Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 12/4/2011

Curren$y, Fiend, Smoke DZA and the pilots soar onto the charts, while YMCMB's stars continue chart domination in the form of Drake, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.

Artists of Young Money past and present defined the charts this week. Drake continued to top the Hip Hop/R&B charts with his sophomore studio album, Take Care. Meanwhile, one of the first people to ever rep Young Money, Curren$y successfully brought out his own label situation (through Jet Life/iHipHop, another former distribution parter of buddy Wiz Khalifa's. Young Money's head, Lil Wayne continued on strong, as did 2010 albums from Nicki Minaj and Drizzy.

Curren$y's Jet Life Soars Onto The Charts

Jet Life, Curren$y's group including Trademark Da Skydiver, former No Limit Records and Ruff Ryders artist Fiend, Corner Store P, Monsta Beatz, Young Roddy and DXnext alum Smoke DZA were the lone Hip Hop addition to the charts this week, in Jet World Order.  The work features two more DXnext alumni, Big K.R.I.T. and Nesby Phips. Earlier this year, Curren$y released his Warner Brothers Records debut, Weekend At Burnie's.

Drake's Take Care Marches Towards Platinum

Drake's Take Care sits just below 900,000 units sold. By 2012, this puts the former Degrassi actor on pace to have two platinum studio albums and a gold mixtape. The Cash Money/Young Money release features Birdman, Nicki and Rick Ross. The fourth single, "Take Care" featuring Rihanna, is at radio now.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 11/20/2011

#4. Drake - Take Care - 90,000 (894,000)

#6. Mary J. Blige - My Life II: The Journey Continues 72,000 (228,000)

#7. Rihanna - Talk That Talk - 68,000 (266,000)

#22. Trey Songz - Inevitable - 27,000 (27,000)

#24. LMFAO - Sorry For Party Rocking - 26,000 (332,000)

#28. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV - 23,000 (1,776,000)

#54. Wale - Ambition - 14,000 (269,000)

#57. Yelawolf -  Radioactive - 12,000 (53,000)

#79. Mac Miller - Blue Slide Park - 9,100 (194,000)

#148. Jet Life - Jet World Order - 4,200 (4,200)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousandth for units above 10,000, nearest hundredth for units below 10,000.

Will The Roots' undun, which HipHopDX called perfect, get the same love on the charts? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.

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  • Anonymous

    So.. Watch The Throne sold more than Carter 4 this week yet it's not here and C4 is.. WTF?

  • da1

    Damn these weak ass sales. Wayne and Drake holding it down. But I thought Mary j blige would be dng better. Remember when she was selling 700,000 - 600,000 copies the first week, during her comeback years around 2006-08. Also why is it Rihanna can have all those hit songs off of one album and still sale slow as hell. The game is fucked.

  • shadyaftermath

    will birdman just stop buying the carter 4 because no one else is.

  • Octavian Johnson

    I'm going to go purchase that Roots album. But i bet it's not going to be at the top of the charts because people dont like good music anymore

  • Malek

    I'm really don't understand peoples those days, really who buy album... a bunch of brainwash useless dude, no one care about real meanning and pretend to listen to hiphop, I am sure the roots and common will flop and they will drop classic... well jayz lie, I say : "numbers lie" cause sell don't mean anything no more peace yeah same will call me a hater, I tell them to listen common 6th sense. by the way I am french sorry for my cheap english lol

  • Anonymous

    whoa..Tech N9ne's album is starting to lose that much momentum on the charts??

  • mp

    Anonymous is funny as hell. he mad cause WTT is a way better album that that bullshit carter V. even lil wayne fans are mad at that bullshit ass album. BTW, Niggas in Paris. and the concert is CRAZY!!!!!!

