T.I. To Remain In Prison Until September 29th

UPDATE #2: Tip will remain incarcerated until his initial release date.

Only a day after his release from Federal Correctional Center in Forrest City, Arkansas to a halfway house in Atlanta, Georgia, T.I. has been removed to a "different facility" because prison officials objected to his using a tour bus to move between locations. He is now in federal custody.

According to CNN.com, Tip had agreed to provide his own transportation from the prison to his halfway home, but now federal prison officials are reviewing how got there - by tour bus.

A U.S. Bureau of Prison spokeswoman said she could not yet disclose where T.I. was transferred.

[September 1]

UPDATE: According to TMZ, T.I. allegedly misled prison officials into thinking his mode of transportation from prison to his halfway home would be "low-key," along the lines of a van. Instead, he took a luxury bus to his house, which the prison didn't consider "low-key."

When U.S. Marshals arrived to take him back to jail, Tip supposedly mouthed off at them for catching him on such a "ridiculous violation." He is currently being held in federal custody.

[September 2]

UPDATE #2: According to AP, T.I. will remain incarcerated until September 29th, when he was initially supposed to be released from jail.

"The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) appears to have an issue with the circumstances surrounding TI's transportation from Arkansas to Atlanta," said Steve Sadow, Tip's attorney. "T.I. got on a private bus in the prison's parking area in full view of BOP employees. Indeed, he was actually escorted to the bus by a prison guard."

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  • Anonymous

    t.i. is a pussy. he's stupid for riding dirty in the first place. then he has the audacity to plead with the judge for mercy? if he's as smart as he says he is (i guess he's lost humility as well) he just should've rolled up in a fucking van because we all know the pigs are out to get us.

  • Silverdimple31

    I think it is a sad day when this sort of manipulation of the law occurs. His lawyer should be fired. The government as always is playing games and making up the rules as the go along. America is not free for everybody. Black American's better wake up! The new slavery is the prisons and they recruiting heavy.



  • bosox77

    Obviously there is no law on how you leave prison but whatever screw the jealous nutless sad excuse for a human being he put T.I. back in jail for no reason at all


    Hate, hate, hate. Bogus allegations.

  • Darrell Bonner

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  • Lil tink tink

    Keep the monkey in his cag! He needs more time to think about what he's done. Got out for 2 seconds and already fucked up again. I think that's a record time for this lil monkey. U goin back in bowayy

    • ETK

      fucked up how? where the shit did this 'illegal transportation' bullshit come from, I guess you know all bout the law chiefo

  • Big D

    TI, as much as this is some serious BS, its a reminder why you need to stay your ass out of trouble. That boss/king talk y'all rappers spitting is just garbage as you can see. Now you don't even have to commit a crime for these ass$%$ to get you. No more dumbness please. You're blessed, go enjoy life and leave the BS alone.

  • x

    if they had a problem wit how he was transported they shoulda stopped him right then and there. they waited until dude got to atlanta and then it's an issue ? that's some bullshit. he took a tour bus in 09 too when he left. they just hatin like some of you goofy ass lame ass dirty muthafuckas on here talking sideways about t.i. all of you talkin shit. the thing about t.i. is he's tougher than y'all and is a stand up dude. i wonder how some of u pricks would handled yourselves being incarcerated. i've seen bitch ass niggas stress over wanting to go home. i know some of u bitches would cry for days and days. concentrate on U and stop hatin on tip.

  • Jesus

    T.I.=Dumb Highhorse Nigger Wayne= Retarded Nigger Rick Ross=Dude that serves them lunch and dinner see. fuck these dudes. personally they can have wild cowby butt sex kiss on records. and hell. even say shit like "Drake licked m ass on the set of jungle fever" i dont care. the music isnt good enough to excuse stupidity. Kanye may be the biggest Ass. but the dude stays outt prison now wheres that "illuminati" shit? idiots

    • LOL @ these comments

      Hey everybody look at Jesus! He's a tough guy using er with the n-word! I've told you people most of these comments come from teenage white boys! Now watch one of them call me a racist! LOL Where were you at when Jesus used a racial slur! LOL

    • lol

      yo y u even on this site? u dont like hip-hop then dont listen to it. like fo real go fuck yo sister. thats what racist rednecks do nowadays right?


