DMX Performs First Post-Prison Concert In Dallas, Texas

X gave a lively performance with renditions of his hits "Party Up," "We Right Here" and more.

DMX performed his first post-prison concert last night at the House of Blues in Dallas, Texas.

The Dallas Observer described the performance as an “epic, triumphant display,” with Dark Man X playing to a crowd of 500 people. During the gig, the gravel-voiced rapper gave live renditioins of “We Right Here,” “Who We Be,” “Party Up,” “Where Da Hood At” and “X Gon’ Give It To Ya.”

Read the show review here, and watch below to see footage of X performing “Get It on the Floor” and his verse from Busta Rhymes’ “Touch It (Remix).”

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  • Rellik

    If he dropped an album today I'd buy it. Not many rappers can stay so consistent for so long.

  • southsideboy

    X is back :) can't wait for the new album! classic

  • SquareONe

    Damn, only 500 people? Can't wait for him to come to the Chi, I'll be there.

  • fan

    Lil Wayne:"DMX lets do a song together please man im calling u out but not like that i know i cant fuck with u" DMX:"Whatchu want faggot?" Lil Wayne:"Ohhh...sorry thought that shit would work on u 2"

  • Manuel Kittleson

    darkmanx one of the realest to ever do it str8up haters can succ a dicc wit ur fake ass industry skinny jean rap

  • Manuel Kittleson

    the dark man is bacc thats wassup!

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    DMX on stage again. Right step in the right direction.

  • Bowski

    The REALEST to ever do it, sometimes I think too damn real for a fake-ass industry; And maybe in the eyes of industry heads X is just too real for them to handle. We recognize you X and we got your back (no homo). It's crazy I've been listening to "Grand Champ" all day today even before seeing this post...

    • ItsTheTruth

      I think if X read your post he would tell you that if you aint a homo then you dont have to let people know. "You screamin no homo...but that's so homo"

  • Anonymous MR CEE goes in on 50


    DMX answered any and all questions about his current abilities. The now-40-year-old rapper stalked the stage with the fervor of an emcee half his age, belting ferociously into his microphone and generally wowing everyone in the room. Prison didn't hurt his flow; his rhythm sounded as crisp and on-point as ever. If anything, it seemed, his jail time had sufficiently reinvigorated the oft-troubled performer. His next offering, "Who We Be," also from 2001 maintained the same high-energy appeal. The crowd was hyped up, and so too was the performer. After just two songs, he could no longer contain his glee. "I was made for this shit right here!" he screamed after making sure that the audience knew that this was his first post-prison performance. "I ain't going anywhere," he continued, the crowd cheering him on.The crowd, clearly, was there for DMX and only DMX. They didn't leave disappointed.

  • Nico 3

    Alot of those old songs are good, but focus on the album X. That's what the fans want.



  • ItsTheTruth

    DMX's 3rd show is gonna be this saturday in Mt Clemens, Michigan...You already know I'm lined up for that bitch, X keep this up stay outta trouble fam, we support you

  • 123

    good glad to read this. 500 people is a start. get it right. get yourself right. then do 1000 people, 2000 people, and finally 5000 people, and then release an album X, and maybe you can help bring an end to this tight pants bullshit.. but i think a lot of fans are swayed by the media, and won't buy X's new shit because of all the mishaps... i say that's bullshit look at DMX's numbers. they are unbelievable. people would give they soul's up to have the amount of success this dude had. keep ya head up

    • Manuel Kittleson

      real shyt, all this new shyt is ruining rap forreal, we need rappers lyk x to bring all the oldskool shyt bacc, show these faggot nowadays what RAP really is

    • Anonymous

      No hip hop head is buying shit based on the media...especially not with the ability to hear online samples for yourself.

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