Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 11/6/2011

Wale and Justin Bieber battle for the #1 spot. Tyrese scores a Top 10 album featuring Jay Rock and Ludacris, while Insane Clown Posse's compilation hits the charts with Ice-T, Big Hutch and MC Breed.

In a career that's been recognized for over six years, DXnext alum Wale is having the time of his life. Only Justin Bieber's holiday album, Under The Mistletoe topped the Washington D.C. area emcee's second album - and by less than 50,000 units. With an impressive debut week, Wale's lone partner in Hip Hop added to the charts was Michigan duo Insane Clown Posse, who delivered a Rap-heavy double disc compilation that scored a Top 150 debut.

Wale Nearly Tops The Charts With Ambition

In the last year, Wale left Mark Ronson's Allido/Interscope Records for Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group/Warner Brothers situation. Releasing his second album in as many years, the 2007 HipHopDX Rookie Of The Year was welcomed with a #2 debut, selling just under 164,000 units. Ambition features production from notorious trunk-rattlers DJ Toomp and Lex Luger, with guess appearances from MMG brethren Meek Mill and Rick Ross ("Ambition" ), as well as former verbal sparring buddy Kid Cudi ("Focused" ). MMG's Self-Made group compilation album from earlier this year enjoyed Wale's push, and climbed four spots to #181.

I.C.P. Brings Work With Ice-T, MC Breed, Big Hutch Onto The Charts

Veteran R&B singer/actor (and sometimes rapper) Tyrese scored a Top 10 debut. Black Ty's fifth studio album, Open Invitation features rappers Rick Ross, Ludacris, as well as Strange Music/Top Dawg Entertainment's DXnext alum, Jay Rock ("I'm Home" ). The release came on Tyrese's Voltron Recordz boutique label, under EMI distribution.

Insane Clown Posse's Featuring Freshness scored a Top 150 debut. The double-album compilation features Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope's collaborations within their Psychopathic Records family on the first album, and various artists on the second album. Hip Hop artists ranging from Tech N9ne and Snoop Dogg to Above The Law's Big Hutch and the late MC Breed appear. Presently, Hutch, a former Ruthless and Death Row Records artist, is touring with I.C.P. Featuring Freshness was released on the group's own Psychopathic imprint.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 11/6/2011

#2. Wale - Ambition - 164,000 (164,000)

#9. Tyrese - Open Invitation - 76,000 (76,000)

#15 Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV - 28,000 (1,643,000)

#20 J. Cole - Cole World: The Sideline Story - 22,000 (370,000)

#23 Jay-Z & Kanye West - Watch The Throne - 19,000 (1,033,000)

#89 Big Sean - Finally Famous: The Album - 4,800 (248,000)

#112 Wiz Khalifa - Rolling Papers - 3,800 (606,000)

#143 Game - The R.E.D. Album - 3,100 (204,000)

#150 Insane Clown Posse - Featuring Freshness - 2,900 (2,900)

#181 Rick Ross Presents...Maybach Music Group - Self-Made, Volume 1 - 2,500 (181,000)

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  • Mrnoluv

    LOL, HIP HOP IS DEAD!!! So glad I was there when hip hop meant something! I remember we used to line up, I know you can't believe it, but we would line up at VIP Records to get that Dopeman 12 inch for NWA. Going to the Compton Civic center back in 87 for that free NWA show, of course those slobs started acting crazy and shot up the spot. I remember Justice the Original Gangster of Hip and Hop and then Schoolly D talking about PSK...Man that was real hip hop! Damn I wish it wasn't dead but like you fools tell me, stop living in the past huh? I mean after all we have classic rappers out there like Mac Miller, Lil Wayne, Wiz...I mean these guys are just as good as Chuck D, KRS One and Rakim back in the days right? You know what I'm going to go back to living in the past, sounds much better.

  • Big C

    Illmatic sold 59k the first week...do record sales mean that much? And rappers are going to make their money, they tour and all that good stuff. Plus, im pretty sure rappers still get money when people buy individual songs on the internet. I didn't like Wale's whole album, so I only bought the songs I liked, I still paid the man.

