Machine Gun Kelly Speaks On Beef With Kid CuDi Over The Word "Raging"

UPDATE: MGK explains that there's "no issue on my end" and that he's "not going to argue over a fucking word."

Cleveland, Ohio natives Kid CuDi and Machine Gun Kelly got into this week when the former lay claim to originating the Cleveland slang term "raging," which means an intense sort of partying.

"There’s only one original Rager, and [sic] thats me," posted CuDi on his Tumblr page. "I started this ‘rage’ shit. The lifestyle, the term, the whole new meaning and definition of the word. Understand and be clear, IAM THE RAGER, IAM FOREVER. When you hear ANYONE talking bout ‘rage’ or ‘raging’, know where that shit originated. Guess ima have to do some trademarkin’. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES. WE LIVE THIS SHIT!"

Though he didn't mention Machine Gun Kelly by name, the rapper responded quickly after CuDi's post popped up on his Twitter account:

if i was you, i'd hate me jealous mufucka. 216 what up. EST what up. lace the fuck up.26 Aug via web Favorite Retweet Reply

CuDi has yet to respond.

[August 27]

UPDATE: Machine Gun Kelly spoke on his recent Twitter beef with Kid CuDi, explaining that he doesn't have any problems with the G.O.O.D. Music rapper.

"There’s no issue on my end," he told Karen Civil. "I’m not going to argue over a fucking word. That just shows me I’m doing something. [...] You got time to sit there and be mad about a motherfucker using a word that everyone uses."

Watch the interview below.

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  • cudifanallday

    Another wanna be cudi , fuck mgk and his fans

  • skitch

    MGK is never about beef. He never starts anything with anyone, but he's allowed to defend himself. Just let him be. LTFU or STFU.

    • Anonymous

      Cudi worked very hard to be labeled as Mr.rager and he made raging apart of his daily lifestyle , now some faggot wants to come and make t-shirts n shits ? Fuck mgk and his album , stay in yo lane Mgk

  • Anonymous

    I remember when I said raging....In 8th grade

  • stfu

    yall talk shit like your opinions matter in this, your bitching and bickering is dumber than the "beef" itself. quit talkin shit, chances are the majority of you cant rap nearly as good as any of these 2. let alone be as successful as either one. fuckin start talkin bout shit that matters, in fact go do something to make the world a better fucking place rather than sit by your laptop nose deep in everyone else's shit. and for the record curiosity led me here. tryna fucking find a bizzy bone video, getting distracted by stupid shit. chances are my time writing this was wasted cause neither of you losers are gonna do anything to leave behind something that makes a difference in this world. yall wanna know why stupid shit like this gets hyped ? its cause idiots like you follow these artists around like little bitches. excuse my language bt the stupidity in the world is just ridiculous. if you're gonna discuss something, please make it important. sincerely, 1 of few people left in this world with some decent common sense.

  • cudi is a bitch

    yo cudi, you are a fucking faggot. YOU DONT OWN WORDS, that word originated before you were even fucking born, go choke on a fat dick an "rage" all night with it. I remember kids sayin that shit in the early 90's, fuck off. I aint not MGK fan either, both do absolutely nothing for me, especially cudi.

  • Anonymous gettin in that ass via twitter jbird bitch

  • theone

    who the hell uses rage? are we "raging" tonight? what the hell is that? unless you're in high school or a little teenager in the U.S. (where it's acceptable to be a dumbass at that age), then you have no business talking like a complete, uneducated moron. People, grow up and do something with your lives. MGK and Cudi got lucky and had their break. The rest of you need to learn a skill or put on a uniform. Bottom line. Peace.

  • Anonymous

    cudi isnt on GOOD anymore -_-

  • a white negro

    everyone says raging. ie "are we raging tonight?" " we were raging so hard last night" smh cudi to much cocaine fucking up your brain

  • Anonymous

    MGK seems like he is taking this too personal.For all he knows Cudi was talking about some guy he knows.Don't make beef where beef doesn't exist

  • pschase

    I like Cudi, and I'm learning more about MGK. Fellas, don't let this become the wackest beef ever...the term "raging" "rager" "raged" has been in use since at least the early 80's. I came up skateboarding in those days at it was used all the time. Cudi just chill.

    • jrocthe3rd

      yeah kudi acting like he came up with the word "rager". shows how young he is cuz everyone in high school in 94 and 95 was saying that. You aint fresh!!

  • Anonymous

    He sounds mysteriously like Vanilla Ice!

  • Samuel Adams

    sorry but cudi owns this guy so many like mgk

    • tek

      look at your fucking face you tooly no pussy gettin fag. cudi fucking blows, hes lame, hes soft, and hes a bitch, just like you. word to others who post using your facebook page...dont.

