Field Mob's Shawn J Responds To Ludacris Diss

The former Disturbing Tha Peace artist explains the fallout from his former boss.

After Ludacris allegedly threw shots at Drake and Big Sean on “Badaboom,” Field Mob’s Shawn J is claiming that another track on 1.21 Gigawatts , “Say It to My Face,” is directed at his group. The former Disturbing Tha Peace artist recently called in to to discuss the song, with Shawn J claiming that they didn’t receive checks for their track “So What” and that Luda has questionable motives.

“I’m pretty sure for a fact he’s talking about me on ‘Say It to My Face.’ That bullshit. It’s crazy because I did that. This shit don’t hold no weight,” he said. “Gotta look at it like, when you’re an artist and doing TV or whatever, I’ve been sitting at home before watching BET and seen ‘So What’ ringtone come up on Jamster commercials. And then we weren’t getting them checks. So it left a sour taste in my mouth. And then it had a whole thing transpire with us anyways.”

He said that the group and Luda were on good terms, but it suddenly took a turn for the worse because he was trying to take advantage of their success - something that he claims Luda has done with other DTP artists.

“One minute, we were cool as fuck. I pretty much understood that that’s how DTP rocks. They use you for whatever. When Luda ain’t got no hit songs, they goddamn milk you for your shit and then move onto the next project. That’s exactly what they did. I feel like he a fuck nigga. That’s how I feel. I know they whole system, I’ve been around. I’ve seen how other artists got treated just like that. Some real fuck nigga shit. So I called him a bitch, a bitch ass nigga.”

Listen to the full interview below.

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  • chrismorale

    i wish whoever pieced this video together could of turned down the music or turned up and compressed the voices. IT IS A DISTRACTION. he might of said something but someone was too busy showing off a new song...yes the song was relevant to the convo...but holyshitballz.... let's hear ludacris' side of the story.

  • Anonymous

    man these gotta be two of the ugliest niggas I seen in a minute.. god DAMNNNNN

  • misterkaka

    Amen 2 DAT..right on point niggas will sign anything 2 b da shit & not look n 2 their contract..they should take advise from ice cube..get their own lawyer read between dem lines..1

  • Anonymous

    Another major problem in the industry is niggas not reading the damn paperwork!! Niggas will sign on the dotted line without reading shit cus they hear theyll get paid but then get mad when they find out they not gettin money. Then come to find out that the contract they signed STATED, they wouldnt get a lot of money but they were too fuckin stupid to read the damn paperwork. For instance diddy and Birdman. We all know them two were stealing from former artists but guess why none of those artists took them to court? Cus they signed the damn paperwork without reading. I dont give a fuck if it was my momma, she give me a contract, im reading that shit before i sign it! Business over everything. Another thing is artist spend waaaay out of their means and then when they see they dont have a lot of money, they wanna call foul. If Shawn J really thought luda was stealing from him, and the way he talkin shit about luda now, he woulda took him to court. And honestly even when field mob was signed to DTP, the only hits they had all had ludacris on them!

  • NoMedication

    luda should stick to being a fake mechanic!!!!!1

  • Anonymous

    man really shawn dissed luda damn near a year ago and now luda just now replying field mob lyrically better than luda on the real and he really used them for their written material pimp c even told luda if you aint gonna take care of these boys (Field Mob) then you need to let them spread wings else where luda had 2 hard albums and them was the first two all 3 field mob albums sound better than his but this is luda m-o he wait a while to dis you he even went on stomp after t.i. recorded his verse and t.i. wasnt even going at him t.i. chopped it up like what ever luda is a bitch

  • Broward County

    Luda started out as a radio DJ, so it's no surprise he's down with the industry bullshit. Artists routinely get raped out of their royalties. Labels pay so much to market and promote them- not to mention the hundreds of undocumented cash payouts- that they couldn't see a profit if they paid their artists what they owe them. Field Mob just needs to stay busy. Their fan bas in the South is loyal...

  • Mu

    I think I might be one of 17 people who own a Field Mob album... and I think its only in my collection cuz I saw it in the FYE used CD section for like $3.99. It had some OK songs, but nothing special.

  • thought dog

    This is subliminal Drake propaganda to slow down the rise of Ludacris' new mixtape.

  • Anonymous

    This is the age old story in music. One person blows up and forgets about the little people. I remember when luda signed them, i was waiting on the album but it never dropped. disappointing because field mob are a talent

  • oh yeah

    flipmode had success for a while i thought you knew flipmode's the greatest in order to be part of the greatest, you gotta be the greatest yourself.


