and get out of the rap game.

  • SuperGucciRap

    Waka Flocka will murk that nigga Wiz Khagina anytime. Who the fuck still listens to that faggot Pittsburgh rapper anyways? Packers owned them in the Super Bowl and watch the Great Tom Brady win his 4th Super Bowl. Boston Swag nigga. Anyways, fuck Wiz Khagina. He's all hype damn right. Just like Drake, J. Cole, Big Sean, Kid Cudi, B.o.B and Mac Miller all garbage hype rappers from XXL or lame mixtapes no gives a shit about in 5 years. Listen to real Hip-Hop like Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, OJ Da Juiceman, Soulja Boy, Lil B, V-Nasty, Justin Bieber, and Christian Beadles. All you niggaz lose lol. It's Gucci Time!

  • Anonymous

    The only going for Waka is his energy. nothing else. His lyrics are wack beyond compression.

    • Anonymous

      The tool didn't even quote it right. BTW Waka shits over Wiz.

    • Yo

      co-sign i love Flocka cause of his ENGERGY, hes far from my favorite rappers or even a good one lol. No doubt that hes real but reading this story, it looks like hes jealous of Wiz lmao "Jealousy, thats a female trait, what? you mad cause you sell dimes and he sell weight" -Jay Z

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Its a video on worldstar RIGHT NOW not even two years old of Wiz a Waka rolling papers. This rap shit is all fun and games my nigga. This promotion.

  • Lou Phillips

    wiz created his buzz from mixtapes waka had to wait for kebo gotti to write him a song and gucci to put him on if you watch gucci manes kick a door video wat skinny ass wack nigga in the background you tell me!

  • Anonymous

    next news we will see will have Waka explaining how media gets everything out of proportion. Ill go to the bank on it.

  • Lou Phillips

    rip to your career WAKA

    • Desperado

      what because he called out Wiz? cmon now wiz aint a beef rapper who the hell he ever beef with? no one hes a bitch who collabs wit everyone and stoners and lil girls like him. how the hell is he gonna kill waka he a street nigga cmon he would murk wiz in real life thats how brick squad gets down ask gucci

  • feedbak

    i see what he's saying because Hard in the Paint was the 1ST big time Lex Luger collab to go mainstream, and Waka kind of set the bar on how to flow over a Lex Luger beat. I feel like Wiz kind of bit his style on some of his newer songs (like the one he performed at the BET Hip Hop awards) , so i can see where Waka is coming from.

  • Ephraze

    R u kidding me. If there a mothafucka on this Earth who is overhyped is Waka Flocka. What did that Gucci and Waka joint do???? Nothing. Wocka ain't did shit in 2 years, and that 20 minutes of shame is OVER HOMEY. I'm not a Wiz fan, but he ain't 100% wack. Here's question...... Name 2 rappers wacker than Wocka Flocka in the HISTORY OF RAP. Can't do it, can you????

  • Anonymous

    So Wiz is commercial, who gives a fuck? He does it and does it well. Give the nigga some credit. That's his style. And its not hype. Hype is fake. All his buzz came from the kush and oj mixtape and that was a dope mixtape. He brought a different style to the game and people accepted that so I dont see what the big deal is.

  • murdock

    they both suck real bad

  • King Oduduwa

    Waka is hating because he didn't do it like Wiz did and so naturally, he hating on Wiz. How you hate on a smoker??? The first thing that should be said to Wiz is, pass the weed.

  • bballslim42

    I hate Waka. But he is on target. Wiz is all hype, and so is just about every other artist out there who really cant rap. If you cant rap your way to the top, find yourself a gimmick and ride the wave.

  • Swordz

    Wiz is trash. But this nicca??? LMFAO

  • Pegasus Flow

    Bum ass trap artists is talking about substance? He must be trippin

  • Anonymous

    He put the nail in his coffin by admitting "I really been booed ALOT!" The public has spoken.

  • Anonymous

    i love real hip hop... and i love flocka.... he stays in his lane and dont try n be nobody else.... he aint out here tryna save these hoes... he made it on his own.... selling drug dealing music.. i dont fuck with wiz new shit cuz... lets be real... its wack and he sold out... i like this vid

  • B

    Waka should be the last person talking about Anyone smh

  • Anonymous

    "Waka Flocka Flame Says That Wiz Khalifa Is All Hype" Right, cause you are not, right???