  • WHAT

    First, MGK isn't even worthwhile of any argument! He's pretty wack, not that the non-weed CuDi is gonna be much better from what I can tell... I've been sayin let's RAGE for a many years, so to claim you started anything is crazy talk on top of it all!

  • Anonymous

    I swear people beef over the dumbest shit these days....



  • Dylan MacPhee

    track 5 off tical, you clearly hear lets fuckin rage

  • tdawgwhoa

    uhhh ive been hearing and using the term "rager" long before anyone heard of Kid Cudi and MGK for that matter. so they should both get over themselves. and i live in Cali, so maybe theyre both late or something.

  • Fucc Thys

    What an idiotic beef.

  • Anonymous

    faggots. Im pretty sure KEANU REEVES invented it.

  • Christopher English

    SMH. Rap beefs just get dumber and dumber every day.

  • Anonymous

    So they replaced the word flaming with raging?

  • nixnox

    truly don't care about either of these dudes, but i'd put my $$ on M.G.K in a battle..


    A rapper I don't care for beefing with a rapper I don't care for.

  • Really?

    @Vimal . . . HA HA HA. I totally disagree. "Starting a beef"??? Nope nope nope, it was your boy Cudi who "started" the beef. MGK was mindin' his own da*n business when this sh*t cam out. "Destroyed [his] career"?? Nope nope nope, looks to me like he got free publicity out of this ish, and the twittorama all seem to thing that Cudi is the tool in this box. Quit being silly fool, Cudi done made himself look like an a**, regardless of what you think 'bout MGK. HA HA HA HA HA. Back to the sandbox boys.

    • Anonymous

      who got more money and fans ? whos signed to one of the best record labels in todays world ? oh thats right CUDI

  • evan lawrence

    Maybe a RAGING boner for other men.

  • Vimal

    Yea ok we all know that this is a dumb Fucking argument, that's probably why this article was made cuz most of you idiots are doing the same thing on this site. whatever happen to talking logically about music and not fucking calling people faggots and shit ok that's great call me a bitch just to waste both of our time SMH but foreal machine gun kellly...... you're an idiot nobody cares about you cudi has triple the fan base calling him a muthufuka was a bad call imagin mac miller or some other up and coming rapper talking shit about a seasoned veteran? you pretty much destroyed your career man. anyone machine gun dicjk riders disagree? starting a beef was a bad call kelly....

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck cares? lets just agree that white people are faggots.

  • Anonymous

    rage? imma start a new trend..."happinessing" its like sipping on a nice hard mikes lemonade and "im happinessing" a subtle and really hidden way of partying...playing the wall...hmmm, im onto something

  • ignitemindz

    um, I do believe we've been saying raging since at least the late 90s. Sit down kids.

  • Anonymous

    lets give videogames their due to the term raging...c'mon now...fighting games and shit, getting ur ass kicked and then boom...hadoken!!!!

  • ha

    What a bunch of tools, aruging over who orignated a word that has been used wayy before them? i don't know anything about this Machine Gun Kelly guy, only that he seems like a gay version of Yelawolf. But Kid Cudi might be one of the biggest douche bags in the Rap industry, dude is amazingly arrogant for someone who really isn't anything special

  • Really?

    You all are dumb*sses. MGK didn't claim to have invented the term "raging." The term has been used to refer to hard core partying since before either of these dudes was born -- shit's been on urban dictionary since 2003. Cudi's the arrogant fool who claimed to have "invented" the word and thinks he should be able to "copywrite" a word that's been in common usage since he was in diapers. MGK merely responded to let Cudi know that he'd seen Cudi's arrogant-*ss subtweet, which was dead-on directed to MGK. And that was some bullhit -- I have seen MGK interviewed about CUdi, and he has never been anything but respetful and supportive. Cudi is the dickh*ad in this story.

  • alesvi3


  • Tarik Tannir

    Motherfucker, I've been using that term for ages before Cudi even had his name out. Fuck that arrogant prick. Dude is a RAGING homo.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    So this is how homosexuals argue and what they argue about? Such a sheer waste of life...besides the fact they're homosexuals. Cleveland really must be an awful place. It's like the toilet bowl of America...

  • Anonymous

    Slava's on twitter looking for stories again!!! Everyone!! Let's read his truly inspired work of journalism. Thank You Slava, for positively contributing to your college career... I mean Hip Hop!!! Fucking Gossiping Faggot.

  • Im gay

    aye this basedgod MGK is irrelevent so i say raging was started by your truly. im rich and i fucked your bitch.

  • Javier Martinez

    Cudder came out first, so he wins. MGK makes music with Good Charlotte, so he will ALWAYS be a loser. Case closed.

  • Anonymous

    So is raging the new word for flaming?

