Kreayshawn Announces College Tour

The "Gucci Gucci" rapstress is heading to a handful of colleges this fall.

Kreayshawn has announced tour dates as part of the first-ever Noisey College Tour, presented by VICE, Dell and Intel.

The two-week tour, which is also headlined by Neon Indian, kicks off on October 24th at Iowa City, Iowa's University of Iowa. The 10-date trek include stops at University of Wisconsin, Iowa State and Providence Cellege, concluding at Brunswick, Maine's Bowdoin College.

Check the tour dates below and head to for more information.

Oct 24 Iowa City, IA - University of Iowa

Oct 25 Columbia, MO - University of Missouri

Oct 26 Urbana, IL - University of Illinois

Oct 27 Ames, IA - Iowa State

Oct 28 Madison, WI - University of Wisconsin

Oct 31 North Hampton - Smith College

Nov 1 Syracuse, NY - Syracuse University

Nov 2 Hempstead, NY - Hofstra University

Nov 3 Providence, RI - Providence College

Nov 4 Brunswick, ME - Bowdoin College

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  • Grow up

    Umm..does anyone on this shit grow up? fuck her music..not much talent but a new sound. I'd beat though

  • @DJbellaBnasty

    Look at all the anonymous internet tough guys on here. Buncha pathetic losers cryin bouta bich makin stacks. rofl at you clownz

  • Anonymous

    What about the trailer park trash tour????

  • Spliffaroo

    Why the fuck is this news?

  • Anonymous

    What is she going to be doing on this tour??? Saying nigga to the crowd??

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  • Anonymous

    I love how she is going mostly to middle america where her and the white girl mob can not worry about getting jumped.

  • I hate Wall Street

    Join the new movement and sign the petition to stop Kreayshawn's performance at Smith College. Let's get rid of ignorance, red necks posing as liberals and Wall street.

  • Anonymous

    fuck this racist bitch

  • LMAO

    Not coming anywhere near the South huh Kreay Kreay? I wonder why....

    • Ted

      Why would anybody go to the South? With all the inbreds there, its a tard festival every day!

    • Anonymous

      Counting down the days till this chick and her dumb bitch mob step foot in the south. The whole country loves to talk slick shit about the south but dreads actually stepping foot into it.

  • Mado_Quazi

    stop letting hipsters in hiphop...

    • Seriously?

      Welfare? You are very prejudice. Kreayshawn's entourage or family ? Seems like it. You are assuming that people in here are poor or depends on a welfare check. Would you feel the same if you find out that people who post in this board are very wealthy? YOU ARE SO PREJUDICE! Disgusting!

  • luke

    I love me some kreayshawn....i personally wouldn't slap her shit in my car....but she make music for bitches. So I dont understand why all you guys are hating....dont make sense, she got money and yal broke wasting your time commenting on how much your tired of hearing about this girl.......ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS PEOPLE!

    • Anonymous

      STFU, it aint serious at all. Go spend some time wondering where your next wellfare check is coming from... that is serious.

    • GlassCity

      It is that serious. This stupid trick needs to get bitch slapped. Same goes for the fucking idiot that keeps posting "news" about her. Dudes who helped mold hip hop are rolling over in their graves seeing some dumb white bitch getting recognize for whackness.

    • Anonymous

      Its a message board, it takes 5 seconds to post about this bitch being wack, aint like heads be walking around punching walls at the sound of her name or nuthin HHDX posts an article, I give my thoughts, its not serious at all, lol

    • Anonymous

      You getting money from her? How much did she make last month and how much did you get out of it? Don't nobody care about her money except thirsty people like you.

  • SutterKane

    This chick is almost to sad to pick on anymore, its so far beyond wack that I kinda feel bad for her, this chick makes Ke$ha look talented, almost like watching a retard try there hardest at summin, its lame but I cant bring myself to laugh at it

  • V-Nasty is God

    No USC??? :( I was ready to meet my sexy idol and hopefully the the G.O.A.T boss bitch herself, V-Nasty. DAMN IT ALL I would bomb an orphanage just for WGM to come to my school. Oh well at least I saw J.Cole once... fuck J.Cole I want Kreay :'( And everybody else quit hating on Kreashawn she's the best, you're just mad because you are untalented and nobody wants to see you. White Girl Mob or pay for Officer Ricky's buffet.

  • thought dog

    I thought you had to actually have at least one album out before you go on tour?

  • Wayne Is Lord

    Man i wanna fuck Kreayshawn little skinny white ass so fuckin bad. Haha. Shes just so fuckin sexy to me and she got even sexier after she stopped beefing with the biggest BOSS and with that being said i dont wanna hear any news about this whore unless shes fucking a dick. Do some porn u dumb whore.

  • Prada

    Why would you pay to see this bitch play "gucci gucci" 10 times in a row?

  • nuc

    fuck is your deall HHDX? are you doing your best to push real hiphop out the door, and invite this wack ass shit in? why promote this shit? urrks me.

    • Josh Moore

      cosign, fuck this bitch, and if you notice hhdx is promoting hella wack shit lately, i just dont get this site of this industry. are there any sites dedicated to real hip hop and saving the music?

    • chuck

      Well said. This site is about to lose its visitation rights if they keep promoting all this wack shit.

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