      Jesus YOU RIGHT fuck these fake gimmick rappers

    • you're a racist bitch

      you talk bout how dumb black folk is but you the only dumb ass sayin "nigger" on a public forum. SMH I love people like you cause I know what to expect. You jus a pussy ass bitch who sits behind the computer wit nuttin better to do but downgrade people for no apparent reason. But I bet ya one thing, you wont come out yer house talkin that wreckless shit. You a dummy but you're not that dumb right?

  • J.O.

    STOP THIS ILLUMINATI SHIT....if there was an a illuminati why aren't the smartest people in the world, doctors and scientists involved. You mean to tell me the people who "run" the media, sell fast food and rappers who came from the same streets we do have in the inside track to a higher power. BWOI STOP!!! (in my Big Boi voice) TIP is a real nigga who got put in a bad position, stay outta jail mane, CHATTANOOGA to tha A mane

    • LOL @ these comments

      Can you guys read? They push their agenda THROUGH the music! The rappers are puppets to the masters! The enlightened ones have worker bees in yo hoods! They know you would never listen to them, so they use your peers! LOL! Go read some books and learn something!

    • TdotFrog

      Come one bro. TIP is in the illuminati with doctors and scientists? U think if I was a scientist I would let some dirty ass street nigga who couldn't understand simple science into a club meant for higher power and knowledge? Fuck outta here. The illuminati is for the enlightened ones, not for rappers who still go to clubs and get drunk and fuck hood rats, while spewing abc rhymes out the microphone. Read a book nigga, do some math sets, cause your brain is only moving at 40 m/hr, while the rest of our minds are moving at that freeway speed.

    • Anonymous

      Hey stupid doctors, lawyers, politicians, and scientists are all involved with the iluminati.Like i said long ago its easier for the illuminati to push their agenda through music especially hip-hop. Im sorry to inform you that t.i. was apart of the illuminati, I dont know if he still is but how in the fuck do you think he got off so easy on them gun charges. T.i. didnt snitch on anyone its who he was involved with that got him off so light you fuckin dummy.

  • Anonymous

    they were ok with the bus, or they wouldnt let him leave. they fuckin tips head up. he a strong nigga. i dont think he ratted that time.. the powers that be set him up, he had to sell his soul. at first he didnt want to, but who wants to spend life in jail for nothing???

  • Anonymous

    man, the illuminati tryin to fuck tip's head up, they on some mk-ultra shit. going from happy to sad/mad so fast can fuck ur mind up. tip dont wanna bite... they want him to

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    Fuck the feds and their system, that's all I even feel like saying, it's like Kanye said "Racism still alive, they just be concealing it"

  • Whiterthaost

    Like my man said below... You guys truly are idiots. Shit, TI can drive the tour bus with his feet! When he gets out of that half halfway house. Maybe even grow a half a brain cell, and wait till your off paper and THEN do your dumb shit. You have to understand that this is EXACTLY the type of behavior halfway houses are designed to confront. Call it a street mentality, thug, call it what you will. There's a sign on these houses...no flossing aloud. Thus is coming from a man who pushed all these petty stipulations/ requirements to the limit. Then got the hell outta there. In a word... humility. TI's no better or worse than the rest of these knuckleheads. Ergo, TI should act accordingly.


    I'm not siding with the feds, but damn nigga you got off lucky- TWICE. Go home in a taxi, who gives a fuck?! What are you trying to prove? Just get as far away from prison as you can. Then move out of the country until your probation is over.

  • Amenda Green

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  • tah

    I see high level jealousy going on hear..how ridiculous to lock a man up for using unexpected transportation. This explannation is unacceptable, it has racism and jealousy written all over it!

  • Andre

    Man first off, this isnt about racism. OK!! its all about the government flexing there nuts. They are using him as an example saying " I dont give a fuck if your a Rap Mogul or a Halfway Drug pusher" We can put you in prison anytime we want and you should be taking this as a warning to obey what we say". Honestly its ridiculous to say that T.I. told them specifically that he would use a van... see that word "misled" its just a 5 dollar word for He said "I'll keep it low key" and the official ASSUMED!!! he meant a van or car.... Truth is Low-Key has different definitions depending on the person. T.I. is a very flamboyant person so I could argue that a tour bus is LOW-KEY!!!, but since the government always sides with other government officials. They can say that he "MISLED" them and then this will happen. Its bullshit and we all know it.

