T.I. Removed From Prison, Back In Halfway House

UPDATE: Tip has been released from prison and will serve the rest of his sentence in a halfway house.

Upon his release from prison on August 31st, T.I. announced that he would be filming a reality show for VH1 - but that’s supposedly the reason that he was forced back to jail.

According to TMZ, prison officials believed he had people from his reality show on his luxury bus that transported him from jail to his halfway house. Documents state that Tip was only allowed to travel with his wife and was not permitted to conduct business on the bus.

Officials claim that two VH1 producers and his manager were on the bus discussing business. Despite the producers and manager submitting letters stating the opposite, the prison did not believe them.

Tip is currently scheduled for release from prison on September 29th.

[September 8]

UPDATE: According to TMZ, T.I. was just released from prison to serve the rest of his sentence in his halfway house.

"We have good reason to believe that this favorable result was reached because of the proactive and assertive approach taken to protect T.I.'s rights by providing B.O.P officials and the media with reliable and accurate information and that T.I. did not intend to violate his transfer furlough or any other B.O.P rules en route from the prison facility in Arkansas to the halfway house in Atlanta," said his lawyer, Steve Sadow.

Tip will complete his sentence on September 29th, and will remain under supervised probation for one year.

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  • Triple IRON ( T.I )

    first of all , i am sorry and i am crying about my best Rapper T.I because he is behind bars. Before sleeping i gotta pray for his problem `cause it is hurting me so. But i guess he is goin` to get freedom by GOD`s will. thank you i live in center AFRICA precisealy in CONGO BRAZZAVILLE BYE FOR NOW.

  • the real jay

    and some of you dummies drive daily talkin on phones while you drive and everything else under the sun crash and kill or hurt someone bad bein reckless if u want to and let's see what u type then.

  • the real jay

    the king iz back !!!!!!! i can't wait till the nigga drops another classic album. oh yeah tip goin to the top again haters. and all you dumb uneducated tight jeans mohawk wearing punks sayin he'll be back in jail. I wonder what you'll say when it's your turn to be incarcerated. remember it don't take much to end up there. to laugh and point fingers when it's someone else is one thing when it's you is another. keep that in mind when you bash others.



  • 100

    TIP didn't do anything wrong in my eyes. I've been around cops, dealt with cops (LAPD) and I know first hand they are some of the most UNLAWFUL people out there. Most of you live in a distorted reality controlled by the media. I put that on anything.

  • Whateva

    T.I. WILL STILL be on top after this episode. He's got it like that.

  • Sigh

    FUCKING DUMB! Really? T.I. had intentions of violating his "transfer furlough"? Why? You know what, let the dude go and ALL the other non violent offenders clogging up the system. Someone is caught with weed, OK give them a ticket and move on. You got your money.

  • booby

    then next week he goes back to jail, then a month later released on full parole, 2 weeks after that-back to the halfway house, back to jail, then 2 months later back to the half way house...fuck.

  • James Vega

    I'm not really a fan of his... But they're on some bullshit with everything he's going through... I can't believe how much harassment he goes through for what he did.. Leave the guy alone..

  • James Vega

    they're gonna "Slick Rick" this guy his whole career, lol

  • Bom919

    TI used to be my favorite rapper. I loved everything about his music and im still a huge fan and i cant wait to hear his new shit. But does he sits here and makes this song called No Mercy and his album title when its completely his dumbass fault. The tour bus thing was strate up bs and ill give him that but nobodys gonna have mercy on someone who shouldve initially served 10 years the first time but did less than a year. then he went back and that shouldve been the other 9 right there. thats why there screwing with this dude bc he thinks just because hes rich he can get away with anything. I mean really dude come on. what the hell is going through that pin head of his. If he goes back hes done but honestly coming from one of his biggest fans...i think his career has came and gone. His fault completely

  • Anonymous

    how long before he is back again

  • Irv

    didnt he take the wrap for his wife so y everyone insulting him his wife was to blame too other black famous guys did worse than t.i. and didnt get jail time smh

  • RTJ00

    Just leave TI alone. Casey Anthoney can get away with killing her kid but TI cant even conduct business without the fuck ass police hatting. Fuck the police and if you down with police you a dumb ass cause they are the ones being used to take our freedoms and right away.

  • Michael Thompson


  • Al-B

    Who really cares?????????

  • Anonymous

    let him sit in jail ,.he aint nuttin special. espcially if hes this stupid,.

  • Not Known Nigga

    Hopefully, T.I.P can stay outta jail when he gets out this time. You're starting to turn into this generations version of O.D.B. Nigga you stay in and out of jail.


    right back out all that shit yall talk was a waste of time

  • runffm

    startin to think this negro really belongs in there

  • kennyken

    ok t.i., now you see how they feel about you (us), stay clean jew! damn shame

  • Anonymous

    Chill out. He's only there for 20 days. This is nothing for him. Wait until he does some serious shit.