  • Mondega Musiq

    to have sold that much is pretty good, and it's been a really good year for hip hop especially in the era that we're in. i think that artists and music makers should be happy they are even on the charts. make that back at the shows and let's get it in! - Mondega [North Carolina]

  • Glad I'm not a Rapper

    You fans are some broke ungrateful mfs. I dont comment because I like to laugh at the comments I read on here but when it comes to album sales MOST OF YOU NEED TO KILL YOURSELVES. People used to determine at least I still do judge an album by the content not the number of units it sold. Ten years down the road who is going to say you remember that album, it sold 200,000 copies the first week or you remember that album, I had it in rotation the whole year and I still play the whole album from the first track to the last track. If an artist do put out a classic album and sell only 30,000 copies the first week you mfs laugh and say it flopped knowing damn well you and half your friends downloaded it. If the same artist put out a pop album and sell 600,000+ copies first week you mfs say they sold out. It is a lose-lose situation with you mfs. Since 2006 I spent maybe $1,500 - $2,500 if not more on cds from new albums to some that I replaced that got borrowed or stolen. If you wonder why or how I can spend that much money on cds it is called having a job with a salary of $60,000 a year. I buy albums and I dont laugh at an artist sales. Im only mad with them when they didnt come with the heat Im used to hearing them bring on an album. But you broke, stingy, or bootlegging mfs, whichever one you are, dont deserve to complain about album sales when you havent purchased a cd since 2000. You will download your own brothers shit and sell it behind his back and get on these boards to laugh at the low sales. And I didnt help Lil Waynes album sale with Carter 4, Rebirth, INAHB, but Im still mad at the Carter 3 because it was trash and I actually purchased that album. The others I never heard, download, and dont plan to.

  • Illest T.I. Fan

    Wale is saving hip hop freal. Real niggas respect MMG's hustle.

    • scoop

      ^You obviously have no idea what the internet did to record sales. Wake up, the music business is changing and no body is going to sell millions ever again, hip hop isn't dead, never will be. Just because mainstream pop fans don't understand what real rap is doesn't mean there aren't any fans out there.

    • Mrnoluv

      The kid is selling 160K, how in the world is that saving Hip Hop??? Dawg if hip hop could be saved, do you think some cat who everyone respected would come out and sell 5-10 mil like Big or Pac did? Now that would save hip hop! Selling 160K, selling 900k-1.2 mil isn't saving shit! Dawg to have hip hop come back to life, we need a new cat everyone will agree on being good like Big or Pac that can actually sell! That happens, I say hip hop is revived, but only until that happens.

  • Jason Williams

    THE 201 SYMPHONY - http://soundcloud.com/sychopath/the-201-symphony

  • Broke Fans

    Quote from Southern Fried "I never hear of any of you guys on this board actually buying albums and yet week after week you guys continue to talk negative about hiphop artists. I never hear about you guys actually going to sellaband and putting up money to support an artist. I am going to say these same sentences week after week until something changes in the minds of you imbeciles who are negative in this board. The fans killed hiphop more than the artists ever did." I agree

  • alerteddy

    all u clowns bringing up g-unit sales,banks has sold more records than rick ross.period

  • Anonymous

    Everyone knows JB wont go platinum coz his album is all his work this time dat's why

  • dumb pete

    thats bcos group albums dont sell anymore the only group that has a plaque in the last 6yrs is YMCMB b4 that it was G unit so yes Wale did 160k an its legit stop all dat hating an but the album sucka!!!!

  • pete

    before you ppl comment about album sale numbers get it correct BISD was 160,000 first week so chill.... also you dont see it kind of odd that wales album.. which i never heard anyone talk about get 164,000 first week when MMG presents Self Made vol.1 only sold 58,900 kinda odd 2 me...

  • Anonymous

    Wale is real rap. drake....hes a good pop singer,i hope no rap fans buy his pop album

  • Southern Fried

    I never hear of any of you guys on this board actually buying albums and yet week after week you guys continue to talk negative about hiphop artists. I never hear about you guys actually going to sellaband and putting up money to support an artist. I am going to say these same sentences week after week until something changes in the minds of you imbeciles who are negative in this board. The fans killed hiphop more than the artists ever did.

