A$AP Rocky Speaks On Signing $3 Million Label Deal

The Harlemite says that he signed on account of not having to compromise his vision.

A$AP Rocky previously expressed that he wasn’t exactly interested in signing to a major label, but then made the surprise announcement earlier this month that he signed with Polo Grounds Music/RCA Records.

Speaking with Pitchfork, the Harlem, New York native explained that his change of heart came is because of the $3 million deal he was offered.

“About three million dollars. [Other rappers who don't sign] are smart, but I feel like Sony/RCA is a family and the people there actually care about me. When I came to meet [Polo Grounds Music founder] Bryan Leach, I got to know him on a personal level-- he would set up car service for me to go to other labels. He wanted to see me make it. He's from Harlem,” he said.

He asserted that signing with a label wouldn’t compromise his music or vision. “I'm going to have creative control; there's no bullshit. The situation is almost unrealistic. I mean, five months ago I had about $3,000 in my bank account. Now I'm worth $3 million. Nobody's gotten a deal like that since 50 Cent.”

Read the full interview at Pitchfork.

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  • Dumpology

    he aint that bad guys. give him a chance and go download Live Love A$AP. its pretty good considering that he's a nobody.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck I just heard the mixtape. not worth 3 million BUT this shit is hard. I really hope it work out for him.

  • Anonymous

    If somebody offered me 3 million and I aint even started yet I know something is wrong. That kind of money dont care about you young fool! No man gon spend 3 million on you out the goodness of they heart!

  • kylef

    Can't believe how many people are hating on this dude. Probably all Yelawolf fans. Anyway LiveLoveA$AP drops on Monday so everyone download that and see what all the fuss is about.

  • daddyBack

    yup, its a 3 million dollar loan that the label expects to be paid back. If not....well you'll be a 3 million dollar slave. Good luck. I am happy to see he has got some form of income though but I hope he uses it wisely and makes good music.

  • cheers

    sounds like good news for him, congrats. Hopefully he'll take adavantage of this "unrealistic situation" and use his creative control to produce quality music with substance... But if not he can buy more clothes and get his nails done at salons

  • cato

    that's such BS...nobody gets deals like that...especially when they suck...

  • Anonymous

    Ross 50 million deal only one ever did it.

  • Anonymous

    his vision of being the Harmlem Wiz Khalifa over El-P beats?

  • LOL

    I thought they had mispelled Aesop Rock at first. Who the fuck is this clown?

  • Anonymous

    3 mill my ass...i aint no fool

  • daddy

    Im happy for him but I hope he understands its a $3 million loan. Remember, it all about business.

  • Lookin Down

    Wow!!!!! Everyone below me really got in son's pockets hard!!! He basically more paid than all of US here now!!! lol....and i bet 99.9% of yall are rappers who think ur better than him....show&prove son, he did right???

  • jay

    his 3 mil is his videos, promotion, recording, etc...do the math bad boy style...

  • Anonymous

    Lol am i the only the one that thinks he ronbed aesop of his name?

  • Anonymous

    isnt this the dude that got exposed for wearing nail polish

  • Anonymous

    good money check out this dude punching a girl in her pussy during a video shoot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOpo8gKRbfs

  • CaliBOY

    this dude is weak he just has a 2002 texas style flow on good Original beats hes basically lil flip 2.0 remember flip had a buzz too.....

  • msionctrl

    Dude can spit decent ill give em that hes Harlem nice, he aint gettin no 3 milli cash tho. Ya,ll niggas gotta understand the structures of these deals. Its not like a 3 milli advance, over half of this is going towards production and other things of that nature, not to mention some of this is for his imprint with other artists. Realistically he prolly threw a couple hundred K in the bank.And if hes smart he'll invest it back into his "Brand" and flip it


    never heard of him

  • Really?

    A 3 milly deal??? No one is getting that kind of money these days....That must be a lie..Either that or this dude is the greatest person to ever touch a mic. wtf

    • Big Dan

      Read into it..he said "I mean, five months ago I had about $3,000 in my bank account. Now I'm worth $3 million. Nobody's gotten a deal like that since 50 Cent. He did not say I have three million in the bank, he says I'm worth 3 million. He got the deal off his skills, not his buzz, which isn't that high, so in this day and age, no one handed him a check for 3 mill and unless he sells like crazy, he'll never see that. Basically, RCA is promising Polo up to 3 million to record and market the album and out of that, he hopefully got like a hundred in advance. Hurricane Chris and Young Joc are signed to Polo. I'm sure Young Joc didn't get 3 mill when he signed, after going platinum on Bad Boy, so A$AP Rocky u can be sure wasn't handed that much either. They'd have to think he was going to sell 2 mil at least to give him that kind of money upfront and any label exec making those type of forecasts today for an artist with no real buzz, when major rapprs ain't doing those kinds of numbers is obviously on something.

  • Anonymous

    so is this guy the New York Saviour?

  • Yeah...

    I believe this as much as I believe Kreayshawn was signed for 1 million dollars, and she's way more popular and relevant than this dude.

  • jaediggity

    The full article explains his deal more. His personal deal is only worth 1.7 million. Which is a great deal, but the other 1.3 million is for his ASAP label shit. Like its a bunch of other ASAP rappers and producers and shit. And that other 1.3 is for them. So after taxes hes gonna have like 1.1 mill left. Then 2/3 of that goes to album production and promotion. So realistically hes sitting somewhere between $365,000 to $400,000.

    • Anonymous

      and hes saying shit like "i'm worth 3 million" no you aint nigga anyways thats 3 milli the label is never going to recoup

  • ASAP Pocky

    Countdown until he starts bad-mouthing his label (like every rapper in the history of the world) starts now.

  • AuralEssex

    If ya'll think this nigga got 3 mill and ain't nobody ever heard of him then your crazy.. Stop lying nigga

  • tylr

    not trying to sound negative, but how does this guy supposed to stand out enough to reach superstar status, i've only watched a couple of his videos and i just can't see what seperates him from alot of other rappers; love them or hate them, but drake and nicki minaj who came out the gate selling millions stood out and had crossover appeal; based off what i've heard from this guy i don't get how he could get a 3 million dollar deal and be the next 50 cent or whatever


    3 milli? I have 1 question tho ; WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY?

  • Anonymous

    this nigga so overated but i aint a hater so good luck, good to see another nigga make money so remember tupac said im raps future @scientificgms

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