  • Anonymous

    the man did nothing wrong. there was no way he could have anticipated that his fucking mode of transportation would be a point of legal conflict. this is some bullshit.

  • Nick Fury

    This shit is racism at its finest. These white people were mad because they're broke and a rich young black dude is flaunting his money around with the bus. White people always get mad at stupid stuff like this because to them we're niggers and shouldnt have the money, fame, power. They want us to work at burger king. At the end of the day though, sending TI back will not make their lives better. They will still be broke, hungry and angry. lol I'm not a fan of TI but his time they did him dirty, it's no his fault. Hold your head.

  • Anonymous


  • kingrichard1

    any1 on here or n da world dat thinks he honestly &/or purposely did sumthn wrong isn't human or doesnt believe n forgiveness,dis is more pointless & shows hw da justice system n america is awful!!!!!!!! almost as bad as mike vick's dogfightin case! waist of taxpayer's money & off subject,its nt illegal 2 tape police wit camera's,they're "public servants" people.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlnpaIPHuH0&feature=player_detailpage

  • kingrichard1

    any1 on here or n da world dat thinks he honestly &/or purposely did sumthn wrong isn't human or doesnt believe n forgiveness,dis is more pointless & shows hw da justice system n america is awful!!!!!!!! almost as bad as mike vick's dogfightin case! waist of taxpayer's money & off subject,its nt illegal 2 tape police wit camera's,they're "public servants".....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlnpaIPHuH0&feature=player_detailpage

  • micah

    The funny thing is they prolly didnt bus him theyselves to try to save money. I woulda took a xanax tho on that trip. and fucked some bitches

  • Moses

    This guy just can't catch a break. Its Sad.

  • cjc

    what difference does it make how he got there? he would still be in the half way house.

  • Shorty Kellems

    108 comments of mindless, uninformed, vile, vulgar posts. 99% of which are utter idiocy. GET THIS: TI was FILMING his adventure on the tour bus, for a new reality show he gonna be on. Now can you fool ass niggas understand why he got popped? Thanks for playing nimrods

  • Cealix

    Most of you are FUCKING IDIOTS. A HALFWAY HOUSE is NOT HIS HOUSE!!! In fact, IT'S NOT EVEN HIS HOME! Why do they call it that? Because....YOU GUESSED IT....you're HALFWAY HOME! But all you have to do is complete your time in this lovely rehab instead of being locked up in an itty bitty cell. T.I.: Oh foreal? Sheit...imma just take a van there, but we finna be low-key mayne Prison officials: SPLENDID! Just sign theses papers here and we'll expect you shortly! T.I.: My pleasure! *walks out*...these niggas is stupid! I'MMA TAKE ME A BUS THERE! FUCK ALL THAT BULLSHIT!

    • Anonymous

      But they let him get on the bus right smart guy? Again there's no excuse for them getting crazy over a fucking bus. what was he going to do keep going?

  • Parsitra

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  • damn

    That shit sucks... I hope they at least bought him dinner and a movie before they FUCKED him... LMAO



  • Really

    I think them arresting him AGAIN over this made it high profile. Just saying.

  • Anonymous

    "Oh T.I. got a light sentence", that's all I hear from you self righteous motherfuckers. You know why the jails are over crowded? Because they got cats in there SIMPLY for smoking weed or selling the shit. A fucking plant. And as far as Gun charges, so what. He didn't kill anybody, they just weren't legally acquired. How fatal is that? Look at these back wood hicks gun collections, semi autos for hunting?? Fuck their license. Taking m-16's to fucking political rally's but it's all good right?

  • Anonymous

    What is this shit about T.I. should know better? ABOUT WHAT???? Taking a his tour bus home? Who the fuck would even think twice about this if they didn't make a scene about it. Straight fuckery 100%. A tour BUS charge, THE FUCK??

  • Anonymous

    Are taxpayers paying the tour bus bill? If not, step off.

  • the real jay

    how the fuck can muthafuckas blame this on t.i. when the nigga didn't do shit wrong to be brought back to jail you shit bags !!!!!!! them punk ass pigs hatin cause tip got out ballin on they ass. so what !!!!! if they was so concerned wit how he was traveling. they should have took him to the half way house themselves !!!! they watched him leave , now it's a problem ? fuck outta here !!!!!!! fuck all y'all hating on tip too. i don't don't care how many times the nigga go to jail. he's still a successful young black man that's done more than you'll ever do in life. stop hating. and is more successful than dmx.

