Pusha T Addresses Consequence Allegations, Says "Some Artists Don't Pop"

Pusha Ton also touches on "Watch the Throne" and Diddy's appearance on his upcoming EP.

Pusha T spoke with NY Mag's Vulture in anticipation of his Fear Of God: Let Us Pray EP and extracted a few details from the Virginia rapper on Watch The Throne, Consequence’s departure from G.O.O.D. Music and Diddy’s vocals contributions on his upcoming release. 

The Clipse member praised Watch The Throne for being in a league of it’s own, adding that Jay-Z and Kanye West could only compete with Bono at this point. “I don’t know who the hell they were competing with,” he said. “I couldn’t tell you. Maybe themselves? It wasn’t any rapper, I will tell you that right now. No rapper has made rap that good.”

In regards to Consequence’s recent split from G.O.O.D. Music and accusations that he had stolen his rhymes from the Queen rapper, Pusha simply attributed it to irrational behavior. “I just think it’s pretty pathetic, man. It all boils down to royalty, and having certain principles. Nobody maliciously tries to do anything,” he said. “This is a business, and sometimes things don’t work — some artists don’t pop. But I don’t think you blame the head of that crew for it, especially in a business like this, which is so self-sufficient.” 

He also touched on Diddy’s appearance on Fear Of God: Let Us Pray, which finds the music mogul getting rowdy on the introduction. “There has never been anything in the world better to me than Diddy when he’s screaming over the top of a track, like in ’95 — that whole Bad Boy mixtape era,” Pusha explained. “I wanted to have that feel for the mixtape. I didn’t want to lose the street edge of it. That polish isn’t always good to me.” 

Fear of God: Let Us Pray is due in September.

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  • Kelvin E. Gupton Jr.

    Pusha T is a fucking clown and will neva blow as a solo artist just like consequence neva did or the last 3 Clipse albums. How he gonna dick ride Jay and Kanye knowing that are otha niggas that make the rap game relevant. Just cause he wishes his career was on the same level as a Game, Wayne, Ross etc. doesn't mean he should say otha rappers don't make rap good.

  • Anonymous

    F U Diddy! Im tired of his ass paying mad $$ to get on tracks...when will we neglect him? G deps album was fire, except for diddy fuckin it all up with his nonsense. remember how long we had to wait for special delivery to actually start? and diddy being annoying for the 1st 2-3 minutes on the song?

  • WTT Dickriders

    I like Pusha but this statement right here: "No rapper has made rap that good.” ................. UMMMMM. REALLY??? I literally want to punch my computer screen right now.

  • Critical Beatdown

    Pusha:"Yo Pharrell I need a beat. PLEAAASE" Cons:"I'ma just use these 'Ye joints cause I can" Who's the G?

  • Anonymous

    Just lost all respect for Pusha T...Can't purchase or listen to anything involving the man in charge of destroying mainstream music, Diddy.

  • Jane Bond

    Look what Jadakiss and Beans' beef did for hip-hop. Just about as much as Nas/Jay. That's why I fuck with SMACK DVD because to some emcees this is still a sport.. I guess putting a cockroach eating satanist on your record does more than competing for sport

  • ListenTOmyDEMO

    Pusha and Cyhi speak on "Watch The Throne"..and they weren't even on it. Consequence ain't even on the team and he got called for WTT..he was supposed to be on it..lol..pusha release a diss track plz..make this interesting

  • Anonymous

    I want to see Cons battle this fool then knowck his lil ass out on some serious shit! Dude is licking Kanye nuts all day! "Oh, nobody rap like u n jay Kanye! Yall the bessst...." I picture dude sayin that shit inna lil bitch voice. Like, cmon dude. Like, u got a cheez burger for a rock or u suck they dick for whatever? Pusha Ton... what a fuckin joke. This dude is whats wrong with rap. Fake ass bustas claiming this and that then not battlin when they get called out... I hope somebody tag this fool...

