Pharrell Speaks On The Cycle Of Music, Says Rick Ross "Is Killing It”

Pharrell Williams comments on rapper Rick Ross, says music is in a good place at the moment.

Rapper/producer Pharrell Williams shared his thoughts on the state of music and also expressed his appreciation for rapper Rick Ross and his music in a recent interview with Vibe Magazine.

Pharrell explained that after a certain number of years the music from a particular decade tends to become “unrecognizable.”

“Next year, music will not sound the way – you will not recognize the music of the last couple of years. It always happens,” Pharrell explained. “If you notice every five years music changes and every 10 years the decade previous is completely unrecognizable. Everything is cyclical. Hip Hop is music so it’s the same thing. Everything changes.”

Later in the interview Pharrell shared his thoughts on Rick Ross, stating that we haven’t had a genuine artist like him in quite some time.

“The way Ross is killing it right now. It’s been a minute since the last time we had somebody like him to come out and do what he’s doing or like a Wayne,” said Pharrell. “It’s just like completely authentic and knows what he wants to do. Knows his sound, has a style, has a definitive position, has a perspective on the game and what he adds to it and how he’s gonna change it. So music’s in a really, really good place now and I’m watching it. I’m in the studio and everything is changing. I’m thankful to be a part of it. ”

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  • comptonsmostwanted

    Officer ricky is a fraud and cant rap . his flow is so boring and lame . pharrel is dickriding for no reason .

  • Anonymous

    can i get the names of the best underground rappers?

  • Wite

    About state of music, 100% agree, it's good right now and nothing wrong with changes in years but I can't understand what's so special in Rick Ross.

  • hahaha

    this fucker is being sarcastic. I know it, pharrel is taking the piss out of ricky ross. Otherwise, I completely lost fate in hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    congrats to Ross he is doing it big

  • MusicCartel

    this whole keepin it real thing is overrated. there is an element of storytelling in rap to make songs interesting. if we kept it real we'd be talkin bullshit abt how we talk shit on internet forums or tweet bullshit and aint nobody wanna hear that bullshit. however im not a fan of Ross music or his domination of the hiphop industry by blocking other more talented artist's sales by forming a cartel with wayne minaj and drake possibly wiz khalifa intricate rhyming couplets, come on son the dude is average at best

  • JG

    word, Pharrell is a wise man, Rozay is changing the game...GOD FORGIVES I DONT

  • Joe G. Stacks

    Ross music is undeniably dope

  • Joe G. Stacks

    who gives a shit if Ross was a CO it don't seem to bother anybody he makes music with..and to all the jobless mafukaz on this thread, if there was a CO position open and it paid well the same niggaz trashin ross would take that shit..Ross the artist and Ross the person are completely different dumbfucks

  • Anonymous

    I think I know where pharrell is coming from. As far as flow and originality you cant take anything from ross. He has grown so much since his first album lyrically. The subject matter may be the same but the way he expresses his thoughts on that subject matter is completely original. The way he crafts his words over the beats, sometimes being real laid back and spitting smooth couplets(those that study rhyme patterns know what I mean) and other times he spazzes like a pit off the chain. Every beat he rhymes on he kills (except john) and he is one of the only major niggas that look out for niggas coming up. He gave currensy and wiz a look before they were major niggas, grabbed up the hottest street nigga out now Meek Mills,through 8ball and mjg on the nine peice remix and is he didnt back down in the face of trouble or adversity when most these niggas couldnt take a hit to their credibility like he did. Every album he puts out is better than the last one, and I dont mean radio or sales wise I mean great hip hop music wise. His shit bangs and line for line flow for flow he is the best right now,period. He could be the biggest drug dealer that ever lived but if he couldnt flow I would not listen to him.

  • 50cent fans

    50cent Fans and Kreayshawn Fans dont like those comments that Pharrel said,lol.

  • Anonymous

    I feel everyones gripe with ross that he lied about being a CO. I completely understand it. BUT he was a CO for a year when he was 19. He didnt get on till he was in his 30s. Thats 10years we have no idea what he was doin. Whos to say he never did anything in that time period? And its not like he can say who he sold to and who he bought from. Then hed REALLY be snitchin lol. But i will agree once again, him lying was dumb as fuck. And also i dont see anything monumental about the music hes done. I like it. But its nothing game changing.

