Lex Luger Says He Wants To Move On From Trap Sound

The producer explains that he's ready to expand the scope of his sound.

Lex Luger was recently profiled in New York Times Magazine, which dug into his past and his ascent to production stardom. But in the piece, the “Hard in Da Paint” helmer explained that he’s ready to move on from his “signature orchestral bombast” and cater his sound more to each artist.

“Everybody’s trapped in the trap sound. [...] I’m trying to get out,” he says. “I’m not gonna go, like, one route, you know what I’m saying? Like I’m goin’ trap today, and I’m goin’ pop tomorrow. If Britney Spears called me, I’m goin’ to wherever she at and making that record.”

The article also corrects earlier reports that Luger is native to Milwaukee, clarifying that he hails from Suffolk, Virginia.

Read the full story at NYTimes.com.

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  • Maceo

    Just when u start feelin like trap beats back which sound good as fuck u get this lil fuck ready to switch his style up already smfh yo stick with what put u on the map in the first place and roll with it for a minute before u go thinking u gona b the next pharrell or timbaland. He bout to put the carraige before the horse and lose. Stay relevant kid n u will have longevity take it from a real dude We want to hear that raw trap beats! Do ur homework!

  • Luq Compere

    Shawty Red Was The First One to do that Type of Dirty SOuth Beat.When He went to rison Lex Took That Sound...I Guess Hes Beggining to Realize What Ive said All Along...Hes Not ready,All His Beats Sound the Same...And Kanye Exposed Him On H.A.M. Any Real Producer can See Who Did What in That Song. Hes No DarkChild,Timbaland,Drumma Boy,Kanye Or Dre or Cool and Dre.#Factual

  • Cam McCoy

    I can dig Lex's beats but he ain't start no fuckin movement. They been makin those kinda beats in the South man. Good that he tryin to expand and diversify his sound. All the ones who last ain't afraid to take risks...

  • ifuckswitlugercuzlugerfuckswitross

    Listen up tranny lovers!!!!!!! Maybach Music Group is running shit how can my statement be contested?!?!? Come at me faggots!!!!!! The BAWSE of the rap game and the crack game Rick Ro$$ is about to drop his 5th studio lp "God Forgives, I Don't" 12/13/11 his track record has been proven, port of miami#classic, deeper than rap#classic, trilla#classic and the fucking musical accomplishment that is TEFLON DON #FUCKINGCLASSIC!!!!!! #Rossisthegoat

    • Fado

      What the Fuck?, I hope you work for maybach music. Ohh I get get your one of those "trolls", people that say things in order to make ppl mad?, lol. smoke some weed and get yourself laid man.

  • Anonymous

    Dear "Lex Luger"...stop stealing a wrestler's name, LMAO....you already know what happened between Diamond Dallas Page & Jay-Z's Diamond hand signal dispute that led to court.

  • Ron Nizamov

    dont fuckin sell out lex, plz!!

  • King Richard

    & please listen 2 a super lyrical memphis mc wen u get a chance & dnt complain about hip hop being dead if u ain't gon support da new rappers dats actually good....http://www.youtube.com/user/Darealkingrichard?feature=mhee

  • King Richard

    kinda dumb cuz daz wat pays da bills& my babymama wz jus talkn bout how n bout a year or 6 months folks gon abandon da "trap sound" like dey did "crunk" which wz invented n memphis & stolen by atl & please listen 2 a super lyrical memphis mc wen u get a chance & dnt complain about hip hop being dead if u ain't gon support da new rappers dats actually good....http://www.youtube.com/user/Darealkingrichard?feature=mhee

  • Loud Concepts

    damn i wish i could work wit lex

  • Anonymous

    trap instrumentals are the BEST instrumentals. Southside is better than Lex anyways. Good luck tho.

  • drphil

    he had a beat on wale's ambition no one even could tell it was by lex

  • daddy

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I personally feel he should not confine his talents into one "sound." Imagine if he learned music theory too. Its nice to see he wants to expand his talents. Props to Lex Luger. (He reads our comments btw.)

    • Anonymous

      Truth. Expanding his sound will bring him more clientele, more money, and more success. Music Theory would do him a lot of good.

  • changing lives

    it's good to see him leave the trap beat lifestyle behind him. good luck in his more positive beat endeavors.

  • Merriam-Webster

    Allen Jacobs while I applaud you for using such a great word like helmer it does not apply to loop arranger Lex.

  • ramses

    same old story,, use the bullshit 2 get paid then once paid,denounce it ,,the poor people who helped you get paid who are still poor will hate you for it ,, an they have every right

  • anon

    I never knew "trap" was a type of sound.

  • Anonymous

    AYO NEWSFLASH YALL Lex Luger has announced he will stop making trap music. And instead he is gonna make ringtone rap!

  • Alex Mendoza

    can't do those fruity loop ass beats forever

  • Area 514

    that's cool. positive growth is always good. creative arts get monotonous over time. new innovation from new inspiration.

  • gmang


  • Brandon Hamm

    Sounds good to me, nice to see him expand his horizons

  • Anonymous

    everyone is copying him.......if i was Lex i would do the same, and btw those beats are just too easy to make. All you need is a computer and the right sounds

  • jason

    This guy is already one of the greatest producers in the history of hip-hop. He started a movement with those EPIC beats

  • kilo

    Ha!! its over for "one trick pony" same 808 and snare that shit sooo played thats all you can do dude. his season is over everyone in the south had they run: Manny Fresh: done, Shawty Redd: Done, DJ Toomp: done etc,etc

    • SouthernTrash

      @BrowardCounty the reason the south has had its run for this long is cuz the southern rappers are the thirstiest and wackass rappers youll have wayne is garbage, ross a ceo now all the sudden a boss, tip is a snitch, outkast is the TRUE king of the south and jeezy well is just jeezy lol, the east and west havent been on because we actually care about our craft and when we put something out its 100 times better than the product the south be puttin out majority of south rappers are wack theres just a slim few that are actually nice carter 4 was a horrible album weezy is the most overrated rapper in history this year the best albums are gonna Sideline Story by Cole and RED by Game and by the look of the ssk tracks 50 looks like he gonna drop a very solid album, if it drops that is....

    • Broward County

      Meanwhile, the South has quietly had a longer run at the top than any other region. The East Coast keeps talking about "Illmatic"... The West Coast is waiting for "Detox" to put them back in the game. Meanwhile, Carter 4 is platinum. OutKast, Luda, Tip, Ross, and Jeezy have some of the most memeorable movements over the past ten- fifteen years. The South keeps doing their thing, while the crabs on the internet keep complaining. Take away Jigga and Ye, and this whole rap shit been kept relevant by the South. Real talk.

    • Anonymous

      Ayo DJ Toomp is actually pretty decent. Mannie Fresh was a pioneer man. You should have used better examples.

    • uknowme

      Yeah right the south is over my azz whats playing on your radio? whats on the videos you watch? you sound like a hator whos mad that your region mc's and producers suck and are not getting any exposure. THE SOUTH HAS DONE MORE THAN ANY OF OTHER REGION HAS EVER DONE! GO GET A LIFE!

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