  • drphil

    this isnt even real i mean its not a story you shouldve waited til cudi responded thennnnnn its worth reading smFh

  • Anonymous

    lol they say ragin in grandmas boy and that shits old..LETS FUCKIN RAGE

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    I know people that been saying rage for a decade now, fuck both of these faggot azz niggas

  • trooth

    if u ask me ragin is some stupid slang a very small percentage of the population actually use.....

  • Anonymous

    fuck machine gun kelly faggot white piece of SHIT. doesn't that faggot know that kelly is a girl's name? SMH @ THE FAG

  • speakers

    Listen to and Like Speakers (@speakersmusic) and - 01 Bass - Explicit on @hypem!

  • speakers

    Marlon Antwon Welch

  • thought dog

    One good thing for them is the makeup sex will be great after this "heated" e-argument.

  • Ray Cash

    Thats my shit Pussy's, Cleveland all day, Memba what i told you what I had stashed in the dash Back in the past... well... now I got two "O's"

  • ?

    For all we know neither one of these dudes were even talking about each other at all.This is some vague shit

  • EdmontonRDS

    Both of these guy are RAGING homosexuals

    • Anonymous

      my fav way to use the word raging is when it is followed by the word homosexual or rage boner, thats a good one too

  • wow

    THIS IS NEWS??? Twitter subliminals?!? Fuck Hipster Cudi and MGGAY the only true Hip Hop from Cleveland is Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Not this new swag shit!!

  • fuck both of them

    THIS IS NEWS??? Twitter subliminals?!? Fuck Hipster Cudi and MGGAY the only true Hip Hop from Cleveland is Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Not this new swag shit.

  • hahahaha these fags

    hahaa the word raging has been around a lot longer than either of them have been alive, neither of them made it up, they can both choke on cock. grow the fuck up little girls, you dont own words.

  • Fizzy

    Uh, I'm confused...Kelly's not even really from Cleveland. Didn't he move there when he was like 15 or 16 and the cats only like 21 right now? Hmmm...

  • TruthBeTold

    They both got it from white people in Cali- who've been throwing "ragers" for 30 years- WOW CLEVELAND Really is 30 years behind lol- and both of yall should spend more time not sucking.

  • Anonymous

    Is this article serious? Rappers are walking jokes these days.

  • Jay.R

    Oh Cudi rages? Dude just said awhile back he doesn't party no more.

  • Jesus

    hm get back to rap you dudes are complaining too much. and MGK stfu. noone would be jealous of you. suckin puffs dick like your gonna win the lottery. J-lo sucked him and shes much more famous then him

  • Pay attention....

    Hold up fans....I'm a semi fan of both these cats, cause they both be bringin somethin new to the music game...gotta say I think Cudi's bein the biz-itch with this tho....who claims a word that done been used since before this dude was born, let alone started rapping. And those of you lumpin MGK into the his tweet again. He ain't sayin sh*t about how he started the term....just throwin defense at Cudi's bitch punch...".if I was you I'd hate me jealous mufucka....lace the fuck up". Haha. Cudi ain't been musically relevant in a minute and he's feelin the heat of MGK's recent rise....not really checkin for MGK too tough as of yet but i'm riding with him on this one, an educated man. ONE!!!

    • shane

      you would assume mgk is insinuating he originated it or else why would he even respond. I mean he's either talking about the rage shit or he's just poppin shit out of nowhere and thats not likely.

  • Mr. Fuck Pop Rap

    HAHAHA.....get the fuck outta here with this shit. People have been referring to heavy partying as "raging" before these two pop tarts were born. Fucking diva pussies. These young boys are fucking pathetic

  • Anonymous

    If neither were mentioned, why is this a story lol who cares xP

  • Leslie McDavid

    this cats are gay

    • MCScarface

      You "Cats" that keep using the word "Cats" are gay

    • acedawon

      Yeah I agree. I mean Im a fan of both. but you know you anit working if your arguing over a word. Just get in the booth you two and make good music and use the word how ever you like. cause really who the fuck cares.

  • J-Byrd

    Cudi cant rage! MGK rages! haha but the fact that Cudi says he made the term is retaaarrdddeeddd.Been sayin that since I was a child

  • nuc

    these dudes should watch 'grammas boy' and paid attention to kevin nealons character. they would feel retarded after that. ( they should already feel like dumbasses )

  • J-Kill

    NUH UH....I started the term Raging. Dumbasses.

  • Anonymous

    Been saying "raging" LONG before I even heard of either of these try and take credit for a word that people have been saying since before you were born is just plain stupid

  • Sawyer

    Hahaha. So who coined this term? The guy who actually is famous, or the guy you MAY have heard of? Probably Cudi... I especially love the jealous shit. How could he possibly be jealous of MGK?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • WhatTheFuck

    Who the fuck cares?!

  • Vegard Møller

    Of course it's KiD CuDi!

  • J.c. Russell

    wow two fags beefing over who coined the term raging....Were is Ray Cash when you need em

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