  • MrNoluv

    Why do people always scream that "sales don't mean nothing", when their favorite artists aren't selling 2 million records anymore? Simple, because these artists out here suck! Us old school rap fans have money to buy, I don't have time to download songs like little kids that don't have to work for a living, so if the album was a classic, you better believe I would buy it. Ask yourself this, if you heard the greatest rap album of all time today, by some brand new artist with a new style that was incredible, would you buy it? I mean it was the Thriller of Rap, you can't tell me you wouldn't buy it. I know I would. But hip hop is dead, it's nothing new, it's all image rap now, saying what everyone else says in attempts to get paid, no creativity. If De La Soul came out today with 3 Feet High and Rising, it wouldn't sell because they don't have a prison record or meet that hardcore real nigga image that everyone says you have to have. If PE's A Nation of Millions came out today, same thing, everyone would say Chuck D sucks because he ain't no real nigga, take that positive shit out of here. Why do you think Immortal Tech can't sell? He has never had a weak song every time he picks up a mic he spits something that makes you think, but people don't want that. You little kids only want image, not real hip hop, new styles, shit that makes you think. You want fresh out of prison, I'm on a parole, I'm making an album before my court date! Hip Hop is dead that's why no one can sell 2 mil, the charts prove it!

  • Why_Not

    why artist don't do 2 million plus....because we can get media readily available on the internet, my 9 year old cousin downloads albums...thats how easy it is...

  • Gravytatous

    Why do people always scream that "sales don't mean nothing", when their favorite artists aren't selling 2 million records anymore?

    • Anonymous

      when you mention lil wayne they say sales dont matter. but when you say 50 fell off first thing they wanna talk about is how many cd's 50 sold 10 years ago. hypocrites

    • Anonymous

      well if they once were wouldn't that mean something is wrong now? dummy

  • Jeff Mason

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  • RTJ00

    Why isnt J Cole on this list but Lil Wayne still is? Stop dick ridding Lil Wayne HipHopDX!!

  • Source

    The Source gave 4.5/5 mics to Radioactive. Now let's see how many albums this year got 4.5/5 mics from Source; only Radioactive. Fuck XXL--those motherfuckers give anybody XL or XXL. Ya'll can get the fuck out of here with your Wayne, Drake and WTT.

  • scratches head

    still confused by mac miller selling anything below average mc with one the worst flows in history. Yelawolf is dope just needs eminem to have more input on his next album. Drake should throw out an 8 track ep with no rnb hooks just banging beats and him rapping his ass off cause hes a pretty good mc when he wants to be.lil wayne fell off a long time ago carter 2 was classic and the mixtapes before and after everything from carter 3 on has been pretty shit no ceilings is the exception.wale sucks balls.

    • Tylerthedestroyer

      Yelawolf is dope but radioactive sucks. Its like he had zero creative imput into that album, Sounds like eminems "sky full of lighters" weak shit.

  • Anonymous

    Black Cocaine numbers? LOL

    • Fish

      was just thinkin that. Although they cleared 4,000 last week which is pretty decent for a 5 track EP when they havnt released anything in years, so anything else is just a bonus. Fact is Mobb Deep's EP is better than most of the albums on this list

  • Anonymous

    U guyz should stop bagging Yelawolf. Tyga's debut album only sold 35,000 copies. So at least he's selling more. And look at Ace Hood he's signing to YMCMB and Def Jam and he's only sold 50,000 copies so u cant bag Yelawolf other Major artists sell worse.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne Fans Are Like Yankees Fans..Only Care About Number and Not The Quality of The Work

    • Anonymous

      why do people always scream that "sales don't mean nothing", when their favorite artists aren't selling 2 million records anymore? smdh.... ......

    • Anonymous

      You sound stupid even trying to compare teenagers to grown men 70 years old and down. You must be a Chicago Cubs and Emilio Rojas fan.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Drake is da king of hipop. he a legend. swag

  • Anonymous

    ya howcome j cole a wtt arnt up


    Why yall stop showing WTT and COLE WORLD #'s ??? im PRETTY SURE they sold more than 9k wtf

  • Anonymous

    why do people always scream that "sales don't mean nothing", when their favorite artists aren't selling 2 million records anymore? smdh....