    • changingfaces

      LOL..pusha t..cons got this nigga lookin' real foolish right now..if you get signed to GOOD you're automatically a kanye/jay dickrider dats what i notice

  • Lons

    "Some artists don't pop." 1. Only producers "pop" in Virginia. (Nottz, Timbaland, Neptunes) 2. Would you ever say that to Ab-Liva or Sandman? 3. Can you pop much less your brother, without each other? No 4. If he talks behind the press one more time, he lost

  • Anonymous

    No shit some artists dont POP! Its called Hip Hop, get off the Hip Pop tip fuckin douche! It might blow up but it wont go POP, mufuckin retard... Yeah, lets keep it STREET by puttin PUFF DADDY all over the record! What a fuckin jiggaboo yo! Keep dancin, JFK (Jet Fuel for Kanye)

  • realfunkbaby

    Ha! Remember when Pusha dissed Wayne and Wayne had nothing to say? He needs a publicist

    • zrich

      Wayne never said anything on wax towards The Clipse but he said a lot of stupid shit on the internet & in magazines. WHo really cares who was wearing BAPE first? And Pusha's one subliminal shot on Jeezy's "Illin" would have destroyed any diss song that Wayne could release.

  • Damizza

    tyler's weak. he should got earl sweatshirt for a feature. and you want diddy screaming on your records. ask jay electronica how that went

  • Therealisback

    Pusha shoulda just battled the nigga. We're in this dumb era where people talk things out and speak behind publications. Bunch of pussies..Cons addressed his mistakes too like a man, and is puttin' in more work than anyone on that label. That's why I respect Cyhi cause he (like Pusha) wasn't there at the time..he still respects Consequence as an artist and he's on GOOD music.

  • Anonymous

    Tyler The Creator and Puff Diddy featured on the EP, I won't be picking it up or downloading it. Puffy Diddy needs to stop riding Tony Draper.


    never was a fan of clipse if game doing 100k you awlready no pusha doing 25k

  • MC Fuck Everybody

    This nigga wanted to keep the street edge by having Puffy scream all over his record? And some artists don't pop? Damn right... "Don't Quit Your Day Job" was a dope hip hop record, not some emo hip pop shit... And I know what he meant by "pop" but since this nigga is dick riding on some homo shit, I ma flip it on him.

    • Say Mane

      you suspect niggas kill me with this speaking on niggas intentions shit. The closest you dudes ever been to these niggas is a balcony seat at a concert and yall speak on motives like first cousins.

    • LTD

      I'm sorry but don't quit your day job is one of the worst album i've ever heard

    • Anonymous

      the dickriding is at an all time high in the rap game. everybody loves everyone. he's my homie. oh, that's my brother. then when niggas do have a disagreement, it's handled like females. gossip and media swipes. pusha talking bout certain artists not popping as he massages ye and hov's dick. kinda funny since i remember seeing push kinda diss blueprint 3, and call him euro hov. now he gotta suck em all in line so he can cash his check. push has spent most his time in the industry riding suspect industry niggas dicks. pharell, kanye. rapping about his shades, and his sparkle, like a bitch. i liked push when he was 1/2 of clipse. the kanye cheerleading push that does nothing but add his 2 cents and hype mediocre mixtapes in the press does nothing for me. kanye gave him a life raft. dude was drowning. you think any label is in a hurry to drop a p album? FUCK NO.

  • weeee

    certain artists don't pop. like pusha t. never popped. grindin' was 10 years ago jack. clipse sell like 30,000 units first week after a full promo run. i wouldn't bring that up, if pusha wasn't on some "i'm way bigger than that nigga" shit. pusha ran to kanye to save his career. where's the album? get in line nigga. he ain't ever dropping an album under kanye, ye gonna keep him in the dark and have him write all his raps. pusha t is like 5'4'' and best friends with pharell and kanye. he's a homo thug in every sense of the word.


      grinding is classic? that beat was just different at the time it didnt have nothing to do with what they was saying sound like a one hit wonder to me

    • You sound silly

      First, regardless of how many sales the single did, Grindin' is a classic song. That and it came off a classic album which has sold 900,000+ copies in the US alone. And on the real, whenever your own blood don't fuck with you (Q-Tip), one has to start thinkin' maybe Cons is a douche. Also, I'm from Virginia, and yes that nigga was really out there g.

  • Doug Nichols

    Kanye is busy enough on his own dick, he doesn't need you too, Pusha.

  • Cons

    Didnt pop cause he's a receding hairline,raggedy mouth motherfucker with a big azz head and matching Forehead... you cant market that shid I dont care how nice you are lyrically.

  • Drect Moody

    "jet fuel for Kanye"....sounds like it here. What happened on Star Trak then, Push? This dude acts like he never got jerked before. Pause. I remember the XXL cover with Clipse wearing the BAPE hoodies talking about label woes. Before Kanye signed you, it was sticky for you too. GTFOH

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