Kanye West Cites Nietzsche In "Stronger" Lawsuit Appeal

'Ye attempts to convince an appeals court that he did not steal a song idea from another rapper.

Kanye West and his legal team submitted a brief last week for a lawsuit where a man named Vincent Peters claims he stole his ideas for his hit “Stronger.”

In the brief, the Chicago, Illinois rapper cited German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche to convince the court of appeals to uphold the dismissal of the claim. West's attorney, Carrie Hall, wrote, "it would create a dangerously low threshold for establishing copyright protection over otherwise commonplace words and phrases."

The plaintiff claims that West’s 2007 smash borrowed lines from his 2006 track of the same name. Peters says he gave West’s business manager John Monopoly a copy of his song, and that the track was then given to Kanye. Both songs feature an intepretation of Nietzsche’s maxim “That which does not kill us makes us stronger."

The original case was dismissed earlier this year.

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  • anonymous

    Any person with a bit of intelligence can attest that decisions are sometimes not correct. Cases have been won for the use of even more common phrases, then mentioned above-such as Willie Dixon suing Led Zeppelin. I wouldn't rely on Kayne West for much nor give the court in this instance due credit. Vince P didn't have a very good attorney or prepare well enough. There is a way to alter and separate material to make it seem as if it was not altered or copied. College students copy all the time, so why wouldn't West, especially if he was to make money from anothers words or implemented concept. People sue for infringing upon their work, not copying words-and if one is writing lyrics one must use words, how those words are used to express, is the matter-not expressively the words themselves and their is no possible way one can state that once another decides to infringe upon anothers work or expression they will not alter it to fit their packaging or gimmick, its like taking a logo off one box and placing on another but in a different area, if the logo was made by another it still is the logo just moved. If Kayne West is known for taking vintage soul samples-relooping them and tampering them in the studio to sound different I would say he also would use another lyrics to sell himself. Comments on this site are below the grade, the level of intelligence is tawdry.

  • Dr. Lyrical Surgeon

    This means you have made it family. Keep doing your thing Kanye. If Vincent were smart he would try to partner with you on some future works (since you both share similar interests in music) instead he attacks you. Ignorance. #BuildRelationships

  • Anonymous

    So Icy Boi!: I never heard of Nietzsche. I bet hes a wack rappa just like Kanye. swag Posted2011-11-24T12:18:09-06:00 | Reply +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WHEN TRYING TO BE A COMEDIAN TURNS INTO EPIC. COMMENT. FAIL.

  • OG J Fearing

    Yeezy might be into devil worship but that song went hard bacc in 07.

  • yourmomsballs

    Shout out to Kanye's legal team.. Nietzsche is a BEAST!

  • Anonymous

    Friedrich Nietzsche and ya'll niggas dont think this man is Satanic! Wake Up nigga's this is a wolf in sheeps clothing...

    • Anonymous

      If you know anything about Nietzsche then you would know that anyone who prescribes to his philosophy is anti religion or worship of any kind. Nice try though trying to act like you know something about the most influential philosopher of the 20th and and so far the 21st. century.

  • Nabeel Qazi

    yall are stupid for arguig on the net. does your life suck so bad that u need the internet to draw attention to yourselves??

  • Anonymous

    Anyone seen a Fish Called Wanda? I couldn't help thinking about Kevin Kline's character Otto when I read this..

  • the doc

    Kanye is a motherfuckin artist Nietzsche is a modern philosopher Hip hop is modern day poetry Hip hop fans are dumb as fuck

  • So Icy Boi!

    I never heard of Nietzsche. I bet hes a wack rappa just like Kanye. swag

  • Jack Merridew

    this trial is a joke indeed kanye west is a clown anyway

    • GOOD

      @905 explain to me how thats "gettin all gay" are you borderline retarded or just plain retarded? @Brennon Ok "Brennon" you are talking about VIEWS on YouTube dumb shit! In YOUR opinion, those people with the gold plaques are writing the realest shit ever, but apparently the rest of the world has a different opinion. Like what you like and don't hate on what you don't like, why even read this article if you don't like Kanye? Fucking moron. @deleware Thanks homie, it's good to see someone who doesn't blindly hate so much.

    • delaware

      Cosign GOOD. Jack Merridew you sound like the biggest fucking virgin that doesnt know shit about hip hop but loves hating on successors. You know your bumpin WATCH THE THRONE in your pussy ass prius

    • Brennon Hall

      @good. lady gaga got like 60 million views on youtube....I bet you agree she aint shit though ??? tell me why kanye got all this recognition form not sampling but blatenly taking peoples sopngs and putting drums on em. when people like has write the realest record ever and get a gold plaque . . . fuck outta here.

    • 905

      do the guy above me, why you gettin all gay for kanye? lolol

    • GOOD

      A 14 time grammy winning, over 25 million digital downloads, millions of albums sold, etc etc etc clown. Don't hate bro it gets you no where, but Kanye will keep succeeding.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye West hasnt had an original Idea in his life anyway Even his production, people always say he's a genius, yeah, real genius, He samples old records and hires musicians to play over them, Fuck Outta Here

  • tresdemayo

    ha ha, that lawsuit is a joke !

  • Bam

    Was it Nietzsche? I always thought it was the Saiyan credo..

    • Bam

      Dudes.. I was just kidding.. Anonymous got it. That line is old as fck. And btw I think Immanuel Kant was the greatest philosopher for you smartasses

    • Anonymous

      namelessgimp, thats not the point who gives a fuck what youre studying fag its hip hop.

    • namelesstherebel

      I'm a philosophy major. Nietzsche is a popular and well known philosopher, and if you're just some name dropping fool then yes he's the "biggest" philosopher. Trust me, I'm somewhat Nietzschian, but he is not the biggest modern philosopher by any means. KARL MARX brought nations to ruin. EDMUND HUSSERL changed the game completely. GEORG HEGEL influenced both of the above tremendously and his method is one of the most common approaches used by the biggest and most respected philosophers of the past century. Don't make claims you can't back up.

    • Anonymous

      cant believe you called him an idiot for asking a learning question. fuck the internet



    • Anonymous

      that was a dragon ball reference fuckface

    • Anonymous

      don't call him an idiot, always time to learn little simba.

    • Anonymous

      idiot, Nietzsche is possibly the biggest modern philosopher.

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