  • Anonymous

    How the fuck is Rick Ross 'Genuine' and 'Authentic' every1 knows he's a fake ass drug pusher and ex c.o who lies for sales. Whtas Pharell been smokin

    • Sargeant Strongarmm

      agreed! to say that 'rick ross' is authentic & genuine is the most ridiculous thing i've ever read. not a real fan of his 'music', but dude's whole persona is a lie. he lied abt having a regular JOB! no shame in being a CO, or whatever. honestly, job or no job, i wouldn't do it, but i have relatives that have been CO's. why lie abt it though? that ain't hip hop at all bruh. real men can spot a phony. refuse to cheerlead for this dude...

  • IfYoufuckingWithOfficerRossYouaPhonyThatsALLtoIt

    Man get the FCUK outta HERE!! I don't care if William Roberts is hot right now, that nigga was a piece of shit lying fucking CO! Aint NOTHING authentic about that! I dont even care if that fat BitCK found a plug in there and he really did touch some weight, that nigga didn't apply for that job with those intentions. He applied for that job to be a FCUKING SNITCH! And ANY & EVEYONE who supprt this BUM is WEAK as FUKC!! It don 't matter what y'all niggas say, he a fraud, and anybody defending him is a fraud with his fatt ass!

  • DR Jam

    Am I missing something? What is Rick Ross doing that is so considerable?

  • MalcolmLittle

    So now the real life M.C. Gusto's what's considered authentic in Hip-Hop these days huh? Interesting... *Shaq face*

  • Jonathan A. Cooper

    All you Ross haters sound stupid.



    • MalcolmLittle

      LOL 1st off, if readin a simple paragraph is a problem for you that says way more about you than it does me, and not in a good way..but I digress. So you say promotin a destructive lifestyle without speakin on the flip side of that coin and what that lifestyle WILL eventually lead to, that's miniscule huh? It's miniscule that it's kids out here and even grown folks that hear that shit and wanna emulate that? C'mon fam, the simple fact you're even able to use miniscule in a sentence lets me know you ain't a simple man so surely you can't believe that...

    • Detroit red

      Umm news flash, there are people out there who actually RESPECT people who keep it real. Keep it real meaning no lies, no gimmicks, just heart and soul. The way you huggin on Ross's nuts like he done you favors kinda makes me question your little statement that you felt you had to make. Yes this is another paragraph and dude spoke his truth. You just mad that he's right and your publicly suckin dick on a Hip-Hop site for somebody who don't give a fuck about your. "Clap for em"

    • Jonathan A. Cooper

      Cause you bothered to write a paragraph about something so miniscule. And news flash, almost all rappers lie consistently in their lyrics.

    • MalcolmLittle

      How so fam? Is it cuz we ain't feelin him comin up off another man's lifestyle, a lifestyle that already destroyed millions the 1st go around? Or cuz he lied about his backgroud even after the truth had been made public, sayin the C.O. pic was Photoshopped instead of just mannin up and admittin it? Or maybe...just maybe...we don't feel fam's music cuz we know it's all a sham and his lies are destroyin the minds of all the young fans out there that don't got the guidance in their lives to be able to tell the difference between entertainment and reality? No shots my nigga, just tryin to understand where you comin from cuz it ain't hatin when you got good and valid reasons for not likin someone...

  • Anonomous

    It doens't matter where the fuck your from, the suburbs, trailer parks, ghetto's, projects if you like good hiphop, you like good hiphop. Rick Ross just makes some ok club music, but no way in hell is authentic though. Rick Fawse got famous off a real gangsters story and you dickriders want to jump all over his shit and act like he's so hard and such a g. It's sad that you guys like someone so fake and unoriginal. Fawse

  • Broward County

    I'm from 4 miles away from where William "Rick Ross" Roberts grew up. His whole image is a fraud. That's the main reason I can't dig into him as an artist. I used to hold that C.O. shit against him, but everybody got a past. And we can't live in the past. Right now today, I just see him as a fictional caricature rapping about stupid shit. From that perspective, I can't say he's killing it. Industry heads like Pharell are so far removed from our reality on the street that their point of view really isn't relevant. It's like Donald Trump trying to tell me which caviar tastes best.