  • lol

    new artist from the tri-state check them out they're decent. http://www.datpiff.com/The-Reckin-Crew-NoworNever-mixtape.281716.html

  • Anonymous

    Just wanna say Wale, your album tight my G. fuck what the critics say, this your first album out on this status already know you in the lab cooking some more heat,just stay humble and stay you fam.

  • who can beat Wu Tang lyrically

    Dam can't believe Wale sold that much.Big ups to him.I wonder how Drake going to do???????????????

  • Anonymous

    mmg fans, what dude said about wayne selling 970,000 just on hype is true. wtf u think is happening with wale and what will happen with the rest of the crew. but than reality sets in once the hype goes nigga ya sells go with. so congrats wale for now we'll see how long you last before them sales slow down to a crawl

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent B.I.S.D. 110k Lloyd Banks 46k Yayo ??????????????? = 156k Wale Ambition 160k MMG = Winning!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Jimbo: R.E.D - 98k HFM2 - 44k #winning ^^^^^^ nah really losing game is on a major label he gets no money from selling 98k in the first week.for you fans you may think thats a win but for his pockets which he cares about thats a loss.red still hasnt sold as much as hfm2. As of October 2011 H.F.M.2 has sold 425,000 copies.Beamer, Benz, or Bentley"Gold (RIAA) when was the last time game had a single that sold?

    • Jimbo

      R.E.D - 98k HFM2 - 44k #winning

    • Jonny

      Wtf? MMG aint win shyt!! Only good rapper out MMG is Wale but Officer Ricky aint doing shyt. Wanna talk about album sales, lets see if Officer Ricky and the whole MMG can sell over 1 million in a week like 50!!! G-UNIT/G-NOTE WINNINGG!!!

    • swaggarfc

      dumb ass 50 cent bisd sold way more then 110k first week stop lyin

    • joe

      i think you mean game won

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Im looking forward to those Mac Miller sales, those arguements are going to be funny as hell. Cant wait for the dick riders to STFU.

    • Broward County

      Where Miller wins is by touring. He's got a real solid fan base that he's worked hard to nurture,and they will reward him when he drops.

    • Anonymous

      People are overexaggerating Miller's album even though he's indie rap not being a hater but i doubt it will sell 180k and top the billboard 200

  • Anonymous

    Man if I was Wale I'd diss the fuck outta Justin Bieber lol He a rapper now you aint know?

  • bcbudz

    why the fuck are people bringing up Banks and the unit. PPL are fucked up now a days. wtf happend to mature fans?? real talk dissin banks his album is gold as of now. n to let yall know i fuckin hate ross but i gave wale a chance cuz i like good music plain n simple...oh ya cold corner 2 is ill

  • kadafi1207

    Oh yea and cut fat boy Ross some slack. People don't nor did they diss Pac and he is arguably the biggest fraud of all. It is entertainment and these artists are "acts".

    • Anonymous

      You do know Pac shot two undercover cops. Don't you.

    • kadafi1207

      Thug Life airbrushed across your stomach to resemble a real tattoo. Guns and other "gangsta" symbols. "Thug life babbbbyyyyyy" "west side we ride on you niggas" He took on the persona of a thug nimwit. Yes all those things you said about him are true but that's the real him. You have to seperate the person from the entertainer in most cases not all. J Cole doesn't have that problem

    • Anonymous

      you said Pac a what? Thats blasphamy your kids gon have to pay for that. Pac aint no gangster. He never claimed that. He only barked on bad boy because thats what Suge was doing. You probably was born in 1997 anyway. Pac was about the people. When you think of Pac you think Che Guevera X and the Panthers you really need to brush up on your history.

  • kadafi1207

    Sales are generated from the number of units retailers purchase from the distributing label not consumers buying from retailers(digital and hard copy). So yea WB shipped that many Wale albums but I'm sure just about that same amount are still on shelves and will end up in the bargain bin. Nigga is lame. Much

    • Anonymous

      So reporting these numbers is to of what relevance??? Pretty much any big time act with a buzz has a gold album out the gates if the label presses and ships 500,000 units. Birdman pressed and shipped 2million copies to have on shelves for Waynes release date. Hence a multi platinum selling album. So why do they wait until retail sales hit a milestone to officially award it. It's all an allusion they're always tryna brain fuck people


      There's a difference between what's shipped and what's scanned. When the R.I.A.A certifies an album gold or platinum, that's what's been shipped. Soundscan is supposed to be what's being bought in real time.

