Royce Da 5'9 Explains "Hi Rihanna" Line, Says "It's Cool To Be Lyrical Again"

Detroit's own, Royce went to 106 & Park to explain his "Hi Rihanna" line from the BET Awards cypher and talked about how "it's cool to be lyrical again."

During his appearance at the BET Awards this year, Royce Da 5'9 made a memorable acknowledgement of Rihanna during his cypher freestyle. As part of the Shady 2.0 cypher, Royce's salutations were loud and clear, prompting Twitter and others to popularize the phrase, "Hi Rihanna." With Rihanna responding, others continuing to use the phrase and some wondering where the phrase came from, Royce hit the 106 & Park stage to discuss it all. 

"I seen [Rihanna] overseas," he explained. "Me and Em were performing at the V Festival. She was coming out to perform with us. She seen me and she came up to me. Like, I'm just a Detroit guy. Everybody is treating me like I'm famous now but I still feel regular. She came up to me and told me that she likes one of my songs. So, I just felt like, 'If you tell me that again, we go together.' It has to happen. So, you know, I express myself through my music. I just thought it was a line I was going to say. I didn't know she was going to hear it or what, but I didn't know it was going to become this." 

Speaking of the cypher, Royce also added that he has been hearing great feedback from the Shady 2.0 session. According to him, the response has been great and the Shady 2.0 crew felt proud of their work. 

"We're getting a good response," he added. "Everybody did their thing. We walked out of there feeling proud." 

In discussing lyricism in Hip Hop, Royce went on to say that it has become "cool" to be lyrical. Noting that sometimes lyricists get shunned for their focus on words, he said it's great for fans to have options when listening to music. 

"There was a time in Hip Hop where it wasn't cool to be lyrical. I think it's cool to be lyrical again. It's actually cool to be lyrical. So, that opens up. It inspires the kids. It gives them a balance. It gives them an option." 

Slaughterhouse is working on their Shady Records debut, an album that is scheduled to drop in early 2012, according to Royce. In this interview, Nickel also added that fans cane expect a new Slaughterhouse single later this year. 

For more from the interview, check the video below provided by BET. 

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  • Funny

    These are the comments: "hey yo it be good wat he doin. nutin be good as dis shit!!!!!!!!!!!" And then in response "hell naw it aint good dis shit be wack it aint no dope shit nigga" Yep, and you're all arguing about being lyrical, people. So much irony, so so much.

  • Funny

    I love how most of the comments on here lack proper grammar and English, and sound like some gangsta g home dog's wrote them.

    • haha

      funny how you call people out for their grammar but then improperly use an apostrophe in "dog's". hahahaha ooooohhhhh the hypocrisy.

  • N/A

    Being lyrical is a true talent and requires a lot of practice. With that being said, people who hate on lyrics are probably intimidated by it because it requires much WORK which is something that many young lazy newcomers don't want to put in. Slaughterhouse has been grinding as solo artists for years (some over a decade). Think about it... Not everybody is meant to be talented in music, why would you get excited about somebody who made music that you could easily write. It takes away the enjoyment you get when you hear something so incredible that it makes your jaw drop in amazement while your reaching for the "rewind" button.

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign that whole statement. Especially Joe Budden is someone who needs to be heralded for that. The lyrics on Mood Muzik are some of the best of all time. Not only in rap, for everything. It's poetry.

  • alllen

    Fuck royce da 5'9 his lyrics suck! bad meets evil=trash OFWGKTA

  • RJ-The YellowMan

    good feedback? shady 2.0 went fuckin crazy in that cypher forreal

  • Richard Powell

    joe budden!!! mood muzik, ive been on the slaughterhouse team for years now. smh and they are just now getting all this hype

    • Drastik07

      Your not the only one but besides em handling slaughter house and giving them a different sound and his most notably famous career its obv why they are getting hype now always loved royce budden was mad when two of my fav rappers beefed back in the day em and royce and that killed royce not to mention his brother was killing his career too

  • @LostyMC


  • B-OV

    Been bumpin slaughterhouse artists for the last 4 years or so. Classic Material. From Joe Budden's Mood Muzik series to 5'9''s B.A.R. exam collection. They are TRUE lyracists who deserve the attention. For the record, when I hear any of Young Money's material, I feel like im listening to the Urban version of High School Musical.No substance...All flash. Now that doesnt mean that I dont wish them well, but their overall material is trash.