  • Anonymous

    this aint no damn caley anthony. this is a nigga alleged of doin biz?? GTFOH

  • dubya

    all yall police ass niggas need 2 quit hatin. thank u 4 exposin yrsevles, u police ass niggas. at least we kno wat side of tha law u on. shit truly sickens me 2 see all these lawdawg dick ridin ass pussies. if u wanna be a law, go to da police academy. no luv 4 u hos. keep it gutta

    • Broward County

      This whole generation was raised up watching "Cops", and thinking it's all right to snitch. That's why they love that fat buster, "Rick Ross". Tip did some dumb shit, but street niggas do that at times. His money is straight, and his woman is standing strong in the paint. So what these l'il Wal-Mart employees on the internet think don't really amount to shit. Hold ya head, Tip. Get back in the lab and give us some more of that KING music!

    • Dude7

      You need to forget about police academys and join a school and get yourself out of the "gutta"

    • Anonymous



    that's not a bad deal considering what he was initially charged with. rules are rules and he broke them it's not some conspiracy you dipshits. he should be in prison for decades but what do you know c.r.e.a.m.

    • Broward County

      You never-got-a-ticket niggas need to learn what the definition of snitching is. Snitching is when you are involved in a criminal enterprise with someone, then you get caught and testify against your co-conspirator in exchange for immunity, or a reduced sentence. Tip never snitched, because he never gave incriminating testimony against anybody he was in business with. Tip TESTIFIED in a criminal proceeding against the people who shot at his vehicle, and were responsible for the death of his partner. Now according to the Cosa Nostra's law of omerta, a soldier is never supposed to cooperate with the police at any time, for any reason. But Tip is not a Cosa Nostra soldier. He is an entertainer. So get over yourselves wih this "snitch" shit...

    • Al-B

      Niggaz out here cheering for this nigga who should be in prison with no exit in site for at least 10-15 years. So what he got sent back for trying to pull some big willie bullshit and trying to get footage for his show that we know will be coming soon. When he was out the last time his music wasn't nothing to talk about for the most part. I'm sorry, but I can't see myself feeling sorry for a rich nigga who gets off of some shit that some regular nigga does 30 years for. He's a rat and if you don't want to face that then you hate reality!

  • Anonymous

    this is clearly some BULLSHIT , stay strong TI

  • RTJ00

    Ok so here is how its going. TI is trying to expose the people controlling his life. So one way of doing it would be a VH1 reality show. That is the last thing they want, so they will keep having him arrested until they break him and have him doing soulless shitty pop songs. If you really care about TI you better go demand him be released or bump his music as hard as you can cause it looks like they are going to put him through hell.

    • Anonymous

      WTF are you talking about?? He's going to expose who?? The feds?? His employers who gave him the deal of lifetime?? He's ruined his own life. You'll see and I hope you won't make a gang of excuses for his next piece of fucked-up behavior!

  • drunkendaddy

    weak ass stick figure snitch

  • Real Talk H-town

    I see the haters in full affect on here right now. Don't hate the next man because your life ain't shit. Them Feds playing games with this man. First the reason was the tour bus, when that wouldn't stick now it's cause some producers was on the bus. Real street nigas know whats up. only you Carter 4 buying, leopard print wearing young punks and haters see it another way.



  • Obi Patrick

    LMAO @ T.I continuously ending back up in jail for some other dumb shit. Dumb ATL nigga lol....

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    I'm usually the first to say he is a dumb mofo for going back to jail how many times, and yea he should have served more time the first time and likely this time too, but in any case this is bs... This time I'm gonna just say these folks do have it out for him and arizona has it out for DMX... Both need to get to another state and stay out of trouble, so they can do their thing career wise...

  • Ex TI Fan

    First time I was like fuck, live and learn. Second time I was like realty? Pills & Drink while driving... You dumb as hell. This time, I refuse this hoe ass rapper has a single brain cell.

  • Anonymous

    theyre trying to get TIP to sell his soul...until he does, they'll continue fucking with him

  • DR Jam

    OK SO THE LAW PROHIBITS A MAN FROM DOING BUSINESS, WHICH ALLOWS HIM TO MAKE A LIVING, WHEN HE'S OUT OF JAIL? How can this be allowed in the U.S.? How do people accept that? Who has the authority to determine and prohibit another to do business? (provided the business isn't "illegal")

  • Aaron Pacheco

    illuminati is trying to keep him locked up

    • Anonymous

      Could be, maybe he's balancing himself between ethics and to decide to not do a reality show could lead him to unfavorable circumstances. A negative ultimatum. He really needs to be careful and not cater to this industry's every needs and wants.