    • Anonymous

      He's right. His numbers will crash next week. They changed the actual purchase numbers about a decade ago to make it seem like people are selling more than they are. It's what's shipped. Not what's brought.

    • kadafi1207@yahoo

      Ok I'm kinda confused. I can admit when I'm wrong. So you geniuses on here please explain. RIAA Certifications depict albums shipped wholesale. So a gold album depicts that 500,000+ units shipped wholesale to retailers. This is factual I researched. So the numbers presented in this article are based on billboards popularity contest retail sales? Or are you assuming?

    • Anonymous

      this dude is going around talking out of his ass I dont care if you think that but you're misleading other people. the dude above me is right. If that was the case there would be no re up of the album copies. These numbers are of full album purchases including itunes and all by consumers.

    • Anonymous

      If they stay on the shelves and don't sell then retailers won't buy 2nd shipments not until they deem necessary. Hence Wayne shipping 970,000 units first week off hype alone then some comparably low amount the next

    • Anonymous

      if thats the case, Wales numbers next week should be 0. Unless he plans to purchase a few himself.

  • Anonymous

    I bet that wayne album dont even break 2 Million, kinda sad for the biggest star in the game (aside from Em) cant even push 2 Mill, I dont know whether its the Downloading, the economy or people being sick of him..... Although people I see day to day at work and in the neighborhood dont seem to be playing C4 nearly as much as they did C3

  • Its Um

    I might Game out by buying a copy since most reviews was soild. Looked like Wale made the right decision, doing better than his last, maybe not sound better but still better.

  • Anonymous

    LIL WAYNE Tha Carter IV Will go Multi-Platinum in few days ....YMCMB above All

  • jda

    ok the fact R.E.D. album aint been played on any ny radio station and total sales is 200k means its damn good!!! go Gaaaame!!!

  • gun di liro

    lol @ Game. Nobody should be defending cuz he was the one guaranteeing huge sales for the RED album it was hyped for over two years. One of the worst flops in years by far. That Maybach Music Group flopped hard too. That came out in the spring. Not even crack 200k yet. I'm only targetting those artists who talk big sales and fail. Congrats to Wale though. Not the biggest fan of his, but he's put in work to get to this point.

  • Mr Mogul

    For everyone talking trash about Game's album sales, when is the last time you sold 200,000 albums? Thanks..

    • Mr Mogul

      You don't have to be a "rapper". The point is, people have so much to say about other individuals, yet have not even come close to achieving any amount of success in their lives. .

    • Anonymous

      I like Game, I baought all his albums, but this red album is his WORST album by far..the beats were all over the place, the features too..I couldnt find one hot track.. I did like Hello, its a mainstream ladies type of track, but other then that, nothing else sticks out. Pretty bad.

    • Anonymous

      wtf we're not rappers that was the dumbest comment ive read in my life. so we cant talk about music unless we're multi platinum artists? does that include you? dumbass

    • Anonymous

      these arent impressive numbers for Game

    • Mr Mogul

      Lol.. at least you're honest..

    • Anonymous

      we dont rap genius ... but if we did, we could go aluminum as well.

  • Cutty

    These niggas buying albums believe that!! the group album didn't do shit and this nigga who's corny ass a muthafucka I don't know anybody that's playing this shit!!! Remember they know the pubic watching the numbers and when your boss fake everybody have to fake it. Game,big sean,banks,Bieber i believe them numbers. But this nigga come on people Think about it!!! the shit don't add up The group ain't hot!! they ran with young money and felt they were hot!!! until U headline shows at arenas your Luke warm!! If wale sold more than the other artist do a tour and be the last act they'll cancel that shit quick!!! Fake Ass Labela.k.a.Fuck The Police!!!

    • Anonymous

      what are talking about ? headlining shows ? do you know that Wayne is one of the highest grossing touring in HISTORY ? Do you know that the first Young Money in 2009 grossed 100 million dollars ???