  • J

    Till this day, I've never understood why they show certain albums numbers such as Yelawolf, Mac Miller, LMFAO, etc. but neglect to post Big Sean, Watch The Throne, and so on after a few weeks of release. And for everyone watching the numbers, Trey's Inevitable was an EP, he has an album due next year but I doubt EP's receive the same amount of promotion as album's.

    • Anonymous

      trey barely touched 20k and wtt is barely past platinum (1,100,000) sold after almost 5 months. this site doesn't want to put it in everyone's face that drake has almost outsold wtt and his album has only been out for 3 weeks lol.

  • Anonymous

    damn jet world order deserved to sell more. but they aint mainstream at all especially since it's not even a curren$y album. JET LIFE TILL THE NEXT LIFE FOOL. n props to wale almost 300k inna month, itll go gold within a year

  • Ha Small Kayne

    Lil wayne will reach double platinium when DETOX Drops for the stupid ones it will never reach 2x platinium

  • Anonymous

    since when is LMFAO considered as hip-hop

  • Joe

    I really don't get why they don't post the Cole World or Watch The Throne numbers. There is no way they're selling less than 4,200 in a week already. But, Mac Miller's album won't see 250k. Which is good, because Mac Miller sucks and isn't even a rapper. Only stupid white kids like him. J. Cole's album sales should see a little bump in the week after Dec. 13, because that's when he releases Nobody's Perfect as the next single and I could see that song being popular among older people that don't know about him yet. I think he should release "Best Friend" from Friday Night Lights as a single (not an album single) just to try and get more women interested in his music to get more popular. I also don't get how "Blow Up" wasn't a huge radio hit, it's way better than "6 Foot 7 Foot" and "A Milli".

  • Anonymous

    didnt i read on this website that the carter 4 went double platinum

  • smokejoke

    trey aint really get no promo where wtt?

  • Anonymous

    What can I say garbage sells. These kids accept wacknes with open arms. Lil Wayne, drake, officer Ricky, lil b the list goes on. The game is fucked up now. Being lyrical is out. These days illiterate niggas like yadig could end up selling a mill.

  • clay.willis

    good to see Drake doing it big To Bad Trey Songz Flopped His career is pretty much over 2009-2011

  • boom8978

    Like I said b4, them 2 cats still trying to reach where Jay is. He said it himself he makes less money off rap than he does anything else. Rap should be your start point. If thats where your major money is coming from you ain't getting no big dog money, bottom line. By the way as far as shows go the man can make a million dollars in one night. He and Beyonce has done it. Google that if you want facts!!

  • Anonymous

    why does this site always include LMFAO on the album sales? that shit is super gay and not Hip-hop at all

  • Mark A Jong

    To anyone saying Yelawolf is a flop, he sold more than Pusha and Trey Songz first week LMAO.

    • Anonymous

      Yelawolf album is a flop. The dude is awesome but man what a freaking let down. There's like 5 okay songs and the rest is utter crap. No top features. Not even from Shady. Production is grabage. Rittz is awesome and he features on.... ummm.. noise?? It's not even a fuckin song. I'm done venting. I was so fuckin pumped for this garbage album. FU Yelawolf for hyping your wack ass album.

    • Anonymous

      pusha t dont have a album out thats a mixtape that we all have already with a few extra songs dont use another man to make your weal and invalid point

    • gimik313

      nice fact. #salute

  • LordLamickTheEmperor

    I still think c4 album sales is fake... his first week sales are greater than the sum total of the last 12/13 weeks? That is just not at all likely. The sales drop after the first week was 77%, another confusing figure. When C3 did it's amazing numbers there was justification, shit was trending over 600,000, the hype was real. But nobody was excited for C4, even after it's release, the only buzz it's gotten is off it's sales records.... That says something too. End of the day I can see why it would be a smart play for Baby to go out and buy half a million copies of C4 in the first week. With numbers like that, it's gonna slightly increase your week on week sales, but not so much so he'll still lose money. But albums aren't even where the money is now, it's touring. Wayne tour's hard... inflate his sales and his tours can command more sales, bigger venues and higher prices, Baby could probably make all his money back after just 5 show's and then continue to make supernormal profits.