    I DON'T THINK ANYBODY COMMENTING ACTUALLY READ THE ENTRY. "Officials CLAIM that two VH1 producers and his manager were on the bus discussing business. DESPITE the producers and manager submitting letters stating the opposite, the prison did not believe them." Don't any of you think that is a little assinine, they don't know if he disscussed business or not. Now if they say because he had individuals other than his wife on the bus I could understand, even though I think it is a petty reason it was still a stipulation of his release. The comments are acting like he went out and got caught smoking or drinking.

  • T.I.'s Momma

    Dear lord son, Just Kill Your Self! I always knew my boy was dumber then shit but this is ridiculous. They release him with conditions and this motherless fuck thinks he above the law every time. Getting on a tour bus, mother fucker wurr you touring?


    This guy won't be happy until he's doing life in prison:Some people just don't get it and never will get it:THE WORLD DOESN'T REVOLVES AROUND YOU:People who think they're more important than the next person usually isn't and will eventually live an long and hard life: If they say "NO BUSINESS" then guess what?NO FUCKIN' BUSINESS dude: I'm a big T.I. fan and i want him to get out and do well but i'm starting to come to the realization that his music career is over and that he's soon to be in prison for the rest of his life: Good luck, bro:

  • Anonymous

    hating on a black man..... DECADES LATER

  • theone

    illuminati lets face it

  • nixnox

    lets face it, we all know he snitched...

  • wtt

    does anyone care about T.I still? Get real with this sell out

  • __

    Video Link... http://youtu.be/OOyA2arL8iI

  • TheRealDeal

    Haha while I was reading this a T.I song came up on the radio, But this nigga permenant home seems to be prison lol, He proboly gone presonally know all the guards by name haha.


    tru shit dude didnt commit another crime just handling busines but yall on here dissin tip like he did something wrong sounding real stupid

  • stephenc

    Does the State have any proof of these people were on the bus?

  • Jiggity

    Man T.I. is the new DMX. Dude needs to be smarter than that if he ever wants his career back. SMH...


    Why do you bitches go somewhere else and bitch? The system is wack, they send people to prison everyday on a belief. Read the article and there is no proof anywhere just a belief and you bitches come here disses him. You faggot fucks might as well be the police, I believe most of you bitches are.

    • No more love

      At what point is it YOUR fault and not the SYSTEM? Don't get me wrong, there are folks serving time that are wrongly accused, or got the shitty end of the stick...no doubt, but T.I. isn't one of them. Most will agree that it's really hard to feel sorry for this cat now. I know one things for sure, I'm an idiot if I give him any more of my money.

    • TRUTH

      although I feel you, this is suspect but at the same time...come on...if anybody has gotten a break from the system is TI. I live in Georgia, if a felon gets caught with a guns..its a automatic minimum 7 years in prison. He got a year...just to get out..and get caught with drugs..do a year and then this? If this was the average joe blow..they would be doing 10-15 years period. So don't talk about the system and TI...this dude IS HIGHLY FAVORED. I ain't hating...cuase I'm a fan..I think he is or was the hottest nigga out at one point. I just hate to see him keep shooting hisself in the foot!

  • Luke

    they got it out for him... thats some stipulation bullshiz.


    This dude needs a mentor...Or he seriously needs better advisors....You mean to tell me NOBODY around him knew he should'nt have been doing that shit?!!!

  • SBMobile

    Wow! I think he broke a record!

  • Anonymous

    Im not goin stunt im a fan of ti's old work but i cant support homie when he get out...tht guy is his own worst enemy...how many times u goin send yoself 2 jail bro?

  • Yung L.A.

    T.I.=dumbest rapper alive.

  • Anonymous

    Tip is dope but he suffers from DMX syndrome In other words he's a fuckin idiot

  • Anonymous

    If a white man were to do the same thing he wouldn't of been sent back to prison...jus saying....

    • Anonymous

      I'm white, I failed a drug test on probation and they sent me back for a year and a day They give this motherfucker chance after chance after chance If he wasnt famous he'd of gotten a Dime for them machine guns alone

    • Billy Bucks

      A white man with T.I.s track record would. All he's done with each "2nd" chance is show he doesn't give a shit about the law. As long as he keeps spitting in their faces, they're going to keep going after him. There are few people on this planet white or black that would have made it through those weapons charges...this isn't black or white, this is dumb or smart.

  • shittious

    ye i kno i kno dumbass fuck shit this boy . Live IVEva in jail , Mr,Bitch

  • billy bucks

    When the story broke that T.I. was being released there were many people saying he would be back in jail within a year. Some people went as far as giving him only 6 months before he returned....Well, you were all wrong. It only took Tip a few hours to find himself back behind bars again.

  • ElLayinLA

    this guy is wack . He calls himself King but I do see he is lie King

  • justb84

    I officially don't give a shit about this guy

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