  • Anonymous

    Ross fucking SUCKS!

  • RTJ00

    Ross? Seriously? Ross is a cop ass nigga lol

    • MalcolmLittle

      @ Jarrett, no one told him to lie about it though...if he woulda just owned up to it from the jump instead of actin all fugazi about it he mighta coulda got a pass from a lotta people...not from me cuz I never felt him even before the C.O. shit, but you know what I mean though...

    • Jarrett Jordan

      all u dumb idiots out there keep taliking about the same thing. he's a cop. yes, he was a co. so what. i've seen crooked co's in my lifetime. yall niggas sounds so stupid go hard on ricky

  • box

    this nigger then smoked his self retarded. authentic? dude ain't did shit to take this shit to the next level. these equals are stupid ass fucc. then you get these none true hip hop fans screaming hate,eat a pound gonads cunts. good riding beats,hell if you like the music they make cool nothing wrong with that,but authentic are you fucc'n serious? yell

  • Anonymous

    yea killing it with sales..but real hip hop heads know that his music is not that good..I respect Ross though out of anybody real mainstream his beat selection and songs in general are decent(self made, and maybach music pt.3)..but I'm suprised pharell would say that shit. He was instrumental in Jay-z and the clipse's comeup and...well thats about it now that I think about it he produced mostly for artists that had no longevity, Ludacris,Nelly, Justin Timberlake NORE, etc..and only because he had his own sound.really not that great of a producer putting him next to Ski beats,Just Blaze, Pete Rock, Kanye, Dre. If the hiphop style from the 90's to like a few years ago is totally gone in ten years, hiphop only got like 10 years left.Lil Wayne, Ross, Lil B, Waka Floka, and Gucci gonna be killin it.

  • Neffite Davis

    hey fuck yall haters, damn give ross a lil credit. anyway i rather hear that coming from someone establish in the game than a bunch of internet haters!!!!! Ross is one of the best in the game right now! He is making good music!!! point blank!!!

    • Anonymous

      I bet half the people on dx could do a free better then ross can write..ill give all these under dogs a chance. At least based on their comments they like raw hiphop not watered down products like rick ross made by record companies to sell to stupid ass kids

    • Anonymous

      No, Fuck Rick Ross. Fake Name, Fake Image. Weak raps. He's a Fat Bitch.

    • Mr.Mean

      ^^Thank you!! Well said!!

  • Anonymous

    "It’s just like completely authentic" Because gangster rap from a C.O. is authentic. Stories become null and void, 50 bodied this fat motherfucker.

  • David James Robinson

    His beats suck nowadays anyway w/o Chad.

  • Keegan

    When did Pharrell's opinion become so important? He does have a point about Ross though, like Ricky or not, he's really taken over the game right now.

  • Ricky Rozay

    All these niggas know Rozay top 3 nigga in the game at the moment. Only one as hot is Jay and Wayne. Yall niggas can keep hatin on him for his past, but at least nigga was workin, but Rozay been stayin grindin now at the top of hip hop. Haters gon hate. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hip Hop Expert

    I'ma let you ignorant people know who really belongs to the top 10 best rappers dead or alive (no order): Soulja Boy (whenever he rhymes, he goes superman, YOOOU) Birdman (hunin' million dollars, nuff said) Lil' B (let's face it, the only reason why Lil' B isn't top 10 in every list, it's because he's gay, but he is one of the legends) OJ Da Juiceman (he is a lyrical monster, OKAY?) Wacka Flocka Flame (the way he nods his head? Damn he a beast) Gucci Mane (will be forever known as the rapper with the best wordplay, BURR) Gudda Gudda (everyone knows that weezy ain't shit if he don't write his lyrics, "Gudda Gudda, I put her under") Fat Joe (unforgettable words, CAUCA, CRACK, he isn't fat, he's just full of talent) Bizzare (just like Gudda Gudda, he ghostwrites for Eminem, and he also is full of greatness) Diddy (name one rapper who can dance like Diddy, you just can't) Now, each of you understand why me, Hip Hop Expert, tells you that this rappers should be in the top 10 best rappers of all time, cause I'm the expert, not you.

  • Anonymous

    its a sad day in rap when a fake gangsta is said to be "killin it".

  • rick ross the ceo oop c.o.

