Tupac Shakur's Family Denies Outlawz Claim Regarding Smoking Of Ashes

A spokesperson for the Shakur family says "[Afeni Shakur] would never participate in smoking her son."

Earlier in August, The Outlawz confirmed a rumor stating that they had smoked Tupac Shakur's ashes. The confirmation has reached the Shakur family and according to TMZ, a family spokesperson says many within the family, including Afeni Shakur, do not approve of the act. 

Among other things, the spokesperson noted that Afeni Shakur would "never participate in smoking her son." The Outlawz have claimed his mom was present during the smoke session. 

The spokesperson added that if the Outlawz in fact were able to smoke the ashes, they had to go through some obstacles in order to get some of those ashes. 

"[They] would have had to sneak the remains past the family member in charge of keeping an eye on the ashes at the memorial."

While the family does not appear to condone the act, per statements made to TMZ by this spokesperson, the family also presently does not plan to pursue legal action against The Outlawz. 

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  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    Whats the deal with this story? Any "Outlaw" or "2Pac" Albums coming out? This shit makes weedsmokers look bad. 2011 is "stupidhigh". Fuck!

  • Anonymous

    Well, Afeni got in trouble not too long ago. Press like this is the kind of attention she's trying to avoid...The outlawz probably did smoke Pac, but are jackasses to brag about it...It should've been an intimate private ordeal...smh

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they aren't lying...and Afeni is. It's a weird azz thing to do, but people have done worse...plus didn't Pac ask for that..?

  • insanemacbeth

    didn't read the post; just the headline...but there's some idiot people in hip-hop, nowadayz! why would you CLAIM you smoked 'PAC's ashes? s.m.h. either you DID smoke it, or you didn't. how can 'PAC's mum DENY that the ashes were smoked??? s.m.h.

  • F. Rap

    Now yall know ain't no black mama gon let his homies smoke his ashes thug or not.

  • mia

    but wasn't Afeni popped for marijuana possession, just a few months ago? http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1637931/tupacs-mom-afeni-shakur-arrested-drug-possession.jhtml so, seems to me, she just may have been there...It's sure not above her!

  • Anonymous

    MAN i dont care who you are, i aint smoking no one ashes, niggas start doing that i got to ask myself what else will nigga smoke when they cant buy weed, cause we all know the outlawz are broke and dagg near homeless.

  • Anonymous

    With the way Pac looked after them I would hope they wouldnt lie about something like that. Regardless though somebody is lying and its not cool to lie but to lie on a dead man is even worse. When it comes to Pac shit has been twisted and changed around so much I dont know what to believe.

  • Anonymous

    every one from back in the gap knows afeni was in on this shit

  • wishworks

    REALLY ??? Naw REALLY, this is the gayest shit i've ever heard. One who does that, what yall niggas into dat dark magic, supernatural shit. TWO yall homies naughty by nature been SCREAMING THAT PAC FAKE HE"S DEATH TO AVOID THE FEDS shit / SO WHO WHERE YOU SMOKING IF THIS WHERE TRUE lol. THREE and what the fuck was tupac mom's in this, shit stupid, i hope pac smack da shit out ya asses after judgement

  • Anonymous

    Somebody lying there ass off proper!

  • Anonymous

    c murder "like a jungle" second verse he talks about them doing this shit its real not for buzz

  • Anonymous

    the fact that they even talked about it publicly was tasteless. if i was afeni i wouldnt appreciate that shit. desecrating her sons remains. reminds me of meet the parents when the cat peed on deniro's mom's ashes. outlaws are nothing but some cats with a full bladder.

  • drphil

    if they have a upcoming album they're lying for buzz and why didnt we hear about this as soon as it happnened why wud we hear about it in 2011 if this shit happened in the 90s ...i dont even fuckin know anymore

    • bigshow2312

      Dude, they were ASKED if it really happened... they didnt brag Plus, this is old news: we heard about this claim, like after Pac died, they talked about it... no one ranted then so why now?

    • Anonymous

      i agree they brought this up again for attention but this story has been floating around since early 2000's. its not new.

  • Anonymous

    Niggas will say anything just to get some attention, to sell some album, these nigga are sick need help

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