    • casper21

      I love to hate on Wayne more than his most devoted haters, but the numbers somewhat make sense, huge first week, and yes the possibility is there that baby bought some units, not saying something retarded like 500k, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was like 100-200k just to get it over that 1 mili plateau. That 80% or so drop in week 2 leads to believe some sort of manipulation. But he does tour hard, and if the ticket sales weren't real they wouldn't book stadium shows, they'd be doing small clubs like the rest of the industry. So ppl are showing up to his shows, so most of his record sales are likely legit.

    • room2roam

      theres no logic to that imo. waka flocka dont sell shyt but makes good money doin shows.. you can get show money wihtout selling albums. ppl will attend his show bc of his catalogue alone so why would you lose money buying albums thinking its going to get you more show money?? if ppl not feeling you they not gonna go to your shows just bc you sold a certain amount of albums?? doesnt make any sense. i cant front i dont know anybody that bought the album, i know plenty that downloaded including myself but it just wasnt good enough to actually go purchase it. i still dont believe birdman bought anymore than 100-220k of those albums if that. there's just no logic to it, especially since we all know the artists dont make any money off album sales. HOWEVER since birdman owns the publishing AND makes more money than most artists off the sale of each album bc of the deal he got with universal maybe he did buy a lot of em. if so it still doesnt make sense to me. waynes buzz is huge among teens. yes hardcore hip hop fans not really fukn with him like that no more but he doesnt seem to give a shyt and i wouldnt either. he got the attention of ppl that actually buy albums now. he would be stupid to turn back bc of critics, especially if he likes the music he's making

    • tresdemayo

      Your math is wrong dude, you think baby spent 10 million dollars buying CIV copies just to get a huge first week ? The explanation is simple : Wayne is a star with tons of groupies, CIII had monster sales, so his fans rushed in buying CIV when it came out, but then people realised the album is trash hence the huge sales decline in the following weeks. That shit happened before with other artists

  • Anonymous

    Damn Wale bottomed out pause. HE aint gon see gold for a min

    • tresdemayo

      Slow down dude, that was just a joke about his expensive addiction to sneakers as told on "600 Benz" ("I got 12 hundred kicks, them bitches come frome japan")

    • ju ju

      poor wale???!!!! he just sold like ten times more than his previous effort. with no crazy promo except for viral wshh videos. not to mention no huge crazy features or production

    • tresdemayo

      Poor Wale, how is he gonna buy his japanese kicks ?


    shit is kinda sad drake and wayne outsold them boys niggaz lucky nicki aint drop this year lmao havent heard a song besides the singles off WTT or TK so it really dont matter to me

  • boom8978

    Man at the end of the day everybody still playing catch up to Jay. That man has stood the test of time. He been winning when it was all about lyrics, and he is still winning through this bubble gum stage. Sales don't matter to him cause every person on this list will never see the money Jay has & he gets respect from the old heads too.

  • tresdemayo

    When did we start to relate on record sales to tell if an album is good or bad ? that shit is fucked up. You can shove these soundscans up your ass, I'll stick to my personal judgement

  • room2roam

    lmao @WTT. dude is upset lol. ok now everybody knows WTT sold 1k more than c4 this week. relax buddy. i bet jay and ye aint stressin. why u so mad? as for the sales this is the weekly rinse cycle. we already know how most of you seem to feel about YM but we also know you will still pay attention and listen so this is all pointless. current$y flopped. he should partner with YM but keep his own imprint and publishing, just to get more exposure. i dont think it'll help tho. yela shouldve sold more..riri not hip hop but her sales are lackluster as well and ive never been a fan but i actually likes her new music this go round. and i do agree with WTT..they should b posting those numbers. this is a hip hop site.. he just REAL emotional about it...but i do agree. no suprises here. the charts wont move again until a hevay hitter comes out. maybe nicki minaj.. not sure whose coming before her tho

  • Lou Phillips

    mmmmmmmmmmm may flop music





  • Lou Phillips

    i would rather see drake winning than lil gayne!

