Kanye West Welcomes D'banj To G.O.O.D. Music, Awards Him His Chain

After getting off a PJ, West introduces fans to the newest member of the G.O.O.D. Music team, D'banj.

Fresh off the MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West surprised a London crowd with a performance and announcement as he welcomed D'banj into the G.O.O.D. Music family. In a moment that was reminiscent to his own induction to Roc-a-Fella, West also gave his new artist his G.O.O.D. Music chain in front of the crowd. 

Before speaking about D'banj, who is a respected Nigerian singer-songwriter, West took the stage to perform "All of the Lights" with a harmonica backing. He then told the crowd, "I don't know if y'all heard or not, but D'banj is a new artist on G.O.O.D. Music." 

As West took his chain off to hand to D'banj, the latest G.O.O.D. Music member bowed and hugged him. The moment may seem familiar to fans who have seen West's "Through the Wire" music video, where footage shows him receiving the Roc-a-Fella chain in front of a crowd when he was first signed. 

D'banj's signing has been official for some time now, with the announcement first surfacing in June. For video footage of the performance and the exchange, check below. 

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  • zela

    the freemason and satanist society are beginning to initiate african artist! D bang and Don jazzy must first of all be members of the two secret cult before they could be signed by some one like kanya west or even sing with snoop. because the mason only help their own. the y are so selfisf that they just want to initiate innocient listener directly or indirectly.

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  • 50centWhack

    Who is this kid? never heard of him.i dont think america is ready for this jungle music.except the africans in the US gonna buy his music.Coz that strong accent aint good for music..BBA BAAA OOMMMBONGO BONGO

    • Anonymous

      dude can u trace ur origin? u racist bastard! all africans knew were u came from. u white people only enslave people and kill them in their own land, that was what ur fore fathers did in america, australia etc, the killed the natives just to live their and the natives were nt white. but we know our rights and no white has the right to make me feel inferior just because i am black except i allow them, but i am also a racist coz u spoke rude about africans i wonder what is so special about being white. we are not poors even on our land and soil. but u stole our diamond and wealth so shut up, its because of africa that today america, europe, australia etc are enlighting, or elses sit down and ask ur self if your country produce diamond, crude oil etc, all america and europe does is recycling coz the are just useless. africa made america and we dont need you to buy africa records coz kanya west, rick ross, beyonce are all africans. we are black and proud we dont need your stupid smelling white skin to be accepted coz we accept ourselves. we dont need your loyalties. afterall obama is a blackman whose dad is a kanyan but he is still ruling ur white ass> ha ha ha.

    • gha

      "Jungle Music" Funny that is what white people called bother Rock N Roll and Hiphop when they first started.

  • Caesar Cognac

    Happy for these guys. they have hustled their way to the top. Americans dont know these guys but it is common for them to sell over 5 million copies everytime they release an album. P-Square, another Nigerian act sold over 1 million copies in four days just two weeks ago. it is a huge market and these guys are the main players. they are actually helping Kanye more than themselves with this deal

  • Ikenna Berkley Jones

    U people dont get it twisted...in africa d'banj is like a GOD...Hes been making millions of $ from africa. People still think africa is a village....U will b shocked when u come to the city....Banj is more famous in africa than kanye west.

  • monef

    9ja is taking over the globe ... NICE !!!!

  • i made mistakes

    he signed prince akeem from welcome 2 amerikkka

  • Moses

    Hell Yeah! Naija Boys In The Building.

  • who cares?

    signing someone doesnt mean shid when is anyone putting out albums? prince cyhi: signed for over a year no album, Cons: signed for 4 years no album Pusha: signed for over a year zero and I think he signed Mosdef and zero

    • real music fan

      ppl who put out a album a week after they sign to a label dont sell albums. you have to get your name out first to get a fan base then drop the album. timing is the key to having a great album. how long was kanye with rocafella before he dropped his debut? now look at him now

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