Eminem And The Shady 2.0 Camp Explain Their BET Awards Cypher

Eminem's new rhyme regime gave their thoughts on the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher before it even aired.

The DJ Premier hosted Cypher performances have recently become one of the highlights of the annual BET Hip Hop Awards. Specific examples include Skillz filming his own Cypher and later being rewarded with a spot on this year’s show. In a bit of a twist, individual crews participated in the 2011 Cypher performances including Maybach Music Group and some of the Shady Records roster.

BET made the videos available online while the awards were still airing in some areas, and the terms “#Cypher” and “#Shady 2.0” quickly began trending on Twitter. While there was more than enough talent to bounce ideas off of each other, Yelawolf revealed that no one in the crew heard each other’s rhymes prior to the taping. The one thing Slaughterhouse did reveal was that they were roughly 70% finished with their Shady debut. And any delays can be attributed to Eminem giving them the space and artistic freedom to experiment while also participating in events such as their Brisk Bodega show and the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher.

“Everybody did a really good job, and we did our rhymes over and over and over until everybody started forgetting them,” Eminem explained. “The best thing about doing a cipher for me—and I’m sure for everyone else—is just knowing the caliber that everybody rhymes at. You know everybody’s gonna fuckin’ bring it.”

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  • ash

    Can u buy the BET awards with the cyphers in on dvd. I wanna send it to my mates in prison

  • Tony Stone


  • Brandon Caminero

    I dont think most of you understand what has been saying! he said this group gives him trouble... what other artist makes em nervous? thats how ill they are!

  • Kimarley Hall

    BEEN messin' wit' "EMINEM" work since Junior High ScHool, "Yelawolf" from early (2010) and from this (Cypher) imma start messin' with "SlaughterHouse" work. These dudes come correct on the Mic. I already knew they were good Artists, it's just now the interest to hear them is there.



  • oskamadison

    What's there to explain? They killed it...

  • Anonymous

    i just hope they dont flop again

  • Curtis Grim Reap Maxwell

    ..and if you don't belive me go back and listen to the things Big Krit said in his cypher. I never paid him any attention before but I'mma have to start checking for his music now.

  • Curtis Grim Reap Maxwell

    Watch me shock the world....I enjoyed the Shady 2.0 cypher (of course the best) AND I enjoyed the Maybach Music cypher. You have to give credit where credit is due. All those guys can rap. I mean why can't you be a fan of Rick Ross AND MF Doom (I have both of there entire cataloges)? I can listen to Titi Boy then pop in some Jay Electronica. Its like Joe Budden said fans think they can only like one artist at a time.


    whatever this camp is lame yo they claim to be what they are but scared of canibus he already put them on blast earlier this yr so the weak pop star white boy will be paying for that ending tryin to mock dude but they need to have real mcs do it next time like 4hrsmn,EMC,j live elzhi,planet asia.chinoxl,krs,vast aire,copywrite,john robinson or scienz of life,red and meth,gza,justice league,sean price,loot pack,guilty simpson,doom,i can go on and on but i bet none of you even know who half those people are so you cant know whats good if listen to radio rappers all day thats why slaughter house blows people mind cuz thats all you get thats like surface level lyrics compared to the world full of mcs. only one i give it to is crooked but he been dope yall just found out about him wit this group. BUT I GUESS IMMA HATER THO LOL

    • Shades Of Reality

      I guess I know more underground rappers than you, but Joe Budden is one of greatest to ever do it. Try to discredit him all you want with that private shit. Real heads don't care about gossip.

    • SutterKane

      Typical internet faggot "UHHHH, IF YOU LIKE EMINEM THEN YOU MUST NOT KNOW WHO GZA IS HAHAHAHAHAHAH CANIBUS MAN RULES RIP THE JACKER RIP THE JACKER" sit the fuck down with your internet elitest, name drop 30 other rappers in a post ass


      its you shady dick riders that are wack go way beyond what the b-e-t wanna be hip hop awards dont waist my time wit that bullshit ive been around waaay longer than you two hip hop is more than sitting around waiting on wack mainstream dudes. to give me the next thing warship. joey got punched his face tell him to rap about that emotion. please who they shittin on themselves by being twitter battle rappers get real and royce is a sell out that defeats the fact that he might be able to put a decent rhyme together. my listenin is fine how about yours. oh and krs also said lil wayne was the best rapper also so let him have his opinion its just one out of many. P.S. REAL HEADS DONT FUCK WIT B-E-T IT MINSTREL SHOW 101/todays lesson painted black face wit tap shoes on bamboozled entertainment tell-a-lie-vision

    • The shadow

      Get the fuck outta here son your the complete symbol of hate man. They ripped it and krs co-signed for joel ortiz so that alone trumps your dumbass comment about mainstream. Nigga prolly aint ever gave them a chance before but now that they shittin on niggas you wanna suck dick. GTFOH....And canibus aint got shit on joe buddens a lyrical monster that attacks songs with real life emotions and tribulations...STOP HATTIN FAG

    • EddieMurrrphy

      not a hater just a simple minded dweeby little kid. it goes way deeper than the cats you mentioned it sounds like you got yourself some listening to do. learn to go beyond and try and appreciate. cause to me it sounds like you still stuck in it.

