Consequence Says "Feud Is Over With Kanye West," Continues Feud With Q-Tip

The Cons talks about how his feud with Kanye West was settled and why his feud with Q-Tip continues.

After declaring war on Kanye West and his cousin Q-Tip, Consequence has announced that one of these feuds has come to an end. During a recent appearance on MTV's Rap Fix, Cons shared that he and Kanye exchanged a few words before settling their dispute. However, Cons has not been able to settle his differences with Q-Tip as of yet.  

"Me and Kanye spoke," he announced to Rap Fix's host, Sway Calloway. "We spoke. I hit him. He hit me back with one of them all-caps tirades [via e-mail]. So, he was pissed, and rightfully so. I was pissed. That's why things had happened the way they happened. He spoke his piece and I spoke my piece. He told me he loved me. The feud is over with Kanye. Is the feud over with other people? See me in the streets."

Although implying this indirectly initially, he was then asked if he had settled his war of words with Q-Tip, to which he replied, "Nah."  

"Through mutual friends, I've heard that he's wanted to speak with me or whatever," he added. "But, when you opt to talk to bloggers instead of your cousin? I don't pump like that." 

He also added more details about his quarrel with Tip, explaining that he feels he can no longer go back to the relationship and partnership they once had. 

"When we spoke, before I came to Rap Fix, it got stupid on the phone. When you come too far out of character with me, it ain't no reversing that. I'm about business first and foremost. So, if the business between me and you is flawed and you running your jibs, you playin' yourself to me. I can't chest-bump with that. We not New York Knicks no more, dog. I can't." 

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  • Anonymous

    Why isn't anybody acknowledging Kanye needs to let some steam out of his head. I like Ye' as a producer but as a rapper I always questioned if I'm hearin' Ye' or some dudes lyrics thru Ye'. I rap personally so this shit is important to me, there's people like Diddy who everyone knows doesn't write Kanye wants to have his cake n eat it too. It bothers me cuz people( other rappers ) give him credit like he's killin' it right now lyrically n' then he get hottest MC's honors repeatedly from MTV n' all these people know very well he don't write his shit. I just don't care for all this politics n bullshit. I'm happy Cons is telling the truth bout Ye' cuz I almost started believing the Ye' was really shittin' on Jay all over their album well obviously when you have writers to choose from u come nice on everything.

  • Swordz

    How this guy manages to get interviews and promotion I will never know. No hit's Cons.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • get eduactaed

    Cons was rapping with tribe when he was 18, dude was nice and is nice, then he backboned Kanye's lyrics on late reg.. so do your research young dudes.. you all steady listening to Lil b and wayne,. woka ,gucci,. that aint hip hop kids.

  • Frankie

    who the fuck is consequence? seriously

  • James Vega

    Damn this dude got Fiddy Teeth... HAHAHAH

  • LosThree

    Of course he gonna settle his beef wit ye. Ye got the money and the power. Blood is thicker than water guess money is too.

  • Chemical Engineer

    "But when you opt to talk to bloggers instead of your cousin? I don't pump like that." Because you didn't do interviews about this issue. You may now shut the fuck up, Consequence. You hate Q-Tip. Point noted. Leave the shit alone and quit acting like this is kindergarten.

  • say whaaaaaat

    on some real ish any kat that puts business over blood family needs to get their head examined

  • Hmm

    And look at who Cons was beefing with, two of the biggest prima donnas in the history of rap. Q-Tip is an all-time great and Kanye is one of the best of the past decade, but these guys are notorious for being divas.

  • EEZY

    Like Tip said when this started.... Niggas be watching too much wrestling.

  • Truth

    Got put on Q-Tip. Couldn't get along with Q-Tip. Got put on by Kanye. Couldn't get along with Kanye. Hey, Cons, I think I know what the problem is...look into the mirror. Being a background vocalist on a meh Beyonce song isn't exactly owning the rap industry. If you were really all that, you'd have your own hit solo song. Obviously you can rap. You just aren't that great - you're like a 6. Which is cool. There are a lot of good 6's. Some people don't even make it that high. But your shitty attitude just drags everything down. Only six more years till you're 40! That's plenty of time to fall out with some generous A-listers.

    • Anonymous

      @Hmm cons is a good rapper, but definitely better as a writer. he doesn't have an image to blow up with, which is fine. if he wants to stay underground theres nothing wrong with that. but his shitty attitude does ruin shit. sometimes when you're in a background role with a great like q-tip or kanye its better to stay in that role and do your thing there than try to split and become the big star yourself. have you ever seen memphis bleek dissing jay? no, he knows he doesnt have to be a star.

    • Hmm

      Consequence is one of the nicest rappers in the game. A 6? Nah. He's not the best, he'll never be the best, but he's one of the best right now.