    • killamx741

      I am saying waka is all hype, all that nigga does is go flocka flocka Pow Pow Pow Pow all through his music. thats hype

  • Anonymous

    i hate wacka and everything he represent (esp he aint got no "swag" as if lyrics don't matter) but he is 100% right. Wiz is overrated, and is strictly tryna cater to the white stoner crowd Takl about the pot calling the kettle black though.

  • kmarx10

    wow, if that was kayslay in the background, i think he was bout to go in on waka flocka for his comment foreal, shid i would have

  • LordLamickTheEmperor

    People need to learn to recognize and stay in their respective lanes. Firstly, Wacka can only be described as a Hype man, there is absolutely no substance to his music, completely reminds me of Lil Jon only Wacka has the opportunity to just retire now and save himself a more permanent press on the list of wackest rappers of all time. Get your Hype on, realise you were a one time thing, and be on your way, you got your cake, now take it away before hungry niggas rob you. Secondly, Wacka has a point... TGOD became a movement and had Wiz be that guy you couldn't ignore, and while his music lacks in substance, creativity and subject matter, it's still appealing to alot of people. Was it all hype? Mostly. Anybody who's serious will admit, even Wiz's best work (if your first thought is his album, you're a mainstream dick rider) is lame paired up against quality and original hip-hop music I'm gonna use MBDTF as an example because it's a mainstream album that holds it head up above the rest through merit alone. I think Wacka needs to grow up and stop complaining, his face was practically christmas green with jealousy. Oh and if you get a shot at making money out of being a hype rapper, quit after 3 singles (doesn't even have to be #1's, just take the money and live comfortably).

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO Aint this the pot calling the kettle black!!! Both so called artist are all hype and no substance!!! I have to give Wacka credit he does acknowledge that he sees the all hype thing in himself. Not many times an artist will admit they got booed.

  • chinlahdin

    whatever happened to this nigga studying geometry????

  • knowledge

    it's funny how a guy who's music is purely built around "hype" has the nerve to say some1 elses success is due to hype. Wiz aint the best rapper but he's better than Waka and so is majority of mediocre rappers(Tyga,Young Jeezy,hell even Officer Ricky)..Waka should nvr try to diss anyother rapper ever until he makes songs that have depth and meaning

  • Anonymous

    thought they was friends? theres vids of them smoking chillin together on youtube

  • Anonymous

    I'm sorry, but wasn't this guy supposed to retire already? Be gone wannabe gangsta. You of all people are ALL HYPE and NO TALENT! No lyrical talent whatsoever. Who even let the Predator rap in the first place. Danny Glover kill this muthafucka.

  • suprised?

    I'm startin to think Waka is a Wiz Khalifa hater. Wasn't it not too long ago Waka said that Wiz wasn't a REAL SMOKER? WTF

  • Jermaine

    Wacka have you ever heard the song "Black and Yellow"? He made a hit single which elevated his way to the top. Stop hating!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yo DX what about some real hiphop news: Conscious Daughters Rapper Dies Pioneering '90s femcee Special One passes away suddenly of unknown causes. who cares for wacka flaka

  • jg

    lmao this guy si saying Wiz is wack!? Wiz aint the dopest lyricist but he makes fun good music...Waka is a retarded wannabe gangster

  • Nico 3

    Go read a book Waka Flocka. Oh wait. He can't read. Go back to junior high then resume your less than marvelous rap career.

  • Whack Flackes on Flames

    they are both whack a beef isnt worth it. nufff said

  • Anonymous

    how many topics you gonna drop about this wack fucker. this is the second!

  • Giovanni Ditaranto

    waka you an idiot i saw sum videos of you and wiz and now you talk like dis of him??so what?you a non-talent motherfucka so shut tha fuck up and stop disrespectin real artists

  • DL Dub

    What? Excuse me? I did not just read that "Waka Flaka fuckin Flame" just talked about someone else riding the hype to the top. NIGGA?! You have zero talent. None whatsoever, and you have the nerve to talk about someone else? Dude Vnasty could outrap you. The only reason people even like you is becase of hypeness on the mic (which for me accounts to maybe half a point if you have talent)Where does this guy get off calling himself real? Real stupid? Sure I'll go with that.

  • lex diamonds

    this nigga is trippin! first he says all he cares about is music and money now suddenly substance is relevant? get the fuck outta here with that hypocritical bullshit

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