    • Anonymous

      yah not because he had hit songs and had collabs with the likes of jay-z, eminem etc.

    • Shorty Kellems

      Corey: The reason he said shady is....If this fool didn't get all the attention from being stupid and getting busted in the first place.... 90% of the world would not have even heard his name.

    • Shorty Kellems

      Let me make it easy for you fools.: He stated on the form, and told the judge that he would take one mode of transport....and then took a completely different method of transport. Get it? Its called lying to the official. Quit actin ignant.

    • Corey Brant Hensley

      this dude dont know what the fuck he's talking about. how is he on TI's nuts? and how did he do shady shit to get to the status he is? did they hire him in 'takers' because he did shady shit? did every rapper in the game besides shawty Lo cosign this man because he did shady shit? your a hater man, certified fucking hater...the man got locked up again on some bullshit charges, that are not his fault, and you wanna say he deserves that because he put himself in that position? its rehabilitation, or supposed to be atleast, and once he's out they have no right to put him back in like they did. so i will say this one last time, from the perspective of someone who isnt a TI stan...your a faggot hater.

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up and get off t.i.'s nuts!! Like i said before the nigga put himself in the position to be fucked with by the law. And just for the record I wouldnt call t.i. successful, when he had to do some shady shit to get the status that he has. What is success when you had to sell your soul to get it? Like i said shut the fuck up and get off his nuts.


    The federal government is showing yout htat they really don't have it together, how did he leave the premises in this bus if it was such a problem?

  • kennyken

    they hate rappers....i told you so....but tip needs to realize this and stop falling into their hands like that...man tip hold your head, or should i say use your head....they DO have the power...you don't have any, use your brain boss

  • Anonymous

    SMH, Tip just cant stay out of trouble Shame, one of the only mainstream rappers to come out in the 2000's I like at all, and he turns out to be a fuck up in real life DMX 2.0

  • Anonymous

    Fuck The Fivers " I aint never met a pig in my life, that I aint want to catch their body on the jig of my knife"

  • Cole

    Cops are some crooked ass mothefuckers. Pussy Ass Niggas dont know what tha fuck they doing. Fuck Tha Police

    • Shorty Kellems

      God you sound like a moron. Just an utter and complete fool, whom i will see any day on the news being locked away, or on COPS. Why don't you simply pick up your phone, call them, tell them how tough you are punk? ....lol....That's what I thought you said, Bit%&.

  • Big Chill

    It sounds like the prison officials are concerned that he may attempt to profit from his release, perhaps by some type of reality airing. I'm not saying that's what happened, but there appears to be some type of stipulation with his immediate release from custody. Regardless, he continues to demonstrate poor judgment. Why would he feel the need to exit by way of a tour bus? Why couldn't he be more low-key? It's always something with this dude.

  • Mack

    T.I. is the new DMX. He can't stay out of jail. SMH!

  • Akil

    Yo that is some bull shit .... but come on dog a tour bus?

  • Edubb

    Yes this is some petty shit for them to fuck with him like that. With that said t.i. put himself in the position to be fucked with. They gave his ass a break with that light ass sentence for all them guns, then he goes and violates his parole. Im not saying that its right but when you put your self in a position for the law to fuck with you, you just have to deal with it.

  • Anonymous

    its a bus they just put tour in front of it to make it sound all big. people ride in busses all the time its no big deal they are just fucking with him cause they can. i got a friend that thinks he can always drive ten miles over the speed limit and they wont fuck with him but he will learn and it always happens when your dirty always.

  • nixnox

    this must be making his lawyers smile


    This looks like the institution once again trying to put a black man with means in "their place". Not justifying T.I's crime and or behavior but this is petty. Google how the Head of the IMF spent his time on bail for RAPE. One word; Condo.

  • Anonymous

    That tour bus was SOOOO dangerous.

  • We are at War

    To all criticizing you approach the situation from a very naive perspective and I can't fault you for that. But Clifford and a tour bus is low key compared to a tour bus to the airport to an awaiting private jet.

