Antoine Fuqua To Direct Suge Knight Documentary For Showtime

Knight will narrate the documentary and handle the original soundtrack through his new company.

Director Antoine Fuqua has been tapped to direct an upcoming documentary on Suge Knight for Showtime.

According to, Fuqua, who has helmed Training Day and Brooklyn’s Finest, will direct and produce alongside Bradley J. Fischer (Black Swan, Shutter Island). The untitled documentary will be the first in a series of new documentaries to spotlight “iconic and controversial figures from talented and prestigious filmmakers.”

Knight’s documentary will follow his rise as co-founder of Death Row Records. He will guide the film himself, speaking on “exactly how it all happened, why it all fell apart, and what the next chapter holds for one of America’s most iconic and mythologized figures.”

Additionally, Knight will handle the film’s soundtrack through his new company Black Kapital, and will showcase established and up-and-coming talent with new tracks.

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  • New era

    How can you make a documentary about a label when the only person interviewed is the guy no one trusts. Get Snoop, Dre, DPG and the dozens of other players in on it and see how different the picture gets painted. P.S!! How is Fuqua doing this doco but not the Pac movie...what a fool.

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    This will be great. He built up one of the most succesfull indy-labels and then fucked it up. He was a dictator, a asshole and then broke. America needs guy like Suge.

  • Nico 3

    Fugua's directing skills have really gone to shit. It's like he's slumping now. Unable to helm big movies, so he gravitates towards the bullshit one's.

  • Anonymous

    i dont know what there is to tell other than i was a big nigga that went around bullying people. got old took got my ass whipped and really i really think i'am gangsta. the end

  • @last

    they think the 90's throwback sound includes them too. on to the next one...

  • jesterxxl

    Fuck me the 90's boss pioneers are all tryna make a fuckin comeback on some Spice Girl shit Dame, Suge & P etc what's next Heller haha NO!

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