    "everything is so authentic" LOL

  • Frank

    Dats rite all u ross haters eat it lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL

    Pharell is such a dickrider. Seriously, he never shuts up.

  • thought dog

    Was this whole interview supposed to be sarcastic? Pharell must not know who the real Rick Ross is.

  • wellwhale

    Including myself, i think alot of hiphop heads are lazy, like marketing is suppose to do, WE check out/purchase the artist that is fed to us(various media outlets), instead of taking a chance on some new cats. This is not a Rick Ross diss, being a hiphop head, more so on the MC or lyrical branch, to me hes a C grade rapper(cory gunz, kendrick, Em, Lupe, you get it right?) i will end by saying lets try giving OTHER RAPPERS/MCs our time and money, its alot of guys looking for it........ out

  • Jason

    i totally understand in terms of him working with all sorts of different genre cats and mixing the game up. i love the track with Chester French.

  • shady

    Rick Ross is killing hiphop with his bullshit music.

  • asee

    skateboard p throwin up the vulcan

  • Anonymous

    i agree with him with the point that music is changing, 5 years ago what ross & wayne was doin was hot, now all these new school rappers i really feel are changing the game positively. Blu, j. cole, jay electronica, kendrick lamar, U-N-I, Wale, Jon Conner, Jay Rock, freddie gibbs, fashawn, Dee-1, (somewhat) drake, are all really a show of what i think rap will be for the next gen.

  • Anonymous

    I see many comments but no one on this site is making a impact in hip-hop so stop complaining

    • Anonymous

      bitch shut up the people run hip one of those dudes who would support lil wayne jus because he's "killin it right now" hiphop's more than the commercial b if I don't want sit by and see Rick Ross become the GOAT because of a money and popularity contest.

  • haha

    LOL @ Pharrell...Rick Ross is NOT authentic!

  • truthenola

    Rick Ross is sick, point blank period,. his word play , his ear for beats ,. he is the man,.

  • Sensaye252

    C'mon man...I get it, Rick Ross has slick rhymes and exquisite production, but is he really a great artist? I mean, can you really be a great artist when all you talk about is material objects? He's essentially just bragging on every track. Is that all you need to do now to be considered a great artist? The bar for Hip-Hop has gotten so low that it has almost become a different music altogether. It pisses me off when ACTUAL artists like Pharell constantly show their adoration for the half-assed music that comes out now. It's just such a ego-strok-a-thon with all these rappers now. "You're the greatest, no, YOU'RE the greatest, no, YOU'RE the greatest. Gimmie a fuckin' break...

    • L-Boogie

      I agree man, mainstream rap is so filled with yes men and dickriders now a days it's pathetic. Ross ain't doing nothing new that hasn't already been done before plus the mc's before him did it better.

  • Kris Goosby

    Sorry i don't agree. That ross is killing it. Not a fan of his maybach music or waka flocka. Back in the good ol day's. Hip hop was wicked, golden, fresh, raw & funky. Classy if i can say. Now some of it is just trashy. Cept for the few that are still good. Making it like it should be.

  • AWoL

    The reason why hip-hop changes more than any other genre is because of the amount of bandwagon fans hip-hop has. One minute they like this artist and then when it's not cool to like him anymore it's on to the next one. That's why so many artists in hip-hop says fuck the artform and goes for that bread cuz a long term career in hip-hop is def not promised whether you dope or not.

    • Anonymous

      disagree.. the only people jumping ship are people (suburbanites.. just a generalization) who only listen to whats hot.. TRUE hip-hop heads support TRUE artists.. always have and always will....

    • he's out

      Hopefully you're speaking on Lil Wayne. I don't think that having his albums being bought towards platinum by some worthy corporation is gonna help him this time around. People have already gotten tired of him so there's no sense in buying your own albums up just to make sure you stay hot just so you can keep up with Jay-Z. so basically Wayne just wasted a crop of money with trying to beat Jay-Z sales wise this time around. It's easy to say that Jay is the better business man because he would've never have done this.

    • Anonymous

      I don't disagree with your point but indie rock/pop is the same way as well

    • gfk

      this has to be one of the most real, intelligent, and greatly accurate comments i have read in a very long time. you obviously pay very close attention to the trends of the culture and thats why its so fucked up

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