  • Media Anarchist

    First of all Tip's actions are that of a criminal, not of a CEO of a company. Obviously he has not learned his lesson.I realize that he wanted to impress his fan base and ride in comfort but this is the real world and he is a Black man period!

  • ilexx

    Anybody questioning the tour bus move needs to sit down and analyze wat the fuck is really going on. Moving to a halfway house isnt like u are going home, you are literally halfway a free man. Dude had a tour bus with his fam and his team on it I am sure, they wanted to ride in comfort for the next couple of hrs to the halfway house and obviously discuss whateva they needed to discuss but they wanted to do it comfortably and not in a VAN where they were packed like sardines or half of his team would have to be in another van following behind type bullshit. The system on some bullshit right now just because they can... Its fucked up.

  • Anonymous

    ok this shit is just getting dumb. this proves my point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOnBXss7IUw

  • gaetarick

    Ha ha!! - Nelson from The Simpsons voice

  • kingrichard1

    o.....k....wat he do? nuthn,exactly,dey jus fukn wit him 4 no reason,but i guess he aint n "da society" no mo lol

  • Sigh

    You'd think instead of fucking with him on this childish "charge" they'd work with him on some PSA shit. But no, they'd rather waste tax dollars on making sure the rest of us don't take our tour buses home. I usually take mine to the corner store but I guess I'll stick with the Hummer now. You know how low profile those Hummers are.

  • Anonymous

    If he has legal grounds to sue he should nail these bitch ass motherfuckers.

  • U Can Hate Me Now

    Haters working OVERTIME this last 2 weeks. First Jay and Ye WTT was too scary and aggressive for you. Then Carter IV topped charts despite your hate. Now T.I. is, wait for it... riding a tour bus home. OH THE AUDACITY! Don't worry you still have Obama to bitch about. LOLLOL. Man yawl fucking suck.

  • rick

    niggas! They should have never gave this nigga money

  • Keep Crying

    Look at all you biter motherfuckers in here. Low profile release? GET A FUCKING CLUE! His release is NATIONAL NEWS! Do they make stealth cars for celebrities that he should of taken? Maybe he should of went horseback? Maybe we shut the internet down so nobody knows he's on his way home. OH NO NOT THE TOUR BUS, it makes me feel bad about my Honda. Booh hooo my life sucks.

  • amp

    tip mayne.... fuck, cant he stay outta jail for longer than a day?

  • djbvax

    I usually don't care about "rappers in jail" BUT that was some racist ass shit. How does that affect the time spend IN prison? He's out. WTF?

    • Big Dan

      I lost sympathy for T.I and other dumb rappers a long time ago, but this is beyond ridiculous. Is it a crime to ride in a tour bus. Hope his lawyer is raising a MOTHER Fing stink!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah and Michael Jackson could of shown up to his court hearings quietly too right? Fuck outta' here.

  • Anonymous

    WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ????? What fucking law says you have to leave prison low key?? If this isn't some racist, envious bullshit I don't know what is. Black people, enough with fucking with white people, they are filled with hate and a waste of time. Sure not all whites but enough to just say fuck it.

    • Anonymous

      no im not filled with hate just dont know why shit has to be the way it is between us on some reel shit we could accomplish so much more.

  • Jacques Leach

    What a dumb muthafucka

  • Cherina

    Stop making excuses for him. What he did was just dumb. Taking a tour bus to a halfway house is not only NOT low-key, but it's also arrogant. It may be a stupid charge, but when you know you are under a microscope you have to act accordingly and use your common sense.

    • We are at War

      Cher and everyone else Criticizing you approach the situation from a very naive perspective and I can't fault you for that. But Clifford and a tour bus is low key compared to a tour bus to the airport to an awaiting private jet.

    • mrcbossplayer

      It may have not been low key, but what law did he break????????

    • Anonymous

      Who the fuck are you to tell someone how to go from A to B? He could of taken a fucking bike home and still end up on TMZ. You do know his prison release was NATIONAL FUCKING NEWS don't you?

  • Vanno Davis

    from what i read it seems t.i. did nothing wrong it looks like they just want anothor reason to put him in jail

  • Anonymous

    The dumbest rapper of all time ladies and gents?? T.I.!!!!