  • nickel

    why do people have to hate on this? are u telling me anything he said was wrong? are you telling me royce doesnt deserve to blow? are u telling me he isnt the best rapper in the INDUSTRY RIGHT NOW? even if you dont agree with that last part, admit he is a dude who can actually rap and is getting attention, its fucking good for hiphop

  • Kalvin King

    I juss felt there was a time when rap taught you something. Crack has been out since 83 so we aint learnin nutin new there. I guess da struggle is over. When was the last time you heard a story rhyme

    • Nicca

      Taon ain't ignorant, the only reason Nas' albums sell is because people catch on to his shit like 5 years after it drops. You think people made illmatic 2x platinum in 91?? fuck no. People with an ear for music, way down the line from 91, pick up on his incredible style and wordplay and go cop some albums. I bought Stillmatic when it dropped and I was 13. I personally own his entire collection now and I didn't have them all until I was like 17. Nas has never been commercial like all the other sellouts that use to stand for something in hip hop and lost the meaning along the way. Somewhere between flashy lights and Cristal these motherfuckers forgot to keep it real. Enter Nas, Exit Nucca. You ignorant slut.

    • Nucca

      @ taon sauls nas has like 8 platinum albums and the rest are gold how is that not selling for shit....STFU u ignorant fuck

    • Taon Sauls

      I know what you saying but executives put out what sells. Nas is lyrical as fuck and usually has a message in his songs but his albums don't sell for shit. During the same time span Jay-z who was lyrical as fuck and mostly talked about about the streets, how much money he had and pimping...he had albums that couldn't stay on the shelf. I think Ice Cube was the last person who tried to enlighten and sold albums, but that was in the 90's when that shit actually sold now a days it aint's like african americans are stuck in a huge nigga moment.

    • SutterKane

      A story rhyme aint gotta teach you about the Pilgrims and the Indians or how to worship allah, I heard a story rhyme on a record yesterday the fuck you talkin about, just because its not on some self righteous "I'ma a save the world with a rap lyric" shit dont make it any less potent....... A Song could be ttelling you a story about how dude loves to beat his children and it would still be storytelling

  • silentturd president carter freestyle and oh yea royce is an animal

  • Slruim

    Seeing alot of Slaughterhouse hate. People just hate because they be getting success and mainstream attention. Talk about rebels without a cause.

  • Donald Goines

    I think this asshole needs to get more tattoos-- they make him REAL smart, 59--almost 6o IQ. laughterhouse are doghit battle rappers for white NERDS, which is to say musically fucking worthless.

  • suge knight

    THis dude is wack like beetlejuice

  • Anonymous

    world wrestling hip hop federation and you guys are at the forefront of reporting on it lol

  • Anonymous

    respect. lyricism should beback. shoutout to j cole

  • anonymous

    @anon, that was sarcasm, I'm just saying that artists nowadays get chosen, they don't 'make' it into the game no more. Drake is just the britneyspears/justin disneymickeymouse whatever version of hip-hop.

  • Anonymous

    Bitch please New York rap is like And 1 basketball.Good for the streets but they wont blow!

    • Brandon Caminero

      I just want to say...I think you are dumb... look the most lyrical ppl are the biggest stars lupe, jay, em, nas, kanye, ill go as far to even include wayne (only bc other ppl say he's lyrical) these ppl are killing in sales so you should think before you speak! just saying!

    • Spre

      @anonymous, Ur a DICK! NY is the Mecca of Hip-Hop.. If it wasn't 4 Big, Nas, Rakim, Kool G, EPMD, Wu Tang Clan, Pun and so many more MC's These nut ass pop artist wouldn't be on.. They opened up door's with lyricism and controversial song's.. They fought 4 this Rap shit.. It's just that this non-talented generation doesn't wanna work for anything.. They rather spit nursery rhymes and get paid 4 being an industry puppet.. Yall have no HEART at the end of the day.. U stand 4 nothing!

  • Jason

    Finally!! some depth back in the game is coming back. i miss aggression in rap but more importantly deep wordplay. looks like real lyricism is coming back. i rather hear depth over bouncy beats than autotune BS or whiney ass non cruisable or danceable MC's you know who you are!!!!