  • yawooh

    props to Wale..if it wasnt for Beiber, he wud've grabbed the #1 spot. But he still had solid numbers

  • there you go Game...

    hitting 200k like a champ, it only took you two months.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Games numbers are horrible

  • Anonymous

    I'm still laughin at waynes sales, as much as they push that motherfucker he should have sold more then that

    • Anonymous

      bieber was selling a christmas album in october you cant compare a christmas album to an lp

    • Anonymous

      yeah , how you gonan go a mill in a week then nothing after that that garbage,,.. Eminem is real numbers..if wayne did a mill in a week, your telling one million people all went at the same time to buy this dude album then nobody else wanted it?? some BS right thurrr

    • Anonymous

      look how much Bieber sold you idiot, Biber is WAAAAAAAAY bigger than Wayne nation wide and Wayne outsold him by 750,000. so keep laughing.

    • Anonymous

      that must be some forced, fake laughter.

  • Anonymous

    Happy for Wale, Ambition is really dope.

  • Mazin

    I'm not feeling the new Album sales article format

  • mazin

    What's with the new Album Sales format? I'm not feeling it

  • Anonymous

    wale sold more than banks odd future sold more than banks ETHER!!

  • Anonymous

    bieber sold alot for a christmas album in october damn



  • Ray Street Govenor Hatendi

    and what???thats something..listen to these niggaz talkin about wale like he just went platinum in the first week.....anyway i`m not surprised..what do you expect when the leader doesn`t sell shit either......bet u Ricky`s next album, the one Khaled and em were saying is a classic ain`t goin to sell shit either...God forgives he doesn`t...Pussy nigga just like God owns and runs the world and you don`t!!!

  • Man

    They need to count illegal downloads for somethin. If you got 1 million+ illegal downloadeds and 10k in stores that should count for SOMETHIN! Smh. They need some Internet charts or somethin...

    • CharlesJ

      not really tho cuz they might wanna know who likes the artist or the album enough to pay for it. downloading something that's free doesn't mean as much

  • yep

    J Cole is one the greatest of all time already with one album and a couple mixtapes.

  • Scott Yu

    ricky rozay bought 100000

    • Mr Mogul

      Some people need to understand the industry better before they post on this site..

    • smh

      yea since he has to recoup the label cost spent on him so i'm sure he would buy another artists album on the same label.. You should of just posted "i'm retarded", atleast that would of been a true statement.

  • Anonymous

    the internet kinda fuck things up for artists and sales but as long as you love their shit i guess that's all that matters for your personally use, idk about how the artists feel though

  • shady83

    da sales get every smaller every year even for the big sellin hiphop artist everything decreases!

  • shady83

    it wudn't matter if game was on every album up ther it still wudn't change da numbers ffs

  • Nico 3

    Little Brady Bieber outselling the thugs. Now that's gangsta.

  • Anonymous

    Hip Hop IS over. That's coming from a big underground supporter. Those sales are pathetic and beyond sad. Kids these days listen to other shit and nobody goes out to buy CD's. Let's be real, the artists don't have enough talent compared to other genres.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    actualy us so called hatin ass dudes buy quality music why waist the money on trash. like I said I heard ambition despite the fact I aint feeling the maybach crew. I give everybody a chance so the calling me a hater shit is out the window. and as far as females buying albums who cares 80% of em dont know a damn thing about hip hop anyway. unless they rap themselves or are truly some heads them selves which is very hard to find these days. majority of women tell me they dont care about lyrics. that dont sound like a fan of hip hop. seems to me women only dig club shit and music from niggas they want but cant have. so who gives a fuck what they buy. and the dudes buying it buy it because its according to them getting themsome pootang. no game having ass niggas. thank god I dont got that problem. I get pussy and keep it real.