  • whitts

    BLACKS AND WHITES that continue to hold up the grudge between one another are the two most racist ignorant people on the planet. In order to transcend in this world we must drop it and move forward as one large group of human beings. Oh and historically my ancestors were the first to bring slaves to america so go ahead and hate me. yall know it would have been the other way around if africa and mexico colonized and civilized before europe did. the world is a dog eat dog world not just america and thats how its always gonna be its called human nature and the f***** food chain

    • Anonymous

      i dont know but america aint that b ad of a countryif it was my ancestors that were enslaved and brought here id probably have hate towards the race that did it too but i have morals and i dont think it would really bother me that much its old and shit id probably be in africa living in a jungle so fuck it im in america

    • Anonymous

      ok i started this comment and like i said ive tried to stay neutral my whole life im not black so i cant see how it is for a black person to walk down the street and get messed with by whites. i can only tell you from my point of view and im 33 now but i get alot of dirty looks and comments from black people just cause im white and i dont understand why what did i do. its like people take the anger out on the wrong people. im not gonna hate a whole race just cause of a few people from that race bug me. i got alot of black whit spanish friends i work at a bar i deal with people all day. when i wait on people and this is true NOT ALL but alot of black people talk to me like shit for no reoson. because my race has pissed yall of but it aint my fault.

    • Anonymous

      yeah well i dont fuck with people ive tried to stay neutrel my whole life

    • Anonymous

      Blacks aren't doing ANYTHING but reacting to being fucked with all the time by racist pricks. And it's not just blacks, it's Latinos, Asians, and Indians. White people CAN NOT stop fucking with people.

    • MegaNigga

      Thats the dumbest shit I ever heard G! Are you joking are do you actually think Europe colonized and civilized before Afrit Ka? Im pretty sure there was civilization and world wonders(monuments and pyramids) in Afrit Ka before the whites had came out of the caves hiding from the sun in Europe. Im pretty sure it was Afrit Kans (Moors to be exact) who civilized Europe - and the rest of the world. Im also pretty sure that MOST of us didnt come over here on slave ships; hell if you read the average elementary school book it'll tell you over 90% of the Afrit Kans were shipped to the Carribean areas, and never made it to Amexem (Northwest Africa - now called America). I do agree that its all worth getting over now, but dont speak BS if you know you dont know.

    • whitts

      oh yeah, all hail THE KANG and f** those who hate on his chariot. #teamTI

  • Monica

    This is ridiculous!! I'm sorry, but if I had to travel from Arkansas to Atlanta, which is about 8-9 hours, give or take. I would want a bus too!! People are acting as if he was going right down the street!! His wife even said that officials saw his transportation when he left and some guards even took pictures with him in from of it. If the bus was such a problem then they should not have allowed him to leave in it!!

    • Shorty Kellems

      Prisoners get transported from LA to NYC in 11 passenger vans and squad cars, every week of the year....nothing new. Seems to work. This pretentious fool thought he would do a little filming for his reality show...Corrections thought otherwise.

    • dee

      thanks...cuz i was thinking how the f*** did he live in the bus if it wasnt ok in the first place...ppl talkin bout he stupid this and that is stupid as hell because if they saw the bus before he left this is just something to mess with him and yall know it dont let the ppl in power fool with yall mind yall know that aint right

  • bosox77

    Next time bring a limo lol

  • Anthony Sleep Harris

    OK. I know dude can be a bit of a knucklehead but this is some real BULL SHIT!!!

  • Anonymous

    raps never gonna be the samr these artists are getting approached by illuminati and are made to rap different ways now. they shut tupac up because he had a message. if your under 25 you need to pay attention you are being brainwashed any rapper with a message is being bought out look at how much rap has changed the artists who have something to say dont sell. but the artists that just say the same shit over and over with a catchy hook does sell thats crazy

    • Anonymous

      its the artistand the people if you like this bullshit rap thats out now you are uninteligent as fuck rap in the 90s was actually good this shit now sucks and if you like it you probably like wayne and tight jeans just like a bitch fag

    • Anonymous

      i know plenty about it little boy they go to artists and pay them to rap the way they want them too. amongst alot of things that they do that is one of em. artists even talk about it you need to do more research boy

    • KO

      you obviously have literally no idea what "illuminati" even are, so stfu and stop spouting off shit you have no clue about smfh

    • We are at War

      People bought asbestos to insulate their homes at one point too doesn't make the cancer less deadly...smh Pigg.

