Immortal Technique Documentary "The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique" Begins Festival Circuit

Exclusive: The New York emcee's documentary hit the Harlem Film Festival, and portrays the life of an underground Hip Hip juggernaut.

New York’s Immortal Technique premiered his documentary, The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique, recently during The Harlem Film Festival in New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center.

Filmed and edited over a six year span, (R)evolution follows the Peruvian born lyricist as he tours cities and countries, sharing his message, music and experiences with supporters all across the globe. The 60 minute documentary also shows Immortal Technique discussing Hip Hop and social issues with rapper/actor, Ice-T, Dr. Cornell West, Public Enemy’s Chuck D and others.  

“You symbolize the voice of truth all around the world in the name of rap music and Hip Hop,” Chuck D says of Technique. “Because, you know in rap, when you see something [you] say something, right?”

Born Felipe Coronel, Immortal Technique has released three critically acclaimed albums to date (Revolutionary Volume 1, Revolutionary Volume 2 and The 3rd World with DJ Green Lantern) and is approaching the release of his fourth, The Middle Passage. Each of his projects has been released without the aid of major record labels, something he not only values, but advocates. “The record label does a lot of things for people,” Technique says in the documentary.

“It buys them beats. It buys them studio time. It pays for cars. It buys them video spots. It buys them radio play. And let’s get real, it buys them women. It buys them coke. It buys them weed. It buys them cars. It buys them chains. It buys them watches. And sometimes they even pay for other people to write the verses for you. So all you really did was go in there in a booth and spit a verse that somebody else wrote for you, somebody else designed for you, and you expect to get paid a lot for that? Get the fuck out of here. If you’re gonna act like a puppet then don’t get mad when someone stick’s their fucking hand up your ass. I’m nobody’s puppet. I control me.”

The film also details Technique’s philanthropic endeavors, highlighted with his 2008 partnership with Omeid International -- a non-profit organization charged with providing children in Afghanistan with safe housing, health care and education. Technique donated $60 thousand to the construction of an orphanage, the Amin Institute, in Kabul and has been instrumental in raising additional funds for the school and medical facility.

“When I first met the people of Omeid International, I saw how committed they are,” says Technique. “That’s what led to the creation of the Amin Institute.”

The (R)evolution Of Immortal Technique was directed by Cary Stewart and is currently without official distribution.


  • zana

    Can someone please tell me where I can watch this?? I cant find it anywhere

  • ShowTime NY

    I still remember his perfomances at the Pyramid and other places. Say what you want about his flow. He goes stupid Hard for what he believes is the Truth. And his personal Intergrity on Wax is High. I hope to see this man again. Re spect.

  • Middle Passage Can't Wait

    Tech is a one of a kind emcee, though he really does remind me of 2Pac minus the money and fast-lane living. His music is not like shit you hear on the radio and I'm glad it isn't. A lot of people on here chastising him because of his political views. Look you don't have to agree with all of what he says. I don't have to either. I am a major IT fan, but I question his raps too, and it's ok to do so. Can't be content with one side of things telling you what they think the world is. Question everything, analyze and come up with your conclusion. IT's music and message is grand in my book though, I will always support his music. Bumping "Apocalypse Remix"

  • Nada

    A def must see. " They Live and We Sleep, You Starve and They Eat !!! " ††

  • MusicFiend

    If more artists aspired to do what Immortal Technique does and talk about important issues it would only benefit the hip hop community. You don't have to agree with him politically to recognize artists like Immortal Technique are valuable in interjecting discourse within the youth that otherwise wouldn't have even been thought about. I don't agree with some of the more "conspiracy-theory" aspects of his lyrics but most of the facts are accurate, just viewed from a certain perspective. There is no doubt there is bad shit going on in this world, but people need to think about it if we are ever going to come to a solution.

  • LatinaNM

    The middle Passage gon be an instant classic! He's a latino Tupac Amaru!

  • RTJ00

    IT is the truth! Cant wait till both these projects drop. Im buying both, I support IT 100%

  • Tony Gonzalez

    its great to see what happens to him at his every day life, its amazing we life in the same lifetime as this humble lyricist. hes done quite a bundle for the people, he has his beliefs about how the middle east were portrayed as bc of the media, its not bc he is obsessed with their culture, its bc he sees the right from wrong. He's a great man with a great meaning to his songs, he might not be great at freestyle but he does make great quality music. then again this is how i see him, of course others have opposing views

  • Screwfacing right now

    I've already seen Diary of a Mad Black Woman...

  • Ali Babwa

    i usually try to read a book when i want to learn more about history not listen to a fuckin rap song having this dude yell out my speakers about the temple of solomon...i feel like Immortal Technique is the alpha example of when keeping it real goes wrong.

    • Anonymous

      What part has gone wrong with tech he successful 3 albums with no help from a major label he owns viper records and he is helping third world countries i think hes an example of When Keepin it Real Goes Right

  • Ali Babwa

    waaaaaaaaaaa America has mad money and i cant seem to get any of it waaaaaaaaa theres oppression in the animal kingdom im appalled waaaaaaaaaa i was with billy and i raped his mom too waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. shit happens, they dont want this dude in Afghanistan any more than we want him here.