  • Anonymous

    cons didnt say anything about the beef only when sway talked about it so your all gay

  • Anonymous

    him and shakespeare had the best freestyle from the cypher on this episode. also cons talk funny

  • Anonymous

    Cons sit your dumb ass down!

  • nibs

    he's gay, for sure. I've never met a straight man that was such a whiny drama fueled bitch

    • Anonymous

      who are you calling faggot you fucking nigger/cracker?

    • Anonymous

      a common trait of homophobia is applying gayness to situations where it has no relevance. the same way racist white people will try to blame race after watching a video of someone of color acting idiotic... even though there's a million other videos of white people doing the same shit. what the fuck does this have to do with homosexuality? why is everything gay to you? do you have some demons or some shit? lol

    • Anonymous

      I'm sick of people using the word homophobic and don't even know what it means. homophobic means you're afraid of faggots. Just because someone doesn't like faggots doesn't mean that they're afraid of them....LOLOLOLOLOL

    • Anonymous

      tired of you homophobic ass rap fans who dont even get pussy.

    • wizwock

      ^ and that means fuck all, dude could be straight up closet material..

    • Anonymous

      actually hes married and has a baby.

  • iaintnojoke

    Hey Consequence, how bout you stop wasting time on stupid beefs and try to make a classic album like your cousins already done many times before. Until that happens: Consequence = irrelevant

  • M$

    All of you who say no one is checking for con, are dumb and ignorant. The only reason you think that is because YOU have no idea who the fuck he is. And obviously he's not as popular as the people in G.O.O.D. Music, he's pretty underground. And you people who say he's finna make a name for himself, HES BEEN 'ROUND FOR YEARS! Clearly you don't know shit. SO.... keep putting yourself in the lowest class of humanity, you dumb ass HATERS

    • Anonymous

      M$ dont worry, it will be alright. Don't cry.

    • Anonymous

      maybe 10 or 20 people maybe checkin for cons...happy now!! LOLOLOLOL

    • M$

      ya cause you know me and all i listen to is cons..... listen Boy i've only heard a little of his new shit, and i used to bump him and ye's old shit, well i still do, but, who the FUCK are you to say *NO ONE* is checking on him, you just made your hater ass sound 1000000000000X stupider saying that shit lmao, he obviously has his fans, if your dumb ass doesnt like him thats you, you dont know what the rest of the world is thinking, you dumb twat, you dont need to be on no "radar" for people to be checking for you... my god you're pathetic

    • Nicca Please

      Muthafucka I know who cons is and what he has done I also know he has been around for years, tell me something I dont know. With that said at this current point in time NO ONE IS CHECKING FOR HIM!!! For you it may be a hard pill to swallow but ya boy cons is not on the radar homeboy. If people was checking for him like that then he wouldnt have to keep airing his personal beefs with people all over the place. No one is hating on cons people are just speaking the truth and that truth is NO ONE IS CHECKING FOR HIM!!!! Now go tell Tito to get you some tissue!!

  • Edubb

    It is true that no one is really checking for cons and this beef shit is waaaaaay played out and stupid. With that said I understand where cons is coming from as far as q-tip goes. Q-tip is not the good guy that he makes himself out to be, he is a sneaky dirty son of a bitch. Im not defending cons by no means but I understand his position as far as q-tip goes. While people are on here are bashing cons, q-tip does NOT deserve a pass.

  • Truthenola

    You people are soo stupid,. if Consequence was nobody then why people like kanye and jay and q-tip worry bout beef wit dude..Cons responsible for writing soo many songs you dummies think your fav rapper wrote,. Cons responsible for most of late registration btw. put C4 down and get eduacated!

  • Dweezy

    Cons and 50 should start a beef since they are both always looking for one. Then become best friends and do a track with each other. Rap beefs are so stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Word of advice for Cons... Stop airing your beef, especially on MTV, it's making you look really foolish fam. Cons is one of the finer MCs today, but this constantly dissing Kanye and his cuz Q Tip is wack as fuck, Especially since you only talkin about it on MTV. At least get on a real hip hop platform. You shuckin and jivin right now dog, please, for your career's sake!!

  • Anonymous

    Nobody cares about Consequence

  • Killalex

    Every week consequence is talking bout his beefs, nobody gives a fuck! Why is this dude even relevant.

  • JG

    wow this is one of the lamest beefs off all time, instead of being on tracks its just on the fuckin internet. Who cares?

  • Obi Patrick

    Cons needs to stop crying and put out music..

  • Daniel

    Who the fuck is Consequence and how can he fathom he could even beef with q-tip?

    • MalcolmLittle

      Ummm he's Tip's cousin, and Phife bringin him into ATCQ is what caused the breakup cuz Tip was on bullshit about it from the word go...

  • Anonymous


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