    • Emery Patrick Pigg

      That's because people buy it. Don't blame the artists for the consumers' choices.


    Like he said, No Mercy, they can mess with him about anything until his dying day and a bunch of less fortunate MF'ers gonna hate and side with them. No Mercy on him because he is rich and noone gives a shit.

  • jham

    I;ll say it like this. Is a flashy move to ride a tour bus to a halfway house. Yes, but throwing dood back in jail over it is the system just fucking with him. I'm white and im offended at the ego of our prison system. This guy bought guns, went to jail. Had ecstacy, you threw him back in jail, he rides HIS bus to a halfway house, and you put him back in jail?? SMH all in all the prison system is the biggest joke in America.

  • yep

    not trying to be 'racist' or a 'hater' ... but that move by TIP was a straight up Nigga move. why the FUCK would you choose a tourbus!? waste of money and resources. but on that note, i dont see it necessary to re arrest dude, that is even more wasted resources. this world is in the trash can with all the bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    im not done you know they could have said to him when he was leaving that he cant leave in that. they had to have seen it pull up. planned shit right there thats what that is.

  • Anonymous

    watch people make some dumb ass comment like, TI WTF, BLAH BLAH,,, U GOT A FAM............ NAH DEY JUST HATIN ON DAT NIGGA

  • Anonymous

    im white and i do have to say my race does some ignorant shit why the fuck does it matter how he got there that is bullshit and no matter what he will be back in a week to that halfway house so they are just fucking with him. i hope when he gets out he mails all of them a postcard of him counting a million dollars just to rub it in.

  • Everett Da Amin Rucker

    that's some Brittany Spears initials

  • odizzle

    "I don't give a fuck about the feds or their invsetigation on me" (you don't know me)....There is no way he can perform that line now without cringing

  • Go on

    Just like a nigga, man dont know how to stay under the radar, alway gat to be showing off, that aint no good when you got Feds look at you 24/7 T.I, does it me total Idiot

    • Go on

      Well ETK: he did showed what he has and it got him one day of freedom, here a bite of true for your ass, that nigga didnt have to roll up out of there in a tour bus, man, you know they saw that and was like this nigga think because he is getting out early he's a super star that just beat the syestem, he already should know nigga is looking for any excuse to throwe his tail in jail, just because he is Black and rich, they dont like that fact.

    • ETK

      how the fuck is he gonna stay "under the radar"? the nigga's got a dozen projects on the way(album, book) and you got millions talkin about him being released... he's not be anywhere BUT under the radar, might as well show what he's got

  • kennyken

    you're a smart guy t.i., start using that brain and stay out off the yard next time boss thug

  • gimik313

    this dude is under their radar for life. sucks for him too. i like tip and this isnt wrong at all but realistically dudes stupid more often then not

  • Anonymous

    Thats Foul, This ain't no muthafuckin' law, this is a bunch of mad dogs at work. po' spiteful whites hate and can't stand to see young niggas rise above the chains their folks put in place to economically asphyxiate any ambitious black man. If you dismiss what I hust said, then chances are that you're either the perpetrator, a coon uncle tom house nigga or ya just ain't lived long enough yet.

    • Seffrey39

      I agree that this is a bunch of nonsense, but for u to completely blame whites make u a racist ass nigga.... I see black feds now days just as much as there r white ones... so leave that race shit out this shit... tip was stuntin and feds got jealous... nuff said

  • wackaflockaflameoff

    Prison officials need a smack in the face, you the idiots that let him get on the tour bus in the first place.

  • HBrown

    They just like to remind niggas they are niggers. Even rich ones

    • Michael

      Your comment reminded me of a clip from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (it was from an episode where Will and Carlton got pulled over by the cops for driving too slow and got locked up): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQtDXxXyPYQ

  • jayway

    stupid...he reported to the halfway house within a few hours after he was released it aint like he hopped on his jet and skipped town give this dude a break damn

  • ShowTime NY

    Lol. I had to read that twice..lol My vacation is over. Back to work.

  • mcmastermind

    He did provide his own transportation. It was a tour bus. There's no rules saying he can't do that. Fucking cops.

  • Anonymous

    I thought where he went was all that mattered, not how he got there


    SMH, they gonna mess with this dude about everything for as long as possible.

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