  • Corey EstradaSwagg Garner

    They Ate That Shit!

  • Anthonyd Smith

    When are they gonna let some other MC's spit that are bannanas with the flows? Ace Hood? 2Chainz? Tyga? Those niggas couldn't spit if it was on a teleprompter and you told them they hold a script! I wanna see niggas like Sick Jacken, Brotha Lynch Hung (who really should've represented for Strange Music and should be on Shady), Strong Arm Steady, and Lloyd Banks!!! Real lyricists! But loved the Shady cypher, and I will be buying their albums!! Fuck Bawse!!! Fake ass dope dealer!

  • Anonymous

    Em was obviously the most rediculous, everyone went off though. Like who give a fuck if eminem is white, he's a rapper with great skill, there's a lot of good rappers dead or alive. stop tryna fool yourselves cause you think its wrong to go and say a white rapper is good. theres great black rappers aswell. Props where props are due.

  • Science

    That cif did put every other one two disgrace

  • shady83

    Em was back on da relapse devil worshiping shit, but no complaints thnk all of dem killed it!!

  • Anonymous

    what dogshit-- like there's so much to "explain." it's nearly as complex as Ralph Ellison "Invisble Man"! how about fat fuck Ortiz explaining why only 135 people bought his last solo album? how about Da 59 IQ explaining what is like when Massa Em finally let him into the big house?

  • The B

    Shit even 2 Chains(titi boy) suprised me, but Busta Rhymes raelly killed that shit. Slaughterhouse official tho.

  • Anonymous

    Lil wack ass wayne takes notes from some real EMCEES.

  • Anonymous

    Hands down best cypher of the night by a landslide.

  • bmoc

    Yelawolf album will be unreal

  • irish mobb

    joey killed it 2 years in a row now

  • V-Nasty is God

    Who cares it was decent they can rap (except Joel) we all know this... but they're old and played out. I'm still waiting on that White Girl Mob cyper or an Odd Future Wolf Gang cyper possibly with a bit of Based God... and maybe Hopsin. WEST SIDE CYPHER

  • Pamela Gallegos

    Truly, truly enjoyed the cypher, it was off the damn chain, and we need to see more stuff done just like this. This is hip hop at it's rawest, if that's a word!!!

  • Anonymous

    That whole cypher was fucking dope, but Crooked's verse was overrated, nothing but empty rhymes. Joey was the true king of this, nobody was fucking with his finesse there.

    • Anonymous

      you retarded if you think em even came close to mouse on this!!!

    • Anonymous

      Naw crooked is always a distant thing compared to them..if u think budden beat em in the least bit ur crazy..shit i think yela even beat joey b but hes def third or at least tied with budden

    • what

      may be empty lines(no).. but you have to admit thats crooked flow has never been better. He finally has timing and controll

    • Yoo

      How was Crooked I's Verse... Overrated? he came with some pretty witty shit that went over your dumbass head, i mean to each is own... but don't be hating and keep it moving or stfu

  • Vegard Møller


  • ItsTheTruth

    The rap game needs the Slaughterhouse/Shady debut album. I know I can't wait

  • Brandon Nixon

    Fuck man....Only album i fucking want is Million Dollar Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ssutt2x C.O.B!!!

  • thought dog

    Only 1 eminem groupie so far? You guys are slipping off his cock today.

    • Ryan MacQueston

      it's not the best crew, easily the best crew you'll find on MTV/BET though unless these old motherfuckers start bringin' it back. this shit was dope though. it's hard to be overrated when you're as dope as Eminem, but he's still overrated because of his unreal amount of dickriders thinking he's GOAT

    • wow

      ur an idiot... obviously ur the only one on his dick commentin on his shit like this.... listen to this fuckin cypher and then try n tell me that shady 2.0 aint the best crew out there

    • bvax

      Or you are since you mentioned it first!! LMAO!!!



  • Jim

    Shady will always be one of the GOATS Crooked i's verse, ridiculous as usual

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