Rapper Big Pooh Reveals Cover Art For "Dirty Pretty Things," Due November 1

UPDATE #2: Pooh is getting some production from three veteran Dr. Dre ensemble affiliates, along with guest emceeing from Torae and Joe Scudda.

It has been announced that Raleigh, North Carolina emcee Rapper Big Pooh will release a solo album on November 1 called Dirty Pretty Things. The Little Brother member already released Fat Boy Fresh Volume 1: For Members Only in April of this year.

Details are still emerging on Dirty Pretty Things, however the digital and retail project's first single is "Medicine Man." Pooh's Little Brother band-mates are also releasing late summer/fall albums, with 9th Wonder's long-awaited The Wonder Years and Phonte's solo debut release, Charity Starts At Home, planned for September 27 release.

Pooh is also said be recording an EP with former Stones Throw Records artist Roc 'C' as group, The Young Americans.

HipHopDX will keep you updated.

(September 7)

UPDATE: Details have emerged, confirming that Rapper Big Pooh's Dirty Pretty Things will feature production from Nottz, DJ Khalil and Focus... Additionally, guest emcees include Torae and Joe Scudda.

(September 13)

UPDATE #2: Rapper Big Pooh had released the cover art for his upcoming album (via HHNM).



  • Anonymous

    I like Big Pooh! Not really feelin the cover but its all good. That cover reminds me of LEGACYs' album cover. Very similar! I like the fact that Big Pooh is steppin out on his own without 9th or Phonte'. Its obvious that Phonte couldn't or wouldn't step out without 9th. Phonte ain't relevant without 9th. Big Pooh done dropped 4 mix cds since Little Brother broke up! Phonte ain't done shit til now! (only because he linked back up with 9th.) that foreign exchange shit is wack! especially da 2nd album.

    • Ben

      Phonte aint relavant without 9th?? Are you serious? As a solo mc, he basically became your favorite rappers favorite rapper. As an r&b singer, he got a grammy nomination off an album that probably didnt sell more than 15,000 units....Phonte is more than relavant with or without 9th.

  • Anonymous

    should move that up to september 27th. have all 3 little brother members dropping solo albums on the same day lol

  • Anonymous

    wow, phonte and 9th just kinda x's him out the group. giving him room to grow my a**. this is liek TCQ without phife. i love phonte, but i could see how his style may wear on you for a whole album we shall see.

    • Bowski

      @ Anon Well I'll be!!! I just noticed that now (lol)...

    • Anonymous

      bowski, im pretty sure they're bothing talking about phonte not pooh

    • Bowski

      Did yall listen to Pooh's "Sleepers" album? I think he held it down very well w/guest artists sprinkled here and there at the right moments, didn't sound "played" to me at any part opf the album. As far as his comedy skills are concerned? The jury migt stil be out on that one but I say let him have his fun. Fun is something Hip Hop is lacking these days y'dig?


      i always thought the same thing about phonte he's good but its played after awhile still a cool mc though plus he's kind of flat on the comedy as well might wanna hang that up

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