    Field Mob punchlines have more punch than Luda and they make better albums. Thus, Field Mob greater than this wack job.

  • floppydisk559

    mainstream rappers at there prime try to start record labels to early in there career then they realize they can't hadle it and everything gose wrong. royce da 5'9-d-elite-gone luda- D.T.P-gone 50 cent- g-unit- started dying when 50 tried signing big artist like m.o.p, beanie, and mobb deep. jay-z-took the roc-a-fella name from dame- now thats gone then give it time i'm preatty sure roc nation will die out very slowly. eminem- d12, obie trice and shady record was dying out around 2005-2010 before proof died. then he started over again and made shady 2.0 with new already established rappers. yeah theres more but i'm done typing. dr.dre is the only one that made it but he had to stop rapping for a long time in order to get aftermath off the ground and he had that jerry maguire story with eminem that helped him out.

    • floppydisk559

      dam alright time to school this chick. shady records is part of aftermath so everything under the shady record lable like the new slaughterhouse, or the new yelawolf, or even the new eminem c.d that came out, shit even everything under the ol shitty g-unit lable is under the shady, aftermath, and interscope imprint if u look in the back of any c.d that has an artist signed under shady record you would clearly see the aftermath imprint right next too the shady records imprint. so aftermath came out with alotta shit in the past 5 years and it is still going. it's cool thou me being a special ed teacher gives me the talent of schooling stupid people.

    • eminem

      wow boi aftermath is still around u dumn as fuck what has aftermath released in da last 5 years

    • floppydisk559

      yeah your right, i could never think on the spot but you get what i mean tho. a good 90 percent of rappers can't handle running a record label. they just mess up something that could of been great. maybe the field mob could of been really good they had alot of potental but they also could of been trash like the yin yang twins who know. luda kind of messed that up.

    • Dave S Johnson Sr.

      Beanie Sigel-Criminal Records State Property was the group and clothing line.

    • logical

      you made noo sense, DTP GUNIT n SHADY records all seen some type of success! you shouldve name rapper's labels that never popped like.... Game - black wallstreet Jeezy - corporate thugz Busta Rhymes - flipmode Fabolus - street fam Nelly - derrty ent Beanie sigel - state property

  • Anonymous


  • trooth

    yo dont hate on field mobb.... you dont' know noting bout them. them boyz are doper than 90 percent of the rappers out now. they southern rappers but actually have decent lyrics. i mean everybody who's on top is a fuck it is what it is...dont' be mad this nigga ain't pay u.

    • nuc

      they doper then m90 percentonf cats,,, followd up with they have decent lyrics hahahahahah what a joker

    • Honestly

      @ Kyle Tracey You missed his point. He was saying that they are better than most artists out now. And as for being an asshole Field Mobb was on the radio around 2004/2005. Hell Luda has been on the radio since what 2008. Fucking cunt.

    • Kyle Tracey

      then why the fuck luda got radio play 365 days a year and i ain't heard field mob since the 90s man?

  • Anonymous

    "So What" ringtones? Checks?

  • Anonymous

    all three people who remember Field Mob raise their hands

  • man up...

    man...this wouldn't surprise me. all the established rappers with labels have a poor track record of maintaining artist...Jay, 50, Luda, Em and Dre, I'll even throw Diddy on this list. At the end of the day you have to realize your boss is your competition. Take what YOU can get then try to destroy these niggas...OR get on your grind and get offers from a label that backs it's artist...OR if you really got talent and truly believe in yourself...go independent. Niggas stay lookin' for handouts, if a nigga gives you some shine and helps build your name then what YOU do with it after that is on up and take responsibility for your failures.


    i fucks with FM's from tha roota to tha toota CD still get spins in the wip 1-16 no skips who drop an album on DTP besides chingy?

    • Marcus Jouett

      shawnna, bobby V(2 albums), chingy(2 albums) Playaz Circle(2 albums) I-20, and they dropped two compilations. I'm sure there's more but thats all i can think of right now

    • Honestly

      Hell yeah, that was the cd. Sad thing is, is that cd sound better than most shit that is being dropped today people are calling classics.

  • nuc

    hahah,, fuckign lames and their 'mobs' go geta job you bum. you are responsible for any loses or wins you have in your lifetime. MAN UP!

  • Anonymous

    YAAYYY I'm first and I'm in class "Badaboom." I never would have expected Luda to be a shyster cheating people out the Money what a gank.

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