    • NONO

      Nas is inconsistent? 7 platinum albums and 2 gold in 10 years is inconsistent? Besides Nastradamus and God's Son, all of his albums have been great.You guys consider whoever you don't see on t.v. as "fallen off"....And they couldn't rap circles around nobody when it comes to subject matter and vocabulary. It's easy to rap about tearing somebody's head off, than it is to get a point across....Illmatic was the first, but we all know he has had better albums than that. Lyrically and production wise. It had like 9 tracks....People just wanted that first album feeling again when he was brand new, but that only comes once for all artists. You guys need to do some research.

    • Anonymous

      Nas has the most incosistent catalouge of all time. Besides Illmatic, he was never able to use his full potential. And he has sooooo many average verses that people tend to forget. ALL of these dudes would rap circles around him. They have far better rhymes, more complex wordplay, deep metaphors and crazy punchlines. Not to mention their vicious flows and amazing delivery.

    • Andrew Sass

      agree with Joshua. Illmatic was a classic but there hasn't been much from him in recent years.

    • Joshua Doran

      Nas Use to be one of my favorite MC's..But Honestly he isnt as good as he use to be... He's about as consistant as 50 Cent... Besides his Distant Relative Tracks and that Mobb Deep ish... Hes Fell off like a bad joke at the Apollo...

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up-- compare Nas' catalog to all four of these assholes combined and come back to me about 'substance.'

    • datNIGGAJ


  • Up North

    I'm liking and agreeing with these posts. It's about time substance got brought to the forefront.

  • Jeremy King

    I always been down wit "Nickel"

  • SutterKane

    Props to everyone who co signin, just speaking on whats real When you think about it Royce is the perfect crossover MC to me, he can cover all bases, he could spit bar for bar with the best of them, but he's not limited to just that, he can spit some real shit like "Life" or "Shake This", make a club song, droppin some funny shit...... People online have being Lyrical confused with being some angry, mad at the world 24/7 complain about shit all day everyday type dude....... That shit is as just as lame as being some retard who cant spit a word bigger then 2 syllables depending on the beat and hook to carry his downsyndrome bars The Best MC's are the ones who touch all bases.......Jay, Em, Nas, Pac, Big, Kane, Rakim, G Rap, etc etc, cats who can get you heated, make you laugh, tell you a story, make a song here and there that your chick dont mind hearin and maybe a dance song or 2 as well....... Hip Hop has more then one chamber

  • Mr Flamboyant

    One for SutterKane. LOL! The Anti Social Elitist Dweebs is the classic line of the month, maybe the year... And yeah, niggas were acting at a time very heavily that if you weren't from NYC then you weren't shit. But the funny thing about that was NYC wasn't holding shit down for a good while and was just following trends (outside of Wu Tang, Nas, and a few others). Hell I remember that the only two spots that were making consistently good music were LA, CA and, get this, Detroit, MI.

    • Joshua Doran

      So what Game & Crooked I are Chop Liver? Kendrick does his thing... Theres a reason you stay anonymous.

    • Mag1c

      @Anonymous under mr. flamboyant....Da West has a New Upcoming savior by the name of JAG. He got sum HEAT on so jus check out that n tell me if Da West ain't got a Monster on their hands...he's better than kendrick to Me. Jus gotta listen fo yaself. Youtube 'em.

    • Anonymous

      U dumb as hell west coast doesnt have shit past kendrick llamar right now..detroit sure but past that nyc stays consitently killing it. Jay,nas, the wu, the lox, jada, the whole ditc there aint an era in time when nyc was bringing whack shit..krs one? Percee p will merk any mc any city any state.

  • Anonymous

    "Anti Social Elitest Dweebs or Mindless mainstream sheep, which is worse...... hmmm, cant call it"...Social elitest dweebs are the worse.I used to call them Rap racist because if a guy didnt walk and talk like they were form New York they would hate off bat.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone make SutterKane a columnist he hit the nail on the head a few times!

  • Anonymous

    Exactly!SutterKane Royce better be careful a few more TV appearances and he will have sold out lmao!

  • SutterKane

    Or fourse you know how the internet elitest dweebs get, now that Royce is making a lil money and might actually have a few females popping up at his shows its gonna be nothing but hate and faggot as posts like: "Random Underground Rapper >>>>>>> Royce" "Royce sold out, he was better when we were the only ones who knew he existed" "Royce is Overrated and doesnt deserve his spot" "The Illuminati is behind Royces rise in popularity, Shady records must have bought them albums to make him gold" And all that other faggot shit these anti social trolls post up with anytime they lose their exclusive rights to an artist, them dudes are only happy when they go to a rap show and its nothing but 200 Males in a sweat box beating each other off Anti Social Elitest Dweebs or Mindless mainstream sheep, which is worse...... hmmm, cant call it, they should all just die

    • Anonymous

      So glad people are finally understanding this. Going mainstream is not bad as long as the music you are producing is still good! And collabing with pop artists for singles occasionally shouldn't be looked down as much as it is, especially considering the labels have alot to do with that. I also love how all the MCs they name that are better then the legends of the mainstream (em, jay, nas) and the up and coming mainstream mcs (J cole, Royce, etc,) are generally one dimensional battle rappers that lack flow and have no meaning in any song, can't put emotion into their music, can't storytell, etc...

