Young Guru Explains Relationship With Roc Nation, Talks Jay Electronica Debut

Jay-Z's primary engineer explains why he's so close to the Roc Nation imprint and gives details on Jay Electronica's upcoming album.

Young Guru recently described his relationship with the Roc Nation family. The engineer behind some of Jay-Z's most noteworthy projects said that while people may mistake him as being a member of the label, his affiliation is primarily out of love and appreciation.

"Roc Nation is fam. I'm not signed to Roc Nation. I'm not a Roc Nation deejay. But I always rep Roc Nation because of the association with Jay-Z and with the movement, so for me it's just about being a soldier, he told Al Lindstrom. "My level of appreciation for what [Jay] did for my life--I'll always play my part and play my role so anything [having to do] with Roc Nation, I'll take care of anything that needs to get taken care of for whatever artist."

Among those artists he's become close with is Jay Electronica, who signed to Roc Nation nearly a year ago

"Jay Electronica makes music that touches my soul," he said. "Because he's not worried about what the latest trend is. He's very specific in what he's trying to accomplish with his music. His music has some of the best messages and some of the best direction that I've seen in a long time."

Jay Electronica's debut studio album Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) is said to drop soon but has experienced some delays. Guru, who is also working on the album, said they're both fine taking time on the debut.

"Jay Electronica's [album] is going to be an incredible, special album. And by no means do I ever want to rush it. It will be served when it's time…When he's ready, it will come out."



  • DC ALL Day

    Wow...I member Cuz from his DC days...I use to sell him and his HU boyz OZs...damn Cuz really made a name for himself on the low....what ever happen to that bamma tracy lee...that song used to CRANK

  • Your-moms-lover

    Jay Elc's album is claustrophobic it's never coming out!

  • Anonymous

    jay electronica kinda reminds me of louisiana's greatest rapper "mac". mac went to jail for murder back in 1999 and i haven't heard anything close to him until now. juvenile was trying to hate, by saying jay wasn't really from magnolia, but it doesn't matter if he not from the ghetto. i love thoughtful rap and that's what jay represents.

  • COLE WORLD - KING!! no soulja

    Didn't Jay say something about wanting to make 'em KINGS but all they wanna be is SOLDIERS? smh...

  • Jay elec hannakhuh

    Jay Elecs cd will never come out because the powers that b want you to saturate the market with endles and pointless ass freestyles and mixtapes in my opinion will only dilute your brand..example Papoose all those mixtapes and a kay slay co-sign and nothin..etc.

  • Appel Zerofiveone

    so he is signed to roc nation now

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