Jay-Z Announces Two Performances At New York City's Carnegie Hall

Hov will grace the stage at the prestigious venue.

Earlier today, Jay-Z held a press conference in New York City, New York with his Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation and United Way to announce that he will be playing two solo shows on February 6th and 7th at NYC’s Carnegie Hall.

“Its every artists dream to play a venue as legendary as Carnegie Hall,” he said. “The fact that I can use the arts and my talent to benefit the education of the next generation of artists, entrepreneurs and great thinkers makes for a legendary night. I’m proud to be a part of the continuing work of United Way of New York City and expanding the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation.”

Hov joins Lauryn Hill as one of the few solo Hip Hop artists to perform at the prestigious venue. Tickets will go on sale privately on December 12th, with limited public tickets available on January 30th at 11 a.m.

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  • David Peralta

    WOW!!! The hate is so strong but I know why. You hate to see someone so successful. I know It's hard to see someone succeed in everything he works hard for. But!!! Do you get it, he works hard. He makes it look easy but try and understand he had to work for that. He loves hip-hop and loves his place in the culture. What better representative to have for us in the hiphop community. What most people know is he's rich but I dont think you guys really know how smart he really is or how talented he. He's the greatest rapper alive. Keep in mind, Other then B.I.G. he is the only rapper alive that doesnt write lyrics, he thinks them in his head. People can say what they want but he is a complete Rapper. He talks real talk and that to me is more important then all that bs thats on the radio. So say what you want and come up with all that clever talk but I wont listen and neither will real people. Also, if his age is all you have to complain about then your young and stupid. Eventually you and your favorite artist will get older and hopefully you will have a career but by your standards I guess you wont be listening to your favorite artist anymore. Sucks for you but then again will they even be around??? Interesting...

    • A/K/A

      Man you were cool until you mentioned Luda, he's always been a clown and I think that has been universally agreed on a long time ago. Even when he was "good" he wasn't the most serious rapper. Just fun once in a while. Anyway, Jay has done good stuff for hip hop, even if some people may not like him or he may not be the very best or whatever.

    • David Peralta

      WHO SPITS BETTER LYRICS !!! Clearly for me, Jay does. Overall I think he brings something to the table that most can't outshine. Also I rather real contant then clever bs. If you say Eminem, Nas, Mos Def, Common, Talib Kweli, or even Slaughterhouse I will gladly have a debate with you because you have a clear understanding of real hip-hop. Biggie, Tupac, Krs1, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Andrea 3000, Busta Rhymes, and even Ludacris can be in the debate but don't go bringing up people that should never be discussed like Wayne, Drake, Game, Soldier boy, and Rick Ross. They are all pop hiphop acts. They all have major flaws.

    • Nah..

      I Doubt if Jay-z is the best rapper alive. Speak for yourself. He's your favorite rapper!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry,but what you think is what you write. The difference is that, i prefer to put my own on paper and you prefer to spit yours directly. So,that's not a point, the point is WHO SPITS BETTER LYRICS !!!!

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lil Wayne sold mo album worldwide den dis Camelface. swag

  • David Poochie Roberts

    One thing about this post and most be hate, but you can tell the people who didnt grow up in HIP HOP from those that did. You never should hate on an artist. To old heads this is entertainment, most of you have your favorite artist pillow cases and bedsheets and ready to go to war. If you dont like someone its OK not to comment. One thing about people you quick to point out someone else imperfection but get upset when yours are pointed out. HIP HOP is a grown ass man/woman love it or leave it alone.

  • yawooh

    Hov continues to help pave the way for hip-hop. Whether he's one of a few hip-hop artists to perform there, i dnt care. I would consider him a pioneer of rap and an ambassador (even though he's still in the game right now). I know his h8ers and some ppl might disagree but he's helped paved the way for alot of artists to perform at different venues.

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    The key words there are solo Hip Hop artist because one of my favourite Hip Hop groups The Roots have performed there.

  • WTF.. SMH

    The title on the home page for this article is complete bullshit. Jay-Z is NOT the first solo hip hop act to perform at Carnegie Hall. I saw Mos Def perform at Carnegie Hall 4 years ago. HHDX, please step your fact game up, this is not cool.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares ? Whats the capacity of the arena ? Thats the deal. All i know is that, Jay-z can't sellout more than 25k people, thats his max.

    • Anonymous

      @Second Annoy. The Atlanta concert was 21k+. What will happen when u go to an Eminem concert and see 60k people ? That probably will be 100k for u...lol!

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm... Thats odd.. I couldve sworn i just attended a Jay-Z concert that was sold out with 50,000 people in attendance about a month ago here in atlanta... Whats even more strange is that it was the 2nd day of his tour stop in atl. He sold out that very same arena with 50,000 in attendance the day before... Maybe I was just seeing things...

    • David Poochie Roberts

      Do you know that the average NBA arena is only about 18K.

    • David Poochie Roberts

      My question I ask is how many arenas have you ever sold out.

  • jason

    my brother has performed twice there already. wow and we are just now getting a hip-hop act there.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lil Wayne killed Slave-Z. Young Money we da best! swag

  • HEAT

    Hov continues represent and expand hiphop without embarassment to the culture or our people...no gun charges, no leggings worn on stage, and has the ability to speak articulately, only the dumb, unenlighten people will make a negative comment ..

  • Anonymous

    Money can buy you anything.

  • Anonymous

    Greatest Of All Time. People witness histor with his career and don't realize it.

  • Anonymous

    Jay Might Be The 1st and Last To Do This...No One Has Left A Mark On Hip Hop Like He Has...

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