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign, it's fucking terrible. These artists get finally paid off for their hard work and people start to bitch.

    • MadMike

      Thats the fuckin truth! Im sick of these fuckin idiots that bitch and moan when an underground artist blends in with the so called commercial crowd. Tech n9ne for example: Ever sinse he did a track with lil wayne, people are saying he sold out and sucks now

    • Anonymous

      Bulllllshit anonymous when the fuck was drake ever underground? Notice how he aint have a mixtape that people talk abput? When was he underground when he was on teen nick?

    • Ramiro

      @fcvs I believe when they do make it out the hood, they gotta come back and speak to the people. That way they have someone to look up to. There are no role models in the ghetto, teachers, policemen, firefighters they all leave and the kids look up to who they see. What is left in the hood is just drug dealers and that's what the kids are gonna aspire to be.

    • anonymous

      exactly, I remember Drake when he was a real underground rapper.../not to say that there aren't any artists who really were underground and became mainstream, but never underestimate the power in people to become corrupt when they see $ signs. Peoply are inherently good..just believe that.

    • fcvs

      so true when a nigga gets out the hood all those ignorant hood niggas say that he fell off or he is a sold out that's what happened to j. cole recently

    • Anonymous

      Nothing but the truth man c/s

  • Jrok

    Wow 2011 really did turn out to be the resurrection of Mainstream Hip Hop. Too many heavy hitters dropped albums this year, that weeded out alot of that Hip Pop shit. Just by looking at the release dates, everyone was hoping for this.

  • SutterKane

    Its nice to see some cats who can actually rap get a lil mainstream shine, a year ago the 106 & Park audience didnt know who Royce was, now he's setting Twitter Trends, going gold and getting interviewed by mainstream outlets prime time One of the reasons an old school cat like Royce has a chance to come up,, or why Jay, Nas & Eminem have maintained there position for as long as they have, is because this new generation has contributed absolutely nothing worthwhile to replace them, people could say "Em use to be iller" all they want and I might agree, but the fact remains "Modern Day Em>>>>> Anything this generataion has produced" and thats why him and Jay aint been knocked off their square yet, even at half speed they shit on these new cats

    • Anonymous

      Lupe is anything but overrated. Dude gives ''metaphors'' a whole new meaning. Hurt Me Soul & The Coolest alone shit on most rapper's albums.

    • Anonymous

      Oska ur on fuckin crack. Lupe is so god damn over rated. Ive heard food and liqour a billion times ive heard the cool. To try to compare to em jay or nas is fucking laughable. Hes good compared to dudes like wayne and ross but to a real emcee lupes not shit..most over rated rapper to come out in the last 20 years if u ask me. Whiny child of a millionairze acting like he fits in with the wall street protests get the fuck out of here.

    • Co-Fucking-Sign

      One of the illest and most honest comments ever on DX. 101% co-sign !!!

    • anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Lupe is the most promising, agree with that. But Nas, Jay and Eminem are the holy trinity.

    • SutterKane

      @ oskamadison Theres a few that are good but nobody thats on their level yet, Jay Electronica is dope but he aint gonna be the next king of the culture, no disrespect cause I'm a fan Em, Nas & Jay blew because they had a mixture of talent and style Nobody has that anymore...... Its either retards with no skill or nerds with no style for the most part

    • oskamadison

      I agree but there has been one cat that's come out in the last decade that with the perfect storm of the right production and FULL label support can possibly get to EM/Jay status: Lupe. Another possible one is Jay Electronica.

    • insanemacbeth

      100% cosign.

  • VicManMan

    Mainstream Hip Hop is definitely in a better state than it was just a few years ago. Hope this decade continues that the trend. The 2000's had their moments but over pretty bad. Mainstream...underground been dope.



  • Anonymous

    One of the greatest groups of all time.

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