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    these numbers suck. all these niggas got tv time right now on bet(i had to suffer 15mins of it when my wife flipped to that channel) so yeah these numbers are garbage @ wiz,big sean,weezy, maybich music group. Jcole is ok for coming off as the more of a rapper version of Drake

    • dbryant87

      yea jcole is goin gold no question about it at this rate 370,000 after 5 weeks is not quite that bad for a newcomers debut it's way better than waka flocka's debut that dude only sold 37,000 his first week and it took him months just to sell over 200,000 when jcole did over 200,000 his first week but if u ask me jcole's albums sales could have been monsterously larger if he had more producations, over hyped, and if jay-z had put him outer there like lil wayne did to drake that's way drake is everywhere in the media first known from degrassi, now in sprite commericals, and magizines, and all over the radio so if jcole had been more overrated like drake is now he would more than like have been damn there near platinum by now in album sells instead of being on his way to being gold

    • rubenito

      i laughed irl when u said your wife

    • Anonymous

      Cool story dude

  • Anonymous

    what did ross win? all his albums are gold and his label mates flop.his group albums 12k first week

    • Anonymous

      shut d fuck up pussy, gunit already cashed in wen albums was selling...suck ur dad whore.

    • Anonymous

      the same niggas who said hip hop is dead because wack rappers like soulja sell millions are the first niggas to diss good rappers just because of their sales and defend rappers like 50 who fell off music wise just because he went platinum 10 years ago. sick of you bitch ass hypocrites. and banks sold like 40k on his last album gtfo her.

    • Anonymous

      diff btw banks and Ross....banks is a multiplatinum rapper,ross is not simple

    • Anonymous

      if ross is garbage then so is lloyd banks.

  • Anonymous

    the red album sales is crazy


    wale did some good numbers compared to his first album but ima download it first if its hot i will buy but i do like bait so far wale sold if you got a twitter acct you will see the females do rock with dude and that who buys cd's not you hatin ass dudes

  • Anonymous

    crazy! I heard wales lp when I picked up that evidence and new jedi mind shit.i thought to myself if its hot ill buy it. gave it a spin and unfortuanley, cats and dogs and violent begets violence came home and ambition well its still on the shelf. but of course it sold. and alot of folks gonna be dissappointed. but ill be the first to tell the mmg fans. exacatly what I expectes

    • Doug Nichols

      Sadly I agree. If I had a chance to redo it I would get Phonte over Wale. I was expecting a lot from the Wale album and came away disappointed. However I was even more disappointed in the JMT album. Without Stoupe providing his production, it just seems stale and recycled Vinnie Paz lyrics.

  • carolcity

    The rapper who calls himself Rick Ross is a made up character based on Freeway Rick Ross a convicted drug trafficker from LA William was born in a nice neighborhood in miami. He graduated high school went to college to play football and spent a year at University studying criminal justice William Leonard Roberts II born January 28 1976 better known by his stage name Rick Ross is a manufactured gangsta rapper He graduated high school went to college and spent a year at the historically black college Albany State University in Albany Georgia studying criminal justice Then trained and passed as a CO William worked as a CO for 18 months Had a clean record untill January 2008 Ross agreed to perform a wide range of correctional officer duties including shoot an inmate attempting to escape These online hackers putting a picture of my face when I was a teenager in high school on other peoples body I'm in the entertainment business I grew up in Carol City I went to the same Miami Carol City Senior High School as Rick Ross and Flo-Rida The perception which Ross has put forth is that Carol City is the hood full of projects liquor stores gangs Carol City has one little section of low income housing the Matchbox Projects But I say Carol City is not the hood

    • Anonymous

      rick ross : freeway nas: escobar. lyrics full of criminal activity and mob related happenings 2pac (who was a ballerina btw): makaveli biggie: frank white scarface: tony montana eminen: son of the devil need i go on?

  • Anonymous

    WALE DID 4 TIMES BANKS FIRST WEEK SALES LOOL R.I.P THE UNIT BANKS 45K FIRST WEEK WALE 164K LOOL how many rnb pop tracks did banks have banks is pure hip hop wale is crossover

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Rolling Papers? WTF!

  • Anonymous

    so now hip hop dx is reporting insane clown pussies and justin bitchers album sales.....hip hop is very much dead at this point

  • Anonymous


  • chris

    hmm...where do they get the album sales from??

  • Anonymous

    i new my man wale was gonna blow he has a near classic album go pick it up its well worth the $ and that ambition joint has to be the song of the year meek and wale both rip that joint!

    • Doug Nichols

      I bought the Wale album and liked it, but I was expecting a LOT better. Glad he's doing well, but I'm still disappointed.

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