  • Daniel

    Where can I purchase a copy of this documentary?

  • Anonymous

    Will definitely destroy most mainstream artist lyrically, one of the best rappers alive for sure, a voice for the voiceless, fuck this gay shit hip-hop is on this is real rhymes with substance, the real hip-hop standing up

  • millard

    Just in terms of creative rhymes (as in the words themselves), I don't think he's that dope, which leaves him with substance. I think he's a mediocore storyteller...but his political and social views are just ridiculous...and in some cases offending. Dance With The Devil was a good song though about 7 years ago but still

  • Jen H

    He's always talking about that political stuff, he can calm it down a little, he should be glad he's in the US where they allow him to have free speech, if he hates the US so much why doesn't he go to those oppressed countries he always talks about and try to say what he says in the US there?

    • Tony Gonzalez

      i wud say 2/5 of his music is full blown political, plus he said:"I love the place that I live, but I hate the people in charge" so obviously he just doesnt like the government

  • Follow me!

    Do research on his "militant" facts and you'll see that a lot of them have are very much flawed. While I do respect his hustle, I do not agree with many of his beliefs ("All they talk about is terrorism on television/ They tell you to listen, but they don't really tell you they mission They funded Al-Qaeda, and now they blame the Muslim religion". I think this dude needs to MOVE TO AFGHANISTAN and kick it with the Al-Qaeda since he talks about them so much. Now, If we're talking music... he cannot freestyle (search for Iron Solomon vs. Immortal Tech), he cannot switch his flow. Vol. 1 and 2 were good then he crapped out. My opinion take it as you will.

    • Anonymous

      Can't knock your post man. IT spits a lot of truths, BUT it's okay to question IT's raps as well. Just as he suggests us citizens to question our government. We can't always be content with one side of the story.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, I think its our (unofficial) duty as citizens to question the authority. It keeps us in the know and lets our government know we won't stand for Fuckery LOL "Fuckery." As for America and this so-called corrupt system I don't care as long as its for the country. I would do whats nesscesary If i was a leader, except kill my own people. "The tree of liberty is watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants"

    • jesuis

      Now what's all this about doing research?? It's no secret or lie that the US funded and trained the Mujahideen back in the 80s and even into the 90s. We literally created our own worst enemy to get them to fight Soviet foreign interests. Now our foreign interests are the only ones still reaching to all corners of the world as if there was still a Cold War going. Read this book called "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins. A lot of the stuff you view as absurd controversy is painfully detailed and made clear by one of the people responsible for building our global clandestine empire. When you look at Wall Street, big banks, and maybe a place like the mob, you can kind of notice a pattern across the entire spectrum; there will always be corruption, conspiracy, and opportunism in our society at every level. Why wouldn't there be a superlative conspiracy, given the history of the Rockafellers, Halliburtons, and Rothschilds? And he did go to Afghanistan. He used some of the money he got from 3rd World to build a school over there.

  • Obi Patrick

    literally cannot wait for this to drop...

  • Anonymous

    I hope it plays in SoCal somewhere so I can check it out. Immortal Technique can definitely spit. If you like revolutionary, militant rap, then you gotta like IT. My problem is, while I "like" militant rap (e.g. Dead Prez), I tire of it easily. I'd like to see him branch out into some other content.

    • Anonymous

      His music will stay political just like Dead Prez. Not knocking your comment, bc Dead Prez can get to me as well. I don't think IT can branch out of his style. You can't expect him to make a song about cars or clubs lol. I say as long as his raps stay relevant with current events, he's cool. (which I'm sure they will).

  • LOL @ these comments

    The realism in this thread is that the people who claim they listen to IT and are Hip Hop are puppets themselves! You don't believe me? Read the comments! LOL! I have yet to read an IT blog on hiphopdx and see people name his songs! LOL! But they will address some rumor for like 300 comments deep! LOL!

    • Anonymous

      I get where your going dude. For the record I usually have Rev. 1, Rev. 2, 3rd World, and his unreleased songs on spin in the ride regularly. Waiting for that Middle Passage to drop!

    • LOL @ these comments

      If you truly are asking me questions, yes I am asking people to speak about the music! Then drop those those poems if they are relevant to the discussion! What I am truly saying is most of these comments never speak about the music! It's only emotional dribble! You will see that when you pose a music question to these comment people they cannot answer! Let us music fans take these boards back!

    • Mike Clark

      I am a cracker from Sacramento & know poems and songs by heart. i’m learning Hip-Hip a - bit - your words sound like SPAM. Read Pablo Neruda and honor your Ancestors. Are you practicing metaphor?

    • G($)

      So if people don't name his songs they aren't worth of commenting on him? What is it you're saying? If you're saying Immortal Tech doesn't get the attention he deserves and people pay too much attention to BS rumors and name drops, then I agree. I've been waiting for Revolutionary Vol. 3 so long that I've stopped commenting lol.

  • flavag

    real inspiration to a lot of ghetto youth............ZIMBABWE MI SEH

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