    • Y U MAD

      To translate what you just said for you: I rather see Lil Wayne winning than see Weezy winning!!! Feel what i am saying? Sit down its a YMCMB win at the end of the day...

  • HEAT

    Niggas better watch the throne....even though DX didn't post the numbers WTT sold 21,000 copies this week, 30,000 last week...consistantly selling every week, after 3 months of release.

  • Anonymous

    we're 3 years away from labels giving albums for free or like a promotional gift. yes drake is gonna sell more than WTT. but if they both did the same venues who do you think will sell more. sales really dont mean much. if denzel did a new tv show jersey show would still get more ratting. plus wtt is selling in countries where people dot even know who drake is.

  • Unknown

    None of this shit is even worth buying, except The Roots new album

  • Travis Evans

    WTF? RiRi albums has sold less that 300K? Can't be right.

  • WTT

    sold more than lil' wayne this week!! 21k wtt 20k carter4. also wtt has been selling just as much each week but you have been leaving them off this chart for some reason meanwhile riding the fuck out of young moneys fag hole. seems as if whoever writes this article is clearly in support of Young Faggotry!!! To the writer, FUCK U! WTT BITCH!!!

  • 2Da9thPwr

    Wayne is still on fire and Drakes Pink Friday part 2 seems to still be pulling numbers. Its funny, I thought Yela would do better cause he's white and from the South. Its just bad marketing. if he had released a video and a single for lets roll, he'd be doing better cause thats a white trailer trash anthem right thurr! *Note: This is just my opinion.

  • Anonymous


    • C-MACK

      @Simple Math - Your argument makes you sound SIMPLE dumbass! When it comes to record sales, it is a MARATHON! You don't get extra points for acheiving platinum status in 2 months as opposed to 5 months. Platinum is platinum...multi-platinum is multi-platinum. It doesnt matter when you acheive it...it matters if you acheive it at all. And everyone on this site knows Drake is NEVER coming at Jay or Kanye's sales totals ever! So, really homeboy...what are you saying??

    • tresdemayo

      Yeah, and Nelly's Country Grammar sold 14 millions copies worldwide (9 in the US only), so I guess it's one of the best rap album off all time ?

    • WTT

      fuck dat shit u faggot, anything over a mil is great in this day and time. deez muthafuckas aint doin no favors. i dnt gv a fuck about what rhianna or mary j sold. this is a hip hop site right? these muthafuckas r selective. and thats the only reason why unless jay and ye themselves said dnt report our totals. which i highly doubt. they like fag money thats all. didnt think it would show as much thru journalism considering hou hv people reading from both sides of the fence!

    • Simple Math

      WTT has sold only 1,100,000 copies after almost 5 months and HipHopDx is doing him a favor by not putting that total, to let the world know that Drake about to catch them in sales after only 3 weeks. This site needs to put WTT 5 month total on display, so that everyone can see that they ain't kicking ass anymore.

  • Justin

    Where did Childish Gambino end up this week and whats his two week total?

  • BwS

    yelaflop whats poppin G?

    • Old Yella

      oh, and thats even with him trying to beef with 50 (agen) jay z (agen) and pretty much everyone else. As well as his gay as twitter shit he does I would just shut the fuck up, unless of course you are sellin 60k units on your first album? and over 90k on your mixtape?

    • Old Yella

      if your "bws" is blackwall street, yo the game, whats poppin G? a lot more advertisement and money spent on that shit album he had. whats poppin G?

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